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Disobedient Spirits

Lucerne Mines


Disobedient Spirits

Lucerne Mines


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Leah Miller

12 March 2019

The staff is awesome & definitely know how to mix a drink


Richard Filler

10 February 2019

Love it!! Great cocktails, games and nice atmosphere.


Deborah N.

5 January 2019

One can always depend on getting a unique specialty beverage here.  Nice place with a casual, laid back environment.I was here for their Festivus celebration and had a great time.  (If you're not familiar with Festivus, look up the episode on Seinfeld.).  There was a Festivus pole, Festivus drinks and the tip jar was for the "Human Fund."   There were slips of paper to write down your grievances.  Stop in here for some great whiskey even if it's not Festivus. More...


Kermeka D.

23 September 2018

It was empty the Friday night that we went, but still a lovely space with darts, cornhole, and pool tables on one side and then the bar in the other room. The drinks were strong but tasted great and the service was fantastic. Food menu looked tasty but we didn't get any this time, will definitely have to try next time! Recommend for a fun time if you're in the area! More...


Jessica Maniccia Smith

10 August 2018

Love this place and their commitment to social justice.


Eric H.

15 July 2018

I grew up and graduated from Homer City in the 80's so I am familiar with its history.  This establishment is a great add to the future of this quaint and historic little town that has see better days.  The bar brings a metropolitan Chicago feel to Homer City and is a lot of fun.  The drinks and the quality of the drinks are outstanding and I recommend trying a couple, (as long as you're not driving.)Congratulations on this new addition to HC! More...


Zita Tyger

23 June 2018

Friendly helpful staff, excellent cocktails made well above typical bar standards, awesome space, and chill environment. We will definitely return!


Tina Trausi

7 May 2018

I did until yesterday 5, 5 2017, but I know some One complained on Saturday about my child and his friends playing pool. I know who that person was and all they know how to do is cause trouble my son and his friends have been going there for over a year now. And now something is said, that is not right now May get want adult is with them should not matter, they were only drinking pop and that was is, these kids like this place and I feel that a women had to complain that they were there when a band was playing, that women needs to get a life big time. I know who when was. She comes to my work and complains my boss will know before hand what she is like. I know what she is like. But not saying it, my son has been playing pool for over a year now there and now something is said really More...


Bill Dornblaser

7 April 2018

Disobedient Spirits was great!! The atmosphere, drinks, and staff were amazing. It is a place where they are truly in the process of making history, as well as spirits. You will not be disappointed!!


Tanya Scarff Burkett

3 March 2018

Great tasting drinks. Have never had one I didn't like. Great place!!


Ron Kiesel

22 January 2018

Quality spirits, great atmosphere, excellent cocktails!!


Kelly Shotts

12 December 2017

Fabulous place. Very large and cozy inside. Lots of games, love the lighted dart boards and giant jenga. Lots of different delicious cocktails to choose from. We'll definitely be back


Molly Herby

2 December 2017

First time here... I love it! Very welcoming & comfortable.


Jamie Smith

26 November 2017

Love the venue- Love the vodka and loved the Purple drank


Katie Coughanour

16 October 2017

Had my bridal shower there and it was beautiful and the staff was amazing. We’ve made it a usual weekend hangout.


Jason Haynes

4 September 2017

Had a blast here. Jordan took care of us and we got a tour of the place. Can't wait to go back for the 90's party


Alexis G.

25 August 2017

Disobedient Spirits had been on my list for years, but I never did make it into Homer City to try it out.  Me and a few friends stopped by on a quiet summer Saturday afternoon.  I'm used to Charlotte prices for cocktails, and seeing great whiskey drinks for $6?  Count me in.  We sampled a few of the liquors and then ordered a drink each.  They were great.  Disobedient Spirits will definitely be on my list of places to go when I'm back home. More...


Bubba Brewer

5 June 2017

Great place ..great atmosphere, the bartenders were very knowledgeable and friendly..we will be back!!!


Rachelle Foltz

4 June 2017

Great place to relax and play games and have some drinks! The bartenders are great !


Andrew Hanlin

2 June 2017

Awesome bartending, on-the-house samples, free pool and darts (REAL darts!!), and very reasonably priced cocktails. And it's all DELICIOUS!


Krista Kelley

1 April 2017

Love this place, great drinks , great atmosphere , great bartenders


Dennis McCarthy

30 March 2017

Disobedient was a very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a drink with friends. I liked playing the Jenga game while sipping my drink.


Geo Sprague

19 March 2017

Bought a bottle of the Continental Cherry Whiskey. Very smooth... Had a glass of it chilled and then another topped off with a splash o' cherry coke.


Kelly Seigworth Berfield

18 March 2017

These guys are professionals and really know the art of cocktail design! This place is a gem! Go and play some games you haven't played since you were a kid - they have lots of them! We played Jenga last time we were there - great drinks, friends and fun. More...


Lani D.

15 March 2017

Love! Love! Love! This place. Owners and bar tenders are friendly and mix excellent craft cocktails. We have bought many bottles of their excellent spirits as gifts, which the recipients all enjoyed.  Highly recommend going there.  The Festivus Party last December was a really fun time. More...


Alexa Dawson

6 February 2017

Wish there was more seating. But great overall!!!!


Valerie Kunselman

31 January 2017

Amazing drinks, great atmosphere! We love DS! If you haven't been, you should check it out ASAP!!


Jennifer Brader Rairigh

8 January 2017

It's always a good time and good drinks at Disobedient Spirits!! We often take friends and family from out of town-- and we always hear them say--"you guys are so lucky to have this so close to you!". Thanks for another great time!


Lea Palermo-Duddy

21 December 2016

This is a fabulous place! For those of you that have never been there, what are you waiting for. Everything about it is awesome! The bartenders are exceptionally wonderful and so are the owners! Fabulous service and awesome recommendations to fit every taste that you like! More...


MaryAnn Davis

4 August 2016

Love this place. Vodka and gin are great. The gin and grapefruit juice cocktail is amazing


Brian Vogel

14 June 2016

Great drinks at a very nice place with great atmosphere!


Betsy Crytzer

30 May 2016

A very enjoyable place to visit, eat and enjoy a great atmosphere. Excellent service, food and staff. The quality of purchased items was outstanding.


Chris Marie

29 April 2016

The staff were so helpful! I have severe allergies and they knew all their products so well. Thank you for being so kind, patient, and knowledgeable! My husband loved many of the selections so we will certainly be back! More...


Colleen Delaney Mutz

3 March 2016

I absolutely love it at Disobedient Spirits! The cocktails are delicious and the atmosphere is beautiful and fun! This is a great place to hold an event or stop in for happy hour. The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their products and services. I highly recommend stopping in to see for yourself! Please help support local business! P.S. Disobedient Spirits is pet friendly! More...


Leah Boske

2 March 2016

The blueberry brandy is fantastic and the atmosphere is absolutely beautiful! The staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the products and the distilling process. It's a great addition to Homer City! More...


Ben N Cari Bailey

27 February 2016

Great place! Highly recommend for a unique wedding or event venue. Jordan and Olivia are so easy to work with!


Sofia A.

6 February 2016

Their rye whiskey is incredible. Actually, all their drinks are great (and strong). Service was fantastic - they were helpful, friendly, and offered me samples of a bunch of their spirits. I will definitely be going there as often as I can. You need to give this place  a try. Also, you can play billiards and darts. More...


Scott K.

20 January 2016

Was in here about a month ago. Place was empty but had a good time none the less. Brent was friendly and helpful with tastings and showed us around. Good tasting spirits. Newer place and seem to be getting up and running l. Wish them the best, I hope they stay around. More...


Lani Dixon Sheesley

17 December 2015

This place is a real gem. The spirits are excellent. However, it is the owners who really make DS somewhere that you want to go.


Anna Marie Gizzi

25 November 2015

Fantastic Vodkas! Loved all l tried! The maple and cinnamon were especially tasteful. Thought their prices were reasonable too.


Ann Coyne

8 November 2015

The atmosphere was great the spirits were delicious, we had a blast!!


Heidi Niemi

25 October 2015

The teaberry vodka is fantastic! I can't wait until it is available to buy by the bottle.


Debra Capriotti

13 September 2015

Had a great time at the sandyvale wine fest trying your spirits! I heard that you make a fantastic bourbon....can't wait to make a trip very to homer city to purchase from you!


Heather Mack

25 July 2015

Great whiskeys, gins, Brandys, and vodka the cocktails are unique and delicious... The merchandise is awesome. I can't say enough about this great distillery! Can't wait to go back!


Geoff Shank

16 May 2015

Can't wait until the hopped vodka and hickory whiskey are available for sale.


Kelly Jo Rowles

31 March 2015

My Husband I visited & loved the atmosphere & Spirits! Would recommend to anyone of legal drinking age visiting the area!!


Carrie Craft George

30 March 2015

Classy atmosphere & great drinks! The weekly events provide something new for everyone to enjoy!


Denise Layton

13 March 2015

Wonderful place! New concept...Local Distillery...Spirits were Superb!!! Staff was very friendly and accommodating with questions. Highly recommend visiting and supporting this very Unique Venue! More...


Teresa Edel-Remmy

13 January 2015

Great place to go. Everyone really makes you feel at home. The Spirits are the best. I had a great tour of the business.


Ian Buggey

13 December 2014

Wow this is such an awsome place with great people and super smooth spirits