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We offer real social media services, with a personal touch, that draw in your ideal clients and fans to your pages and site and then convert them into leads, which we then convert into sales. Fake likes and views that most of our competitors entice clients with cannot become sales.



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"We spend real time in a social network made up of real people to find your ideal client or investor and bring them in to you and your page and your network and then work with them. Fake likes and views that most of our competitors entice clients with cannot become sales. In fact, due to the way that algorithms of social media and companies like google work; you are insulating yourself from future possible clients or fans or investors when you have fake likes or even non-targeted to your niche industry/expertise likes, fans or interactions." - Alexandra

"My wife. She actually started the business. We had been working for someone else... for free.

He was the son of a big-name celebrity and I was struck by the possibilities, she was more skeptical, but as we met in this job, she stayed for me. He put us through hell and we didn't actually get more than talk in return.

Finally, when I brought in yet another million dollar deal and was told it was half of that, then found out the truth, I walked away. Alexandra, my wife, had already began working on our own company, having realized we were jumping through hoops, going through all we did and coming up against brick walls while making money for and trying to help someone who clearly either did not appreciate the value of what we had to bring (doubtful as I am sure he enjoyed the millions or at least the cars and house he bought with them) or thought we wouldn't leave.

Rather than waste her time and her value on someone I had felt loyalty towards to remain until I had absolute proof was the way he wound up being, she spent what little she had left (after investing in him at my behest) on an LLC, a distribution wing and mastering and perfecting the skills she had learned while working to help our former boss rich. She had a BA in Journalism and Sociology and an MA in Cognitive Semiotics, as well as being a licensed therapist and coach and multi-talented international musician.... but she had not formally learned web design, graphics, SEO and everything else she had been asked to do.... and done ... like myself, she scored him one deal after another in her work in these areas... So now we work together, along with a team that usually, ordinary people outside of the celebrity or Fortune 500 sphere do not have access to, who left when we did seeing the same issues in working for nothing but a headache...

And we make dreams come true , make sales happen and make businesses expand and grow for those who see the value that brings and who we see as bringing a value to the world in truly pursuing their passions and dreams in the first place." Adam

"We help peoples dreams come true. They have a vision or a passion or an idea. With social media, web design and graphics work, along with some top notch SEO, and our ability to create e-commerce and dropshipping, as well as automated sales, shipping and email campaigns and follow ups ... we make that dream not only a reality, but a success story." Alexandra