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Drop The Pots Catering

Englewood, New Jersey


Drop The Pots Catering

Englewood, New Jersey


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29 September 2019

Absolutely the best soul food to fill your soul everything was awesome the food very well seasoned and cooked to perfection exceptional service the location was really nice clean comfortable I recommend this restaurant to anyone that loves great food ❤️

28 September 2019

I can't express enough how delicious the buffalo wings, shrimp tacos, Fries and Spring Mix Salad was. This meal was absolutely so good on all separate occasions here at Body By Brooklyn! I have been a faithful Member for almost 8 Years now and this is by far the BEST food I have had to date. I highly encourage you visit the Spa and order from Drop The Pots Catering as it won't let you down at all. The Hospitality is over the top! Thank you also much for making my experience that much more memorable! Lydia More...

7 July 2019

Excellent service and great tasting food❤️

13 December 2018

You would think that a place coming to your job at $10-$12 dollars a plate is ridiculous, when you can sit in a restaurant for the same price. I saw the menu and was intrigued: I hadn't had meatloaf in a long time. Memories of my grandmas house and Wednesday night dinners danced in my head. I took the elevator down and could smell the SOUL wafting up the elevator shaft all the way on the 14th floor. Gorgeous Tasha (the owner) and her lovely daughter were there to greet me with the most welcoming smiles. They told me about all the dishes and we chatted a bit, very nice folks! I had the meatloaf, mac n cheese and green beans. Normally meatloaf is like some sort of mystery meat held together with eggs and breadcrumbs NOT THIS! It was ALL JUICY MEAT pretty sure it was beef, not pork or anything else. As soon as I reached my desk it was all a blur of food and mouthgasms and then it was GONE  The mac n cheese was that home made, baked macaroni with cheese melted on-top and in between. It's not like a cheese sauce, I like both kinds so it was GREAT for me, but I know other people favor the Kraft/Boston market versions which I also love. I know what you're thinking "vegetables !?" But these green beans were cooked to perfection (tender but snappy), and flavored with the perfect amount of garlic, it was not overpowering. Idk where the name comes from but they definitely DROP THE POT on this one ! Definitely would eat again and recommend for catering! More...

13 August 2018

True soul food in NYC! Drop the Pots comes to my office to cater lunch every few weeks and I'm salivating just thinking about it. I've had the meatloaf, slaw, pulled pork, and the macaroni and cheese. Although everything has been great, the meatloaf is my favorite - it's juicy and crumbly, not too dry or over-baked. It's better than my mom and my grandmom's meatloafs (don't tell them...)I would highly recommend Drop the Pots for any catering services you need, if you are looking for soul food or Southern cooking.  Not to mention, all of the staff is incredibly sweet, kind, professional and genuinely interested in the satisfaction of their customers. More...

12 June 2018

Great overall catering service! We had this place cater lunch for my company and they did a spectacular job. Not only was the staff super friendly but most importantly the food was delicious. The jerk chicken is tender and the right amount of spice. The kale salad and slaw had a delicious light vinaigrette dressing. Nothing was too salty. The Mac and cheese side was great as well! It was a perfect light lunch! More...

29 May 2018

Food was nothing short of amazing, to describe it, imagine the best homecooked meal, and combine it with tastes and flavors that surpass even the most high-end restaurants," they offered many healthy choices, along with some vegetarian, The staff was so amazingly polite and friendly, I would seriously recommended this staff for any and all Occasions, You will not regret it!

6 April 2018

F. A. B. U. L. O. U. SThis is a catering sensation not to be ignored !Long story short.... nope! You are going to hear all of it. We were celebrating culture week at work and my regional marketing manager decided at the last minute on a Tuesday that he wanted to represent his background with soul food. Its 5:00pm and I'm scrambling to find a soul food venue that can cater and deliver for 20 + employees for the next day. After desperately searching the internet I found DROP THE POT CATERING. Unfortunately the delivery website had a cut-off time and I wasn't able to process my order. I decided to call them directly and was assisted by Tasha, who was courteous, professional and made the impossible happen!She took my order which involved 7-8 different dishes, checked what she had available and invoiced me for payment in a matter of 15 MINUTES! Food arrived the next day and the RAVES from the staff were nonstop! Fried & baked chicken , mac & cheese , collard greens , ribs etc were all on point and delicious! Let this be the place your next soul food party / event is ordered from. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Tasha for making the impossible possible. We definitely will be ordering from you again. More...

22 March 2017

I wish I had some pictures, but the minute our food was delivered a ravenous pack of wolves devoured it. Just kidding, we did because the food is DeLicIous! Our offices loved everything about this restaurant. The owner is as sweet as can be and knows how to make a meal that will have you counting the days till you order again. More...

2 February 2017

delicious. seriously! i ordered breakfast and lunch catering for a photo crew shooting in new jersey.  first off the service and owner are both great.  super sweet and helpful owner.  DELICIOUS food.  for lunch we ordered the baked chicken... seriously falls off the bone, so good.  paired with the rice with veggies... and the mac n cheese is ridiculously good.  empanadas, corn bread.  we all ate too much, we couldn't stop.  i will definitely be ordering again even for nyc shoots. More...