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DJ-Snowman-LV will entertain and energize your guests!  He knows how to : read the room, play the right music, AND, how to interact with the crowd (large or small); ensuring a good time for all.

DJ SnowMan-LV comes complete w High-Quality PRO-Sound-Systems, customized Music-Play-Lists, wireless mics,  and FX Lighting packages too!

Call or text for details 702.524.8649.

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Reed Blake

26 August 2019

Talbot Snow is amazing!


Bishop Snow

23 August 2019

Clarity is key to consciousness. Sound Masters offers visual & audio clarity.


Terreah Snow

2 August 2018

Professional and amazing results!


Del S

2 August 2018

Full disclosure: this is my brother's studio.
I know he focuses on carefully understanding the desired outcome, bringing to life his clients dreams.
Audio and video and dreams.


Jason Rylan

30 July 2018

Worked with Talbot for at least 10-12 years. Solid operation, multi-talented/multi-media guy. Strong ethics/morals, friendly, and easy to work with!!! Top Notch!


Sophie Courtens

30 July 2018

Great recording studio!!! Talbot is very nice!!! Zodiac dragon is awesome!!! I hope to hear again this team!!! Great music and sound!!!!


Billie Cole

30 July 2018

Best studio in Las Vegas. Talbot Snow knows how to bring the best for each artists individual needs. Great quality, competitive with the industry and creatively unique. Thankyou for all your years of creative contribution and artistry support. Your the best. More...


Jane Hendrix-Weiss

30 July 2018

Talbot is amazing at getting that perfect shot with vibrant color that just is classically stunning! Love the sharpness of each color! He really captured the little personality of my oldest granddaughter! More...


Kimberly Pacl

30 July 2018

Talbot is one of the most amazing photographers and musicians I know. He is professional in every aspect and works hard to bring the best to the table. You will not be unhappy with the results he is able to produce. More...


Katie Tang

27 April 2017

Great service, tickets at a very good price! Went and saw the MJ Live Tribute show. Got the VIP tickets for around $35, we ended up sitting right by the the stage :) the face value of the ticket was well over $60! Great deal!


Jorge Aguilar

4 January 2017

Love getting cheaper tickets here, we have seen multiple sites because of this, and this location seemed to be less active, so less waiting time for me.


josh sturman

29 November 2016

Good cheap way to get show tickets for average to above average shows


Curt Hevener

24 June 2016

Everytime we come to Vegas we buy show tix from this kiosk! Great deals & service...


CJ Flynn

17 April 2016

This service was very good it was at a discounted rate there were no surcharges or extra fees. The next time I see a show in Vegas I would use these guys

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Selecting the right kind of music; something appropriate for your event, and the type of crowd in attendance, is key. I always prepare customized music-playlists beforehand, so I have plenty of the right kind of music - on hand. In addition, I have decades of the most popular DANCE-MUSIC in my collection, and is always available to use. I can also adapt. If I see that the crowd is responding to a particular genre, then, I will PLAY more of that kind of music.

I always speak / plan with those who are in charge - ahead of time - to get a good idea of what is needed. Whether as background mood-music, or as part of the main-event, supplying entertainment (music & lighting) that satisfies those in attendance, I see as my job - helping to make everything run more smoothly, and to help make YOU happy with your event. From Weddings to Parties, from Night-Clubs, to School and Church functions, I've covered it all, and will do a good job for you.

I have Dee-Jayed - reliably - for many years, AND I work in a Recording-Studio Producing main-stream MUSIC for a wide variety of clients. Therefore, I have a good sense of finding - and playing - popular music that gets people engaged, and gets them dancing.

My style is adaptable to the event on hand, or the situation. I prefer DANCE-POP Music (from the last several decades), but I can adapt to any situation. In the STUDIO, I produce main-stream POP-Music; I have a great ear for finding, and playing, what people want to hear. Whether its Top-40, EDM, R&B, Country, Rock, Classic-Disco / Funk, Golden-Oldies or Ethnic Music, I've got you covered. Let's talk about what you need for your special day!

I LOVE Dee-Jay-ing (DJ-ing). I LOVE to see people dancing, clapping their hands, socializing, and in general, having a good time! My goals - as DJ - are : a) to come well-prepared, b) to be set up well ahead of time, c) to come with great-quality Sound & Lighting Equipment, and d) to deliver great music (and announcements - if needed) to help everyone in attendance, (including YOU the client), have a good time!

I have been self-employed for over 20 years. My version of the American Dream is : to make a good living, doing something that I LOVE to do - in this case : DJ-ing. Plus, I like having the flexibility of not being tied to a rigid daily or weekly work-schedule - so that I can set my schedule - according to your schedule, and get your event happening - anytime of day or night.

I'm one of the best Dee-Jays in town : adaptable, friendly, professional, punctual, and I bring years of experience, as well as a killer Sound & Lighting System to your event! I stay busy; always in-demand, because I do good work! Most of my business comes through world-of-mouth referrals, because satisfied clients, refer their friends!