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Diana Marie Events

Alafaya, Florida


Diana Marie Events

Alafaya, Florida


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Lori Barbely

13 December 2018

Diana did floral and decor for a styled shoot that I did and the results were breathtaking! She nailed the tropical vibe that I was looking for and did a fantastic job.


Cat Lemus

7 December 2018

Absolutely amazing!



2 August 2017

We used Diana Marie Events to not only be our DOC, but we ended up doing our flowers and centerpieces through them too! Talk about an awesome and amazing one-stop shop! They came in the 30-days before our wedding to help us tie up all the loose ends (so many of which I didn't know of!), and were able to capture my simple but elegant vision for our wedding design, and bring it all to life. Thank you so much to Diana, April and their team for being there and making sure that we were able to actually enjoy our wedding! More...



19 February 2017

When we had to fire our previous wedding planner, I went into panic mode because I knew we wouldn't be able to plan our day without any help. One of my DH's co-workers recommended that we contact April at Diana Marie Events. We should have hired them in the first place! From our initial consultation with April through our wedding day where April and Kayla were there for us, they took the stress off of our shoulders and allowed us to really enjoy our day. This was our 2nd wedding for both of us, and we didn't want to do anything extravagant and DME understood that. I absolutely loved that they recommended all of our amazing vendors, and DH loved that they saved us over $3000! You can't go wrong with Diana Marie Events! Professional, friendly, and always an email/text/phone call away! Their prices are very comparable compared to the Central Florida market, and the fact that we also go our linens and some decor pieces from them was a plus! (I wanted to also use them for our flowers but we had booked a florist before them, and wish I would have broken that contract to go through them because Diana did give us a price that was so much cheaper and I love her work! Will definitely use DME for our anniversaries and other events!) More...


Mary Jessica

22 December 2016

Because we got married at a private estate (of our friends,) we needed to take care of all the rentals and details. I lost track of how many planners we contacted and met with, and I was at my wits end until I met with April. She made me feel so relaxed and re-energized me for our wedding plans. Then I met with Diana to do our design, and everything fell into place. They were our wedding planners, our decor rentals/linen rentals vendor, and our guardian angels. We weren't price-gauged and they worked with our budget. Can't thank the ladies enough for being a part of our wedding! More...



21 November 2016

My flowers were exactly what I was looking for. I didn't meet Diana until the wedding day but I'm glad she was able to complete my vision without meeting me!



21 November 2016

Diana went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect with her talent! I had a small budget, but she took what I had and made my husband and my flowers more beautiful than I could've asked for. She is responsive, flexible, and definitely a genuine kind woman. You can tell, even just through email, that she loves what she does, and cares for her bride's too. I am so grateful for this wonderful woman and her amazing service! Shootout to Diana Marie Events for giving me the most PERFECT bridal bouquet!! More...



23 September 2016

I've known Diana since UCF - she's an absolute darling with a big heart! When I got engaged, I contacted her right away. Was so happy that she was available for our summer wedding, so didn't need to go through all the vendor meet and greet - just hired here immediately! She is a godsend, as well as her team, in getting us through the planning process. Every step of the way, she was there when we needed her, whether just a phone call, text or Email away. I didn't realize all that goes into planning a wedding (SO stressful!), but she kept us on track, kept us informed, and most importantly kept us within our budget. The day of, her and her team (thank you April and Kenzie!) were so much fun and professional! I learned afterwards that a couple of issues came up, and DME took care of everything for us! I don't think we would have had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves, getting to spend the day with our family and friends, without Diana and her team!

Oh, and we got our flowers and linens from them as well! She delivered on the centerpieces I had been dreaming of since I was little, and has the most amazing selection of linens to choose from! I did price-check a few other vendors before signing with them, and her floral pricing can't be beat, and her linens rentals' pricing is comparable to others/lower to others!

Don't get discouraged with wedding pricing - it is expensive, especially if you are like us (champagne taste on beer budget) - Diana will keep you in your budget, recommend others as well, and won't try to gauge you!



6 August 2016

There is not one negative aspect to report about Diana and her staff! We hired Diana Marie Events not only to help us plan our wedding, but when we saw their beautiful flowers creations and linens, we hired them for those services as well! I was an absolute mess coming into the planning stages - I had no idea where to look or even where to start (budget!) With Diana, she not only took a lot of stress and details off our hands while we were still involved, but she kept us on track (we tend to get distracted very easily.) I was the MOH for my bestie last year, and helping her with her plans didn't go to plan (she then hired Diana, which is why I went directly to her for our wedding!) With Diana Marie Events, you're not only getting a professional who knows the business, but you're getting a friend, a cheerleader, a couples therapist, a FAIRY GODMOTHER! I wanted beautiful floral work for our decor as well, but didn't want to spend over-the-top funds - Diana designed amazing pieces all within our desired budget (when I first went to other florists to get price quotes, I was blown away by the fact that they were charging thousands more than what Diana did; I also loved that she didn't try to haggle with us, try to upsell us on anything - she knew my vision and brought it to life beautfully.) I can't thank Diana, Shana and April enough for being there for us throughout everything all the way to the end of our magical and beautiful wedding day! More...



8 July 2016

Coming from out of state to have our wedding here in Florida, we were bringing most of our vendors with us! (Cousin allowed us on their estate for our venue, hubby's brother is a pro photographer, Mom did our cake and simple flowers, sister did our hair/makeup, hubby made our invitations/paper goods, etc.) Having most of our wedding vendors taken care of by family and friends, I needed someone to help tie everything together, manage us all on our wedding day, and help around. I had been to one of my besties weddings in Tampa where she had Diana Marie Events as their coordinator, so I contacted her. Was thrilled they had our wedding day availablle, and immediately signed them for our wedding. Even though we had most of our vendors taken care of, Diana and Patricia guided us through every little detail, suggested our remaining vendors for other small details, and made sure our day was picture perfect and amazing! We even got our table linens and miscellaneous rentals from them! Thank you to the DME team for taking amazing care of us and making sure that my wedding day was flawless! More...



27 June 2016

There is nothing negative that we have to say about this fabulous group of ladies! When both DH and I own our own medical practices, planning our wedding wasn't something high up on the list for us to tackle ourselves. I can't remember how many phone calls and emails I exchanged with how many planners in the area - I was so frustrated that it came down to my cousin recommending Diana and her company. I took her word and contacted Diana, and from there didn't look back! I knew right away during our Skype meeting that she was my planner! She made me feel so at ease, was very patient with me, and is a night owl like myself so late-night chats and Emails were a huge plus! All our vendors came from her recommendations, and every single one of them were amazing as well! I am very simple when it comes to flowers, and we didn't want anything large or grand, so that was a point that got her to take us on for those services as well. We also booked Diana Marie Events for our linens and other rentals, so having one vendor for 3 different services was awesome. Plus, she kept everything on her end within our budget, and also managed to keep us below our budget in the end! Day of was nothing short of perfection. We were both stress-free and calm, and compared to other stories that we've heard, we actually got to enjoy our wedding! That was in HUGE part to Diana and her staff! Her timeline was flawless, she got in all the activities that we wanted, and managed to keep us on track with our photographer as well. When you can walk away at the end of the night actually having eaten your meal you paid for, got to take MORE photos than expected, and get to dance the night away with family and friends, then you know you had a blast! We love Diana Marie Events, and recommend them without any reservation! More...



23 May 2016

My husband and I had a courthouse wedding that joined our two families together. During our courthouse ceremony it was just us 2 as our children were with our exes at that time. So to celebrate our 5-year anniversary we decided to renew our vows on the beach and share this celebration this time with our family and closest friends. We had a beautiful, amazing and wonderful vow renewal ceremony, all thanks to Diana and her staff! We had a decent budget but didn't want to spend anything extra or frivolous that wasn't necessary, and Diana understood that. All our vendors came from her recommendations (venue, cake, etc.), and we loved all of them!

We also signed up with DME for our table linens and flowers and centerpieces, and Diana brought our vision to life! We can't thank them enough as their creations were more than we expected at an incredible rate (compared to others)! Again, they didn't try to gauge us, and I appreciated that a great deal.

Diana and her staff are amazing planners that know what they are doing! We recommend them to everyone without any hesitation!



6 March 2016

My husband and I decided to renew our vows for our 5-year wedding anniversary! We didn't want to do anything big, just something with us and our children present. I didn't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for our flowers as we weren't doing anything big (just our vows and going out afterwards for a celebration meal), but I also didn't want them to be just ordinary and small. I shopped around, and even thought about just ordering the flowers from a wholesale site and creating them myself! My husband reminded me how beautiful his cousin's wedding decorations and flowers were last year, so I contacted her and got her florist's information - Diana Marie Events! When I first spoke with Diana, I felt great about everything! I took a look at her work and reviews, and felt at ease with her. Not only did she create our bouquets and boutonnieres at a really incredible price (3 bouquets in total and 2 boutonnieres in total), but they were so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined (I loved them more than my wedding bouquets and flowers!) I can't thank Diana enough for her talent and beautiful work! I definitely recommend Diana Marie Events for your flowers and decor! More...



23 February 2016

Diana, my Fairy Godmother! We had a decent budget to work with, and Diana was able to bring our champagne taste out without going over budget and spending what wasn't there to spend! I can't thank Diana, April and Steffany enough for everything that they did - they took all the stress away from me, and even put up with my random antics during the late hours when "brilliance" came to my mind. Initially we hired them for partial planning with the understanding between my now-husband and I that we would be very active and work together - didn't quite work out that way. So many details kept coming up, that finally we caved in and increased our budget a little more to encompass hiring Diana and her team for complete planning. We also attending a wedding of one of my co-workers that Diana did the flowers and linens for, and I was blown away, so we hired her to do our design as well! She didn't try to upsell us as we had a strict budget for this area, she recommended what was best without our budget, and she made everything so beautiful with her designs that were perfect and brilliant for our peacock wedding!

Diana Marie Events was probably the single-best investment for our wedding, as she kept us in-line, stress-free, and allowed us to have fun! And it was such a blast to hire a vendor that was there throughout it all, and be able to have laughs, drinks and become great friends with! Thank you Diana!


Greg & Anthony

30 December 2015

We're gay, we're here to stay! So when my husband FINALLY proposed to me, I knew that with our schedules we wouldn't have time to plan our wedding. We didn't want anything extravagant, but we still wanted something elegant and lovely to share with the family and friends that love and accept us. Hubby knows Diana (cousins), so it was a no-brainer to contact her first after seeing that she is an LGBT supporter. When we met with her, I immediately fell in love with her (hubby said duh, told you!) Diana, from the bottom of our hearts, MAHAL KITA! We love you, and wouldn't have been able to keep it together without you (and April and Karla!) Diana Marie Events not only supports our lifestyle, but treated us and our wedding like any other equal wedding / client. Saw her work as well, and knew that she was the one to create our flowers and centerpieces. Loved the work they did for our deep purple/fall wedding - SOOO incredibly beautiful and beyond what I dreamed of! If you're looking for planners and/or florists/designers that are sweet, professional, AWESOME and budget-friendly, contact Diana Marie Events! More...



29 December 2015

We had just moved to Central Florida 2 months before our anniversary when my husband and I decided that we wanted to renew our vows for our 5-year anniversary! Mind you, moving, getting situated in our new jobs and acclimating to the new location was stressful enough. We knew we didn't want anything big or elaborate - just our closest 20 friends to celebrate with us. But I knew we still needed help to get our vow renewal done. I did some research and found Diana Marie Events. She was awesome enough to do a Skype consultation with me as we were still traveling back and forth from Cailfornia - when we met online and spoke, I knew right away that I wanted to sign with her! She understood our needs and desires for something simple and that it would take place at my parents' property along the beach. Just needed the remaining details and vendors within our budget, and she took care of everything for us! Even went with her to create our bouquet and boutonniere and simple candle centerpieces! I can't thank Diana enough for getting everything taken care for us in less than a month! More...



8 December 2015

Diana Marie Events is super reasonable for the quantity and quality of the bouquet's, boutonniere's and all floral decor. She was quick to respond to emails and flexible to stay within my floral budget. I had gone to a different florist a few weeks prior to finding Diana Marie Events and had the same arrangements quoted at $3500. Don't settle for a florist because you think you have to...you don't! Diana Marie Events will want to work with you best she can to achieve your wedding visions. More...



26 November 2015

My husband knew Diana from UCF, and he immediately suggested that we contact her when we got engaged. Major props to him because once I started doing research on our wedding and vendors, all the details became extremely overwhelming. None of our families are native to Florida, so we were on our own with the planning. We originally signed on with Diana Marie Events just for their planning and coordination services, and I can't thank Diana and Lara enough for their patience with me! I didn't want to deal with all the details, so it must have been like pulling teeth working with me, but they managed to get me relaxed and actually enjoy planning our wedding. When it came to flowers, I didn't want them. I'm not really girly-girl in the sense of having flowers, and when I did some price research on the florist on the preferred vendors list of Morikami, I was blown away on how expensive they were. Then when Diana posted one of our beautiful bouquets on her facebook page, I knew that was what I wanted and she was able to do all our flowers and centerpieces at an extremely affordable rate! Once we signed with her for their floral design services, I went ahead and got some specialty linens from them as well! Diana Marie Events is definitely a one-stop shop for planning, florist and linen and decoration rentals, and I can't thank them enough! More...



23 October 2015

We have attended family and friends' weddings where Diana and her staff helped them out, so when I started to feel the stress of planning within our budget, I decided to check them out. I first met with April, and we clicked immediately! Then when we talked about them doing our flowers, linens and decor, Diana came in and I knew that I had to sign them immediately for planning help and our flowers. I can't thank April and Diana enough! They were there with me and my husband throughout the entire process, recommending all of our vendors, keeping mys tress levels down, keeping our mothers at bay, and most importantly they made the process so much fun for us! It wasn't that we had a limited budget, but we didn't want to go over our average budget either, and Diana gave us such an incredible deal on all of their services! My bouquet was beyond what I imagined, the rest of our flowers and centerpieces blew us all away, she had the linens that I wanted, and they recommended all of our vendors that we loved! Diana Marie Events is just wonderful! Their prices are right there with other vendors we looked at, but what sold us was that they worked with our budget, didn't try to gauge us or upsell us on stuff that we didn't want/need, and they were so much fun! More...



27 April 2015

Diana was FANTASTIC! We had a LOST-themed reception and she made it happen! Everything the day of our reception ran PERFECTLY. At the beginning of our reception, there was a hiccup with our venue regarding a miscommunication, and Diana handled it with haste, making sure our signature drinks were as we had hoped they would be. From the planning to the decor to the coordination on the day of the event, there is no reason not to go with Diana. One of the best in Orlando, and at a great rate. Diana and her team are well worth every penny. More...



27 March 2015

I was searching high and low for the beautiful navy blue sequins table linens and champagne/white chevron table runners for our wedding. Almost gave in to purchasing these myself, but then happened across the Diana Marie Events website one day. Immediately sent her an Email and got a fast response that they had the linens I wanted, and at an affordable rate! I couldn't pass this up and signed a contract that same day! Looking more into their website, I saw that they also create centerpieces and other flower items for decorations, and met with Diana. She showed me her beautiful work and decided to also go with her for our bouquets and centerpieces. When our bouquets were delivered to our hotel room while I was getting ready, I started to cry! My bouquet was BEYOND what I had envisioned! I had to have my eyes redone because I couldn't stop crying over how beautiful my bouquet was. Then when I walked down the aisle, I saw the beautiful altar pieces she made and couldn't stop staring at them (almost forgot to take my then-FI's hand!) And never mind when we walked into the ballroom and I saw EVERYTHING! I started to cry again! I can't thank Diana and her staff enough for bringing to life the most beautiful wedding day, EVER! I definitely recommend Diana Marie Events for your wedding needs! More...



8 February 2015

Diana and her staff were one of the BEST investments we ever made! My mom and MIL were adamant about us hiring a planner to help (full-time Mommy and student here with my own business), and initially didn't have it in the budget, but once we met with Diana after being dragged by our Moms after how many meetings, we knew we had to hire her there on the spot! We live in Orlando but had our wedding in Miami (as many of our family and friends live there), and as she has offices in both cities made it even better! She was always on point and totally professional, organized and very positive and upbeat with us, even though we would contact her at all hours! They were there with us for everything, sitting with us through all the meetings, reviewing every detail, reminding us of this and that, and covering everything for us! When she put together our flowers and centerpieces design as well, we booked her for those services, and even went through her for our sequins linens! Thank you so much to Diana, April and Mandy! More...



19 August 2014

As a man in this whole wedding planning process, all we ever care about is that our beautiful bride to be has the wedding of her dreams and that she is stress free. My now wife, Shayla, and I had a long distance engagment. Being unable to be there for the majority of the planning made it very difficult and ultimately added to what can easily become a stressful time. When my wife found Diana, I knew it was a blessing in disguise. Diana would email me all the way in New York and keep me abreast of all things wedding related. Diana cared just as much about the groom as she did my bride and that was refreshing to me. I wanted a special surprise for Shayla and so secretly, Diana and I orchestrated a very special first dance. By the time I finally moved the week before the wedding was a breeze and both Shayla and I could relax knowing Diana and her staff were handeling any and everything we needed. The wedding day was amazing and I know for a fact that Diana and her staff played a large part in that. More...



29 June 2014

We met Diana and Jennifer at my cousin's wedding, and after that I knew that I had to have them do our flowers, linens, decorations and even our planning! I coudn't have survived without Diana - she brought my vision to life with the gorgeous centerpieces she did, the perfect linens that I just had to have, my gorgeous peonies bouquets, and even kept me calm and stressfree throughout the planning process. Diana recommended all of my vendors, and we are more than pleased with each of them! She made our wedding planning just so much fun and stressfree! I recommend them 250%! More...



8 June 2014

I knew Diana through friends as we all went to UCF together. It happened that we ran into one another months before the wedding and I found out that she owned her own company. We sat down for coffee, and I booked her that day for not only my flowers and centerpieces, but for our linens and to help us finish with planning and taking care of our wedding day! Diana and April and Jennifer are THE BEST! My husband and I call them our best wedding investment - not only did she help us find our remaining vendors that we adored and were within our budget, but she took our limited budget for our flowers and etc. and made our wedding GORGEOUS! I was able to have most of what I had always envisioned for my wedding at the price that I paid for (when I went to other florists and decor vendors, they all pretty much laughed at me when I told them I wanted bling/sequins and flowers within our budget.) Granted, my budget was limited, but Diana made all these incredible suggestions that we went with and I loved it as I got what I always dreamed of! So not only were our bouquets and flowers perfect, but our centerpieces and linens and other decorations were impeccable! And to top it all of, our wedding day was absolutely PERFECT - I didn't see any issues or problems and I got to enjoy my day with my husband and our family and friends!

I would recommend Diana and her team in a heart beat!



30 May 2014

Diana was a joy to work with. She made my ceremony so beautiful! We had to correspond for quite a while about little details and changes; but she promptly responded to every email, text, and phone call. I'm not the most decisive person; so it was nice to have her experience to guide me with ideas and opinions of what would look best. Even when some things went wrong, she quickly came up with, and executed, solutions without putting more stress on me. All of my ceremony pictures look so beautiful and it is, no doubt, because of her work. I would recommend her and her team to ANYONE who asks. Diana Marie Events is AWESOME!!! More...



9 May 2014

It was very important for my wife and I to find a planner and vendors that support our lifestyle - we're lesbians. After an extensive search online and a few meetings with planners, we came across Diana Marie Events. From the first moment when we sat down, both my then-fiance and I knew that Diana and her company was IT! We both have our own businesses, so planning our wedding had become a thing that would occur when we had time. It was important that we had a planner that accepted us, agreed and supported marriage equality, as well as could recommend vendors that did the same. Every since one of our vendors were referred by Diana. We loved every one of them and didn't feel like we were being judged. Not only was the planning process so fluid, fun and unstressful, but our day was just PERFECT! Diana, April and the other girls were so easy to get along with and professional - if there was any issues we didn't know about it! They made our day such a blast, and even kept us within our budget! We also used Diana for our linens, centerpieces and flowers, and my wife, and incredibly picky person, was blown away by how beautiful everything was! Thank you SO much Diana! More...



25 April 2014

I had always told my wife that maybe we should get a coordinator - she is very big on doing things herself but I could see her slowly getting stressed out. Then she comes home one day and says to me that she has a meeting with a planner because after her friend's meeting, she got stressed! After that meeting I find out that she booked Diana, and I could see immediately that she felt a lot better. Diana was amazing, and her staff was so on top of things as well. They brought us what we needed, even ran over to our house when I realized I forgot my vest, took care of every detail and made sure that everything was on spot. Having a planner not only took the stress off our us, but they help you go over everything (who knew about all the damn details!) and are there to make you enjoy your day! More...



25 April 2014

I thought that we would be able to get through the planning process without any help except from my family and friends. About 3 months before the wedding I went with my friend to her meeting with her planner (Diana), and after hearing them go over the details with her, I started to have a panic attack! I didn't have this done, I didn't know I needed to think about that, etc., etc., etc. I met with Diana and April separately a few days later and booked them immediately! From that day forth I felt this weight just come right off of me, and I felt so much better! They took care of everything, always reminding me about details, went to my meetings, and even helped with our DIY projects! The day of our wedding was FLAWLESS - if there were issues I didn't know about it. Diana kept reminding me to focus on the wedding, my husband, and our celebration with our friends, and I did just that! Without her, I don't think I would have been as calm as I was and was able to enjoy it! More...



12 November 2013

Diana and her staff executed our wedding vision perfectly. Extremely flexible, calm and understanding, Diana Marie events not only took the time to make sure our wedding was exactly what we wanted, but also took the time to get to know us. We were extremely impressed with her attention to time as well as making sure we were able to do ALL we wished to do for our big day. With Diana Marie Events, we were able to enjoy our day, take it in, and make memories that will last us a lifetime. GO WITH DIANA MARIE EVENTS. It will be the best decision you could ever make for your wedding! More...



29 July 2013

I had the honor of winning a contest for Diana Marie services, and as most people would think I was a little afraid that I would receive less quality than other brides. Well boy was I wrong, Diana Marie and her staff were nothing but amazing on our big day. She made sure all the details were well taken care of, even when I got a stain on my dress she managed to keep me calm. I was beyond pleased with the work and service I received, and would not think twice to recommend her and her staff. If you are looking for someone to run your event flawlessly, this is the coordinator to go for :-) More...



5 April 2013

Right away after I got engaged, I knew that I would need a planner to help me through everything. I didn't want just anyone either - I am very particular and wanted someone that not only came high recommended but someone that I would be able to get along with. My brother (who used them for his son's Bar Mitzvah) AND a few of my sorority sisters recommended Diana and Jennifer at Diana Marie Events, so they were one of the planners I met with.

I had met with several other planners as well, and I didn't really mesh well with them, even though from their reviews and my research they were highly recommended. When I sat down and met with Diana and Jennifer, right away I clicked, especially with Diana. We ended up not only talking and going over my wedding plans during our initial consultation, but we continued to talk for more than 3 hours - that's how well we got along from the beginning. I signed with her that day, and Diana and her girls were an absolute blast and amazing to work with. My husband was even blown away by her designs and decorations at a friend's wedding that we went to, and we signed with them as well for design/decor and our linens (I LOVE their lace linens!) - they did our romantic and chic garden decor, and it was so much more beautiful than I expected!

I know that I was a little distant at times, but Diana pulled through and made choices when I left it up to her, and I am glad for her decisions with planning and decor. She not only blew my mind away, but my husband's AND my mother-in-law (who is THE most difficult and picky person!) Diana was there with me from the beginning, and was very efficient and quick to respond to any questions - most of our communication was via Email which is what I prefer. She referred all of our vendors and we loved all of them. Without Diana, Jennifer or Erika, our wedding wouldn't have been the perfect day that it was!



19 March 2013

Diana was amazing! I told her how I wanted my ceremony and reception decor to look and she made my dream a reality. She worked within my budget and was the only designer that could provide me exactly what I wanted with that budget. She was always easy to reach via email or phone, night or day. On my wedding day I felt so comfortable leaving everything to her and she didn't disappoint!! Everyone was blown away by the wedding design. I would refer and recommend any one to her. I was missing a few things but I didn't even notice it until the end of the wedding. More...



2 July 2012

She was the best!!! I completely shit down three days prior to my wedding and I mean she was emailing me at 5am to make sure I was alright! She is truly heaven sent and a pleasure to work with. She is truly gifted and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. More...

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