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Distinctive PR & Management is a Los Angeles based digital PR agency where we help talent and brands reach their full potential through new exposure.

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Brittany Maria Bell

23 July 2018

This is the perfect company if you are looking to build your brand and obtain additional exposure.

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Being able to be apart of the growth and be hands on to transform a business/brand to reach their full potential that they've always imagined.

It all happened so naturally. In college, I started an online shopping boutique called Distinctive Clothing Co. in 2013 where I grew the online Instagram account to over 40,000 followers in under 4 months. At the time this is when Instagram was still fairly new and half the digital strategies we have now were non-existent. Gradually, brands started to reach out to me and asked if I could help build their accounts as well as help with branding them in front of bigger audiences through influencer marketing. I realized I was on to something and instead of being a brand I decided to create a business where I could help build multiple brands at once. In 2015, once I had three official 'clients' under my belt I realized I had found a specific niche I was really good at naturally all from the power of personal trial & error, college and the university of Google!

I am results driven! I try to stay as real and connected to each client I work with no matter how big or small the project is. From the beginning to end when I work with my clients my #1 priority is to provide an unforgettable experience.

Obviously knowing that you would be working with someone with credible experience is a plus. In just two years I have since successfully implemented social media + influencer marketing with strategic media plans for companies such as Chevrolet, H&M, Organza Natural Beauty, Kams Clothing, Royas Fashion, and set to launch more brand engagements in the near future. On a PR side, I have secured digital press for artists from G-Unit Records, managed red carpet events for talent such as Miss Nikki Baby, Ray J and have curated brand collaborations for 2x world champion, Amir Khan.



Below includes our publicity services: Construct Perfect One sheets, Pitches & Press Releases Development and Execution Of A Custom Media Strategy Maintain a Positive Image Branding and Personality Profiling Attend Publicity Events & Launches Story Development Editorial Placement Interview Coordination Press Tours Maintain All Media Relations & Content Marketing Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Compilation & Coordination of Client News, Events, Community Involvement Contact media opportunities daily including news, bloggers, radio/TV channels & any other relevant industry associate Cross channel flow consulting from all media sites for online exposure

Below are our digital services: Social Integrated Marketing Consulting Manage Social Media Accounts Blogger Reviews, Sweepstakes & Giveaways Influencer Outreach, Negotiation, and Coordination SEO Landing Pages Build Relationships with Models, Influencers, Bloggers, & Related Connections Engage with consumers to generate new sales Email Marketing Reward Programs Copywriting Blog Content Formal Analysis of current marketing deployment, media strategy development & integration