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Eva Zerfing

22 January 2019

I'm so impressed with the results! My not so new carpet is actually CLEAN! Not just watered down or surface cleaned...but clean from the top to the bottom of it's fibers and pad. This is what a clean carpet is supposed to look, feel and smell like! More...


Ahmed Esmat

20 January 2019

It is an advanced level of cleaning, you don’t have to buy new carpets or furniture..just call dry carpet doctor


Matthew Ventimiglia

11 November 2018

Highly recommended. Top quality work


Osama Salti

5 November 2018

Instant dry carpet cleaning, no water, organic, no wait time to move tenants, highly recommended for a quick turn over.


Kevin Jones

4 November 2018

Highly recommend giving their service a try! Great alternative to traditional cleaning.


Ghaith Abukhalil

4 November 2018

It is amazing what those people can do

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