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Business Coaching should be fun, easy and have a huge ROI. Without that, it’s just a couple of people in a room talking. We like to think that business owners need three things to be successful:

1) They need to know what to do and when.


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Amy Moore

18 December 2018

James is one of the most inspirational people I know! Every time we meet I leave with a handful of business solutions and an empowered attitude to execute them. Beyond that, he has taught me the power of the mind and the importance of the energy behind my motives. He has directly influenced my business and life success. If you want to kick ass at life, he is your guy! More...


Tara Ingalls

18 December 2018

Awesome, easy to understand organization and business tips for all kinds of professions!!


Steven Jenkins

18 December 2018

Awesome videos and coaching! The advice is comes at you crazy fast. I love it!


Rachel Rasmussen

18 December 2018

I've seen James in action, and he's got a fantastic, straight-forward, no-BS, humor-filled way of coaching clients to build better businesses. The advice he provides is right on; it clearly comes from a place of first-hand experience! More...


James Kademan

18 December 2018

There is something inherently awesome about working for Draw In Customers Business Coaching. I cannot tell exactly what it is, but I feel so close to them.


Scott Robison

26 May 2017

Working with James has been the best business decision I've made yet. He always has great perspective on the issues I'm facing, can see the straightest path to my goals, and pushes me to tackle new challenges right away, rather than wait for what feels like stability, but is really caution. James has also put me in touch with a huge network of referral partners and other great business people, which has played a big part in driving new clients through my door. I recommend him highly enough. More...


Susan Roseliep

26 May 2017

James, has been such a fantastic asset in helping me create my business. Without James knowledge and continued support I know that my business would not be up and running...Sue Roseliep, Concierge Consulting LLC More...


Heidi Aschenbrenner

26 May 2017

James is smart, has great ideas and is fun to talk to. I've enjoyed each session with him, and I've implemented his suggestions which have helped my business to succeed. I've known James in a variety of business capacities and have the utmost respect for him and his work. I highly recommend! More...

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Watching the results from the business coaching advice given and followed by my clients. Nothing compares to the reactions customers give me when I ask, "How's it going?" at each meeting. Watching as they improve over time is phenomenal.

After starting other businesses, I started Draw In Customers Business Coaching to help entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls I discovered the hard way. Working with business owners that want to grow and gain back some freedom is truly rewarding.

I am a business coach second to being a business owner. I actually own other businesses. This means I am in the trenches and not just spouting theory I have read somewhere.
Plus I wrote the book on being bold in business - The Bold Business Book. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0767P3W9P/



James Kademan is an experienced business coach that actually has started, grown and sold businesses. He currently owns other small businesses to keep his business coaching skills sharp by gaining real world current experience. He coaches individuals and teams, mostly business owners in the service and repair sectors. His business coaching sessions are fun, inspirational and keep you accountable to accomplishing your business goals.