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Jill Wiley

13 September 2019

If you're catless and dogless in urban MA and you need a little animal and mountain greenery time like me, being able to look at JFP daily postings of happy + is much appreciated. Gracias.


Colleen Conklin

30 August 2019

these loving people save animals everyday


Karla Lynch McRae

29 August 2019

Perfect place for our boy. We left our pupper here while camping in the National Park. We were able to pick him on certain days and enjoy the days with him returning him at night. He was clean and happy and excited to get back to play with his friends. Jon and Charlie are great to work with. Wonderful experience. More...


Dana Gardner

24 August 2019

Great place for your fer baby


Rhonda Salman

22 August 2019

Loving caring group that make sure rescues are taken care of and go to good homes! I have rescued 5 dogs from them!


James Delver

16 August 2019

Great place.


Erika Ginnis

11 August 2019

Absolutely top notch. Caring, friendly, really helpful people with tons of Aloha. So much love for their animals and really committed to finding good homes. Highly recommend. Visit them at Petco on Saturdays and meet some wonderful people and animals. More...


Kelli Delauder

30 July 2019

They are wonderful guys and they love what they do. My girls love going there.


Ashley Coleman

29 July 2019

great rescue. they do their best to pair dogs with matching homes to the dogs personalities/temperaments.


Veryl Ann Grace

24 July 2019

I found my Bruce (Brus) at Aloha Ilio Rescue they are amazing. I just signed up for Amazon Smile with them as the recipient. If you use Amazon as much as I do, this might be a totally painless way to help the out in what they do. More...


David Dwyer

12 July 2019

Great place. They took really good care of our dog Rocky even giving him the extra care during thunderstorms. He seemed happy and had play time with other dogs


Noelle Hickman

11 July 2019

I have needed their help on more then one occasion. Call them with any animal related issue and you're sure to get the help you need :)


Samantha Hester

10 July 2019

The owners are absolutely amazing! They are definitely dog people and my pup had a wonderful time! I am from NC, but will definitely use them again when I am in the area. We joke that I would take her all the way to TN to go there instead of using someone near NC More...


Cassie Roley

30 June 2019

We highly recommend Just Fer Paws! Our dogs came back to us happy and clean! We have used other places to board our dogs and when we picked them up we could tell that they weren’t their happy selves. We didn’t worry about them at all while we were on vacation! We will use them again when we come back! :) Thank you! More...


LilyG Gast

30 June 2019

we loved having tiger there! he even made a friend named harry! Everyone was kind and the place was clean! Great experience, we would definitely come back again!


Cassie Roley

30 June 2019

Highly recommend! I can tell our dogs were well taken care of, and had no worries while we were on vacation! We picked them up and they were happy and clean! :)


Crystal DelaCruz Kam

24 June 2019

They are amazing!!! They really take care of all the fur babies that come thru their doors. Their fosters are awesome!!! So glad I adopted a puppy from them!! More...


William Ruby

8 June 2019

Best place for your pets vacation. They get pampered and get PERSONAL attention. Oh YES. They also have FUN.


Robert Bishop

4 June 2019

Dropped my Two Newfoundland dogs off today from 9 - 5 . Everything went well .


Michelle Kikala

3 June 2019

I totally recommend you to adopt from Aloha Ilio Rescue, or if you are having any kind of problems, with keeping your dog, please check them out first before taking your pet to the humane society. They have rescued 2 of our dogs and immediately, found great homes for them. Donna was remarkable, she came by in no time to access them and I was able to text with her every step of the way as to what their outcome became.My heart is content knowing they have found a forever safe home... More...


Cynthia Totty Hefley

20 May 2019

I greatly appreciate how they make sure that pets get good homes, and that they go the extra mile to check out an adopter’s home and living situation enforce placing the pet.



20 May 2019

Our almost 2 year old German shepherd/malanois mix LOVED it all 3 days at Doggie Daycare! Facility and area is Immaculent! As soon as we rounded the curve the 2nd morning she started going crazy to get out and play! Each day picking her up she was smiling and tail just a wagging! Each night she literally slept like a Baby from all her running and playing. I would recommend them 100 times over to care for your pet while you sight see, etc. Money well spent! Thanks Again for taking care of our "Fur" child! More...


Beth Kostelnik

20 May 2019

We picked up a tired, happy greyhound. Would definitely use again.


Susan Colby

20 May 2019

Excellent facility. Beautiful grounds and competent staff. Dogs happy with huge grass play yard to run in.


Rado BD

16 May 2019

da best.............nuff said


Ray Of Light Media

6 May 2019

I recently left my dogs with Just Fer Paws, while on vacation. One of my dogs, Hunter, had a medical emergency while there, and Charlie & Jon took him to my vet to get checked out. They took care of it all, even called to inform me, and reassured me that he was doing fine, no need to rush back. They gave Hunter extra care, and made sure he was well-loved while I was away. Thank you for going the extra mile to give me, and my dogs, a great vacation. They will definitely be back next time! More...


Linda Teresa Griffin

3 May 2019

As someone who lost their dog . Aloha Ilio Rescue gave me the opportunity to foster dogs with them until I was ready to adopt. The unique thing about Aloha Ilio Rescue is that they have this ability to match the perfect dog with the right person. They are a kind, compassionate, strong and faithful to the rescue process group of people. I am proud to know them❤️ More...


Doris M. Kenui

28 April 2019

We recently adopted a pup Foster mom Donna Branco Pacheco. Paper work for adoption was all in order. Any questions I had was answered. Appointment for getting her fixed was made for us. I would recommend using Aloha Ilio they give care and love. More...


Susan Licoan

24 April 2019

They are amazing! They are the most caring, giving, and loving people! They are so dedicated to finding dogs their forever homes!


Danielle Richardson

17 April 2019

I’m so thankful for all the time effort and hard work Aloha llio Rescue volunteers put in . Saving one fur baby at a time , and most importantly trying to bring awareness &state facts about purchasing owning and giving your pets a happy healthy life .


Christina Skaggs

12 April 2019

Instead of dragging the Humane Society down for being over whelmed with the discarded animals of a uncaring community they help them do better. They are changing the face of animal welfare in East Hawaii. I support them both on the tough road they walk. Keep up the great work, you're making a difference. More...


Nani Morita

10 April 2019

If you care about animals, please follow! I want to save all animals! Give them a voice.


Edna May

4 April 2019

Compassionate and tireless animal advocates; we appreciate all that you do.


Priscilla Herrmann

31 March 2019

Most caring rescue . My Lili who I love so much makes my life happy again. Thank you aloha olio rescue.


Levi N Letty Ford

25 March 2019

We came to Gatlinburg for vacation last week March 16th thru 23rd. Our dog Loki is a rescue and had never been boarded in the 2 years we have had him. He did great with these guys and had a lot of fun. We recommend this place for anyone needing this sevice. We had fun on our vacation and Loki had a blast playing with other dogs and running around. We will be back for sure. 10 Stars ❤️❤️ More...


Tierney McClary

22 March 2019

They truly care about every dog


Amanda Hathaway Sublette

22 March 2019

I highly recommend bringing your dog here while visiting Gatlinburg! Our Rottie really enjoyed her stay. We checked her out to go on a day adventure once, and she was excited to return at the end of the day. She really liked Jon and Charlie. Thank you for making Cocoa feel at home ♥️ More...


Cindy Boltz Eilerman

19 March 2019

They care about the pets and do their best to find the perfect furever family for each pet.


Ellen LaPenna

10 March 2019

A friend volunteers wth Aloha Ilio and says wonderful things about them. A very well-respected rescue group.


Tammy Bolerjack

13 February 2019

All around best place ever! I'm super picky when it comes to daycare or boarding with our chocolate lab and this place and people are exactly what we love! Thank you so much!


Valerie Hafford

2 February 2019

They are the best, real lovers of all pets, friendly, kind, with matching pets and perspective owners, checking out homes, giving man's best friend their furever homes... Choose rescue pets with this annazing group of people Aloha Ilio Rescue... More...


Jared Welch

18 January 2019

Aloha Ilio is a five star organization because of the quality of care the dogs fostered are given, but also because of their professionalism. We adopted a puppy that was cared for by Donna, and I think the love our puppy shows us is because of how Donna raised her. I also appreciate that the vetting process to get our puppy was thorough. Lastly, with the adoption fees including the spaying, first shots, micro-chipping, and foster care love, I feel blessed to have been able to adopt through Aloha Ilio. More...


Tara Marcotte Frazier

14 January 2019

I've been a fan and follower of Aloha Ilio for years. Last year we adopted through them and it was a great experience on every level. These folks are amazing and work SO HARD on behalf of East Hawaii's animals in need. They are life savers and an such an inspiration. More...


Martha Holman

2 January 2019

The informed thought they put into placement and the selfless.love they give their rescues. I can't wait to have a home so I can forever home one of their darlings. Incredible people....very good cause!!! More...


Kamaile Riedel-Low

25 December 2018

They were very welcoming. Kept in contact with us about our puppy. Made our experience adopting our little one so easy.


Sandy Hamamoto

24 December 2018

They have great dogs in which people foster so they know much more about the dogs personality.


Lydia Albers

1 December 2018

When I needed them they were there!! Awesome people.


Ryan Desear

28 November 2018

I almost don't want to leave such a glowing review so there is always room to take my boxer to this place but I would be doing them a great disservice. Just Fer Paws is an excellent place to take your pet when you are on vacation (or not) as they treat the animals like the members of the family that they are. The level of care these two gentlemen show is tremendous and I can't imagine taking my pet to another facility. Well done! More...


Tracy Mashburn

28 November 2018

Wanted to bring our dog with us for a weekend trip to Gatlinburg. Just Fer Paws was perfect! Close to the heart of town and will allow you to come visit/get your dog during the day. They allow the dogs to hang out and play together and there is a great outdoor, fenced area to run outside. Jon and Charlie were very friendly and helpful. Can definately tell they love and take pride in what they do. Thanks! More...


Melody J Lysgaard

9 November 2018

They really care about the dogs they place.


Sandra Brooks

9 November 2018

We are so lucky to have them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Kelli Murakami

6 November 2018

We adopted our Axle Grease from Aloha Ilio Rescue a couple of months ago after our dog Diesel passed away. They were very helpful and even though we live on Maui the adoption process went smoothly and within a couple days he arrived in his new home with us. We love him very much and he is a wonderful addition to our family. We would highly recommend Aloha Ilio Rescue for any adoption. More...


Elizabeth Marie Kraft

1 November 2018

I adopted my beautiful boy Ipo, from Aloha Ilio Rescue. He is soooo cute and while he is a puppy with all that entails, ( chewed shoes, potty training and crate training) he is wonderful and we love him. So thankful!!


Amie Fitzgerald Cannon

29 October 2018

I traveled to Gatlinburg for the 1st time this past week - Phoebe spent a day at day care while we explored the Parkway - thank you for taking such great care of my girl - she was happy & tired at the end of the day! We will definitely be back!


Laura Albert

29 October 2018

I can’t say enough good things about John, Charlie, and Just Fer Paws. We’re locals with a mini doxie who doesn’t like people. She absolutely LOVES coming here. We use it for both daycare and boarding, and our pup comes home happy and clean. The facility is immaculate and the care impeccable. I just can’t recommend this place enough. More...


Judy Gilliam

18 October 2018

Koda and Princess just love coming to daycare each week, and it makes it easy to leave our babies with them for 6 days while we our gone. Thank you Jonathan and Charles for taking such good care of our babies! More...


Katrina Deanne

7 October 2018

I dropped my almost 2 year old German Shepherd off for the day while I went hiking. Just Fer Paws took great care of him! He burned off a lot of energy playing in their pool. After my 10 mile hike, I was so happy to see that my boy was just as exhausted from his stay during the day as I was from my hike! Thanks for taking such great care of him! More...


leslie rodgers

29 September 2018

We had to quickly find a place to board our dog because of Hurricane Florence. They were more than accommodating. My dog was happy and was obviously well cared for. I would definitely recommend Just fer Paws to anyone going to Gatlinburg with their pup. More...


Lexi Ocegueda

21 September 2018

They are an amazing organization!!


Suzanne DeSear

21 September 2018

They have taken great care of our girl for years! I love that they post picture/video updates! She gets super excited when she knows it’s time to go to Doggie Camp!!


Carol Noel

11 September 2018

Their care and investment of time and vet care for the pups they adopt out.


Christy Strimel

8 September 2018

So happy to have found this place! Beautiful setting, spotless and fresh accommodations, and such wonderful people. We will be back many times!


Kayla Kalauli

5 September 2018

We just adopted two 9 week old puppies. I’ve been waiting for the perfect fur babies to come into my life and these seem to be the ones. This group are filled with amazing humans that only want what’s best for these animals. More...


Sonia R. Martinez

1 September 2018

I have been following them for some time and finally found our fur baby. Dandie 'now called Maggie' came home with us today. Everyone there was very friendly, very helpful and you can tell they love what they're doing. I recommend them if you want to adopt a rescue! More...


james slone

30 August 2018

Amazing staff! We were coming from out of town, and they made it very easy to drop our dog off for day care. When we picked him up he didn't want to leave as he was having too much fun. We wholeheartedly recommend Just Fer Paws, and will be using them every trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. More...


Aurora Garcia

26 August 2018

You can never go wrong when working with good hearted Folks that truly care about a less fortunate Beings in need. Aloha Ilio Rescue are a great Love Connection


Carrie Windham Vest

19 August 2018

I would give this place 10 stars if it were possible. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this place to everyone! We planned a last minute trip to Gatlinburg before school start back, but did not want to leave our 14 week old Doodle at home with the sitter. I contacted the owners a day before we drove up, and they told me they would gladly take her for doggie daycare! I am always skeptical about places I have never seen or been, so I admit, I was nervous about leaving Sadie Mae. However, when you meet the owners, you IMMEDIATELY know that they have an unconditional love for dogs and that they absolutely love their job! The establishment is clean, cozy and doggie friendly and extremely affordable. Throughout the day, they posted a few pictures on Facebook of my Sadie girl for me to see. I am so very thankful for their services and for them taking such wonderful care of our girl. We will be bringing her with us everytime we camp and letting her go for a stay with her new friends! :) More...


Heather Heft

17 August 2018

My family had vacation all planned and booked before Harper, our Newfoundland pup, came into our lives. We did a lot of research trying to find "daycares" as we had 2 days of our vacation booked with non dog friendly activities and shows. I came across Just Fer Paws and am so happy I did! We were nervous about leaving our 6 month of newfie for 8 hrs each day, as she has never been left with any other person before. Although she was happy to see us when we returned to pick her up, she was equally excited to be dropped off for doggy daycare day #2. She was barking and jumping around the second we pulled in. I'm pretty sure she is bummed her vacation from doggy daycare is over and she is stuck with us again. She had other dogs to play with, a pool to lounge in, comfy beds, AC, a large fenced in safe yard, and personal attention from the owners. I can not speak more highly of Just Fer Paws! It allowed my human family a few hours of time together at shows, all while Harper thought she was having her own little vacation with her new dog and human friends. Thank you so much! More...


Anthony Hurst

2 August 2018



Ashley Yocham

18 July 2018

Used these lovely fellas to house my fur baby for a week while I was getting married in the great state of Tennessee would recommend these guys to anyone They handled Mutters aka (MAX) with a lot of love and care he's a lot to handle but they knew just what he needed and got him to take his meds without a hickup lol so if your looking for someone to sit with your pooch for any amount of time plz do give these guys a call they are amazing��������� puppy love


Gerri Kalei Hala Latu

12 July 2018

They are a blessing for our 4-legged friends. ❤️


Patricia Carmicheal

10 July 2018

I am SO impressed by these kind compassionate people who so unselfishly will drop everything to come to the aid of helpless abused animals. There's a special place in Heaven for all of you! More...


Michele Lamkin

9 July 2018

Aloha Ilio Rescue is a wonderful group here on Hawai'i Island! They do their best to match pups in need of loving homes with caring families. For me, it's so rewarding to be able to assist AIR as a volunteer at their local adoption events! More...


Jean Souza

7 July 2018

Toby, our little poodle, is the second dog we have adopted from Aloha Ilio. He had previously been adopted to a family that returned him. Apparently he did not fit in with them (lucky for us.) Daylynn, at Aloha Ilio's expense put us in touch with someone who could help us with behavioral issues, which I thought was a rather amazing thing for them to do. As it turned out, he had no real issue at all and fit in perfectly with us and our other 2 "four-legged children." We are so very happy to have him. Best thing about adopting from Aloha Ilio Rescue is that you kind of become part of their rescue family. More...


Lisa Gomes

12 June 2018

I recently rescued a dog and have no regrets! Aloha Ilio does an amazing job!�


Hana Mauldin

12 June 2018

I love our dog that we were able to foster then adopt from Aloha Ilio.


Venus Wolfe

1 June 2018

We rescued a dog from aloha Ilio rescue. Exceptional experience. We would adopt again from them and we highly recommend Aloha Ilio Rescue


Andrea Decker

25 May 2018

Any rescue, no-kill organization gets 5 stars unless they aren't kind, tolerant, affectionate, patient. They must be accountable with donations.


Brenna Gorresen

23 May 2018

You all do an amazing job of finding furry four-legs new homes. Thank you for all you do!


Dana Adams

14 May 2018

Simply THE BEST. Not only did we adopt our sweet Rusty from them, but when the bank repossessed our fathers house in Leilani Estates, they helped to get ALL of his dogs adopted to wonderful homes!!!


Malia Angel Esperanza

10 May 2018

There doing a great job giving these great pets a home.


Gypsy Rae

1 May 2018

Friendly, happy folks! Very clear about their policy! All the hard work Aloha Ilio does shows. They truly care about animals & finding them the right homes! MAHALO!


Meghan Jerolaman

22 April 2018

Amazing people that devote all their spare time to saving and finding homes for some many dogs. Mahalo for your service!


Leetha Paogofie

15 April 2018

Mahalo for all you do. Wishing you all the best. Aloha.


LoveyMae Tagalicod

21 March 2018

��� Thank you for all you do, love our newest addition!


Daylyn Perreira

18 March 2018

They are wonderful people and i love that they are part my family and they are wonderful about finding any dogs a loving home


April Brodigan Watson

14 February 2018

Our pup spent a week at this awesome place during our Mardi Gras escape from the city. The owners were wonderful and took great care of our dog. You always hate to leave your pet, but when you see them running and playing on over an acre, it doesn’t feel as bad. We took him out for walks in the mountains and when we would return he was more than happy to go back and play with his new found friends. Highly recommend! More...


LeAnna Jerabek

16 December 2017

Our family recently adopted a puppy from this amazing rescue. When we called, the director immediately put us in touch with an outstanding foster by the name of Melanie. She told us all about this beautiful, sweet and playful leopard Catahoula and we fell in love. When Skye came to us, she was in great health, well socialized and as happy as could be. She gets along great with our other dog (who has about 50 lbs on her) and our 2 year old daughter. Thank you so much Aloha Ilio for letting us bring home the newest addition to our little family:) More...


Wonderly Marshall

16 December 2017

Our Rottweiler Bubbles really enjoys going to her new doggy daycare. They take good care of her and she has lots of fun playing with all the other dogs. If you’re in town it’s the place to bring your fur baby. More...


Anna Bender

10 December 2017

We recently adopted a dog from Aloha Ilio Rescue and the experience was perfect! For us, the biggest benefit of the rescue was that the dogs live with foster families who really get to know them. Melanie gave us a very accurate description of his personality, including his quirks, so we knew he'd be a good fit before we even met him and we knew what to be prepared for. After talking with her I was comfortable enough to have them fly him to us in Honolulu without meeting him. They arranged everything for his airfare so all I had to do was meet him at the airport. It was love at first sight. He's perfect for us. They even helped us figure out how to get him acclimated once he got here. In my opinion, their adoption fee is far too low for what they do. Please round up. They're worth it! Thanks Daylynn and Melanie! We're so grateful that you helped our newest family member find his way to us! Anna, Jeff, and our little whirlwind Oliver More...


Ryan DeSear

31 October 2017

Absolutely the best! These two gentlemen have a way with dogs that is second to none. They have a great rapport with the animals and this puts all of us dog parents at ease. Prices are super reasonable and the facility has a great fenced in yard for the dogs to run! More...


Rebecca Brooke

30 October 2017

Aloha Ilio is a network of angels for dogs here on our island. I have fostered dogs from them and they are amazing. Please make sure to spay and neuter all pets and adopt don't buy from breeders! This rescue works so hard. Love them ! More...


Deb Carlisle Davidson

22 October 2017

When we vacation in the Smoky Mountains, our pup Oakley loves her own vacation at Just Fer Paws! These guys are the best!!!!


Eric Marshall

12 October 2017

The absolute best place in the Smokies to bring your pet bar none. Your fur baby will love it here and be treated like family. Can't thank Jon and Charlie enough for all they do! More...


Erin Nickel

23 September 2017

My husband and I were very nervous boarding our 11 month old lab/pit/shep mix, Remmy, for the first. However, after we dropping her off and seeing the wonderful facilities that Just Fer Paws has to offer, we were put at ease. There is a great space for the dogs to play, pools for them to cool off, toys, and plenty of shade. The owners are wonderful and have an incredible passion for the animals. The property is impeccably maintained. The owners are more than accommodating of dog parents requests. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Just Fer Paws! We will definitely be using them the next time we are in Gatlinburg. Thank you for making Remmy's first boarding go so smoothly! More...


Trey Averett

5 September 2017

Thank you for taking good care of Chip so we could enjoy our day in the smokies! We will be back next time!


J.i. Bender

13 August 2017

I am a new doggie foster mom. This is a wonderful organization. Compassionate, efficient, dedicated.


Dianne Vrdoljak Thon

12 August 2017

We were very happy to find doggy daycare for Bella while on our Anniversary trip. Bella had a blast running around your well cared for property with the other dogs. Thank you for taking such good care of her, we will be back! :) More...


Iwalani Puniwai

24 July 2017

We got 2 furbabies from AIR. A senior and a youngster. Love them dearly. Came already potty trained, spayed & micro chipped. They both are great w children and our other fur children. I highly recommend AIR for adopting fur children. More...


Catie Pope

20 July 2017

We took Carter to daycare. It was so last minute but we appreciate it very much! I think he had a blast! Thank y'all!!


Kim McKay

12 July 2017

Got an amazing puppy over a year ago. He's become one of the happiest and sweetest dogs ever. Aloha Ilio took in his entire litter and found them all homes. Their foster mom still loves to hear how he is doing and get updates. More...


Eileen Tredway

14 June 2017

I got my last dog through Aloha 'Īlio Rescue. I've had her two years now and she has settled in. Aloha 'Īlio was supportive in the placement.


Lani Kapololu

23 May 2017

aloha, I was just informed of your work because I lost my dog on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. I live in Kaumana, Hilo, Hawaii and I returned home to find her gone. She is a pug/pomeranian. She is 3 years old and responds to the name of Liko. She is very friendly and I am heartbroken hearted. You can contact me at 808-936-0761. I have a reward of $100 and look forward to donating to your organization. I feel you are doing a fantastic job. Don't know how to insert a picture, but I have one. More...


Robin Hill

4 May 2017

We boarded 3 of our fur babies there for 5 nights while we were on vacation in Pigeon Forge as we are from Panama City FL. I haven't seen our poochies so happy!! I would recommend this place hands down!! Our babies will be back there in September. More...


Micheal Hill

4 May 2017

My three fur babies spent 5 days there. they seemed as though they had fun. These guys are great!! Wonderful facilities with plenty of room for your fur baby to run and play. The place is well maintained. WE now have a place we feel comfortable leaving our babies with. More...


Arlene Shirkey

23 April 2017

We are so "greytful" to have Just Fer Paws - and so nearby!! You provide excellent care and our boys Finn & Milo get so excited when they know they are heading to daycare. They LOVE running around the large yard and playing with the other dogs. Thank you Jon & Charlie for all you do!! More...


Karen L. Clark

21 March 2017

Adopted a chi-terrier "Lola" from Aloha Ilio and want to say we are so very lucky they exist! Caring, loving, professional, helpful, I highly recommend that you adopt and support this wonderful group! We are thrilled with our little doggie! Aysha the foster caregiver is excellent! More...


Debbie Pedigo DeCoite

12 March 2017

I adopted a 13 month old puppy from Aloha Ilio Rescue and we are so happy I did. Everyone was very caring and helpful and we are in love with our new family addition. He is exactly what we were looking for. They even arranged to fly him to me in Maui. This is a great organization doing a lot of good for the animals on the Big Island. More...


Drena Rodrigues

26 February 2017

I adopted a puppy from Aloha I'lio, and I think this is one of the best places where you can adopt a dog from. The foster parents and the staff are amazing people who truly cares about the dogs they save and the homes they are going to. Can't say enough good things about this place. Keep on doing the good work you are doing. I thank you and so does my dog More...


Sherry Okuyama

17 February 2017

Loving our "Butterscotch" aka Chuhai! Glad we were able to find her through Aloha Ilio Rescue! Thank you for allowing us to "test" her with our allergies. Foster parent worked with our schedule to coordinate the "test runs". Greatly appreciate the time and consideration we were given. More...


Lisa J Sims

23 January 2017

Animal lovers only wanting loving homes for animals


Scott A Sherley

21 December 2016

The best of the best in rescuing animals. We are fortunate to have TWO of their rescues now in their furever home


Jon Aynessazian

19 December 2016

The most caring people ever. Thank you for making sure our neighborhood dogs are given a good life


Tiffany Chang

28 November 2016

This organization is so awesome! Rescue a dog today. We have so many friends that added to their family and they love their animals til the end of time.


Chelsea Laliberte

24 November 2016

I just want to say how absolutely grateful we are to you guys at Just Fer Paws!!! You have been outstanding and flexible for us and our fur baby! I love love love that you post pictures so we can see him! We will be using your services in the future and most definitely recommending you to our friends, family and brother's and sister's in arms! More...


Brittany Kirby

15 November 2016

I can't even begin to explain how amazing this place and everyone involved in it are! I am very particular about where my dogs stay/who cares for them so researching and choosing a location for our destination wedding actually took longer than booking a venue! We could not have been more pleased with this amazing place!! I have two Rottweilers and a beagle - beagle has separation anxiety and one of my rottys has GI issues so has to have medication twice daily, timed properly with his feedings. They didn't mind any of this and stayed on top of all the information I provided them for my pups! I also requested to have them separate from strange dogs (I am always a little paranoid since I have two large dogs) and they didn't even hesitate to provide the extra time required to handle this request :) They were so friendly and understanding and took amazing care of all of my pups (let's be honest, I am one of those 'crazy' pet parents lol..) We also had a last-minute request for them.. the property is sooo beautiful that we asked if we could stop by with our wedding party to take pictures with our babies. Of course they didn't hesitate! WE WILL BE USING THIS KENNEL AGAIN! We have already started planning our next vacation to the mountains and plan on using this kennel again because we know how well they will take care of our pups and that they don't mind me just stopping in to check on them or taking them out for the day! HIGHLY RECOMMEND More...


Sydney Bidgood

29 October 2016

These ladies are so wonderful and work very hard to make sure that each and every pet they take in find great homes. They're very dedicated and ensure both yours and the pets interest and making sure you find the perfect match. Nothing but POSITIVE things to say about this rescue! More...


Mary Shafer-Morris

17 October 2016

Jasper and Lacy loved their stay this past weekend! They were beyond excited and active when we picked them up yesterday. We can tell they had an amazing time and were happy to tell us all about it. Thank you for treating them like your own family! More...


Katrina Garrett Price

14 October 2016

So thankful for all you guys do! Sadie is our baby and has the worst separation anxiety so leaving her that first day was hard but when we picked her up I knew she had been taken care of and loved and that made me feel so much better!!! After we had inquired about another facility in the area and contacted them multiple times with no avail I found Just Fer Paws. The facilities are top notch and I know you two work tirelessly to keep up with the demand. Communication was wonderful and I was contacted immediately to set up dates and information which is wonderful business by you all! Sadie slept so well every night from playing all day long and I'm so grateful we had somewhere for her to go while we explored and had a great vacation without worrying about our baby. Thank you so much for all you two do! Your passion shines! More...


Racheal Dodge

12 October 2016

This was our fur baby's first time at a doggie daycare and we'd lie if we didn't have some anxieties about how it would go. Our 9 year old baby had a great time! The process to get him a spot for the day was easy. The paperwork only took maybe a minute to fill out and the price was unbeatable. When we came back to get our baby, we were filled in on how he did. Our baby looked happy and not at all upset that we left him for the day. All in all a great peace of mind for us while we were visiting the area. I will be sure to highly recommend Just Fer Paws to anyone I know and if back in the area will be using them again! Thank you so much for your amazing service! More...


Shannon French

30 September 2016

So thankful for Just Fer Paws! Our usual doggie daycare at home wasn't available at the last minute for our 9 day trip, but we easily found Just Fer Paws website & fan page...there were a few others but we really liked what we saw with Just Fer Paws and discovered it was only 1.5 miles away from where we were staying! They returned our call within 10 min and everything was very easy to set up! We visited our 3 Chows during our stay and they were obviously so happy and looking like they were having a better vacation than we were LOL! The place is just amazing and the night kennels the cleanest I've ever seen. We were 110% comfortable with each staff member as we watched them handle newcomers. We are so thrilled we have a new home away from home for our babies! Loved the pics they posted throughout our trip and would absolutely recommend this incredible place! More...


Ruth Beauchan

16 September 2016

Great People doing a Great Deed providing Great things for Fur Babies!


Pat Fernandes

24 August 2016

Excellent rescue.. Love them .. They have found my lost dog twice..


Alex Hearn-Uecke

17 August 2016

Classy..respectable..amazing! Thank you for all your hard work. We deeply cherish our precious boy we found through you!!


Kainoa Bugado

25 July 2016

From an outsider's view I have seen this page grow and gain respect in the community. I am grateful for all the lives they are saving, human and doggies. Give them a look-see.


Carole Rodrigues

24 July 2016

They made it so easy to donate! Looking forward to adopting my next friend!


Michelle Escobar

20 July 2016

I adopted two siblings from Aloha Ilio, and they are the most intelligent loving dogs. Daylynn and the AIR crew genuinely love the dogs, rescue as many as they possibly can, and go above and beyond to make sure they go to homes that are a good fit. I appreciate that they require a contract, spaying/neutering, and no tie-outs or kennels. They help make this island a better place. More...


Jeni Jo

31 May 2016

Our 2 furbabies enjoyed their stay at Just Fer Paws! Such a great experience with a kind and caring staff. We will definitely be back!


Bryan Scott Braun

18 October 2015

This is a doggone good doggie daycare!


Megan Kristine

28 September 2015

Left our two huskies at just fer paws for a few hours and it was great! Very friendly and was so lucky to find a nice place for them to hang out. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a boarding or daycare place in the area! More...


Kelly Avigliano

20 April 2015

I am so grateful that there are places like Just Fer Paws. I could tell in the pictures that were posted that Cedric was very relaxed and didn't miss being away from us at all! I know he loved the huge open area to run and play. Thank you so much for taking care of him! More...


Debora McMahon Sewell

6 February 2015

Found the facility to be very well taken care of and the new owners very attentive to the dogs in their care. Snowball had lots of room to run and lots of new friends! Thanks guys for taking such good care of her! More...


Mary Opie

7 January 2015

Best place to take your fur babies! !! Mine don't want to leave when they go to play.


Jenni Barrett Sanders

2 December 2014

We had a great experience leaving our Betsy for daycare! We felt confident she was being cared for and loved on. They have an awesome outdoor space for them to run too! Definitely coming back next time we are in the Smokies! More...


Kimberlee Haas Kenyon

29 July 2014

A really nice doggy daycare in Gatlinburg. It isn't a shelter setting. It is on a side of a mountain, on the owner's beautiful property. They have a large fenced yard for the dogs to play, and relieve themselves. They don't have a ton of requirements, like the other place in Gatlinburg. I highly recommend Just fer Paws if visiting the area with your four legged friend. More...


Kristi Williams Gann

15 July 2014

Great place .... Katie loved it!!!!


Christene Ripley

27 June 2014

Great place to bring your dog while on vacation


Colleen Ann Jones

9 November 2013

Great place to bring your dog or dogs.