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24 July 2019

Being a patient at Downtown Psychiatric was one of the worst experiences of my life. This practice is a collection of the most unprofessional people in the entire field of health care. My mental health deteriorated as a result of the "treatment" I received here. They simply push pills onto patients without any concern for actually treating the underlying issues. I was treated by Petia Papazoglou, but the entire office is incompetent. I would not wish the experience I had at downtown psychiatric on my worst enemy. More...


Mike Y

26 May 2018

I highly recommend the staff. Very knowledgeable and professional.


Mari_a Poppins

26 May 2018

I would like to know how some of the people reviewing, like "Jessica Ross," can possibly have really visited these doctors? "Jessica Ross" has reviews allllll over the country, claiming to live in different cities, etc. For instance, she's made several reviews for lawyers, including criminal and divorce...but then on her third lawyer review states "I've never had a reason for legal services before." What? How am I supposed to feel comfortable with the ratings and reviews when there's obviously fake reviews here? If I do decide to try out this business, I will certainly be leaving an honest and genuine review. More...


Oliver tomson

26 May 2018

I liked it all very much. The doctor listened to me, gave useful advice, answered all my questions. The benevolent doctor helped me.


Максим Черенёв

26 May 2018

I met with D. Enikeev for some issues I've been having over the last year, and after our session, I felt a lot more confident in my future and in how I can deal with my problems. I look forward to meeting with him again and finding better ways to cope and continue living a normal life! More...


Anjelina Peter

26 May 2018

Dr. Enkieev is very professional and excellent psychiatrist, he really knows how to get the medications correct. Staff has been nice and understanding. Everyone has been fantastic. They are usually quick with answers to questions and generally easy to deal with. More...


Anton Ant

26 May 2018

After the tragedy in the family, I started very serious mental disorders. Practically stopped sleeping, became irritable and nervous. Appealed to Dr. Enikeev on the recommendation of friends and was pleased. And health has improved. He is a true specialist and a professional. Very friendly attitude and positive changes in health! Simply an excellent doctor! More...


Gary John

26 May 2018

Dr. Enikeev is a caring, and intelligent doctor. He’s help me overcome my mental challenges ever since I met him and I’m forever grateful and happy I met you. He’s the best doctor I’ve ever worked with and he’ll always check up on you even after my session with him plus he’s a good listener and always willing to give advice anytime I call him. I’ll say Dr Enikeev is the best in the world and highly recommended. More...


Timothy C. Fleeman

26 May 2018

Dr. Iskander Enikeev contains a deep level of skill and passion as a doctor that you can feel the moment you sit down with him. In working with him, I'm always amazed at how proficiently he is able see the layers of my unconscious behavior and pull from them my soul dreams, empowering me to live the life I so dearly desire. So much grateful to him for given me the chance to live again. More...


Cole Smith

26 May 2018

Dr. Enikeev is one of the most caring, and intelligent people I have ever encountered. He's a great listener and works with you to get a plan together. He's simply the best doctor anyone can imagine. Keep up the good work More...


Brian Martinez

26 May 2018

Highly recommended.Dr. Enikeev is one of the most caring, and intelligent people I have ever encountered. Minimum waiting and polite staff. Always call me back. He's an awesome doctor to have by your side. He's a great listener and works with you to get a plan together. More...


Alice Mary

17 January 2018

Dr. Enikeev is obviously one of the best I’ve met in my entire life, meeting him was one of the best part of my life, he helped me overcame depression as I was going through my trying times and I needed help. My first session with him was excellent and was awesome afterwards. I do recommend Dr. Enikeev to everyone who needs the service of a psychiatrist. More...


Donald Garrison

19 December 2017

Dr. Enikeev is one of the most caring, and intelligent doctor I’ve ever met. He’s a good listener and a professional to the core; He takes his time to listen to your problem and will always check up on you even after your session with him. I’m glad I met you, my life has changed for the very best ever since More...


Hillary Diaz

26 May 2017

Excellent psychiatrists and truly kind. After years of going to numerous psychiatrists, with little improvement in my depression, I was extremely fortunate to find this place. They were able to figure out what others hadn't managed to, giving me my life back. I always feel respected and "listened to". They are extremely knowledgeable in the area of psychopharmacology and emotional illness. More...


Allan E.

14 June 2016

I was feeling stresed, and was looking for a doctor to help with my mood. Found them on Yelp, made an appointment - secretary was okay, no problems there. Had to pay cash, but outside of it, everything was smooth - didn't have to wait long, was seen by a nice doctor. They offered a range of medicine, but I opted-out for personal conversations, They seem flexible. Seem like reliable folks More...


Allison Mack

26 May 2016

I had a doctor for several years now, but as time passed by he started to be less interested in my problems, and more about how to bill my insurance. I found Downtown Psychiatric Group via Yelp, and decided to try them. I now have a good doctor, and recommend this practice More...


John Tomasino

26 May 2016

Very good experience hear even during tough times.


Dan Chen

26 May 2016

They are conveniently located and take all insurances, so you don't have to submit claims to the insurance company. I didn't have to wait long, nor doctor wasted my time with useless questions. They help me maintain my medication, so I feel stable More...


Connie Mack

26 May 2016

I live in Brooklyn, and there aren't many good psychiatrist here. I tried a few but it didn't work out. I desperately needed medication management, and good advise. I'm happy I found them


Lawrence S.

28 October 2015

Having to seek help for depression has been an unfortunate reality of my life. I have been going through an extended of misfortune and despair and I was starting to have major issues with my personal well being. I walked In apprehensive about what to expect. I was quite pleased with how personable my care was. From the first visit to my last appointment with my doctor I was thoroughly cared for. If you need or think you need mental health care pleass stop by. Downtown Psychaitric Group has great caregivers who provide excellent care. I am proud to say I am a much healthier human and a grateful fromer patient. More...

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