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Boerne, Kendall

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Boerne, Kendall



Double D Dog Training provides in-home dog obedience positive reinforcement, reward- based training. A CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over 1500+ hours training dogs. Everything from basic obedience, socialization, potty training, barking, jumping as well as working with fearful dogs.


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30 September 2019

We trained with Dean & Double D Dog Training to help us with our 7 month old Blue Heeler Shepherd mix, Benny. Our initial goal was to get Benny just some basic training (sit, stay, down) Dean was so patient and encouraging to help us train Benny in a positive way. By the end of our first four sessions of Obedience Training, Benny could do so much more than we thought! He could sit, stay, lay down, wait, shake, leave it, walked calmly on a leash, AND stopped jumping on us with off. We were so happy with the results from the first four sessions, that we enrolled Benny in another 4 sessions of the Advanced Obedience Training. Dean was very accommodating in meeting us and helping us socialize Benny at dog parks, and the Pearl as well. We had so much fun with Dean and his training, and Benny can't wait to see him again! More...


All Animal Control

30 September 2019

We rescued our dog from a shelter and he was a runner. He had got out the front door a couple times and took off running through out the neighborhood. After training with Dean, Charkie is doing great! One of our kids accidentally let him out the front door recently and I was able to call him back into the house! This was a huge victory for us in addition to all the other skill we learned from Dean. More...


Megan Lonergan

27 July 2019

My 5 year old husky shepherd mix, Remi, has always been nervous around men and I felt I was losing control of her so my mom gave me Dean's number. We just completed our 4th obedience class this morning and I'm beyond impressed with Remi's progress with both Dean and her training. She struggled the first day with a strange man near her, but she has a new BFF today in Dean. I never thought much about obedience training but the skills Dean gave us has given both Remi and I more confidence and I have a lot more control with her. I 100% would recommend Double D Dog training and I intend to use these new training skills daily with both Remi, and my 11 year old poodle mix who doesn't like rules. Even she has benefit from Doube D Dog Training. Practice definitely makes perfect, and I am thrilled to continue practicing and using these training skills in the future. Thanks Dean! More...


Jill Schulz Boyer

25 May 2019

My family needed some help with our pitbull puppy. We had trained her basic commands but were in need of help with her socializing, timidness and fighting with our other dog. Dean came to our house to see how she behaves and what we were dealing with. In the four sessions we saw marked improvement and he gave us skills to turn a good dog into a great dog! Dean loves animals and loves to teach kids as well as us adults. We were so incredibly happy to have Dean work with us I would recommend him to anyone! More...


Cresa Davis

24 August 2018

Excellent connection with your dog, immediate results, trains your dog as well as easy fun tips for the owner.


Michelle Wilbanks

7 August 2018

For the last two years I have been taking our Aussie, named Stitches, to a local groomer, Pooches Day Spa, located at the end of Fair Oaks Parkway in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX. Initially Stitches was reluctant at being dropped off, but as time went by, Stitches attitude has gone from reticent to eager. Seven weeks ago I engaged Dean Duet who works at Pooches Day Spa and who also has a dog training business evenings and weekends, to come out to our house on Sundays and work with Stitches and I on obedience training. What I have concluded participating in the training, is that Dean is the reason Stitches likes going to the groomers. Dogs have an innate sense for gauging the range of people’s emotions like anger, fear, sadness, love, kindness, empathy and warmth. Just like humans, dogs respond to the emotions that they sense in the humans they encounter. Stitches has responded in kind to the positive emotions radiated by Dean. And just as kids learn that Dad’s mean fun and Mom’s mean business, Stitches has quickly learned to want to be cooperative in the training process. It is the empathy and warmth as much as it is the great treats that Dean uses as rewards in the training process that Stitches is responding to. I can recommend Dean without reservation as a dog trainer! More...

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Working with families and their dogs to help them to become a well behaved member of the family!

Originally took my own Bichon Frise, Louie to dog training over 10 years ago and loved it! He responded so well and I could see the amazing improvements from the training. That inspired me to become a certified professional dog trainer and work with dogs myself.

Love of the dogs! Passion for dog training!!! Great results when we are finished.



Provides private in-home dog obedience training using positive reinforcement, reward-based training techniques. CPDT-KA certified trainer with over 1000 hours of training.