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Ryan S.

15 December 2018

Great place to snag a coffee and cinnamon role! Great staff and atmosphere. We enjoyed our stay before going over to the Farmers Market!


Angela M.

8 December 2018

My wife and I stopped in to warm up and have a little date before heading over to the farmers market. We decided to get hot chocolate, which was excellent! Sweet (but not overly so), rich, and creamy. We also decided to get a pastry to munch on. I got a fabulous cheese danish while she got a cinnamon roll. Both were good, though bit dry, and we felt they were excellent picks from their.quaint selection of pastries. They also sell ice cream, which we were not interested in on such a cold day, and popcorn! Their bags look yummy but we didn't pick any up today - we did learn however that they deliver, which is good to know with the holidays coming up! The interior was cozy and they had lots of seating - many coffee shops feel cramped and hostile - designed to make you GTFO rather than inviting you to relax and unwind. Dewey was definitely more welcoming and cozy with the seating and interior. I think we have a new favorite coffee shop! More...


Christina P.

3 December 2018

Another stop on my adventure to check out all of the coffee shops in the Greater Cleveland Area. Weirdly enough, I didn't get coffee here but I digress. My friend and I desperately needed hot chocolate on a very cold Saturday after spending our morning at the Cleveland Flea. Not coffee for some reason but hot chocolate so I took to Yelp to see where the masses would recommend we go. Dewey's won out.The interior is very colorful and there's just a lot going on. There as music, there were people chatting about their lives. A lot. If you can handle a decent amount of background noise then you could probably get some work done. The guys at the espresso bar were really helpful and pleasant even while we took forever trying to figure out what we were getting. I got the Dewey's Own Hot Chocolate, $3.30 for a small. My friend got the Phoenix Hot Chocolate which had cinnamon and vanilla. My hot chocolate was fine but it wasn't amazing. I much preferred my friends - the cinnamon and vanilla gave it that extra oomph. If you're in the area and really want hot chocolate (...specific I know), I'd go with the Phoenix.It was a fun stop and I can see it being popular with the locals. More...


Karen D Watson

17 September 2018

I've visited Dewey's almost everyday for 11 years I love the staff and the atmosphere. Great place to gather with friends.


Madhusha Mukhopadhyay Pahari

17 September 2018

The nicest place with the best coffee and even better people. I love the breakfast sandwich which is my favorite. And Mr. Forward is the best boomer you will find in Cleveland. I go there almost everyday and sometimes drag my husbad with me. Peace and love. More...


Barbara Bersaw

17 September 2018

Saw a couple of cranky reviews here, so I just wanted to say that I stop in here every time I go through Shaker (I live nearly ten hours away, but have friends in Cleveland), and have never once had a bad experience. The employees and regulars are always fun and friendly, and (aside from a version of Behind Blue Eyes that was definitely not The Who, lol) I've only ever had good times and good vibes. Thank you, Deweys, for giving me a sweet little writing spot with coffee! Keep it real. More...


Joe Butler

17 September 2018

The coffee is great but, the people make this place a gem!! This morning, Friday 7/26/18, I stop in for my usual black coffee and a sandwich. My guy behind the counter, Dillon (sp.?), was flying solo as his teammate was MIA and there was about 4 customers waiting on coffee and 4 more in line. He was duel wielding the espresso machine with expert attention and a bit of flair, like a juggler. He was buzzing around the whole shop to get everybody's order done right. By the time he got to me I just wanted to toss him a softball with a black coffee and a muffin. Not at any point did he look put upon or frustrated. He appreciated it wasn't ideal but, he pressed on with nothing but polite words and a smile. Please give him a big thank you from me! I hope he gets to enjoy his weekend, he deserves it! More...


Scot I.

3 August 2018

My wife and I have traveled a lot over the past few years and finding a coffee shop close to home are what we always look for. The staff at Dewey's are friendly and the coffee is great. They have relaxing music playing on the inside and a great group of men who talk about sports and music outside. We will be spending a lot of time here over the next few years and we will call this our second home. More...


Sarah M.

29 July 2018

Love love love their Phoenix hot chocolate. I'm a hardcore coffee lover, but I always swing by for a cup of their cocoa when I'm around the city.


Esther S.

9 March 2018

Very bright and colorful place! Baristas were kind of slow to greet and help me but the food was good! Personally loved the sugar cookie and they sell in house made popcorn too from Campbell's! They close pretty early, so be sure to get there in time! More...


Tyler M.

6 February 2018

Friendly staff and good coffee in a cozy shop. I especially like the fireplace. Works for me!


Jason D.

8 September 2017

I've started trying Deweys different blends of coffee with their syrup flavoring and they are excellent. I'm gonna also say their cookies are the bomb tks for the quick service as well Kudos Deweys.


A. M.

15 August 2017

Super friendly, courteous service and patrons. For specialty coffee, their prices are very reasonable, cheap even. They have PLENTY of flavors to choose from if frilly, sweet coffee is your thing and also lemonade and smoothies for non-coffee drinkers. The food items are a little pricy for what you get but nothing outrageous. There is plenty of indoor seating as well as a couple outdoor tables. They also sell specialty ice cream (by the scoop and pint) and specialty popcorn which makes it a really nice place to get a snack. More...


Abhinav S.

15 July 2017

A nice, warm and homely place to work and get things done while enjoying wonderful coffee, fresh popcorn and ice-cream. There are basic baked goodies to complement the coffee. There's a couple of sandwich shops nearby so food isn't always a problem, although would be nice to have more options in house. Wonderful large windows with a nice view of shaker outside adds to the charm. They have local musicians play live on Fridays which is wonderful as well. Free public parking at the back in the common parking lot is another plus. To summarize, a nice place to spend a quiet and productive day. More...


Micheale-lynn J.

3 July 2017

Come here every time I come home! Atmosphere- laid back, comfortable & eclectic Decor - sameCoffee - not an expert but I've never been disappointed  Bake goods - Popcorn - I don't leave town without it


Glenn M.

6 June 2017

Comfortable, convenient, friendly, spacious, a Shaker Square stalwart.  Attracts a very diverse crowd, from students hunched over laptops to seniors taking a break to community groups holding a quick meeting to friends getting together over a bagel and even the local cops stopping by to say hi.  Thus much more personality than Certain Chains, and you won't feel intimidated if you linger for a while or can't tell a cortado from a ristretto.  Nice bakery items, good sandwiches, sometimes soup is available, and of course ice cream and popcorn in the attached "sweet shop."  AND -- affordable!  So I am a big fan.  Why not 5 stars then?  Dewey's is unfortunately one of the dingiest coffee shops around, from ice cream coolers sometimes leaking, to paper towels on the floor in the restroom, to used napkins under the chairs.  I don't mind the tired furniture and scuffed floors -- not every place needs to be chrome and glass -- but c'mon, Dewey, you can wipe up the spills and pitch the litter! More...


Bob F.

14 December 2016

This place is right on Shaker Square. I stopped by for a coffee and breakfast wrap because I had about one half hour to kill. The gentlemen who served me was friendly and fast. He was in constant motion cleaning up even when no customers were waiting for service. A good experience except for the old couches which were a bit uncomfortable. Looks like a great gathering place for the locals! More...


Kyle D.

18 October 2016

I walked in a was greeted with a great blend of scents. A blend of popcorn and coffee. Friendly staff, fast service, great atmosphere.


Solomon F.

18 September 2016

Super nice place to do work and read, or just read, if you consider reading your work. I consider reading my work, for now. Delicious zuchinni bread. Also good: bagels, blueberry muffins, cookies, bananas, teas. Love getting teas here since I no longer drink coffee. The tuna sandwiches are the best heated up! Nice employees. Outstanding ice cream flavors, e.g. black raspberry, which is chocolate and raspberry, and their chocolate blackout, mocha almond fudge, mint chocolate chip, and their watermelon sorbet. Popcorn also good. Any hot tea you can order iced. Almond milk always available. Art on the walls fantastic and they change it. Yeah, Dewey's is nice, so I'm giving them 5 stars! More...


Mike M.

26 August 2016

Great neighborhood coffee shop with a genuinely diverse crowd and an overall good vibe.  Service is almost always good, baked treats are fantastic, and so are the small number of sandwich options.  Oh yeah, the coffee is good too!Good seating options inside and out encourage you to hang out.  But if you're grabbing something to go in the morning, there are dedicated quick parking spots for you out front too.I'm glad to see Dewey's still going, and I hope it continues to serve Shaker Square so well for years to come. More...


Grace T.

9 August 2016

One of my favorite places in the area. A frequent meeting place with friends and colleagues. My mother comes here almost every morning when she goes walking with her ladies. We even made a point of taking a friend here when she was visiting  from France. The coffee is affordable, good quality, and fair trade, and there are other delicious drink options as well. There are many different syrup flavors for adding some excitement to your coffee, hot chocolate, or soda, or even for mixing into together to make your own new flavored sodas (a favorite of mine is lavender french vanilla). The food choices are also pretty great, if you're not feeling particularly thirsty. The baked goods are delicious, and there are fruits and sandwiches on the healthier side. The popcorn and ice cream go fantastically with the atmosphere of the place, which is friendly and cheery with warm colors and great customer service. The color themes are warm and homey, red and soft sienna with some olive and blue accents.Wonderful little coffee shop, I highly recommend it for those looking for a place to meet with friends, get some work done, or just relax by yourself in the afternoon. More...


Johnny R.

7 August 2016

What a great little spot. Perfect coffee and good snacks. I posted up here for a day of work and the Internet was great too. Friendly staff and all around great atmosphere. Will be back if needed and in the area. More...


Gen C.

3 April 2016

Love Dewey's coffee!! Lots of interesting drink choices and very reasonably priced. Also just great atmosphere, lots of different seating options so you can relax and read, catch up with friends, or get work done. I only got coffee but will definitely be back to try some of their food. More...


Peter H.

1 March 2016

A coffee shop with espresso and pour over. Hot tea from tea bags. Interior connection to popcorn shop. Ice cream.Iced tea rating: 4/5 stars. Well-brewed English breakfast tea. Not bitter, complex flavor. $2.25 per 20 oz. No glasses to stay. Herbal iced tea available, but no other true tea iced tea options. More...


Liz K.

5 December 2015

Yummy coffee, lots of options and they serve Bialy's Bagels, which is the best!


Ben H.

10 October 2015

This place really gets 3.5 from me. I love the coffee here. Ordered a cappuccino. The prices are really good also I have to say. The reason this place doesn't get 5 stars is because it's too much. It doesn't have that coffee house vibe to it. It feels like a restaurant. I wanted to come here to have a business meeting and it was way too loud. So I had to reschedule. Overall a great place. Will return, but I think I will get my coffee to go next time. More...


Sharon F.

5 August 2015

Great coffee, nice staff, GOOD POPCORN!!! I love to sit outside at Shaker Square in front of the coffee shop on Sunday afternoon after church with the fam. Sooooo relaxing :)


Whitney T.

25 June 2015

Dewey's is one of my favorite places to go, period.  The staff is very friendly and helpful. The ice cream is great, I've only had the strawberry because that's my favorite but they also have more elaborate flavors if you like chocolate-blah-blah-swirl types of ice cream.  The milkshakes are equally as good. Other than that, I've had their affogato, which is espresso over a scoop of ice cream.  This is traditionally served in a small cup with one scoop of ice cream, but the one I ordered from Dewey's was served in a tall white cup and the barista said "I put more ice cream in there than usual, I hope thats ok" of course it was! I got much more espresso and ice cream than I was expecting for a reasonable price. Their Arnold Palmer is on the sour side, but I'd order it again.  The italian sodas are good and you can always tell the barista if you dont like it.  No matter what I order, the barista is always like "let me know if it's too this or too that!".  My usual order is a caramel iced coffee and I like to to sit outside. The square has a nice vibe, especially if you like people watching! In the evenings on fridays or saturdays, they have live performers.  If you were expecting peace and quiet, you may not like this (but i always enjoy them).  They have a diverse group of people who perform.  I've seen indie, bluegrass, rock, etc once there was even a girl singing all parody songs.  As far as food, I've only had their quiche.  I believe it has swiss cheese, artichokes, bacon,and onions.  They warm it for you or you can take it with you cold (its a little fridge thing).  I love it and I always stop in and get it if I'm in the square around breakfast. More...


Ted F.

19 June 2015

I am a fan of Dewey's.  My favorite thing to order here is the scoop of ice cream with an espresso shot poured on top.  Hard to find this anywhere else as a single menu item.  I give Deweys 2 thumbs up.


Robert M.

28 April 2015

I have been here a couple of times and really like the vibe.  The staff has been great.  The coffee is strong and hot.  They have a good selection of coffee options without going crazy.  Some of their other options like mocha are fantastic. The interior is very comfortable and quant.  The prices are reasonable ... just.  I have not been in while the popcorn shop is open but will try to make it back More...


George S.

19 April 2015

So, want great coffee AND about 30 flavors of Popcorn, AND ice cream? Want a place with a family-friendly atmosphere that feels like a cross between an old soda fountain and your living room? Want to find a place with nice staff, good atmosphere and a place to write your novel, short story, or just write a blog page about, I dunno, NICE COFFEE HOUSES? Than Dewey's in Shaker is your place. They are a multi-tasking, tasty spot just off of the square that has a passel of great foods and nice folks. Parking, as always in the square, is a bit dicey, as they don't have their own private lot, but after short jog, this place is the pot of...coffee at the end of the rainbow. So, for a cup of ice cream, a cup of coffee...or a cup of...popcorn, Deweys has just the cup for YOU:) More...


Vin T.

27 November 2014

A fine place for coffee and such.   The dark chocolate ice cream is most excellent.  The atmosphere is what you'd hope for in a coffee shop.  Baristas are friendly.  I wish they stayed open longer - especially on the weekends. More...


Serina K.

26 October 2014

Nice coffee, ice cream and popcorn shop in Shaker Square!  It's within walking distance to family that I visit when visiting home...so I will definitely return!


Vince V.

1 October 2014

I agree with the other review, this coffee house indeed reminds me of the fictional coffee place, Central Perk, of "Friends" sitcom fame: quirky, bohemian and care-free. I recall they too have evening music and poetry events. That workday morning, we ordered our lattes, sat by the fireplace, appreciated the classic jazz playing in the background and people-watched a diverse crowd come in to enjoy a good cup of Joe.I'd say this is like Starbucks "plus a little more". Located in Shaker Square, this  twin establishment shares space with a popcorn/ice cream shop on it's other half. Shaker Square itself is a great refreshing throwback to a time when town squares were beautiful and meant something.I was about to bust out a vocal rendition of "smelly cat" but the better part of me exercised some restraint. More...


Varun S.

21 September 2014

Great ambience, lovely baristas, and awesome cappuccinos (be sure to ask for the 8oz cappuccino for the right proportions). I only wish they had more choices for the kind of espresso beans they use. But it's a lovely coffee shop. P.S - delicious Bialy's bagels served fresh every day! More...


Angelica G.

13 September 2014

Dewey's Coffee house reminds me of a mix of Central Perk and a coffee house in Stars Hallow. If you didn't get my friends and Gilmore Girls references I'm basically saying that it's amazing! Customer service was awesome! It basically deserved 5 stars on it's own. Service with a smile was something I thought was lost but nope it's alive and well in Dewey.I got a paradise smoothie which was delicious and a chicken bacon sandwich that they kindly heated up for me was also good. I could go on and because there's also yummy popcorn and ice cream. Will definitely be back! More...


Gus P.

18 June 2014

I live in Seattle so it's hard to give Dewey's a five star review when those coffee houses are the standard. But Dewey's is a breath of fresh air (with a hint of popcorn) in the city of Cleveland. A nice place to hang out with decent coffee, a pleasant atmosphere, and a cool neighborhood. I visit Dewey's every year when I visit my old city, and always enjoy the drink, food, and experience. Highly recommended. More...


Kirt K.

16 May 2014

Dewey's is the quintessential neighborhood coffee shop. Personal, friendly service, well trained baristas, house made sweets, soups and sandwiches are standard plus house made popcorn and very good ice cream. Often they have live music on the weekends, art you can buy on the walls and outdoor seating in the warmer months. Come alone or bring a friend or the family. More...


K E.

8 May 2014

It's a quaint coffee house! The fresh popcorn aroma mixed with fresh brewed coffee creates a carnival for the olfactory system. :)


Taylor D.

3 May 2014

The coffee here is wonderful, the breakfast sandwiches are kind of bland, but the ice cream makes for a extravagant and delicious dessert! It's definitely worth the trip if you haven't been here before and the staff is always very helpful friendly and knowledgeable too. More...


Andrew M.

22 March 2014

I just wanna give a big ol' rowdy round of applause to the homies at Dewy's. Thanks for keeping me caffeinated as I run around Shaker Square. Thanks guys and gals. Stay groovy.


Cookie B.

21 January 2014

Cute shop and ok coffee. Got the fiesta chicken soup which was deeelicous! Thick n tasty. Cookie was kind of bland. Friendly and helpful baristas. I will definitely be back.


Tanese H.

10 January 2014

My fav local coffee shop . Its great for meetings and the familiar local buisness that knows your name and what drink you want. But what is most impressive is that they give our free ice cream to the community in April. One has to look hard to find for a local spot to give Free ice cream or anything to the community for which it serves. Me and sasha [the lahsapoo] are thankful and forever a dewys patron. Its not a place for a full meal. Coffee and tea drinks. Popcorn. Soup and light fare. If u go for that you wont b disappointed. More...


Robin B.

20 December 2013

Dewey's is a little gem in Shaker Square!  Great coffee, cool baristas and their innovation in bringing local musical talent just adds to the charm.  I also love they insist on patrons being civil by sticking to their guns about the cell phone etiquette!! BRAVO Dewey's More...


Rosi M.

11 December 2013

I drink black coffee, and so can't stand going a place that has bad coffee. Dewey's has great coffee! The baristas are knowledgeable about the coffees, and atmosphere is great. Excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee. More...


Deborah H.

7 September 2013

The coffee house is fantastic, but this review is for the ice cream/popcorn joint attached to the coffee house . . . Best ice cream in the Greater Cleveland area!  My personal favorites are the prescription strength chocolate (most chocolate-y ice cream you will EVER have) and the raspberry truffle.  A pint of ice cream is $5ish and is worth every single penny.  You can combine multiple flavors in one pint. More...


Jackie W.

31 July 2013

I can't wait to get to Dewey's. I don't live in Cleveland anymore but whenever I go back for work or play I can't resist a visit. Why? The atmosphere is just perfect - a classic coffee house, that is friendly, cozy and they serve great coffee and eats. The service has always been excellent and I couldn't think of anything to complain about. We love Dewey's!!! More...


Abhinav S.

30 July 2013

nice, relaxed atmosphere. plenty of space, good coffee. the only putoff is paid parking especially if you're there for a longer period of time


Chris S.

27 July 2013

Favorite coffee shop hands down. Great staff. Everyone feels welcome. They are efficient and go out of their way to make sure you're taken care of. Food is great and sometimes they'll mix in a sandwich made from ingredients in the farmer's market that happens every weekend. Dewey and his team have built a warm, fun atmosphere with a great selection of drinks and food. More...


Greg N.

7 July 2013

Great delicious sammiches, coffee, and treats.Every time ive come here I have tried something different. Today being my 3rd visit I went with a turkey bagel sandwich thingy and a mocha w/ hazelnut.Each time I have been here the staff has been helpful and nice to interact with. The seating is very comfortable (in comparison to some other coffee shops I have been to).Plus, PLUS, attached is a popcorn/ice cream shop? Nice 8) More...


Gerry S.

17 March 2013

Dewey's is a quaint place with the atmosphere of the ideal small town coffee shop.  In fact it feels like a college coffee shop for grown ups and families.  As for their offerings, I can only speak to a few things.  Their tea selection could use some expanding.  They do have steamers, coffee and espresso.  I've had a very enjoyable vanilla soy milk steamer but no coffee or espresso.  I've not had their popcorn, pastries or light meals.  They hold onto their sorbet too long.  The bottom of the barrel sorbet gets crystallized and gummy making it rather unpleasant. More...


Angela G.

30 October 2012

I adore Dewey's! The staff is friendly and helpful, insightful and great at customizing drinks. I adored the atmosphere and the food was fantastic!


Jennifer S.

7 July 2012

Good place to pop in, grab a coffee, and hang with friends. A little pricey for pastries and sandwiches, but the atmosphere is worth it.


Jen M.

19 March 2012

Before dropping my car off at Larchmere Imports I decided to java up and head to Dewey's.  Very cute interior...comfy couches, fireplace, ample seating (with high backs on the chairs which rocks), and a funky cool vibe.  My latte delivered on taste so I was happy--bold yet smooth.  The barista even brought my drink out to me and the place was packed.  Nice gesture.  The *only* thing that bugs is parking.  But then again, welcome to Shaker Square, right?  Dewey's has a sign outside that says free parking in the back.  I didn't find said parking.  All I could find was a "loading only" zone that would have towed my car between 8am and 4pm.  Hmm...but anyway, this is a great coffee destination. More...


Kristen K.

20 February 2012

Not the absolutely best atmosphere as far as coffee shops go, but the cozy fireplace makes up for it!  Very good coffee, too.


Beth M.

7 January 2012

Great spot to hang out or get work done. Reminds me of some coffee houses back in Chicago. Ample seating, cozy couches. I have had several of their coffee and chai drinks and I have never had a complaint. I also have tried their quiche - have them warm it up for you and it is quite tasty. I do have to say though, I LOVE their sugar cookie! The staff is always friendly and helpful. I come here at least once a week. More...


Ted J.

27 July 2011

Love the coffee & ice creamNice classical music playing Great community of people


Charlotte M.

2 July 2011

Good coffee, music, ambiance, WiFi and FABULOUS Sugar Cookies! :) I've gotten sandwiches and Hummus with Pita Chips from them before too and those were equally tasty. My only gripe is that they don't have free refills :( Oh well. Que sera sera More...


Paul K.

26 June 2011

This is a great little coffee shop. Friendly and fast service, great coffee and food, and a real neighborhood feel. And the free wifi is FAST! (compared to the free wifi at major chains) More...


Deniz G.

19 June 2011

Good atmosphere in general.  Came here to rest one day, and was pleased. In addition, the free Wi-Fi is clutch. There are usually two or three blends of coffee, in terms of variety. I have also tried their sandwiches, which were quite good as well, and they offered the option of having them grilled. I am a fan of this place. More...


Pamela M.

22 April 2011

Not too much extra to add, I usually wind up coming here for something to drink on Saturday when the Farmer's market is going on since I'm not in the Shaker Square area any other times of the week.  Since I'm not much of a coffee drinker, I usually get the spiced hot chocolate (can't remember the name, Phoenix, maybe ) and it is top notch.  A regular little coffee shop that is pretty well-appointed and comfortable and in a great spot right on Shaker Square.  Haven't tried any of their sandwiches yet, but I'm sure I will sometime in the summer..... More...


Al B.

10 December 2010

I grew up in and around the Shaker Square area and feels that Dewey's captures perfectly the vibe I've always associated with the Square, laid back yet classy.  Add to the atmosphere real coffee, tea, popcorn (popped in a real popcorn popper) and ice cream Dewey's is a great sweet retreat! More...


Jay F.

29 June 2010

Great coffee joint. Very convenient to where I live.


Dan S.

30 April 2010

Remember when there was an Arabica on Shaker Square?This place has a lot of that draw - it's friendly, warm and unique.  You won't think you've wandered into the local Starbucks.  There is a nice mix of folks and it's a great place to get a drink or some ice cream and spend a few minutes or a few hours.The staff is always very friendly and helpful.I'm a fan of their Chai (with soy milk) and they have a nice assortment of snacks to try - from bagels to snack bars to candy. More...


Matthew M.

7 April 2010

Dewey's Coffee & the adjacent Popcorn Shop, located in the NE corner of Shaker Square has become a "gathering house" of sorts as their slogan appropriately suggests. A prime location for all things on the Square. Whether for a caffeinated jump-start to your day or a for night-cap glass of vino*, I begin or end my visit to Shaker Square at this location often. Dewey's resides in a very appropriate antique looking storefront. The interior is cozy and boasts plenty of window seats overlooking the bustling square; for seclusion, sit in the corner nook with couches and a fireplace. For a more minglesome approach, sit on the patio to take it all in. Dewey's offers typical coffee-house fare, including fair-trade coffee, teas, Bialy's bagels, fresh baked goods as well as sandwiches, soups and salads.Opened since 2005, you wouldn't be able to tell. Dewey's has the sense of history and nostalgia of a tried and true gathering locale. It's a timeless location.* Alcoholic libations are welcome on premises and poured for a nominal fee. More...


Rob P.

21 February 2010

This cafe is a nice addition to the Shaker Square environment. It shares space with the popcorn store next door, so there is a bigger seating area than it appears when you first walk in.They serve Phoenix Coffee, although in my opinion, not as well as the Phoenix stores nearby do. There is free wifi and the baristas are friendly.My biggest complaint is the limited hours. They close fairly early during the week (as does much of Shaker Square, it seems) so I don't have a lot of incentive to come over to Dewey's unless I'm around for something else. More...


Bryan R.

11 January 2010

It's hard to believe this place hasn't been there my whole life. Whenever I'm home, this is my choice coffee shop. The staff is friendly, the coffee is delicious and mostly fair trade, and the food is good (not to mention the amazing popcorn around the corner).Great atmosphere and great coffee, the kind of place I can spend the entire chilly Cleveland winter's day. More...


Samuel F.

8 June 2009

I wasn't that impressed by the coffee initially, but the mochas and hot chocolate are superb.  It's a good place to hang out, too, with comfortable chairs and free wifi.  They're one of the gems in the suffering (and now decidedly mixed, charmingness-wise) Shaker Square.  I hope they continue to stick around, unlike [any of the previous Shaker Square cafes, take your pick]. More...


Iyonna H.

28 May 2009

I've only been here once but I so badly want to go back. Friendly people work here and it's a nice, quiet atmosphere. Their chai tea latte is also really good.


matt s.

5 March 2009

One of the best places in Cleveland to go and just hang out.  Laid back atmosphere, friendly people work there.


Constanze L.

10 November 2007

I like this place a lot - warm, friendly, and finally with decent wi-fi (it used to go out all the time).  For me, this is second best to Lucky cafe.Good: * Decent sandwich and soup selections, hardboiled organic eggs from Ohio farm-raised chickens, peanut cookies* Homemade kettle corn* A warm fireplace, great for those cold Ohio days, and outdoor seating for the summertimeBad: * Food selection isn't as broad as it is some other lunch places, but I'd say they make up for it with the popcorn* When the lunch and dinner crowds come in, the place smells like oil, which permeates my clothes and hair.  This is because the sandwiches get grilled in the same room, and there's no fan - this is a major downside for me.Just as an idle note, there are a million signs up here that request, nay, demand, that people not talk on their cell phones when ordering at the counter.  Is this a huge problem on the East side... More...


J L.

24 October 2006

Nice place - happy they serve locally-brewed coffee! Sometimes the line is a little long but it is worth it.


Lei L.

22 April 2006

An excellent coffee house with a very unque atmosphere, definitely not your average Starbucks/Caribou atmosphere. The decor is warm and friendly, comfortable seating with leather chairs and loungers. There is also cozy fireplace corner and free wireless internet, which is great for students. The baked goods are high in calories but extremely tasty! Lastly, Dewey's sells quality coffee and menu encompasses everything from your average latte to hot chocolate to a number of special drinks such as caramel creme breve and stuporball, so tasty! If you're in luck, you may catch a certain barista who makes great latte art to complete your coffee experience. More...


Jason C.

14 January 2006

The quality of the espresso drinks is head and shoulders above the Starbucks, Caribou and Arabica chains, but the new Phoenix location is giving Dewey's a run for their money. The location can't be beat and you couldn't ask for a better cafe atmosphere.  This is truly a place where you can spend a few hours...easily!  This is a real coffeehouse.  It's authentic.  It's local.  It's clean.  It's cozy.  The service is great.  It's delicious.The espresso drinks aren't on par with artisinal coffee houses like Gimme! (Ithaca) and Intelligentsia (Chicago), but they are good. More...

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