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DeLucias Pizzeria

Valley, Nevada

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DeLucias Pizzeria

Valley, Nevada


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Mario B.

9 October 2019

This place is really good I always get the pasta or chicken wings service is the best prices aren't that bad either


Chip W.

19 September 2019

The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because of the issue with the bill. To see the full review please go to YouTube and look up Eatin out in Vegas with Chip, or follow this linkyoutu.be/D5azwAM_0l8


Alexis G.

14 September 2019

Love how authentic the pizza tastes when you eat at the restaurant it's delicious the garlic knots are also good and small so you don't get over stuffed. The only complaint I have is that they deliver the food cold everytime we order delivery but if your going to eat in definitely recommend! More...


Nancy D.

26 July 2019

DELICIOSO!!No acid, heartburn, too spicy taste. Just really fresh pizza. We ordered the ham, spinach and black olive and it was a great choice. The crust was thin and light with just a slight crunch, just enough sauce and NONE of the toppings slid off. Perfect. The eatery was charming, clean and welcoming. No loud in-your-face music. We will be back to this 'momma and pappa' restaurant because of the food and it feels comfortable.  Not old fashioned, inviting for sure. More...


Amanda B.

15 May 2019

The food here is DELICIOUS and they give you a lot! Our family tried many different things and loved them all! The calzones are my fave! Very family-friendly environment and service is excellent! More...


Hadassa Garibay

30 April 2019

the food here is delicious, I highly recommend them!! great food great service!!!


Valeria V.

15 April 2019

Went here and asked for the recommendations. The special pizza with their secret recipe is sooo delicious! The cheese and the sauce are really good, but definitely my favorite was the calzone with spinach and artichoke! Would definitely recommend this place and I'll be coming back soon. More...


Darryn Law

25 March 2019

Great Pizza!! Very friendly staff and owner.


Oscar Gutierrez

19 March 2019

good food, awesome service.


Sue M.

16 March 2019

This place has delicious food! Closest to New York in Vegas...the meatball parm, eggplant parm, philly cheesesteak, garlic knots and pizza....AMAZING!!! The owner is a sweet man...I highly recommend! More...


Jennifer L.

23 February 2019

Amazing every single time!! So my husband bought me some pizza and garlic knots and let me tell you, both were amazing!!! The people who work here are always nice and the food is always fresh. Garlic knots are my favorite so yummy definitely need to give them a try if you eat here! More...


Eve R.

15 February 2019

It's a bit of a wait to get your food but it is WORTH IT!! I had the baked ziti and it was amazing! The customer service was pleasant and I couldn't be happier. My husband and I will be coming here more often. More...


Robert M.

15 February 2019

Came with my wife for a quick bite, had the baked ziti for her and philly for me.  First,  the cheese had great stretch and my philly was delicious.  Need to try the pizza before I give it a 5 star review,  but that baked ziti was on point. More...


Karo Adamyan

28 January 2019

The pizza is really good and so are the chicken tenders. They have really tasty food in this place and great prices.


Dillyn McDonald

27 January 2019

Come check out my work super bowl Sunday specials


Requela Montgomery

27 January 2019

Great family vibe, delicious grub and comfortable atmosphere. The prices are fair and they deliver!


Christine G.

5 January 2019

Awesome pizza! I would give a 5 but they gave me a regular Caesar salad instead of a chicken Caesar salad on my last order (I was only charged for a regular so no biggie). I must say that the Garlic Medley pizza is probably the best pizza I've had (and I'm 42!). The girl who takes orders by phone seems a little confused with the POS system, but I'm guessing they maybe had new systems installed recently (so giving them a break on that too). Either way, I'd much rather enjoy a truly authentic pizza from Delucias than one from those chain stores. More...


Richard Gammel

20 November 2018

A post race tradition! Pizza, wings, and fries.


Gladys Foster

20 November 2018

I loved this place. I could eat pizza 3 times a day.


Mandy Monroe

20 November 2018

Great little family owned restaurant; decent prices and good food �


Mike Jundt

20 November 2018

Love the food employees here are even better from Arizona for one meal awesome


Hannah Pepper

20 November 2018

Love it!!


Marcus Gonzales

20 November 2018

Best damn food I've had in a long time .. 2 thumbs up..


Lisa A Gonzales

17 November 2018

Everything. The pizza sauce to the homemade meatballs.


Daniel R.

16 November 2018

Super long day at work, and it's Friday night.I saw this place by chance as I was driving by, decided to pop in because I didn't want to make dinner tonight.Everyone was busy doing their thing, until I walked in and they quickly acknowledged me and took my order. It's, 7pm and they tell me that they've ended individual slice orders, but they suggest their new personal 11" size. It's pretty cheap so I order that. In about 8-12 minutes they bring it to my table. I thought that it'd be a bit much for me, but it was so damn good!Excuse the photo because I stopped mid meal to write this out, so the pizza doesn't look as fresh as it did when it was served.Dear God in heaven, it was cooked perfectly. Not doughy, yet not crunchy.They've made my day for sure! More...


Sean K.

10 November 2018

This place has new ownership and the new owner has made the food much better and more consistent.  Pizza is excellent and the pasta (particularly the Baked Ziti) is very flavorful.   The new owner is a great guy and is really trying hard to do a good job.   It's a shame that there isn't a way to start over with new reviews now that ownership has changed.   Try it.  You won't regret it! More...


Richard M.

6 June 2018

Loving this place!  The 2 slice lunch special is amazing!!!!   Always a good choice for lunch!


Allison B.

5 May 2018

Got here for an early lunch and this was my first tome dining in .. my date has gotten stuff to go here before so I've always known I like the sauce and the quality for the prices especially supporting local but Candy (sorry if it's with a K) made this a definite 5 Star dine in experience by getting our appetizer order in while we decided on our lunch choices , having our waters refilled and for keeping communication open and always being helpful while having our stuff to us fresh and ready with a smile.We also got to enjoy the Kentucky derby while eating cause they had it set up on the tv for a nice cozy north town spot with cool specials especially 20% off military Monday's this place is worth giving a shot .Especially if you're just looking for a yummy slice of pizza or some fried mushrooms that taste delicious More...


Clarissa G.

28 April 2018

Best Italian sub I've had in a LONG time. They do not slump out on anything. And the staff is always very nice.


Courtney M.

14 April 2018

The atmosphere is very friendly and inviting. The staff very helpful with suggestions from their menu.  So many selections, and the personal pizza is a pretty big size for one person. Their fries were perfectly crispy.


Tiffanie E.

11 November 2017

We stopped in on a recommendation and we are glad we did! The pizza had an original, creamy sauce and yummy fresh cheese. Our wings were fried fresh and tossed in mild sauce (next time I'm trying BBQ!) The fries were crispy and delish! We loved the home made ranch dressing with our wings. The owner is super friendly and all the employees inquired about our meal! The TV wasn't loud enough to be distracting and we were able to converse without having to yell over it. Would definitely hit them up again! More...


Donna Y.

17 September 2017

I love the white pizza. And my daughter always gets a Stromboli she says it's the best.    It is always good  and the employees are  always nice


Way W.

8 May 2017

I ordered chicken fingers and French fries, its enough to feed two people. It tasted great and the customer service was good. The price was fair.


Joy C.

30 March 2017

Best pies on this side of town.  Always fresh and consistently delicious! Never disappointed even my 4 children love it! Highly satisfied!


Shawn K.

28 December 2016

This is definitely not 3 star pizza. I've ordered quite a few times & it has been very good, every time. I could also tell that the fries are cooked in clean oil, because of their freshness. I'll give them a shot on their other items very soon. More...


Lisa R.

13 December 2016

Delucias pizza reminds me of pies from back east!!!  The flavor and the crust is awesome!!!! We get it once a week. Honestly , don't do the wings unless you like the little tiny kinds with no meat. Salads are good, garlic knots, just not the wings!!!! More...


Tom M.

13 November 2016

This is my favorite place in town. Yes, the thin-crust pizza is VERY good, but most every time there I get the wings (get them baked--call ahead!), one of the sandwiches, and either the ravioli or the lasagna...with extra meatballs. Wow, it's always better than I remembered.The people there are nice, the location a good bit away from the Vegas scene, and the atmospere is downright perfect. Yes, they have nearby delivery, but what a lot of people do is call ahead (say, 45 minutes) and pick up their food after getting Starbucks or groceries from the adjacent Smith's.Delucia's Pizzeria's dine-in experience is also wonderful, truly the best IMHO. You don't HAVE TO dress up, and you can ignore the big screen TV there, but there's no way you can miss the fantastic food you're about to enjoy. You'll be glad you ate at Delucia's. More...


Amber W.

7 October 2016

This small mom and pop shop is so the perfect spot to turn around a bad day. The staff always puts a smile on my face. The whole atmosphere makes me feel like I'm an a small town. Their pizza is ooey-gooey cheesey perfection, and you can't beat their specials. I work down the street and always look forward to my lunches here. To all the employees: Great job guys! More...


Delaney P.

24 July 2016

A very typical mom and pop shop - the wait staff definitely likes to gossip. With that said the food is delicious! My husband I frequent here for the $5 pizza deal at lunch time. We also use this place as our go to for wings. They have a great variety of flavors all of which are delicious. I've also tried most of their pasta dishes which are all very good. A tad pricey for dinner time but still one of my favorite places for lunch. More...


Jasmine F.

27 May 2016

Thank you guys for great customer service, fast delivery, and amazing food! We ordered the family feast and it was cheap! And fed my family of 5 dinner and lunch the next day. I can judge a pizza place if the pizza is good with no toppings besides cheese. And this was excellent!! Perfect thin crispy crust! The sauce was DELISH! The cheesy bread was so yummy as was the marinara. The wings were great my kids devoured them. Chicken fingers perfectly seasoned and homemade fresh! The fries as my 5 yr old said were EXCELLENT lol and thank you for the extra hot sauce! Only downside was I want more pizza so we will be ordering again soon! Thank you! More...


Greg F.

31 March 2016

I was pleasantly surprised! Coming from the East Coast, I've been spoiled with some excellent pizza in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philly, and NYC. I was craving a "slice" from home and decided to try the neighborhood pizza shop. The service was friendly and the pizza was bangin' More...


Susie Rose F.

31 October 2015

Great New York style Pizza!  The crust is perfect. The toppings are not dry or overcooked.  We dined in. But you can also call in your order for pick up or delivery.  (If you're within their delivery area.) More...


Paul K.

29 October 2015

Not sure how this place has 3 stars. It is by far the best new york style pizza available in las vegas. I come from south green valley 40 min drive each way as often as i can for the excellent pizza they have there. If you are looking for the taste of an authentic NY pizza this is the place. I am from NY so my opinion holds a much higher value than that of a local or non new yorker. VERY GOOD PIZZA. Its that simple. I just wish there was a location closer to henderson ! Ps please move store or open another !! More...


Mike C.

14 October 2015

Love this place! The food is consistently good and they use all fresh ingredients. The meatballs are even made fresh there! The Calzone crust is not too thick, covered in garlic butter, and it is stuffed full. The sauce is served on the side for dipping.They deliver as well but going in for lunch or dinner is a good option. I've heard that the Chicken Parm is wonderful as well. More...


Derryce H.

15 July 2015

They have some great pizza options. It was a little pricey but delicious authentic pizza. I ordered because I had a coupon for buy one get one pizza and ordered one pizza with spinach and feta. I did not eat there but the atmosphere seemed nice and family oriented. The staff was friendly on the phone and when I picked up my order.On their website there's also a coupon for a free cookie. More...


Axel S.

6 June 2015

Best Italian Restaurant around here, owner is here all the time to make sure your meal is a 5 star meal and boy it is!I had pizza, calzone, lasagna, garlic knots and pasta and all of it is great.Great service too.Must TRY!


Andrea M.

11 May 2015

I enjoy the pizza here, I've never had a bad experience. I love the The Victoria pizza, I add mushrooms to mine and it's amazing! You have to try the honey BBQ wings--this honey BBQ sauce is good! It does take awhile to get your order but you watch them make it while you wait and it makes you appreciate the freshness of their ingredients! Freshly tossed pizza crust right in front of you! More...


Sarah P.

5 April 2015

Look, it's hard to find great pizza here in Vegas, especially on the north east part of town. I am from the east coast and I grew up with the best pizza around and I have been searching and searching for something that even comes close. Delucias is by far the closest I have found. They have thin crust, delicious sauce, and good toppings.  The only downside is that the atmosphere needs some work, but the food quality is great which is why I always go back. More...


Mace H.

21 March 2015

Smiling, friendly, and home like service. Chicken parma was very good. Pizza was great. Cosy cute place. We got a coupon and tried for the first time. Will be going back.


Clare D.

6 March 2015

I've never had a bad experience at Delucias. The pizza is decent and the baked ziti is awesome. It's the perfect last minute dinner on those weeknights were cooking just isn't happening. Don't expect everyone working to be warm and fuzzy, they are to the point and friendly if you aren't rude. It's a pizza joint not a 5 start restaurant. I have learned not to order their white pizza but it's good otherwise. Pro tip, order a side of hot wing sauce to dip your pizza in. More...


Nataly A.

16 February 2015

Ordered a large peperoni pizza and two orders of bone in chicken wings. NY style thin crust pizza cooked perfect and the parmesan garlic wings were amazing!We will order from here again.


Velvette W.

12 January 2015

Fast, easy to order, that even tell you if they have a better deal then a coupon we love the pizza here and staff is pretty cool too Their canolis are small but yummy! We've been ordering here for a few years now and will continue !! More...


Jacob C.

8 October 2014

I think these guys should be rated higher.  I live nearby and this was my families "go to" pizza.  They have a military discount and various specials through out the week too.  We always got the large pepperoni and mushroom and were never disappointed.  You can tell they use the best ingredients.  Pretty close to pizza back east. More...


Blaire C.

29 August 2014

Got the Yelp offer for $15 for $30, and then read that it was for dine in only which led to our first dine in experience. (I've had delivery several times). The place was dead so we sat ourselves at a table and the manager came over and gave us menus and explained that their prices had changed and they were in the middle of changing out menus so the prices listed would be off. No big deal. She got our drink order and brought it out. We decided on a calzone, a Stromboli, (both of which you pick your three toppings), an order of medium wings, and chicken strips and fries for our little guy. The manager was very sweet and asked how we would like our food to come out, in which order, and when we wanted our little guys food too. She then went back and helped to prepare our food, a little odd to see a manager serving and cooking and maybe one other employee in the kitchen. Oh well. The wings came out and they were EXCELLENT!!!! Crispy. hot. Great sauce. And great bleu cheese! Yes! We were skeptical because usually at pizza places we find the wings either slimy, crappy sauce, cold, or watered down gross bleu cheese; none of which was the case here. We made it a point to figure out which night was 50¢ wing night after that (Tuesdays FYI). My sons chicken and fries came out hot as well and he went to work. Not long after my calzone and the husbands Stromboli came out. Yum yum yum. Excellent pick. My husbands Stromboli was EXTREMELY greasy but he didn't mind as he knew it was from the sausage, and all he did was tilt the tray to drain the oil so it didn't make the bread soggy. No big deal. The one thing that was kinda crappy was that I had to actually get up and walk to the counter twice for a refill, probably someone should have been looking out for that. We also had to flag the manager down for boxes and the check.When the check came I gave the manager my yelp coupon, that I had just purchased before walking in the door. She then informed me the owner stopped taking yelp coupons "a long time ago" and no longer accepted them. Uhhh, I just bought this. And we wouldn't have ordered what we did if I didn't have it.... After a moment of awkward silence and me getting angry, the manager said she would call the owner and ask. She took my phone with her (ok?) and went into the back. she came back a few minutes later and apologized profusely saying the owner had just approved this new yelp coupon and hadn't told her. Not her fault, that's fine, as long as I can use it. So that was resolved after that. Overall great food !!! Nice manager. But if you're gonna dine in, don't expect much in the way of service. More...


Jaye G.

21 May 2014

So.... We, boyfriend and I, walk into this place unsure of what to expect. It wasn't busy. Kind of cute. While standing at the counter, I first smell the scent of a recently lit match and then a chocolatey smell overwhelms me. Boyfriend orders a Stromboli and I order Spaghetti with meat sauce. Loving chocolate as much as I do, I'm getting distracted by the smell. Takes me a few minutes and we find the BROWNIES! The lady at the front counter says it's her own recipe. They're still warm. Excited, we buy one and forgo the normalcy of dinner before desert and taste. Moist, delicious, warm gooey brownie. Food was delicious, although there was more sauce than I'd like, but that's a personal preference. =) More...



11 December 2013

I will drive clear across Las Vegas just to get a pizza from this restaurant!! The ingredients are fresh and the workers are always friendly. I can call ahead and it will be ready by the time I walk in the door. Try it, you won't be sorry!!! More...


Karen B.

26 September 2013

Great Service .......yummy pizza and calzones!!!  This pizzeria ROCKS!!!


Roger T.

12 June 2013

Ok so the first time I tried these guys I gave them 2 stars. I don't know why it took me over a year to try them out again but I should of done it earlier! I remember the pizza was just ok. This time I tried their wings because it was 40 cent wing Tuesday. 60 Wings for 25 bucks is not a bad deal at all. They have some good choices for your sauces. The 6 flavors I got were Spicy Bbq, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Medium Hot, Tangy Carolina, and Honey Barbeque. All were good. I also had two orders of the garlic knots. Man they are addicting! You cant eat just one! Comes with marinara sauce to dip it in. They have all other sorts of food items, like chicken fingers, wraps, and calzones just to name a few. Their large menu has all these and more so if you cant make up your mind, just pick something and come back another time to try the other stuff.These guys have all sorts of specials. If you check in you can get 5 dollars off any 18 inch pizza. They also have a 10 for 20 dollar offer. If you look on their in store to go menu and website, (deluciaspizzeria.com) All the daily and weekly specials are on there. My favorites are the 2 slices of pizza and a drink for 5 dollars lunch deal and 40 cent wing Tuesdays.Service is good. They are a family owned restaurant so you know they are always trying to work hard to earn your business. Some random info: Hours are Mon thru Thurs 11 am to 9 pm, Fri and Sat 11 am to 10 pm. Closed Sundays. They have a flat screen HD tv so you can watch your favorite sporting event while eating or waiting for your food.So Delucia's im glad I checked you out again and I will be back for sure! More...


Mike M.

12 May 2013

Always great pizza, ice cold Shock Top & great, friendly service!


Michael V.

6 March 2013

I am VERY picky about my pizza. Unlike my wife who can handle Dominos and Pizza Hut, I need a great tasting New York style pie. Delucias fills that greatly. The pizza is awesome and the delivery people are great. BUT, the people on the phone suck. They're usually rude and curt. I'm constantly put on hold for a simple order. But once all that is done I have to give them props for great pizza. More...


Mark G.

26 November 2012

Hands down my favorite pizza place in Vegas. Their pizza is delicious and typically made to order as I most often take advantage of their "two slices and a drink" special. Hard to beat that value as I am stuffed for under $7. Rare in this city. More...


Craig M.

23 June 2012

Great cheesy bread and wings. I find it's best to call your order in ahead of time so it'll be ready when you arrive.


Kassondra S.

3 June 2012

I didn't realize that this pizzeria was New York style only. I'm not a huge fan of thin crust pizza, so I asked if there were any thicker crusted options. The woman taking my order offered to use a larger dough and stretch it out to the smaller size I wanted to achieve a thicker crust... at no extra charge! The pizza still ended up being thin, but it was really good so I didn't mind. The wait was a little long too. It's probably because we opted to dine-in during the dinner rush on a weekend. 4 stars for excellent service, good pizza, and a chill atmosphere (with ESPN!) I don't spend a lot of time in NLV, but I'll def come in again when I'm over here. More...


Ashley A.

24 February 2012

Awesome awesome awesome pizza! Tastes like its straight from New York! They also deliver which is a plus for my preg stomach when I get a craving! Order the 18" with mushroom and ricotta cheese...its awesome! More...


Geddi R.

4 August 2011

This place us amazing!! Very small but intimate :) all the food is yummy and made when u order it! Everyones really nice and the prices aren't bad either! favorite food: calzones!!!!!!


Shokouh H.

25 March 2011

I have been there only once and ordered the ham, pineapple, red onion pizza to go. I absolutely loved it and definitely would go back there. The pizzas are a little more expensive than some other places but the quality was really great and the pizza tasted super fresh. Probably the best pizza I have had since a long time. :) More...


Eman S.

19 January 2011

Attention! North Las Vegas has good pizza, Rhia! (pizzeria)Couple buddies of mine wanted to eat out in the afternoon after playing the Nintendo Wii the night/morning before.  We decided to go with Delucias Pizzeria.  As soon as I walk in I noticed the smell of brownies. What the heck? I thought this was a Pizza joint not Mrs. Fields!  Anyways, it felt like a homestyle restaurant, and I loved it. We were greeted right away and you can see dough being kneaded, tossed and stretched right thru a glass window. Fresh!  Two big screen TV's with sports on. Bathrooms were clean.Luckily, they had a gameday special.  Which was the 18" cheese pizza, 20 wings with up to 4 flavors, and a big serving of fries all for $26 bucks.  The wings and fries alone was worth it.  Keep in mind we split it between 3 hungry people and we had leftovers for a 4th person.  As for the pizza, it was BIG with plenty of cheese plus we added pepperoni.  Why the star deduction? The dough was dry. =\. I will be definitely coming back here. More...


Crystal V.

24 September 2010

When I first walked into this place I felt like I was stepping into a pizza joint "back East." From the darkened interior to the dimly lit menu board, I love the feel of this place.The people who work here are friendly and I enjoy watching the owner stretch the pizza dough. She's good!On to the pizza. I love it. Again, it reminds me of a traditional pizzeria from the east coast. The flavors are simple but well done. They use just the right amount of toppings so that the pizza is slightly floppy without having things fall off in your lap. I recommend the meatball pizza. Also, the garlic knots are very, very good. They're always warm, steamy, and slightly chewy. And believe it or not, the brownies are also good.I didn't think that the pizza was too expensive. The portions are large but good quality. More...


Indera P.

5 October 2009

I'm from NY and Delucia's Pizzeria reminds me of NY. You walk in and it smells like an authentic NY pizzeria. It's like my little piece of home here in Vegas. The pizza isn't overly saucy and the cheese isn't gross like some of the chains. The pizzas are made to order fresh when you order. One of my favorite items on the menu are the garlic knots. They are actual KNOTS. Most places give you garlic bread or sticks or even huge roll looking things. Delucia's gives you garlic knots just like NY. More...

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