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Diamond Cleaning Is a team of business professionals, experienced housekeepers, and cleaning technicians who know that clean surroundings are essential to living your best life. Customizable Services With our quick, convenient, and customizable services, “cleaning” is one less thing on your to-do list.


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20 October 2019

Diamond Cleaning USA is a very professional team, they did a great service when they came to cleaning my house. Thank you,

17 October 2019

Super sweet housekeepers! They definitely delivered better than what I was expecting. Lily one of the owners came to give us a free quote for our house which I really liked getting to meet her before committing to get a feel for the company.

16 October 2019

A very prestigious company.. They exceeded my expectations above and beyond.. I was very happy and satisfied with the work and communication I got from them . . I recommend them to the fullest and will be using them for all my cleaning needs .. my house is spotless and smelling good thanks to them .. thank you guys !!! I'm very pleased with everything.. More...

8 October 2019

I had used diamond cleaning 4 years ago and was very impressed with the work they did. Fast forward to now, I needed cleaning service again and once again they did an amazing job. Lilly was very communicative and responds fast to calls and texts. The first time they came their floor polisher had  broken and they promptly returned at a convenient time for me to finish with a working machine. When the job was done, I was very pleased. I will use them again. More...

3 October 2019

Diamond Cleaning went above and beyond for our properties, taking care of each and every one of them as if it was their own. The service was excepcional and spot on, their cleaning team took care of business and in a timely manner. We're very happy with their service and will definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Thank you Diamond Cleaning for a well done job! More...

3 May 2019

I hired Diamond Cleaning to do a deep cleaning of my home, i requested them to come Sunday since it's the day it works for me and they came on time i liked the fact they were available even on Sundays. Awesome experience


since 2017
we started operating the company in 2019 but we were doing all the preparing of marketing, legal and operations before starting.

yes we do
we bring all cleaning supplies and all cleaning tools. cleaning tools can be as sophisticated as the job demands.
we specialize in construction cleaning and luxury home cleaning, those clients are the most demanding.

building a relationship with local customers
having to resolve the day to day issues of the business, running the business in general is amazing.

Advising other people, seeing other people struggle with low incomes, i used to advice them for years to open a business so they can earn a better income, but they wouldn't listen, until one day i was advising one of my real estate clients, and a thought hit me: "Stop giving them advice they just don't get it, take that advice for yourself and open the cleaning business" so i did. Then came the vision: we are about Empowerment. To Empower Women, and to Empower our clients to focus on what matters the most and forget about having to clean, which can be very stressful, a cluttered office/home stops you from having a good day.
I am giving life to my vision and i made 2 women partners as well, they now own 66% of the business i founded. the logo of my company is a Powerful Business Woman, ready to do business (phone and tools in hand), sitting on the diamond maybe for the Las Vegas Casino Industry (From the Deck of Cards) and the turquoise color which is the color of cleanliness and the color of the immune system for living a healthy life.

because loyalty, integrity and honesty are worthwhile, and are some of the main qualities in life that really move me.