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Anna Z.

24 July 2019

I got hit by a huge rock while driving. The rock dented the frame and smashed the windshield. I took the car to Three star auto glass to get my windshield replaced and it just so happened that they shared the shop with dent terminator. Glass guy told me that the dent needed to be fixed before he could replaced the windshield. I got quoted 750 from the next door auto shop but dent terminator did it for less than half that price. Sammy did a great job fixing the deep dent and even touched up the scratches with my own touch up paint. More...


Lenny De Tomaso

19 June 2019

I had several dings on the hood and roof from hail on my brand new Mustang. The Dent Terminator repaired them leaving no trace of them at all! A truly remarkable craftsman!


Marvin F.

3 May 2019

I brought my 2014 Plum Crazy Challenger to Dent Terminator today to have a series of dings in my front panel and door repaired. I don't know how he does it but 90 minutes later my car was in showroom condition again. It's some kind of magic. Francesco was friendly and professional. If you have similar issues I highly recommend Dent Terminator. The results are nothing short of miraculous. More...


G J.

1 May 2019

Read the reviews and decided to give this place a shot. Brought in a 2015 Accord Sport with a baseball sized dent right on the front of the hood. Met Mr. Cuomo and was quoted a reasonable price for the repair and that it should take less than a couple of hours. So I went out for lunch and came back and it was almost done. As stated in other reviews the dent on the hood was gone and looked good as new! I was very happy of the short amount of time, the reasonable cost and to the outcome of the repair. Highly recommended. More...


J B.

25 April 2019

Bicycles riders need insurance. They damage cars too. They ride around NYC and are just careless. Thanks to Francesco, the dent a bike caused on my passenger side door was fixed in about less than 2 hours. See my pic below.


Tasnim C.

11 April 2019

I came to this place because they had 96 5-Star reviews on google reviews. It's no surprise that they have a perfect 5-Star rating on Yelp as well.At first I was a little discouraged by the price because I was quoted far more at this place than any of the other rates I gathered from competing Paintless Dent Removal shops I came across on google. I was ready to walk away but the specialist told me that I wouldn't get the same level of service elsewhere though I'd be getting a cheaper price.I decided to leave my car with them and when I came back and saw my car parked out in front, I COULDN'T BELIEVE it was the same car. This shop underpromises and overdelivers. I ended up giving the man a tip on top of the cost of the repair! No dents were left to show and my car looked brand new. More...


Roy D.

9 April 2019

Had my car repaired here by Francisco, I had went to a full service auto body repair shop and was quoted over $5000 to repair my car . Francisco was able to do it for substantially less than$1000 which is my deductible. He did a great job in a few hours and then he job looked great! More...


Yarvis T.

23 March 2019

I used Francesco and his dent/ding removal services on and off the last 12 years or so on at least 3 cars. Each time I'm met with a smile and his work is excellent and fairly reasonable. My wife and I are his neighbors and we used him when he use to work out of the garage of his home, that's how long and how much we trust him. We highly recommend him. I used him this very morning to take out two small dings to our brand new trucks hood and the work came out great! Thanks Francesco for your professionalism!! More...


Will B.

5 March 2019

Dropped it off.  Walked to a local park with my son and returned an hour later to see the miracle.  Impressive work.   Thanks again guys.


Sal Cartiglia

1 March 2019

Very courteous and professional. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and OCD and if Francesco can make me a happy customer that says a lot. Got right to my vehicle at the agreed appointment time, completed in estimated time he told me and done with top quality craftsmanship and perfection at a very fair price...Highly recommended! More...


Frank L.

19 February 2019

Had the pleasure of meeting Francesco this past weekend. He removed a ding from vehicle in about 45 minutes. I brought this to another PDR shop (who I have in the past with great results for my motorcycle and cars), but they were unable to totally remove it. I met with Francesco, and he looked at the panel and said this wouldn't be an issue and would take about 45 min. I grabbed a cup of coffee and as promised,45 minutes later he was done. The panel looked perfect.I would recommend his services to anyone in need of paintless dent removal. He's the best it gets in my opinion. A true gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. More...


Luigi Tribuzio

23 January 2019

I recommend the dent terminator very highly I’m so glad I took my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 for 3 annoying dents I had on my door but thanks to Francesco those 3 dents are gone and I’m very satisfied with the way my truck came out thank you so much for the great work you did I will recommend you to anyone who needs there vehicle fixed. Dent Terminator is the BEST


Jiho S.

19 January 2019

Believe the hype. I wasn't completely sold on the idea that paintless dent removal could remove dents and dings and restore your cars panels to just as new. Well I came and I am amazed. I dropped off my older model 911 which had numerous dents and dings on several panels and all were removed for an extremely reasonable price and it was done same day in 2 hours!  If your ding it dent isn't too deep likely he can fix it. Absolutely recommended. He sadly told me that Yelp removed many of his ratings he accumulated over the years because they didn't believe a business could get all 5 star reviews, he sounded terribly bitter but if it's the truth I don't blame him and shame on Yelp for doing so. More...


Roger Y.

27 December 2018

Nothing but the best!  Fransisco is a true honest business man and ensures you are 100% satisfied.  This was my second time using his services and I'm so happy that I found him on Yelp.  The reviews are real!  Text him a picture and he responds quickly with a quote. More...


Mike Pilato

20 December 2018

He is THE number one!!!!!


Sham Rock

30 November 2018

I do recommend dent terminator because I had dent and after going there the dent was gone with out any body work or painting I will also go to dent terminator he is really good,so any time you have a dent contact dent terminator they’re the best.


Guy C.

22 November 2018

Fixed 4 dings for $200.  You would never know I had dings. Francisco is a good guy to deal with. What he says he will do, he does. He won't let anyone see how he does it- top secret.  He did work Almost 2 hours getting it done. More...


Yuri K.

15 November 2018

I have been using Dent Terminator for many years and have nothing but great results from the owner, Francesco. However, I am writing this review after my last visit. I had a particularly hard project and Francesco went above and beyond to save me the huge expense of repainting my vehicle. I cannot say enough good things about this place. 5 stars!Thank you Francesco for your help and advice. You have me as a customer for life More...


Anthony Mandracchia

20 October 2018

Francisco is a expert at his trade wouldn’t go to anyone else he is the BEST. Besides his expertise he is a gentleman. Try him you will agree !!!


Gianni Galano

13 October 2018

Franco is a master at his craft. If you should ever have an unfortunate incident with your vehicle, don’t dispare. The “Dent Terminator” will take care of it like it never happened. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Jenn T.

15 September 2018

Francesco is AmAZING!!! Pictures speak for themselves. This took 1 day but totally worth the wait. I won't be taking my car to anyone's else besides HIM. Very very happy with his work!!! This is the guy you want to be working on your car! More...


Chips Lozada

18 August 2018

Skill Level on removing dents is amazing...


alex t.

4 August 2018

This guy works so good. The car had a dent in the lower part of the fender and it was a tough spot. I really thought there was no way to get this looking good without some serious body work. I went and was amazed, it came out brand new! The work was so good and he understood I used it for work and I needed it  done asap. I didn't have to wait days to get it done. He worked with me and got it done the same day for a reasonable cost. Very very very happy with the service and the work done. More...


Konrad Wright

13 June 2018

In February of 2018, Francesco fixed two dents in the front passenger door panel of my car which were a result of a low speed impact. He restored it back to the original show room finish. He is definitely a perfectionist and a doctor of his craft. The cost was about 50% of the insurance quote. Needless to say I would definitely recommend his service and definitely return again for any future paintless dent repair. More...


Dan Carbonaro

20 May 2018

I had my Mercedes 5 days and someone dented it. Francesco took care of it and you would never know it was dented. Great work, fair price...�


Tommy Y.

12 May 2018

Great work!!! I've been here once before, years ago, to take a ding out my Volvo That was really bothering me.  Their work was excellent and was done in the same day!  I remembered this.My recent visit was to take care of a parking lot dent on my Audi's fender.  I stopped by to see if I could get an appointment.  Francesco said he had time to do it now.  The price was reasonable so I said "lets do it!".  They started working on it while I went to lunch.  When I returned the dent was gone.  I don't even have to do any touch up paint work!  AMAZING!!!  Dent Terminated!!! More...


Sean A.

4 April 2018

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the massive dent in the tailgate of my car is completely gone, you can't even tell it was ever there. Francesco and his crew do amazing work for super reasonable prices. He not only knocked out the dent in the tailgate, but about four other misc dents in other places on the car, making it look new again, all in one day of work. Amazing. I'll be bringing my car back here for any future dent repairs I need, I can't recommend him highly enough. More...


Jerry Drabik

18 March 2018

They helped me for the second time. Again great job, dents are gone like they were never there. Great job!


Susan M.

15 December 2017

I had to return my car at the end of my lease. I had MANY dents and dings as my 19 year old son used my car on many occasions. The prices are extremely reasonable compared to the time and money a body shop would charge.   The end result was flawless! I hope Francesco took before and after pictures to show the high quality of work he performs.  It is truly magic! Fast, professional service. A huge thank you! More...


Salvatore Vitale

27 November 2017

Top notch work. Perfectionist. Attention to detail. Your car will look like you just pulled it out of the showroom. And you couldn't find a classier person to do business with. The best in the business and the first in his field. Stop looking. You just found the Dent Terminator. More...


Michael J.

21 November 2017

Francesco has been removing the dents in my car for 8 years. He always does an amazing job and his charges are very fair. He was recommended to me by the owner of a body shop when I got a nasty ding only a few months into owning my new car. I've used him ever since.


Lauren V.

12 November 2017

Francesco and his team did an amazing job on my truck! He fixed our car in under 2 hours and it looked flawless. I would highly recommend everyone to use the Dent Terminator!


David M.

30 September 2017

The Dent Terminator did a fantastic job, exactly what I was hoping for, done perfectly with no issues. Price seemed reasonable, everything went well. It made me a little nervous at first that part of the car would have to be removed (to allow access to the dented metal from behind, to push it out), in my case the taillight assembly, but everything looks to be put back exactly like it was. The car looks like new. It seems pretty clear that he has been doing this and only this for years, and knows exactly how to get the details right. More...


Yuliya Y.

5 July 2017

If you are looking for seamless dent repair - you are at the right place. Francesco fixed right side of my FIAT and no one could guess where the dent was. It was all done in less than 3 hours, while I waited in a nearby coffee shop. Thank you! More...


Clement L.

31 May 2017

Let me start off by saying that I'm very particular about the work that's done to my car. I prefer doing any mechanical work myself, but in the case of dents or bodywork, I don't really have a choice. To anyone who's skeptical, these guys deliver on their promise. I've (unfortunately) been to Dent Terminator twice due to the carelessness of others. The first time, the owner Francesco, did the work himself. The second time, I made the appointment with Francesco, and arrived to have one of his employees "Sam" do the work. On both occasions, they finished in their estimated time, and did a superb job. They were able to use their selection of tools to slowly massage the dent back out through playing with the reflection. When the reflection off the panel is straight, then the dented area has been successfully flattened out.  When it comes to price, they're reasonable but not cheap. However, their high quality of work backs up their price. With PDR, you really want to have someone that knows what they're doing otherwise you'll end up with ripples and waves. My only complaint is that I was not allowed to look at what's being done. Repeatedly I was asked to sit in the corner and keep myself busy. I would have preferred to see the man in action and appreciate the high level of skill instead of being asked to not be in the garage area, or just come back in an hour. Regardless, the end result was flawless and I would absolutely recommend anyone who has a dent to visit the Dent Terminator. More...


Francis F.

24 May 2017

Francesco the dent terminator is a magician and a true professional. I was distraught when I got a big deep crease dent on my fairly new car from the parking garage. I didn't want to live with the unsightly dent. Time to look for a PDR shop.A quick search through Yelp came back with a few places with good reviews. I contacted them all, including Francesco. He was quick to reply and gave me a quote over the phone. After hearing back from other places and some others that didn't respond I made an appointment with Francesco. Luckily he squeezed me in on a day and time that was convenient for me.When I arrived he looked at the damage in person and told me about an hour. About an hour later it was done. I can't even tell where the dent was. Amazing! Living in NYC means dents all over. Now I know where to go to get them out. Highly recommended. Thanks Francesco! More...


Danny G.

22 April 2017

Just left Dent Terminator. They came highly recommended by family. They were great. I had dents on 2 doors. It only took 2 hours to make my truck look new again. These guys are the best.


Phillip H.

21 April 2017

I had a dent in a tough spot on my fender. Got different quotes from many different places but came across dent terminator on yelp. I sent over 3 different angle shots to the number and was fairly quickly answered via text. We then set up and in person look at the dent for the next day. After getting my quote we set up an appointment for the day after. The overall service from day one was great(quick replies, straight to the point). The total time of work was also quick. 45 minutes and it was done. You can't even tell there was a dent. More...


Sergio P.

8 March 2017

Francesco and his team are beyond great. Very professional and very detailed smooth handling, I can't express enough how happy I am the way my  car came out! Amazingly smooth like glass. Francesco Thank You More...


Alphonse T.

18 February 2017

Francesco is an honest, brilliant, modern day Italian sculptor. ;). He quoted me on my hood which was pretty badly damaged at 5-6 hours labor.  When I returned to collect car he had said it took 8 hours, which I do believe but he was a man of his word and charged me for the 5 hours.  Car looks brand new. Francesco and his Team are true professionals that stand by their work and stand by their estimates. More...


Dagmara Wosko

28 January 2017

Omg if I could I would give 100 stars. I just wanna say what a great environment, I went there for the first time with my 2017 VW which had 3 dents Francesco explain everything took my car in and the whole job was done in no time with perfect results I couldn't believe and I couldn't even see where I had dents �Thank you so,so much for a great service and great job now I don't have to cry every time I'll get a dent just go and see Francesco. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF MY CAR ......I will definitely see you again and I'll tell all my friends abou you. Great job I am very, very happy customer ��� More...


Thomas L.

4 January 2017

Simply amazing! I went in the day before New Year's Eve to show them the huge dent in my 2014 Jetta's door. The owner (?) came out to take a look and set the proper expectations for me, and informed me that they wouldn't be able to take my car that day. I asked when it could be done the soonest, so he asked Sam to come in on his day off specifically so he can work on my car, and he agreed. I got a fair price right off the bat, no hassling necessary. When the day came, I dropped off my car and Sam told me it was going to take a while, but he would call me when it was done. Sure enough, I got a call around 5 hours later, saying that my car was ready to be picked up. When I got to the shop, I couldn't believe my eyes. It truly was as if the accident never happened. Unbelievable work. As if this wasn't enough, the man who I originally spoke with checked in on me a day or two later to make sure I was happy with the service. I'll be coming here from now on. More...


RoBo Reid

24 December 2016

Yesterday I dropped off my 2012 challenger. As a car enthusiast I know that a car is only original once. Francesco saved my car from bondo and re-painting. I was amazed at the work he had done. Next I will be bringing him my 1972 Dodge charger original survivor car. Thanks for a great job. I highly recommend Dent Terminator. Robo, NYC Mopar Club ************************************************** UPDATE : 4/25/2017 I Pick up my 1972 Charger SE Today! Unbelievable Francesco,Awesome I waited years to to have this dent fixed by someone I could trust and am glad I waited, you told me a year ago you can get it out,and your a man of your word ! If you have classic or modern car go see the Dent Terminator First! More...


Stephen W.

14 December 2016

Franceso is a great guy and was a pleasure to deal with in getting my car repaired. Very straight forward and no bs. I brought my car in to his shop, he gave me a quote and had my car repaired in two hours. Looks like new again and was definitely better than going through my insurance and having it repaired at a body shop. Plus not have my car for at least a week and have my rates go up. If you have a lease this is the way to go for sure. More...


Rocco Amoroso

29 October 2016

This guy is the real deal.. Hes like a sergeant.. The way he uses his tools, it's like magic.. Amazing to watch it's unbelievable what he can do.. Classic car guys out there, look no further.. THIS IS YOUR GUY!! More...


Q S.

27 October 2016

I came here to have several dings and dents removed from my vehicle. I originally found this company on Google while searching the Internet. Seeing the high-level of positive reviews, I decided directly to contact them without shopping around anywhere else. I spoke with Francesco over the phone several times and through text message. He is a sincere person and replied promptly. He made every effort to get the job done accordingly with my busy schedule. He thoroughly went over the dings and dents on my vehicle some of which I didn't know existed. He provided me a reasonable quote and finished the job earlier than expected. The work was absolutely fantastic. The car looks like there was never any dents there in the first place.  He was kind enough to follow up and show me the work he did when I picked up the vehicle.  Clean, honest work with pleasant service.  Highly recommend.  Thanks Francesco!!! More...


Alexis Santiago

9 October 2016

Francesco stood in contact with me before working on my car to answer any questions I may have had was very professional and his works also, he gave the exact amount of time it would take to get the job done which was only four hours which i killed by going shopping. He did a fantastic job you can not tell anything was done or wrong. Thank you so much would recommend to anyone who needs dents taken care of. More...


Jack L.

7 September 2016

Found them and they did what I expected.Fixed a dent on my driver side fender.Price is reasonable. Very well done, Francesco is the guy who inspect the work, he make sure everything was done right before letting you go! Definitely recommend this place  to everyone who needs to fix  dents on their vehicle. More...


David Anthony Robinson

6 September 2016

I took a Chrysler 300C to The Dent Terminator early morning on Labor Day, job was effective and efficient, I highly recommend this shop.


Leonard D.

21 August 2016

After reading most review on Yelp, I decide to give Francesco a try in repairing a dent from my car. I am glad I did, service was great dent was gone with reasonable price. The dent on my car was repaired same day. I highly recommended. More...


Chas C.

30 July 2016

The man is an artist and a gentleman. I had a good sized dent on the passenger side door. Several dents, actually, from the same impact. On a part of the door where the metal flares out a bit, so it's not a perfectly flat surface to begin with. On top of that, I stupidly let a drive-by dent remover offer to fix the dent one day right in front of my house, which sounded very convenient. He made it slightly worse. So I brought it to Francesco. Bottom line, the door is now perfect. I highly recommend Dent Terminator. More...


Tako G.

6 July 2016

Francesco is a true master. BEST OF THE BEST. I had a HUGE dent on my white Acura, and he made it disappear. Gone... When he said he would fix it, I was expecting some traces and imperfections, since the dent was so big and deep... 1 day later voila! Best dent repair, hands down. Aside from everything else, he is a super cool guy :) Look no further guys, if you have a dent,  go see Francesco. More...


Vadim Yablon

30 May 2016

Superior quality work!! Best solution for all your dent needs!! I have been using Terminator for all my cars and would recommend Francesco to anyone!!


Brit S.

28 February 2016

Francesco was great, my car looks like it did before the fender bender. I couldn't tell where my car was all smashed up. The price was right. Thank you!


Boris Khandrius

12 February 2016

I know this guy for over 15 years and I've seen many more they don't even come close so don't make a mistake he is defiantly worth every penny


Denis M.

10 February 2016

Stopped in on a Monday, got a quote. Brought my GTI in 2 days later. Few Hours later repaired out the door. Francesco and crew are true professionals.


Tammy L.

12 December 2015

Got a quote from an auto body shop, who wanted to paint and keep the car for two days. I asked about paintless dent removal and was told that it couldn't be done properly.Well, Francesco kept the car for just about two hours (I went shopping and got something to eat), charged me $100 less, and did a perfect repair. My car is only five months old, and had I gotten the fillers and paint, I would have lost much in the value of the car.So happy that I found him here on Yelp, and the positive reviews are well deserved! More...


Cheu Ngai

22 November 2015

He works his magic every single time I pay him a visit. He is without a doubt a master at his craft. The way he massages the songs and removes them in nothing but magic before your eyes. Those ugly eye sore dings that makes me cringe each time I see them, instantly disappears and becomes a thing of the past. I recommend PDR (paintless Dent Removal) to anyone that wants their cars to be in showroom condition. Dents that you would spend hundreds on to get repainted, he can even fix those too! Give him a call you won't be disappointed. More...


Andrea L.

14 November 2015

Excellent service at affordable prices, delivered quickly and professionally. I had a large dent on the side of my 2015 VW, and after receiving $800+ quotes from multiple body shops in Brooklyn, I spent less than a fifth of that with Dent Terminator, all done in 1 hour. Owner Francesco is friendly, professional, and keeps his promises. A+ More...


Amer Zijadić

10 October 2015

Highly recommended. Great quality work, Friendly. A+++


Keith Pedersen

1 October 2015

Someone put a nice dent in my door while parked. He took the dent out in half an hour and you cant see where it was. I was happy to see he was able to get it out without repainting the door. Great job and price. Thanks for the fast service! More...


Mia Foreman

29 September 2015

First let me just say how professional and extremely helpful the entire team was. My mechanic referred this place for dent repairs and I was extremely skeptical. I took the chance and I am beyond happy with the outcome. Francisco and his team were able to remove the dents and scratches from my fender(aluminum)and bumper (plastic) WITHOUT damaging the paint job of the parts- less than five hours. To put things in perspective my dealer quoted ~$1,800 to repair and others did not want to touch it given the make and unique color. I paid a slither of that and the outcome was so good I forgot where the dents and scratches were. They did a phenomenal job and I am so happy. Above and beyond moment- aside from the flawless results, I told him I needed my car to go get UHAUL boxes and I am not familiar with the neighborhood- for my move on 9/30. He took me and waited, while his team started to work on my car. That comes from doing what you love and treating people how you want to be treated. It was a pleasant surprise and I appreciate that extra mile. More...


Brian C.

21 August 2015

A clueless M-B van driver backed into my BMW alpine white sedan, leaving large dents and a deep dent the size of a dime. Even worse, the deep dent was on the front end of the hood which is covered by another sheet of metal underneath for reinforcement. Francesco was able to restore the hood to like new condition, which is amazing considering there was at most a 1cm gap with which to work. I can't see any signs of prior damage. Highly recommended! More...


Michael Hooten

19 July 2015

The dent terminator is the best in the business by far.....I took my 2015 black Hyundai sonata that had a nasty dent in the right fender to him .. And Dent terminator told me not to worry and.. I took a walk for a hour came back and my car was show room condition once again. I could not even see where the dent use to be... I recommend dent terminator to everyone.. He is the best you won't be disappointed.. Thanks again dent terminator More...


Stu B.

18 July 2015

Just had 2 dents on my BMW repaired today in about a hour. One dent on the fender was a major 4" 2 level valley and I was not sure if it would turn out well. I was very pleased and surprised that the repair on both dents came out looking like factory new with no signs of any imperfections. I would recommend this shop to any of my friends and will definitely be returning for future repairs. This is definitely a more cost effective and faster option then using a body shop and insurance. More...


mike s.

8 June 2015

Just check the photo out and see for yourself. After getting quoted 800+ by a dealer that the dent could not be removed without paint & repair work I was recommended to try out Francesco's shop. He proved them wrong and his price is very reasonable for the work that he does. Definitely will be back if I ever need his assistance again. More...


Edward L.

30 May 2015

My left fender was pushed in due to a parking accident and started making creaking noises whenever the driver side door would open. I wasn't sure if this was your typical dent removal work, but I looked on Yelp and Google for reviews and found Dent Terminator. I went to Francesco in the morning and was able to talk to him and get a really great quote. Three hours later, he called and told me he was done. The result was flawless. He fixed the dent and managed to pull the fender back into the original position. Car looked as if nothing has ever happened. I'd highly recommend Francesco for any dent work. I know I'll be back for any dent removals. More...



14 May 2015

I was very pleased with the work Francesco did. I would highly recommend his services. The work was top notch and the best part was it was done within 3 hours. Dealing with a traditional auto body means losing your car for the better part of a week. Then there's the paint issues. This place has neither of those drawbacks. More...


Allison G.

19 April 2015

Amazing and professional work! I was referred to them through my ding shield protection plan with BMW. Initially the company dispatched the job to another company who started the job, messed it up, and never returned to complete the job. After complaining to the company they referred me to Dent Terminator. They were so nice and within about 3 hours my car went back to looking brand new! More...


Ashraf Abdelrahim

11 April 2015

This man works miracles . I recommend any body with any dings or dents to stop by here and left him take them out . Very nice and reasonable guy with his prices service


Artyom Trubnikov

1 April 2015

Fixed me right up in no time! Excellent quality work.


Natalia N.

27 March 2015

If you want your car looking like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor you've arrived to the right place. Francesco is a true artist and will repair your car in no time and a fraction of the cost of a regular paint job. Do not hesitate. My car and I went back to normal after Francesco fixed an annoying dent that was driving nuts! Thank you so much Francesco! More...


Mohamed Alawlaqi

24 March 2015

Highly recommended. He did an amazing job pulling a body line dent from my car. I recommend him to anyone looking to fix any dent at a reasonable price. Will go back to him if needed.


Slava C.

17 February 2015

He does great work and is very efficient. Took 4 dents out of my car for very reasonable amount of money. Also minimized the scratch I had for no extra charge, this was second time I been to this place with a car and he did great on both.


Jay Posner

3 February 2015

Awesome job! Removed two dents on a vinyl wrapped vehicle for a very reasonable amount. Service was professional and very fast. Would recommend!


Oleg Max

29 January 2015

Local body shop wanted to charge me $2k for repairs on my 6-series a couple of years ago. He removed all dents for only $500! Had work done on my 3-series yesterday. The car looks like new and still has original paint. Great job! More...


Karen A.

17 January 2015

My husband's friend recommended dent terminator after our car got sideswiped. After reading some very favorable reviews, we decided to call them. I spoke to a very nice gentleman named Francesco who told me to send a pic of the damage.  He got back to me right away with a very fair estimate and told me it would take approximately an hour to fix. We got an estimate from our local body shop of twice as much as dent terminator and we were told they would have the car for two days!  Francesco was able to give me an appt for the day and time I wanted. Upon arriving to his place of business, he met us outside  and took the car in right away. The car  was done within two hours and his work was incredible!  You would never know the car was ever dented. I highly recommend Francesco for his professionalism, honesty and beautiful end results! More...


Willie Martin

13 December 2014

Had work done on my 08 Escalade & the job was SUPERB! No more dents! I will definitely refer them to anyone I know!!! Thanks! (WILL)


Chris G.

17 September 2014

Francesco is a magician when it comes to removing dents.  I recently noticed the front of my car was swiped that cause 3 dents and some scratches.  Unfortunately the scratches are to deep to buff out but Francesco was able to remove about 95% of the dent damage.  The car now looks so much better than before.I guarantee you will be amazed at the work he can do and how quickly he can do it.  Francesco was able to repair my car in less than hour.  I dropped the car off took a walk down 18th ave, got a coffee and walked back to the shop and my car was ready.  The shop is in Brooklyn but for the quality of work Francesco provides it is worth the trip.  Compared to the cost a collision shop wanted to repair the damage the fee here was very reasonable.I highly recommend Dent Terminator and Francesco to anyone that has dents and dings they want removed. More...


Jeffrey C.

6 June 2014

Really amazing work. Had my car for two days and a tree fell on it, gashing in the hood. They made it look brand new. Really impressed.The workshop is a bit out if the way, but there are coffee shops and cafés nearby on 86th St to wait in while they work their weird magic. Francesco makes you feel comfortable the whole time, like he knows wth he's doing.Very good experience. Hope I never need to come back, but absolutely would if necessary. More...


Ippolito Massimo

17 March 2014



Angela DiCostanzo Vitale

20 November 2013

He is a perfectionist, car comes out good as new!


David Aronov

16 November 2013

Great job highly recommend. Takes his time and does the work right.