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Dr. Jennifer Keagle

Los Angeles, California


Dr. Jennifer Keagle

Los Angeles, California


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Maidie V.

5 October 2019

I want to start off by saying I LOVE Dr Keagle!  Right when we walked into the office we were welcomed with a warm greeting from the front office staff. My favorite staff member was River  Dr. Keagle was fun and had a fantastic sense of humor. You don't get a lot of doctors like her these days.  She made sure I was comfortable and wasn't having any pain.  She explained procedures to me and answered my many many questions.  I highly recommend Dr Keagle if you want only amazing work done More...


Joseph H.

26 August 2019

Jennifer is a long term family friend of mine. She was still working at UCLA's Cleft Palate Fellowship program before she started her own practice. I'm currently turning 27 and have been in and out of hospitals for various surgeries both reconstructive and general. Jennifer is different from any doctor I've ever worked with. Despite the trauma and stress caused by growing up with a birth defect and also having the luxury and privilege to do something about it, she makes you feel like you're a human. That you matter, that you're not just another $$$ paycheck. She actually reached out to me after a number of years to  welcome her services. I had quit my original cleft palate program because I had felt that my mental health was not being addressed, that I was just a cash cow, and my Medicare had ran out (age 21). 5 years later, I grew up, started my career, and was able to afford something life changing at a reasonable price.I had so many fears, some reasonable, most unreasonable, and Jennifer and her staff guided me through the process at my own convenience too!One of the best in the business, I can honestly say that I would not be the person that I am today if it wasn't for her help. I hope you all find the peace, comfort and satisfaction that comes with feeling good, looking great, and ultimately being happy being the best person you can be.Thanks Dr. Keagle! You rock.Joseph More...


Ruby Hunter

24 July 2019

Dr. Kim is a genius and an artist! I fully trusted his capabilities after being referred to him by a friend who had amazing results. I've always wanted a breast augmentation due to my small bust size and I am so thrilled with the final outcome. I am almost 5 weeks post op and can't believe how easy the recovery was and how natural my breasts look!!! They are the perfect size for me and I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who is considering this procedure :) More...


Cooper M.

12 July 2019

Dr. Keagle was the fifth surgeon I saw for consultations regarding the final rhinoplasty procedure for a cleft lip repair. She is absolutely awesome! Super funny, realistic and caring. She went above and beyond my expectations in terms of pre op and post op care. Her office is small and welcoming, and I am thrilled I chose Dr. Keagle as my doctor More...


Cooper M.

30 April 2019

Dr. Keagle was the fifth surgeon I saw for consultations regarding the final rhinoplasty procedure for a cleft lip repair. My nose was crooked and not centered on my face, and I had airflow issues on one side, as well as a deviated septum. Dr. Keagle was hands down the best surgeon we spoke with, she immediately gave us an idea of how she would perform the surgery, what the procedure would be like, healing timeframe etc. She has a lot of experience with cleft repairs and was able to answer questions we didn't even know we had. I'm about 6 months post op and my nose is much straighter and just prettier than it was before. I am more symmetrical, my breathing has improved a bit and I was very happy with my experience. More...


Jen G.

14 March 2019

OMG, I love her!I wanted to get something subtle done on my face (fillers) and fix my double chin, and knew I wanted to see a PS and not a dermatologist.  I also knew that I wanted to see a female PS on the east-side.  In this day and age, there's hardly ANY female PS in all of LA, and all my friends were referring me to male doctors on the west-side/BH.  So I literally took a chance on YELP and after doing a lot of research on Dr Keagle, I just thought she was the right doctor for me.First of all, her work is really, really natural.    For me, she put in some filler on my marionette lines and they lifted my whole face.  And then we did Coolsculpting on my double-chin (this will take a total of 2 treatments) -- you're not supposed to see results for 5-6 weeks, but I think I'm seeing slimming on my neck/chin just one week later.   It also tightens (unlike chin lipo).When I first did my consultation, I was thinking of chin lipo wh is 4k and tightening is extra cost.  But  Dr. Keagle said I was the right candidate for Coolsculpting wh is significantly less money  She also said that she estimated she'd use 2 or 3 syringes for my filler -- and she only used 2 (wh makes the cost less expensive).   I mean, she doesn't try to upsell you and I really think she wants you to look your best.Plus, she's funny and delightful.  Her clientele tends to be "working Hollywood" who don't want to look too done.  This ain't a spa, it's a doctor's office.   So if you want a spa experience (and I have no idea why you'd want that for a medical procedure), then you're not going to get that here.All I can say is she's awesome!   And her assistant, Wendy, is also really on it. More...


Waneka R.

12 November 2018

I highly recommend Dr. Keagle! She is knowledgeable, patient, and takes pride in her work. She is just so likable, down to earth, and personable. I felt completely at ease when asking her questions. She followed up with me personally to make sure I had all that I needed. She even went out of her way to see me for follow up when she was off!! That showed me how much she values her patients and it really stuck with me. She has a true compassionate heart and a sense of humor that will make you LOL. Dr. Keagle really cares!  Her work is top notch. She is meticulous and provides realistic expectations. She is a rare find. She is a caring and concerned professional who is confident and highly skilled. Thanks so much, Dr. K!! More...


Nette B.

3 July 2018

- So at 31 with horrible back and shoulder pain and boobs that weren't as nice before kids. I was determine to finally find some relief and decided to have a breast reduction. Once I found out Dr. Keagle was the surgeon my insurance designated me to go to, I was extremely nervous. So I immediately went to google and read every review I could find on her to determine whether or not I even wanted to schedule my consultation. And, I must say I am sooo happy I did. She was awesome, I felt so comfortable meeting her and she was extremely informative and made me feel at ease. I don't think I left with too many questions regarding the procedure. Of course, things came up later on but when I called, her staff (Joanna and Wendy) were just as great. As of today, I'm a little over 5 weeks post op and I feel great! Very minimal pain and absolutely love my results. If you're looking a surgeon, I'd highly recommend Dr. Keagle. More...


Jennifer V.

30 March 2018

Dr Keagle was highly recommended by someone else. So I inquired and her staff was so helpful and friendly! I was nervous in the beginning but Dr Keagle made me feel completely at ease. I have had back pain for too long. In my shoulders too. Other health issues because of the back pain. So dr Keagle discussed options with me, steps to take, procedure, etc and explained everything. Dr Keagle is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about her patients-she goes the extra mile-if you want excellent care and satisfaction-go see Dr Keagle. She is very understanding, considerate and caring. More...


Gabriela B.

29 March 2018

I highly recommend the fantastic Dr. Jennifer Newman Keagle I can share with you my experience with non-invasive Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform different skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes like hair removal, photorejuvenation (e.g. the treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins), and to alleviate dermatologic diseases. And also cool sculpting!! Her customer service and staff are amazing!! More...


Phylas S.

17 January 2018

I recently had a breast reduction surgery with Dr. Keagle and i am very happy with the work that has been done. My particular case got a bit tricky due to a bit of a health risk but she did a great job in taking the necessary precautions to insure a safe and healthy procedure/outcome. Dr. Keagle continues to follow my progress closely and the results are turning out very nicely. More...


Ojie W.

18 December 2017

Dr Keagle is amazing she changed my life I got a breast reduction from her and she did incredible work and has been so helpful in every way shes great with calming me down from being anxious (i have an anxiety disorder) and I feel more comfortable with her than I do with some of my friends she's hands down the best doctor I've ever had



21 October 2017

Follow-up review a few months post breast reconstruction surgery with Dr. Keagle. I highly recommend Dr. Keagle. She has the ability guide you through the process where you feel well cared for, ​uplifted and empowered. In retrospect, what makes Dr. Keagle special is she actively listens and has a very high standard of care for her patients. Do likewise - listen well and follow through with the same high standards of care for yourself. My experience with Dr. Keagle is these qualities carry a tremendous amount of weight in​ keeping you physically and mentally strong for a successful outcome. She is terrific. More...


Abby C.

26 July 2017

Dr. Keagle is amazing. My face was punctured right below my eye on a construction site by a rusty stake. She took my call and rushed me in on her day off. She did the most amazing job stitching me up that you literally can not see the scar. I am so grateful. Dr. Keagle is the best. More...


Gabriela M.

14 May 2016

Dr. Jennifer Keagle was highly recommended by my breast cancer specialist Dr. Holms. I have been seeing Dr. Keagle since March, 2016-- she has educated and helped me through my breast reconstruction.  She is a true spirit, funny and uplifting. Every time I leave her office I feel like a new person ready to conquer any challenges. I feel blessed that I landed in her hands. See you soon Dr. Keagle!Her staff is impeccable and helpful. More...


Red O.

27 April 2016

It has officially been a year since my breast augmentation and I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with Dr. Keagle's work.  She is an excellent, knowledgeable, trust worthy professional. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a surgeon that listens to all of your questions/concerns and takes the time to discuss them with you. She definitely answered all of my questions truthfully and provided me with all the appropriate information to make a sound decision.   I would also like to note that her office staff is extremely professional and great at making you feel comfortable with the process from the first day you book your consultation through all your follow up appointments. More...


Paula L.

3 October 2014

Following a rhinoplasty procedure, I've been getting cortisone shots to maintain the symmetry of my nose. Normally I see Dr. Kahn from San Francisco for that (see my review for him), but my hectic schedule in LA hasn't allowed for travel to SF recently - so I had to look for a local surgeon this time. I found Dr. Keagle on Yelp and chose to see her because I was impressed with her professional background and the procedure pictures on her website. Today I went to see her for cortisone shots and a Juvederm consultation, and my experience with her did not disappoint. She's honest, friendly, listens to you closely, and won't push you into doing something that's not right for you. She was extremely gentle and careful with administering the cortisone shots, and I can't wait to see the results in a few days! More...


serena k.

12 June 2014

I went to Dr. Keagle for the special offer on IPL laser treatments to get rid of the redness around my nose.  This was something I have always wanted to do, so I jumped at the chance to finally do something about it.  I have been to Dr. Keagle once before when she removed an irritating lump near my jaw that was thankfully benign.  I was pleased with her staff and her outgoing, friendly but professional demeanor.  She really takes the time to explain everything and I feel comfortable asking any and all questions pertaining to the procedure.  I have a follow up visit next month but any apprehensive feeling I had about my initial appointment has disappeared.  You are definitely in good hands with her! More...


Christine M.

24 May 2014

In the words of yelp 'Woohoo! As good as it gets!'Dr. Keagle was recommended by my PCP when I needed to get a pant-line-rubbing and pretty gross mole cut out of my lower back. She was friendly, funny, professional and the procedure itself was quick and pretty painless.I had a question after the procedure, and left a message at her office on a Saturday. She called me back in less than 3 minutes and answered all my questions.I couldn't be happier with her service, her office staff, and to be rid of my little lumbar 'friend'.Thanks Dr. Keagle! More...


Mary S.

8 November 2013

I love Dr. Keagle.  As a woman plastic surgeon, she's into natural looking /not fake.  I went to her because I didn't want to look like I had a lot done, just wanted to look less tired/more awake/a better me.  She totally got that.  I was so impressed by it, that I've gone back several times, and I never look "plastic."    She's really good with filler too-I finally tried that - and it looked amazing.  I love that she tells you exactly what it is going to look like (overfilled at first) and how long to expect before it decreases.   She will tell you flat out if you need help in an area (if you don't want to know, don't ask) and she'll also tell you if she thinks you are unnecessarily obsessing about something or starting to look over-injected/sculpted.  She is super-focussed on patient happiness and encourages patients to check-in with her the first week or so after injections.  So many people out there who are injecting stuff aren't licensed & don't know what they are doing.  I am needle-phobic and I just feel better having a real plastic surgeon who knows what she's doing inject me than some person who took a quickie course in Botox.  Office staff is calm and professional.   She's terrific- I highly recommend her! More...


K R.

23 September 2013

-There aren't enough stars on YELP-Let me first preface this with -- It took me 5 long years to feel comfortable with a Plastic Surgeon & the second I walked into Dr. Keagle's office, it was positive vibes there on out. The team there has become somewhat of a surgery family! In June, I had a Breast Reduction. Not only was pre-surgery wonderful BUT post surgery has been that much better. I am over the moon excited with my new body & I truly owe it to Dr. Keagle & her team. The results are better then I could have imagined & it's changed my life. I'll save the tears, but again -- there aren't enough stars on YELP. Raising my glass to Dr. Keagle! Cheers- More...


Eva K.

10 September 2013

On a serious note, Dr. Keagle was my surgeon for an illness and I have been seeing her for over a year.  I am so happy  and thankful with my outcome and results.  Beautiful work.  I was overwhelmed with my situation and she really helped me through it.    She has become a friend and I would recommend her in a heartbeat for any treatment or surgery.  She has a very real and personable demeanor - a very down to earth, warm, funny person who's got the expert skills when you need them.  And i needed them.  She's stuck with me now!!  My beauty doctor forever! More...


M W.

21 March 2012

Dr. Keagle is not only a good doctor, but a wonderfully down-to-earth and honest person--often rare to find within the plastic surgery field. She offers a truly unique and pleasant experience when visiting her office. The staff is personal, I've always felt welcomed, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect surgery. My breast augmentation looks extremely natural, and I was more than worried that it wouldn't. I'd have to say that not only did I have reservations in regards to my surgery, it was a rather delicate situation, and I visited several different plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Keagle. Within minutes of meeting her I knew she was perfect. I felt relaxed, able to ask anything, and completely aware of the entire process. It's always a joy to go back for follow up appointments, and I would recommend her and her staff to anyone in need of an impressive, communicative, balanced, and ultimately wonderful doctor.In regard to price, she was more expensive than some of my other options, but ultimately when dealing with something as serious as plastic surgery, I went with my instincts and was not let down.  Not something you want to cheap out on, right? More...


Michele S.

17 December 2011

I went to Dr. Keagle by chance (a Living Social Voucher) - and am SO HAPPY I did.  I have had botox and fillers several times before - from different doctors in both Beverly Hills and Burbank - but felt like Dr. Keagle's approach, technique, and experience has given me the best result I've ever had.  She has a special touch - it's unfortunately easy for these substances to make us look 'fake' or 'stretched' if administered by a doctor who isn't skilled - but Dr. Keagle truly works the whole 'artist' angle with her work!  I left looking like I had fresh, full cheeks WITHOUT looking plastic and the botox got rid of all the crows feet and brow furrows, yet without a 'frozen face'!!! I'm totally impressed.  AND - she's so witty and laid back, I left after my first visit feeling like I'd spent the appointment with a girlfriend.  I'm planning on having all my future appointments with her - as well as any more serious plastic surgery procedures in the years to come.  Both happy with her as a person, and impressed with her professional technique!!! :) More...


Michelle P.

3 August 2011

Weeks after my touch up and I am pleased with my furrowless brow! If you've been considering botox, I say go for it! I only got it between the brows and above my eyebrows, but really love it.  So happy and will definitely look into it again! You're in good hands with Dr. Keagle! More...


Amy R.

18 June 2011

I visited Dr. Keagle today for the first time for Juvederm. Initially, I was disappointed to find out that the first available appointment was in August-but they called me to let me know that an appointment had become available right away-so I took it!  I have had wrinkle filler before a few years ago in the same area and it was much more painful that time. (even using a topical numbing cream-this time I had none) I am very pleased with the results and have already scheduled another appointment for later this year. She also told me about the more cost effective procedure of using my own fat as a permanent filler. I was so happy to learn about that option because my experience has been that filler doesn't last as long on me as it does with other people. And has been the main reason I don't get it more frequently. She even offered to apply what I had prepaid for my living social deal toward the fat injection if I wanted to do that instead of the Juvederm. I decided to do the fat filler after the Juvederm fades away. Looking forward to going back to Dr. Keagle again in the future. Oh, and I should add she's extremely witty and personable. Even though this was the first time I met her, she put me completely at ease and I felt like I was hanging out with one of my girlfriends by the time I left. She and her staff made the experience very pleasant from beginning to end. More...


Elise M.

15 June 2011

Dr. Keagle is very friendly and knowledgable and her work is impeccable.  She's not cheap, but I would rather NOT go cheap when it comes to things like Botox, Fillers and Plastic Surgery, know what I mean?  I loved her work so much I took my mom in to see her to fill in her "sad lines" after her husband died.  My mom didn't look like a platypus or freaky.  She looked healthy and "refreshed," which is EXACTLY what she had hoped for. More...