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Dog Trainer Seattle: Off Leash K9 Training

DuPont, Washington

Dog Trainer Seattle:  Off Leash K9 Training logo

Dog Trainer Seattle: Off Leash K9 Training

DuPont, Washington


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Camila Lagow

16 July 2019

Amazing trainer. He is great. My German Shepherd is obedient and self confident due to all the training received. I highly recomend this place.


Adam Korkow

30 June 2019

After 4 sessions with Bud, my Australian Cattle Dog mix is making good progress. Pretty sure I'm learning as much as my dog. Excited to see how much more he (and I) can progress. More...


David Izbicki

3 June 2019

Bud Hancock is an outstanding trainer with an incredible work ethic. He has deep understanding of animal behavior and laser focused training techniques that produce consistent results that benefit not only you but more importantly your dog. It is such a benefit and growth potential to the relationship between you and your dog to build that discipline and report and Bud trains those tools not only to the dog, but to you as well. What good is a training tool if you don’t understand how to use it and the principles behind it? Bud makes sure you understand how to implement the training he has provided and ongoing building beyond the initial training. We had our 2 year old Mastiff/German Shepard enrolled in his “board and train” program, and while this is a substantial investment, I can assure you it is worth every single penny. Bud and his team have a kind of work ethic and commitment to their clients that I thought was non existent in this current day, they will not rest until you are 100% satisfied and confident with the training provided. If you are looking for an outstanding training program with the BEST trainers, look these guys up! More...


Gail Raymond

7 May 2019

Bud was absolutely amazing with my 9 month old puppy in the initial assessment. Things I struggled to do with my puppy Bud had no issues and made it all look so easy. I plan on taking more classes with Bud so my puppy will be calm and more pleasant in public and at home. More...


Dustin Knight

7 May 2019

I have a Belgian Malinois that is about 17 months old right now. She was what I considered to be a rescue. In our home and around our family she is very sweet and loving. Around people and dogs she didn’t know she was very scared and aggressive. She was also very hard to train. We ended up doing a two week board and train through Bud’s company and she came back a different dog. She was still her sweet and loving self around us but now she listens and we can take her out in public. We don’t have to find isolated areas for walks anymore! She still has some issues with dog and people aggression from time to time, but the maintenance program that Bud and Maran have is helping us to help her all the way to where she needs to be. And she is a thousand times better than she was. She hated my in laws but they just visited last weekend and she was very relaxed around them and even sought out their attention to get pet. That was a huge step! She lunged at my mother-in-law every time she saw her before last weekend. We have also taken advantage of their boarding program they have for dogs that they have trained. We went to Florida in April and left Kona with Bud and Maran for the better part of two weeks. Kona loved it and came back even better tempered than she was when we dropped her off. There was an obvious difference. We will be continuing to use this company for as long a we live in the area and I highly recommend that you do as well! They have made a huge difference in our life’s as well as Kona’s! Dustin More...


Rebecca Johnston

30 April 2019

Bud is an exceptional trainer. He is very patient and the results are great. I am very happy with how much my dog has learned. Bud is very passionate about his work and is dedicated to providing outstanding results. He clearly loves working with dogs. My experience with Bud has been excellent. More...


Trisha Gallegos

28 April 2019

Best investment ever! We are very happy with the results of Mace's training! We are excited to begin our in-home training with our boxers! Thank you Marianna!


Todd Sharpe

27 February 2019

Bud Hancock is an amazing and dedicated trainer, I highly recommend his services. I’ve had my 2-year-old GSD boarded many times with him as well as a few lessons and the 2-week board and train. I couldn’t be happier! It is clear Bud has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, and he really puts in all the work. He doesn’t just train in open fields, he trains in dynamic environments around distractions, people and other dogs to make sure your dog is properly exposed and desensitized to all the same stimulation they will face when not being trained. You can see his dedication and perfectionist drive as he turns the environment into his dojo to keep your dog engaged and learning. He cares very deeply about ensuring a high quality of training and his work/videos are both impressive as well as quite representative if you start this journey with him.He is always willing and able to share his knowledge and tips that help you become a junior trainer for your dogs needs, so you can continue understanding the dogs behavior, holding them accountable and speaking their language. Whenever my GSD sees him (of even just the sound of his voice while I’m watching his videos at home) she gets excited and I can tell by her reaction that they share a positive and trusting bond. Quite simply, she loves interacting and working with him.Working with Bud has made a tremendous impact in my relationship with my GSD. I highly recommend Bud and his program, it is an incredibly worthwhile investment. More...


Mikie Tortorice

28 January 2019

Best investment ever! Our GSD is well mannered, obedient & a joy to be around after his Board & Train session with Bud Hancock.He professionally trained our Enzo, then took the time to train us on how to integrate consistent discipline into our daily routines. Bud included introducing us to better exercise ideas, flirt poles & jute tug pillows - the absolute all time favorite of our dog! Highly recommend Bud- his professionalism, knowledge & love of dogs is a win- win for both you & your pet! More...


Chelsea Lederhouse

29 November 2018

Bud is hands down the best trainer you will ever find. He works hard to make sure the dogs are properly trained and he is extremely knowledgeable. He also went above and beyond to make sure that we had the best board and train experience. I highly recommend Off-Leash K9 Training Seattle/Tacoma! More...


Meredith Cox

30 October 2018

Bud is a great trainer. So thankful we found Off Leash K9. My dog is so well-behaved, but still has his goofy personality. Thank you Off Leash!


Puneet H

31 August 2018

Bud walked us through letting our pet evaluate and categorize interactions in great detail & with patience. We cant wait for her to complete the board & train program.


Jerry Johnson

22 June 2018

Bud is a great client of ours and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great trainer. We have heard great feedback from our other clients that have used his services.


Sandra Ewton

5 June 2018

The trainers are flexible with scheduling. The session I have had have been fun and most importantly if you work with your dog you see results.


Fallon Houser

4 June 2018

Best trainers you can find, hands down! Training is an investment, and they are going to make sure your pup has a blast, while also learning the skills needed for your pup to GO and DO more with you everyday! Give then a call, you'll be glad you did! More...


Michael Byrnes

4 June 2018

By far, the best dog training company around! OLK9 and Bud were able to do what three other trainers could not-they helped me teach my girl some manners and now all we get are compliments when we're out in public!


Mary Mahan

28 May 2018

Ryan worked with our rescue dog Tucker, and we couldn’t be more pleased. He took the extra time to work at Tucker’s pace and used extra training techniques to encourage the behavior we were looking for in Tucker. Before this we couldn’t even walk by another dog without Tucker becoming excitable and anxious. It’s now a completely different story and I feel so much more confident going to busy public places with Tucker, knowing he has this foundation of training. More...


Brittney Crider

1 January 2018

I love Off Leash K9 Training!! It was the best decision our family ever made!! Bud is an amazing trainer and very helpful!! It's the best investment you can make I promise you that! Money well spent!! I would highly recommend Bud and Off Leash K9 Training every time!! My favorite part is I can have my dog Ahri run off leash at our favorite place in the world, the beach!! Off Leash K9 gave me that! More...


Elizabeth M

11 December 2017

This is the most effective dog training I've found in Seattle. My great dane was jumping up on strangers at the dog park, stealing other dogs' toys, and when on leash growled/barked/lunged at other dogs and people approaching. We tried group classes and private trainers, including positive reinforcement training, clicker training, desensitization, BAT, LAT - in total 6 different classes and trainers before this one. While he did great in class and knew his basic obedience, none of it translated to the real world. It got to the point I was afraid to take him anywhere in public. A friend referred me here, and as others have commented on their site, my dog was already showing better obedience after 15 minutes into our first lesson. He continues to listen and follow commands reliably in public, including around other dogs and significant distractions, and overall is much more relaxed and happy after working with Bud Hancock at Off leash K9 Training Seattle. They obviously love dogs and their approach of positive reinforcement while setting appropriate limits and use of remote collar pressure for off leash training was very humane - not the punishment other trainers had led me to believe with stories of e-collar training. My dog is more confident and relaxed as a result, and now we can both enjoy going out to the park or around Seattle together. I have a much better relationship with my dog now as a result of taking their classes. More...

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