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Tina Tarallo-Butler

27 July 2019

Great food and good size portions.


Tina B.

27 July 2019

Great food and decent size portions.  Very quaint.  It is a family owned business.  Has been opened since 1981!  They are also dog friendly.


Will B.

24 July 2019

I was part of the team that opened The Del Monte Cafe (nearly 30 years ago !).  It is remarkably the same.  Straightforward menu with daily specials.  Breakfast is always good, lunch is strong, dinner is  home-style simple delicious.  This is a stop whenever I return to SLO.  Really happy for Debbie - and Mark - for maintaining the consistency of the food and its presentation.  7/24/19 More...


Kelli Sheffield

20 July 2019

Nice retro vibe! Loved the old booths and the food was delicious!


Victoria K.

19 July 2019

Cute little place, very friendly staff and delicious food! Best of all the prices were very reasonable!


David V. Gurrola

14 July 2019

Atmosphere and good food.


Donald K.

13 July 2019

Great place, good food and unpretentious. I had the Stuffed French Toast with Strawberries and it was great. Nicely prepared with enough strawberries for every bite. Great service, fair price. I'll definitely return. More...


Erich S.

3 July 2019

Great service and ambiance. I had the bacon and eggs which was good but the bacon wasn't thick like I had hoped.


M. M.

27 June 2019

I have been coming here for years! Nothing changes, the decor is still as it was when I was a kid. I love it. And the food is just as great. I always get the Quiche Lorraine when they have it. It's the best, always so fluffy. More...


Freddy J.

24 June 2019

This is the best breakfast spot in all SLO. I had the best country fried steak in the Universe. The Stuffed French toast was delicious. Sherry was an awesome server! Must come! More...


Sandi H.

24 June 2019

AMBIANCE - 5 STARSThis is a super-historic property located in the Historic Railroad District, and the interior decor does it justice--with archival photos on the walls and really cute retro booths to sit in and a counter in the back. SERVICE - 4 STARSFriendly, welcoming, accommodating. Kept my Diet Coke refilled which is a MUST for me.FOOD - 3 STARSI ran in for a quick lunch, so I kept my order simple with a BLT and fries and a Diet Coke. The fries were brown and looked overcooked... but were mushy. Not my thing. Maybe a green salad next time.I asked for my BLT on sourdough. What came out was more like white bread (probably just a mass-produced version of sourdough but not, like, real sourdough) and although it had been apparently toasted, it was still white--no browned toasty spots. The bread was crunchy but more like stale crunchy, as though it had been toasted too long on a low setting instead of just firing it up quick. In future, I would change my bread selection and ask them to make it dark.I heard another table look at their sandwich and ask if it had been toasted and poke at it. The waitress offered to re-toast it but the patron declined (and I didn't bother saying anything because I don't think toasting it again in the same manner would've fixed it).The bacon was OK but nothing special. Not very crispy and lukewarm. The L and the T on the BLT were fresh, as was the avocado that I asked to add. I would definitely go back, especially for the atmosphere and when I've got more time, but maybe for breakfast/brunch to try their eggy dishes. More...


B L.

15 June 2019

We've eaten at Del Monte Cafe for years and have always enjoyed the food, atmosphere and staff.  However, lately, quality of breakfast has really suffered.  Quiche was undercooked twice; over easy eggs were undercooked with minimally cooked whites; potatoes O'Brien were either frozen and thrown in fryer then over cooked or they were old and over cooked; English Muffins were hard and tasted stale; chicken fried steak was hard as shoe leather with accompanying food just as bad.  Quality of food on par with IHOP but with much higher cost.  When paying $25-$35 for breakfast, it should be much better than what they are serving.  Sadly, after 25 years, We won't be going back; there are many more breakfast choices in the SLO area. More...


Jace C.

6 June 2019

I was driving through SLO in the morning and was looking for a breakfast/brunch place and this came up. It's very close to downtown. I have to say I was not disappointed. It's a small cafe locked in a time capsule. Loved the historical atmosphere. The food came out timely and delicious. I ordered the country fried steak. This place knows how to do breakfast foods right! More...


Rosa M.

1 June 2019

Amazing food! The French fries are home made and the ranch dressing is so delish!!  I had the Reuben sandwich and it was so good. The quality of the food was spot on and the servers were super nice and made us feel welcomed. More...


Janet Paulsen

31 May 2019

Salmon cakes on a bed of fresh spinach with vinaigrette dressing. Absolutely delicious. I would order that again


HelloKitty P.

28 May 2019

We decide to stop here for breakfast. We had breakfast but, the coffee was awful it tasted nasty. I told the waiter to take the coffee away and decide to order orange juice. After I paid I look at the recipe they still charge me for the coffee. After I told them it water down and tasted nasty still got charged for it. I notice our party was treated different from the local there. They wasn't too friendly with us but, with others it was a different story. More...


Scott Reubelt

19 May 2019

First time there and great food and service


Gordon C.

17 May 2019

Great little spot In San Luis Obispo. Very good breakfast and the price is right. Old style café with a friendly staff


Dawn L.

13 May 2019

Super cute Cafe. Feels like you're stepping back in time to a quaint little Cafe. The decor is adorable and the booths are quite comfortable. Fresh flowers at every table are a very nice touch. The iced tea is really delicious as is their lunch choices. I had the Cobb salad which was massive and chock full of delicious bits of Bleu cheese crumbles, thick smoky bacon, turkey, Swiss cheese, hard boiled egg, avocado and topped off with a super delicious house made vinaigrette dressing. Boyfriend had a Del burger which he asked them to make into a double Del burger and it was quite impressive. Cooked to perfection and was topped off with lots of delicious toppings including avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and dressing. Food was excellent. We will definitely be back next time we are in the area! Service was warm and friendly as well. More...


Daniel P.

27 April 2019

Great tasting food, Great chef and friendly waiters. It's a great home cooked meal inspired menu.


Ella R.

24 April 2019

My favorite place to eat in Santa Maria. Everyone is really friendly and the vibe is really cozy. Their food is amazing and it's a wonderful place for a date or quick breakfast.


Tonya M.

23 April 2019

Had the chicken fried steak, pancakes and French toast. Great food, staff and food was out in 8 minutes!  Amazing and we will be back.


Epitacio M.

17 April 2019

Great breakfast. Pancakes and ham scramble are recommended, nice relaxing atmosphere definitely come back again


Christina S.

14 April 2019

Small cafe (be prepared to wait for a table), very nice outdoor seating area. Staff was friendly and food was great.I'd recommend to others and will be back myself.


Eric H.

3 April 2019

A great breakfast place. Fluffy pancakes, soft biscuits and great gravy. I would recommend the Chicken Fried steak or the Carnitas Machaca


Michelle N.

1 April 2019

This place is doing everything right. If you want some delicious brunch while feeling incredibly comfortable, this is where you need to be. It's definitely old-fashioned and the staff is very friendly and inviting. Waiting area is very limited so it can make for an uncomfortable wait -- however the quality of the food totally makes up for it! I ordered two eggs over medium with potatoes and linguisa, and I substituted toast with gravy and biscuits, which I did not regret at all! Although it was a bit extra, the gravy and biscuits were my favorite part of my meal! The biscuit was so fluffy, perfectly crumbly, and just melted in your mouth! The gravy was incredibly delicious as well. Portions are generous, so beware! I was only able to eat 75% percent of my plate. They serve mimosas. Parking seems rather limited and seating too! Seating outside is great because there's a lot of shade and no wind, making it a pleasant experience to enjoy their awesome food. The inside is a bit too crammed for me, but if you're into old-fashioned seating and that vibe in general, it won't disappoint!Next time I'm in the area, I will be back! More...


David S.

30 March 2019

FINALLY FOUND MY BREAKFAST SPOT!  Mimosas, pancakes, bacon, CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, potatoes,  biscuits and gravy everything was great!!! Service A++ Thank you!


Casey R.

29 March 2019

Overall good breakfast place. Not the most amazing breakfast I've ever had but it was decent and good be job done. The place is small and has a very rustic/old fashion type of feel to it. We got there around 8AM and there was only one other table there. By the time we left all the inside tables were gone. They also have outdoor seating. More...


Pete A.

28 February 2019

Delicious for dinner - lots of fish options and a berry-licious dessert. Sat in the front window and watched the town SLO down...


Norfolk P.

22 February 2019

Terrible weak coffee.  Told waitress who said they are aware and that there was "nothing they could do" because the coffee grinder made it that way.  Food good and service good otherwise...   marking down for ongoing coffee problem More...


David E.

30 January 2019

Went here on my dad's birthday on a visit to San Luis Obispo and loved it! I had the pulled pork scrambled eggs special and it was a hearty breakfast and exactly what I wanted. The flavor wasn't as complex or interesting as it could have been but it still really hit the spot. Staff was friendly and super helpful--we had to wait about twenty minutes for a table outside but they made us feel welcomed while we waited. Sitting outside was very nice but the interior of the restaurant is not very nice. Looks kind of worn out and not very well decorated, as does the outside of the building. However, don't be put off by the appearance! The food and staff definitely make up for it and I wholeheartedly recommend this place. Try to get a table outside though. More...


Nairy A.

21 January 2019

What a darling, quaint, old-fashioned diner. I gasped when I walked in, it felt like I had traveled back in time in the best way. It's a cozy, old-school diner with warm toned wood and full counter with red upholstered seats. I should probably start taking about the food since that's what you're likely interested in lol. The food is solid. I have only been here for breakfast and it's reasonably priced, delicious, and they don't skimp on the food. Something I've noticed in SLO is the rise of small portions for a lot of money - perhaps to develop a reputation of being upscale but I find it pretentious. Del Monte Cafe does not fall prey to this. You get a hearty breakfast for reasonable prices. Per our waitress' suggestion of her favorite omelet I had the Western (similar to a Denver omelet) and it was so yummy. Not overcooked or dry, abundant with ham, onion, and green peppers. My fiance had the French toast (you can get 6 slices for $9 and change!!). It was all so yummy. They also gave me a salad in lieu of potatoes as I requested and I was really satisfied with their ranch - what is it about diner ranch that is so dang delicious? Definite perk is that they have their own parking lot in the back and an adorable patio if you'd like to sit outside. We waited to sit inside since it was so vintagey there. If you're at all a fan of vintage aesthetic or you want a good old fashioned diner without any extra frills, I highly recommend Del Monte Cafe. More...


Aman K.

19 January 2019

One of my favorite diners. Very good food reasonably priced and best of all the waitress was so so sweet. Will definitely go again


Rob R.

13 January 2019

Needs a new American Flag, the tattered and torn one they fly is either a statement or disrespect.


Johnny K.

7 January 2019

This place is a staple in San Luis Obispo for classic Americana dining! Family owned and operated this classic diner serves up some amazing food! I love a good club sandwich and Del Monte doesn't disappoint serving up one of the best I've ever had! Stacked High with meat, with perfectly toasted sourdough! I will be back for the crab sandwich I saw on the menu if it's anything like the club it will be amazing! Great attentive & friendly service this place is a gem! More...


Emma D.

2 January 2019

Stopped here on our way to Los Angeles from Cambria. SUCH A WONDERFUL LITTLE HIDDEN TREASURE. it looks small and dark from the front, but once you walk in it's a cozy, busy place with great service. I ordered the turkey club, and my fiancé ordered the country fried steak. The food was delicious!  A little disappointed they weren't serving eggs Benedict because it wasn't Sunday. Would come back. More...


Tamara C.

20 December 2018

So far this is beyond my favorite breakfast place in town!! They have good home cooked food, and yummy specials.  Great prices!! Very cute and quaint place!! Our waitress was very sweet!! Definitely a local's favorite!! We will definitely be back here!! More...


James Duncan

4 December 2018

Great food great place great people nice town!!!


Whit L.

1 December 2018

Ordered the "Cowboy Special" that consist of an open face biscuit with gravy, over medium egg and sausage. Probably one of the best I've had in the area along with the potatoes on the side. What I appreciated is that the food tasted "clean". What I mean by that is no greasy after taste or "cross over contamination" (ex. Tasting fries on your French toast). I'll be coming back for more. More...


Eli R.

30 November 2018

Food is great, service is good, but milk is way too expensive, they give you a child size cup of milk and charge you $3.00. I should have bought a gallon of milk and brought it in myself. More...


Matt S.

27 November 2018

Del Monte is one of those breakfast joints in San Luis Obispo that is a bit of an institution. I can't believe I've never written a review!! I think they've been here since the dawn of time, so they're obviously doing something right. The ambiance is great, walk ability is excellent and the food is ... food. It's the same diner food served in 85% (ninety-two percent of statistics are made up on the spot - don't ask me to cite my sources) of diners in California. It's good - it'll fill the void, but there's nothing that I have had on the menu that really gets me motivated to come back. More...


Rachel D.

4 November 2018

The food was pretty good overall. I had the ham and cheese eggs scramble, which was deciduous. However, the potatoes were hard and dry and seemed like they had been cooked hours before and kept warm. The wheat toast was strange and seemed burned. My breakfast companion had the fresh toast and it was really good. More...


Samantha S.

31 October 2018

Absolutely love this place with its laidback family friendly feel. Highly recommend the 2+2+2 for breakfast and the chicken avocado salad for lunch or dinner.


Richard G.

30 October 2018

This is a great p,ace to hang out with y out r puppy for breakfast or lunch. Then walk across the street to the historic train station and railroad museum


Jeff G.

29 October 2018

After riding a fun 223 miles up from Ventura we, a group of more than 22, arrived at the restaurant at 2pm....right at closing time.  We were advised the restaurant was closed. We were about to head for a pizza place down the road when one of the waitresses came outside and said the staff don't mind staying late....come on in!  Wow!  How cool is that!!! Breakfast....lunch...all of the food was good, as was the service. Especially for a large last minute group. Thank you Del Monte staff for staying open for us! We'll be back....but earlier :) More...


Karin F.

29 October 2018

We went there yesterday for breakfast.  You can enjoy the patio or eating inside.Service was polite and efficient.  The menu has many choices.Two of us had the ham scramble with potatoes; the other one enjoyed Eggs Benedict served with potatoes.  Everything was yummy.Two things I would recommend: change the potatoes for some home cooked potatoes; and don't overtoast the bread (maybe it was hard bread to begin with). More...


Debbie J.

28 October 2018

Good breakfast with one minor issue - stained coffee cups. I asked for a clean one and they brought it right away. Good wait staff.


Ashley D.

24 October 2018

I've been here a couple of times for breakfast/brunch and have always had a pleasant experience!  A cute converted old house with patio seating that is just perfect on a warm day! The staff are all super sweet and they even provide water for your furry friends! Everything we have tried has been really good, nothing too special, but just good food. More...


Luke G.

23 October 2018

This is the next best thing to having a meal at grandma's house. Everything they serve is excellent. Been there many times and will continue eating there at every opportunity.


Karen R.

21 October 2018

I've never had a bad breakfast here ever. It was lunchtime so I ordered a salad.  Mistake the chicken was questionable in the salad.  My other diner got french fries a good 10min after his sandwich was already 3/4 eaten.  But sad to say not cooked through. I guess I should have ordered breakfast. More...


Kara S.

16 October 2018

Just polished off another great breakfast at Del Monte Cafe after swimming at Sinsheimer pool.Today's choice: spinach, bacon, and cheese omelette. You know how some places cook their bacon into little rock-hard tooth-boosting nuggets? Not the team at Del Monte. Their bacon is chewy, flavorful, and nicely sized. The spinach is fresh, and just the right amount of cheese. Since I can't eat bread, super server April said I can get sliced tomatoes. Yes! She also keeps the coffee coming at the perfect intervals. This popular place gets super busy on the weekends, so expect to wait. It's worth it. Or come in during the week for a chill and peaceful way to ease into the day ahead. More...


Nancy M.

16 October 2018

Adorable outdoor seating area! We had the chicken fried steak and chorizo burrito and both were delicious! Ramone's carrot cake was one of the best I've ever had! Can't wait to come back and try lunch More...


Lua F.

1 October 2018

The stuffed French toast was delectable! I wish it had more sugar or cream in the stuffing but you can see that they don't skimp on the good stuff. We waited about 30 minutes to be seated and finally got two stools at the bar. Service was fast and the kids working here were excellent. There isn't really a waiting area (just 4 chairs) so the only improvement I can see would be a couple of nice benches outside for people to wait becUse this place is popping! More...


Toni W.

1 October 2018

I really love this place, some of the best breakfast I've found in slo. However the lack of consistency has been getting me down. Every time I order the breakfast burrito, it is completely different from any other time I have ordered it. Sometimes it's really great, but about 70% of the time it is either undercooked chorizo, waaay too much cheese, or burnt potatoes. I still love all of the other menu items, but I think I'll steer clear of the burrito Photos:Two of burritos ordered and picked up at the same time More...


Amie F.

18 September 2018

Great service, great food! Such a cool environment if you have never experienced a breakfast place like this!


Estrella S.

16 September 2018

Had the 2+2+2 breakfast. Those pancakes were HUGE! So good though. It was way better than your typical ihop pancakes. The breakfast came with 2 sausages and 2 eggs. My boyfriend had the stuffed french toast. It had a whole bunch of strawberries on top. It was so good. I suggest the stuff french toast!Just heard the wrong conversation coming from behind the counter. They were talking about the last customers who had a $64 check and didn't leave a tip. My boyfriend and I heard that convo and it was awkward as a customer. More...


Bev R.

6 September 2018

My favorite breakfast spot, the Stuffed French Toast with strawberries is so delicious!  It's a special, but you can ask for it.  Great cafe spot in SLO!


Geoffrey R.

4 September 2018

We finally made it to this cute little restaurant across the street from the train station.  Great breakfast and lunch menu, and the breakfast we had was delicious!  The service was also very nice.  Highly recommended if you're in the area! More...


Ryan S.

3 September 2018

Awful breakfast experience...big disappointment. Do not go here, you will regret it.We got the bagel breakfast sandwich and French toast. Breakfast sandwich had a green tomato (not ripe yet at all), half-toasted bagel and "continental-hotel-esq" eggs. Came with potatoes which had no seasoning and weren't cooked all the way through. The French toast wasn't bad but also wasn't good, not sure how to describe it. Wait staff was very rude and didn't notice us as we waited in the front for quite some time. Eventually sat ourselves in the outdoor patio and after another ten minutes were finally noticed. More...


Stephanie C.

3 September 2018

I was pretty disappointed by this place. The reviews seemed pretty good so my friends and I decided to have breakfast here. I thought the food was pretty basic, something I could quickly make at home. Also it was pretty pricy, but the service was good. Maybe lunch and dinner are better, but we definitely weren't fans of the breakfast. More...


Katie K.

2 September 2018

WOOOWed about breakfast!!! We didn't even get a chance to review the menu because the specials sounded so good...we had the traditional Benedict and the cream cheese stuffed French toast and OMG i cannot even stress to you the environment outside with all the pretty views + the amazing coffee + the amazing food   Mmmm i can't wait to come back to this place. Very old town grandmas kitchen vibes and your grandma still has it More...


Liz W.

2 September 2018

Amazing, amazing and amazing. They have really good coffee. Their omelette are super good, not greasy it all. The potatoes just hit the spot and the way that they serve you a side of fruit is pretty amazing. Really, really good!


Martin H.

28 August 2018

Nice, quaint diner bursting with delicious breakfast fare. Reminiscent of the old fashioned diner, you won't find greasy overcooked eggs, this place loves their craft but isn't overly pretentious about it. The menu options will leave you unable to pick one. Worth the wait if they'd had one. As long as you beat the rush expect to be in and out within 30 minutes if you need. Had their pork machaca with eggs and lovely Obrien potatoes and some toast. 9.5/10 no doubt!!! More...


Babs F.

16 August 2018

Super cute spot with the friendliest service! Had the ham scramble which was delicious. Also tried their stuffed French toast which was delicious and their potatoes O'Brien are seriously the best! They were fast And our server was the sweetest lady. Will definitely eat here again whenever I'm in the area. More...


Ann T.

4 August 2018

This restaurant is the greatest. Old style down home American food prepared really well. The best breakfast place. So good for dinner if you want meatloaf or fried chicken, etc.This isn't some dingy diner, so the food is priced accordingly. Essentially, it's what you want in a real cafe. More...


Jonathan D.

31 July 2018

I've gone here a couple times. Both have been spectacular. The waitress' are fantastic and sweet, and the food is great. It's also a really cool looking place and the outside seating is ideal. I highly recommend you try them out. More...


Alyssa B.

27 July 2018

It was a fun place to visit. It's very casual, as one may expect for a cafe. We went on a busy morning but the service was very slow, the food was not very hot by time we got it but still decent. A good place for a fun morning out. More...


Emily I.

24 July 2018

Stopped for breakfast on a Sunday morning before leaving heading home from Pismo Beach.Good location & cute patio; good serviceFood was only OK. Pretty standard breakfast food. I had the breakfast bagel and it was made with iceberg lettuce and hardly ripe tomatoes with no flavor. The bagel was barely toasted, which was disappointing, since the cream cheese just sort of clumped on it. More...


Rachael O.

23 July 2018

We had a big Girl Scout group come in for lunch before we caught the train back home and it was great. I had made reservations for 17 scouts and 5 adults and when we came in they were all ready for us out on the patio. The staff was friendly and accommodating. All are our food was hot and I had no complaints from my group. More...


K. R.

18 July 2018

They have great classic breakfast options, and they have a nice outdoor patio with umbrellas to eat outside. I enjoy the retro diner like feel, but it can get busy sometimes. You may be waiting a bit at peak times like breakfast/brunch. More...


Deirdre G.

15 July 2018

I've been coming to Del Monte cafe for over thirty years and have enjoyed the food and the staff until today. Though we were seated right a way we had to wait fifteen minutes for our order to be taken. It seems our waitress had to sit and talk with her friends a little bit before she took more orders. She then proceeded to take the orders of people that were seated after us. I watched her do the same thing with other patrons. She is clueless to how to take orders. We then waited another twenty five minutes for our order. She never asked if we needed anything else and she never came back to check on us. The food was so so. Very disappointed. More...


Richard H.

14 July 2018

Enjoyed an excellent breakfast today. We sat outside on the patio to accommodate our party of eight and it was delightful. Waitstaff was efficient and courteous. We ordered omelets and pancakes all around, and each one was tasty, hot and filling.Based on today's experience, I will be back as often as I visit SLO. More...


Camille P.

8 July 2018

We give this cafe 3.5/5. The French toast was delicious! Chicken fried steak also very good although a little heavy on the gravy. I asked for my eggs scrambled with cheese which were also perfectly done and my husband asked for his bacon crispy which was also great. BUT, the "O'Brien Potatoes" that were supposed to be a sauteed combination of peppers, onions and potatoes were not well done. The onions and peppers were raw and barely cooked/warm. The potatoes were warm but you could tell they were not fresh. The biscuit and gravy that came with my meal was so heavily coated in gravy it was impossible to eat. We would come back for the food and maybe try something else. The service was ok, but it took a while.foe them to straighten out who was actually helping us. The servers were young and missing some of the key etiquettes when it comes to service. By the time our waitress came back to check on us, we were done and ready for the bill. A few kinks to work out or perhaps just a reflection of the crazy hot day but overall not bad. More...


Kat M.

4 July 2018

The food and service was just fantastic. Very dog friendly on patio too. I'm very picky about my chicken salad sandwiches but it was so good here. Will definitely be back


James S.

25 June 2018

The Del Monte Cafe is a local tradition that predates my 1995 arrival in San Luis Obispo County.  It is a quaint little cafe, with a cozy patio.  The Food is all A-OK.  On my recent visit I sat at the bar, since I was traveling solo, and also did not want to wait for a table. I was craving pancakes and I knew that Del Monte could satisfy that.  I ordered blueberry pancakes and a side of sausage.  Two gigantic pancakes literally as big as the plate came out with fresh blueberries placed in between the two cakes.  That was a lot of pancake!  I could not quite finish them, but they were yummy and the sausage was good, too.  I think it came to about $15 before tip.  Del Monte Cafe is a good breakfast choice in SLO! More...


Estela F.

24 June 2018

Save your money and go to Denny's. Not good at all like it looks on Yelp. The coffee is terrible they only have heavy whipping cream to go with it, the strawberries I got with the French toast tasted so old. This is not worth your money, to top it off the silverware was not clean at all. I really don't know what is the big fuzz about this place. GO to Denny's I highly recommend it there! More...


Maira C.

24 June 2018

Not a good experience the coffee taste like water they only give you heavy whipping cream the water also taste like straight tap water I ordered the veggie Benedict and The veggies taste old. The server was nice but would not recommend this place at all! More...


Roger S.

23 June 2018

Awesome little restaurant,  perfect for breakfast or lunch.  Great choices,  good ambiance,  cute counter to sit at, tables,  booths,  and a fantastic shady little outdoor area to sit. Decent coffee.  I deducted one star for undercooked breakfast potatoes. A great alternative to endless waits at other well known breakfast spots. More...


Emma H.

23 June 2018

lemme tell you about Del Monte cafe! the atmosphere is so upbeat and happy. love the wersten vibe! there buss girl Jayde Malzone deserves a raise. she is so sweet and always kept my water full! More...


Joel C.

20 June 2018

My first time here and I go for lunch at 11:30 on a Wednesday. I had to wait for a table. It's only 11:30 AM! I ordered a crab melt sandwich and salad. A nice big salad came right away and I thought I had made a good choice of a restaurant. Then the crab melt sandwich came and my hopes were dashed. It was terrible. Soggy and didn't taste very good. Don't order the crab melt! The only other positive, besides the salad, was the good service. More...


Marianne B.

16 June 2018

This was the worst breakfast ever! The eggs were cold the meat was burnt somehow the potatoes were both cold and burnt. We waited for 1 hour after we ordered for that and not one person offered to fill our coffee. And it was over priced. I asked to speak with the manager and I was told that there was no manager on duty. I was not surprised by that. Saturday morning you would think someone would be in charge. I do not recommend this restaurant and we will never return. More...


Ozzie S.

15 June 2018

Man I love mom and pop food stops, that's all I support buuut these types of situations make it hard to support them... the place wasn't busy today and we walked in through the front door, just 1 couple ahead of my friend and I. So we waited for 10 minutes without anyone coming up to us, I asked the couple if they had been helped yet and said no, so I looked around to see plenty of empty tables that were full of dirty dishes.  Then after another 5 minutes went by the male of the couple had come back from the bathroom and said he noticed a wait list that you could sign which was on the breakfast bar. So I went to sign it and came back to the front door. Total time waited was 20 minutes now with multiple workers walking by looking in our direction but not acknowledging any of us as I kept trying to speak to them. Finally a waitress came up and asked the couple how many was in their party and then sat them. Then a couple walked through the doors behind us into the cafe as the waitress was coming back and instead of asking us how many people were with us, she asked them and then seat them immediately without even speaking to us, so we asked for a manager because now since there is no point in staying because we feel ignored, I wanted to offer a suggestion of perhaps hanging the list near the front door so guests could easily see that there was a waiting list if no host is present, but instead of taking it as advice she took it as an insult responding that by us having to talk to her she's now not being attentive to her 2 tables... so now we are going to eat at Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe Just down the street. Sorry for the rant, I wasn't going to write a yelp review, but the fact the manager blew us off was the cherry on top to this post! I love you all, stay happy and hungry :) More...


Sahithi B.

15 June 2018

FOOD: Ordered the Stuffed French Toast for $11. The stuffing was plain cream cream cheese which was thick and strong flavor wise. I didn't like the cream cheese so I ate around it and the French toast  was delicious! It was topped with lots of fresh strawberries and powdered sugar. If I ever come back I would definitely order the regular French toast. SERVICE: All the workers were really kind and they allowed us to order off of the breakfast menu even though the breakfast menu ended at 11. They also allowed us to order the stuffed French toast which is a special item not listed on the menu. Lastly, my friend doesn't eat gluten so the waitress immediately offered to substitute toast with corn tortillas. Overall was a very nice and affordable place to eat brunch with friends! More...


Genevieve L.

11 June 2018

I love the atmosphere and the patio here. I would choose street parking than attempt to find a spot in their wee parking lot. We got sausage and eggs over easy and pancakes. Eggs and sausage were perfect! I prefer my potatoes cooked a different way but we can't get all we want all the time. I liked how the bell peppers still had a crunch mixed in with the potatoes. The pancakes soaked up the butter and syrup and were so good!!!!! We got iced tea and never had an empty glass. Our waitress was fantastic. We were full when she asked us if we wanted dessert ..... and mentioned Malts and milkshakes from a vintage machine.... so we now have a reason to come back ASAP! Two ice teas and two breakfast meals - $29.09. Being a professional cook myself, I could have made this at home but I didn't want to cook and I'm so happy we chose this place! More...


Mrs S.

3 June 2018

I wish I could put zero stars. First time to SLO and we were looking forward to a yummy breakfast at this cute little spot. We sat at the counter for an hour and never received our food. Very disappointing to have sat in a hot restaurant with no AC for an hour and not even receive an apology for forgetting about our order. We ended up walking out. Horrible way to end our getaway to SLO. More...


Laura Y.

2 June 2018

I had liver and onions that came with bacon, green salad and mashed potatoes and it was better than my Mom's.  Hand to God (Our only real Savior) this food is the homemade kitchen love came out of!  My husband the Club Sandwich,fries and a green salad. Homemade dressing too!  We sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening! Quiet on the patio other than the traffic which was of no consequence to us. More...


Carmen M.

23 May 2018

Blown away by how the place is set up. Booths inside setup nicely with room to move around, clean bathroom and kitchen, great staff. Outdoor seating available in a garden-like setup. Food is fresh and well seasoned, menu items include traditional breakfast options as well as some unique items. Coffee a little on the weak side for my taste but overall a really good family oriented, chill place to eat, relax and enjoy. More...


Vanessa B.

12 May 2018

My food was delicious, my coffee was hot and my server said both "cool beans" and "boogie". Highly recommend.


Deb B.

4 May 2018

Came here for breakfast with my Aunt as I was early for a train ride to San Francisco. This place delivers! The meals are hearty and fresh. The line was long, and the wait was about 20 minutes on a Sunday morning. Obviously a great local place for brunch. Highly recommend it and I will return as I take the train often out of SLO. More...


Hailey M.

22 April 2018

Cute breakfast place in SLO with nice outside dining. Came here with a fairly large group of 11 people and it took a while for us to be seated together. The service was very attentive to our party, and constantly made sure our waters were filled, like I would take one sip and a waitress was there to refill it. The food also came out quickly, and everything tasted good, especially the pancakes which were large and fluffy and everything you'd hope a pancake to be. The potatoes on the other hand were kind of bland, but still crispy so I wasn't mad. The only thing I was a little sad about was that no one bothered to tell our party about the specials! Only later while we were all eating our food did the waitress tell he table next to us that they had daily specials of Eggs Benedict, Spanish scramble, and veggie Benedict. If I had known about the specials I definitely would have ordered the Eggs Benedict, but oh well, maybe next time. More...


Teresa Ryan Wright

17 April 2018

The food is always great at Del Monte! I’ll miss it when I move away...


kelson b.

15 April 2018

WOW, HOLY BAD SERVICE. 40 min wait after being cut by some old entitled people. When we finally got seated got coffee with no cream, had to ask three times for cream, we got delivered cuddled cream, which ruined our coffee. When we managed to get someone to come back by they took are coffee and didn't bring fresh coffee by until we asked again. Then we got watery coffee and 2% milk not cream. Ordered burrito for me, and eggs for the wife, four sets of people that were seated after us got their food well before we did. An hour after we ordered we got our food. Such amazingly bad service I would never recommend  anyone eat here. More...


Nicholas G.

2 April 2018

Pretty good food but waitress spilled salsa on my shirt and only comped coffee and fruit? The $100 shirt is stained and she forgot to bring the bread she also dropped. Very annoying way to start a Monday. More...


Aislinn O.

30 March 2018

First time eating here and very happy with the experience! We sat outside on the patio which was clean and the perfect amount of sunny. The service was great, our server was very nice and read us the specials as soon as we sat down. The food came out quickly and everything was delicious. I got the fresh vegetable omelette and added cheddar cheese and subbed fresh fruit for the toast. When we were finished eating the server brought us the check right away and I would say we had a very positive experience. We will be back soon! More...


Kelly R.

26 March 2018

Great service, great food, cute atmosphere! I couldn't ask for more! The server was super accommodating to my order variations and the food was delicious. My fiancé ordered the ham scramble and ate every bite! I ordered a bacon and avocado omelette, which was super yummy. We also shared banana pancakes (which wasn't on their menu) and they were SO good - fluffy, moist, tasty . I definitely recommend this place! Plus the inside and outside are sooooo cute!!!!! More...


Miss R.

25 March 2018

Love that yelp led us to this little cafe where they are big on service and great tasting food. We arrived at 11am and sat at the counter. So we got to see a bunch of food go out. My husband loved the chicken fried steak and I head a tasty BLT and salty fries. Although it was not lunch time yet, I was still able to get a BLT. It is a very small dinner and very busy but we didn't mind for it was quaint. Definitely recommend this place for breakfast and lunch. More...


Leni W.

18 March 2018

Meh...we were fed and didn't leave hungry but I can't say I would come back.  The stuffed French toast did look good though....


Sam B.

15 March 2018

Our favorite place for breakfast. Been going here for 6 years. Food is always yummy and reasonably priced, the patio is a super nice place to sit on warm sunny days and the staff has made huge efforts to remember our order! Highly recommended, never ordered anything we didn't like! More...


Ryan B.

4 March 2018

gets the job done for breakfast... but nothing special. went here as a party of 4 on a sunday morning around 10. Took about 15 to be seated, and about an hour total to eat pay and leave. Very old school diner ma and pop shop experience. Classic egg dishes, omelettes, pancakes etc. Got the 2 egg combo w fruit instead of potatoes (1.25$) and dry english muffin (came out buttered). The service was kind of friendly but nothing memorable and definitely wasn't not staffed adequately given the amount of traffic in the restaurant. The food was so-so. I wasn't upset w it but I also didn't eat anything off of my or my boyfriends plate (he got the ham and eggs and potatoes) that was worth coming back for. Would return for a simple breakfast, it was a cute atmosphere and nice food. More...


Philip B.

13 February 2018

Small place with outside seating. By the reviews I was expecting more but was a bit disappointed. I perused the menu until the waitress mentioned the "Specials" of the day, which I ordered the Spinach, Chorizo Egg scramble with O'brian taters and I got the "wheat" bread (I wanted whole wheat LOL). The waitress was super nice. I would of asked her to marry me if I was the marrying kind but I was also was afraid of her answer so we kept this business like. The scramble was ehhh. The O'brians were good (seemed deep fried potatoes) the wheat toast was more like Melba toast.  Hard and brittle, maybe stale. No napkins on the table. Only the one that was with the utensils.   Sure she would have brought more if I had asked. With meal and tip (good tip) $20.00. I thought it was a bit much for the value but I've yet to try other items which reviewers speak highly of. Will I be back?  Maybe if I'm in the area again ( just visiting) More...


Chris Norte

31 January 2018

Very good food and Great sevice defanitely a great place to try


John Cates

15 January 2018

Sunday breakfast on the patio was perfect. Service was quick, lots of smiles & attentiveness by the wait staff and delicious food of course! My favorite breakfast spot in SLO, will always go there when in town. More...


Mimi S.

15 January 2018

A great little find ... delicious food ... great staff .... couldn't ask for a better breakfast!  The homemade salsa is delicious!


John C.

14 January 2018

Yelp reviews, ratings and the picture of the front of the building made us go here for breakfast today. I had the chili and eggs, my wife had the vegi Benedict(only served on Sundays). Delicious all around! Potatos obrian were awesome, big quantities. Service was impeccable, wait staff were super friendly, energetic and full of smiles, food came in less than 10 minutes after ordering. Love the outside patio, Definately will eat here next time we're in SLO! More...


Shalayna A.

1 January 2018

A solid breakfast and lunch spot in San Luis Obispo. I've been visiting this location on and off for about 15 years, and love that the menu hasn't changed much in those years. Food is consistently good, and well priced for the area and quality. I typically clear my plate, and leave full and happy. I typically do the chicken sandwich or the turkey melt for lunch. My friend recently got the oriental chicken salad and it was enormous (and yummy!)Staff are nice and laid back. Overall a great spot to stop in and relax for a bit. More...


K C.

30 December 2017

Eat here regularly. Yummy yummy quiche. Great salads--huge usually, but great choices. Overall, a great American cafe.



17 December 2017

Our fave solid weekend breakfast spot! The service is always great and the food never disappoints. They keep our coffee and bellies full. You can always get fruit instead of a toast option and I think they even have mimosas. Booths inside when it's chilly out / patio seating for those warmer mornings. Fave breakfast-Any omelette Eggs Benedict Stuffed French toast More...


S R.

6 December 2017

This is our second time here and although the food is consistently good they REALLY need to do some serious cleaning. This is positively gross.


Ashleymarie Bermudez

3 December 2017

Really good food Staff very friendly and attentive


Rick C.

2 December 2017

After all the rave reviews I was disappointed or impressed. It was good but just normal breakfast food.


Haze L.

26 November 2017

Wonderful, very pleasant experience and atmosphere. Attentive waitresses even on a busy Sunday. Had a shrimp, avocado omelet with spinach, bacon and toast. Food has a delicious homemade taste that satisfied breakfast and lunch craving. Will bring my family next time. Great find! More...


Taylor H.

21 November 2017

Awesome environment. Nice little parking lot right behind the restaurant. Nice outdoor patio (and dog friendly). Incredibly fast service. Maybe a little too fast, the waitress brought the check before any of us had even made a dent in our breakfasts. Regardless, food was great and well-priced and big portions. I'd definitely go back! More...


Tricia G.

14 November 2017

Really enjoyed this breakfast!  Great handmade salmon cakes!  Very quaint location right near the train station!


Paul Santello

12 November 2017

Best breakfast in SLO. Worth the long wait! Highly recommend.


Cole H.

10 November 2017

Really good diner style breakfast. Great place to go if you're looking for some pancakes, French toast or unlimited cups of coffee. Pretty good food, would recommend the omlets. More...


David G.

26 October 2017

Housed in a building built in 1919 and founded in 1981 Del Monte Cafe serves up really good comfort food in a classic dinner setting.We had the stuffed french toast which was awesome...great fluffy bread with delicious fruit.Ham Scramble was delicious as well with tons of meat and cheese. Comes with their great potatoes.I had the 2x2x2....two eggs, two pancakes, and two homemade sausage patties....again it was really good and really fresh. Their pancakes are light and fluffy.They also serve fresh squeezed juices.I will definetly come back and I highly recommend you check them out.P.S. If the weather is great ( it is always great in SLO) dine out on the patio! It is dog friendly as well. More...


Rose Rains

25 October 2017

Wonderful atmosphere, service, and even better food. Fresh and flavorful, just the way we like it. You gotta try the buttermilk pancakes! Wow! Like mom wished she could make. More...


LooLoo A.

21 October 2017

Affordable. Homey. Nice scenery. Added chocolate chips to my pancakes for an additional 75 cents. The bacon was delicious. Suggest in ordering 2+2+2. The pancakes were deliciously huge. More...


Pat Brumback

9 October 2017

Great place to enjoy a wonderful breakfast on the outdoor patio. Always a plus dog friendly...


Erica H.

5 October 2017

I guess I came at a good time. There was plenty of seating and our server was prompt and attentive to our needs, he was friendly and  accommodating.  We will definitely come back. Plus, the music was great old, old country like El Paso by Marty Robbins!  Super great experience. More...


Jessica Y.

21 September 2017

Our favorite breakfast place! Super fast, kind and casual. Adorable outdoor seating and super old school diner on the inside. Weekends can be a little busy! My boyfriend is obsessed with their breakfast burrito! Will be back soon! More...


Bryanna P.

21 September 2017

Simple.  Delicious.  We got here really early since my husband's flight had been delayed, the cafe had caught my eye on my way to the Airport.  So when we decided we were going to have breakfast I knew exactly where we were going to go. It is a real quaint building, and it was fairly empty since it was like 7am on a Sunday.  We were able to order right away, my husband opted for the sausage (Though it had a different name) & eggs, and I went for the green chili & cheese omelet.  Not too much longer and our food had arrived.  It was simple but it was delicious.  I really enjoyed my omelet & the potatoes which were extra crispy & amazing (I love potatoes).  My husband really enjoyed his breakfast as well, and the sausage was pretty dang delicious (Yes we share). Overall the food was good and the portions were just right.  Great & friendly service, along with reasonable pricing especially for this area.  I would definitely come here again. More...


Jordan M.

20 September 2017

We enjoyed our breakfast at the Del Monte Cafe. The location is very convenient to CalPoly and parking is provided behind the restaurant. The place is not high end whatsoever, but is rather a quaint and friendly diner. We had the french toast, mushroom omelette and pancakes, all of which were promptly served and very tasty. More...


Adam M.

6 September 2017

Food was pretty good, expect a long wait on a Sunday (like most places). We brought our children and enjoyed the hospitality they provide to kids. They bring out toys for the kids to play with while waiting for food. It's always nice to be able to enjoy a meal while your kids play quietly. More...


Gretchen M.

2 September 2017

I truly enjoyed the old fashioned feel of the Del Monte cafe. Good food, good service, good times.


Lori M.

12 August 2017

Super quaint restaurant by the railroad. Casual atmosphere, comfort food. We had breakfast: french toast, ham and cheese omelette, blueberry pancakes. I was going to give this place 3 stars, because it took about 40 minutes to get our food and it wasn't overly busy (people waiting out the door). We were seated right away and the waitresses were very friendly, but after we ordered is when the trouble began. Then when we did get our food, they didn't bring the side of bacon for my daughter. This place redeemed itself when we pointed out the missing food, by taking it off the bill, as well as the 2 hot chocolates that we did drink, to apologize for the wait. If you're looking for a good standard breakfast place, definitely try here. Nothing AMAZING, but good food at reasonable price. More...


Michelle U.

10 August 2017

Great service, great food. I had the special of the day, pork chops and eggs and the chops were so tender.  Will definitely visit again next time we're in SLO!


Brianna H.

5 August 2017

Deserves 5 stars all around. The food was delicious, felt very welcoming, great service (quick on the coffee refills), beautiful patio. I would definitely recommend this place. More...


Makayla S.

5 August 2017

First time dinning here at Del Monte Cafe. Cute and friendly environment! The staff helped us right away and the food came out quickly. The breakfast was great, I had the bagel sandwich, it was so filling and flavorful! The rest of my group had the country fried steak and said they could eat it every morning! More...


Leslie S.

3 August 2017

Surprisingly tasty breakfast from this unassuming little diner. The potatoes were amazing and the pancakes huge and fluffy. The sausage patties were hand formed and seasoned to perfection. I will be back! More...


Patricia N.

24 July 2017

Tasty and fun.  Keep in mind that booths are a bit small,  so seating can be tight.


Mary G.

22 July 2017

Love this place! The food is consistently good :) Service is great. You will get an exceptional experience if you happen to be blessed with being served by Katya!


Marco M.

18 July 2017

Very friendly staff, good food, lovely deck, toys for the kid: we had a wonderful breakfast. Thanks


Randy S.

16 July 2017

M7shroom and cheese omelet was excellent. I think the potatoes O'Brien were frozen potatoes. If, not, they tasted like it. My wife and son agreed the pancakes were some of the best they have had. It's a nice little restaurant. More...


Breanna S.

16 July 2017

Completely underwhelmed with our visit. When we first arrived we had to seek out someone to find out if we seat our selves or not (a common theme I see in these reviews... they must not read them or learn from them). From there we were seated after a few mins and given menus and told the specials. Immediately after the specials it seemed we were expected to order. Our server never returned to to refill our drinks, which I only had water with like, one ice cube in it, so it would've been nice to have some cold water considering how warm it was inside. We waited over 45 mins for French toast and a bagel sandwich. When we got our food we weren't spoken too. We never had anyone check in on us and ask how everything was or if we needed anything.We had our receipt placed in our table without a word, not even a thank you or take your time. And again upon finishing up we were never acknowledged again. The food was completely mediocre and didn't make up for the horrible service. I would not recommend this place to anyone and we will not be back. More...


Pryscilla T.

16 July 2017

When it comes to breakfast foods, it can either blow my mind or be a standard breakfast spot with good food, decent portions, and good prices.Food: Good/Decent- Ordered bacon, eggs, toast, and potatoes ($10.50)- They give about 3 slices with 2 eggs and the potatoes were cut into chunks and were crisp on the outside- They only have Half and Half for the coffee, no creamers- Their fruit plate is on the large side and has pieces of watermelon, blueberries, cantaloupe, oranges, and honeydew.- I wish I got the sausage patties instead of the bacon because bacon tends to be the same everywhere. My friend said it was crisp and juicy.Location/Parking: Decent- Located on the corner of a street- Some parking to the side of the restaurant but I could see it getting packed pretty quickly- This place is packed! We waited about 10 mins for a 3 person table. They have seating indoors and outdoors and do a good job with such little spaceOverall this was a decent breakfast spot, but the prices were a little higher than I expected for a standard breakfast meal. I would keep checking out restaurants nearby before deciding if I'd want to come back. More...


Bob O.

15 July 2017

1st time for dinner. Took 2 friends Service was fast and friendly They had the chicken avocado  salad split for them both. They ate to their fill and still took some home. Did I say the salads are huge? I tried the dinner special which was pork chops. Dinner came with 2 large pork chops.  ( like the really thick ones you get at Costco) done with an apricot glaze. Potatoes and vegetables. Chops had flavor but were not extremely tender. Veggies seemed like they had been cooked and sat for awhile. Not really enjoyable.  Fries are fresh cooked and nice. the clam chowder was nice with lots of clams. Didn't know whether it was 3 or 4 stars. The waitress was good the good hot or cold was served at temperatureMarked a 3 because of the lack of tenderness in the park which was their special and the tepid flavorless vegetables. Will go back for breakfast or lunch. Dinner a Mark . More...


C. R.

14 July 2017

I used to love eating here in college.  Made me feel like I was in "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe"!Ate there recently, 7/2017.  Sad to say, it was Dennys food in a dirty but SUPER COOL location.  Service was great.  Parking is always a hassle (cmon, it's SLO, duh), but easy to find street parking.This is one of those where I REALLY wish Yelp let you break it down into categories.Food- 2 starFacility-1 star (filthy!)Ambiance-5 starService-5 starYou decide! More...


Lara S.

4 July 2017

A great local gem in the residential area, great staff and service, food was delicious! Definitely recommend this place!


Sammy P.

26 June 2017

You want rock solid, stick to your ribs, good-old-fashioned breakfast fare with a friendly staff and a classic setting?  Go to Del Monte!  Add a patio for outside seating (occasionally a bit noisy) and you cannot go wrong here.  Guess that's why I'm there every week!  Cheers. More...


Stephanie B.

24 June 2017

Pros:The two dishes we got were very good. We had a western omelette (comes w/ potatoes and either toast or an English muffin) and one of the specials, a stuffed French toast w/ a side of scrambled eggs. And to drink, just a plain orange juice. Portions were fine for the price Cons:Super crowded when we got there so it was loud. I know this shouldn't be surprising, but it was REALLY loud. Service missed a couple of our side items and we had to remind them about the missing items. More...


Brett M.

23 June 2017

Great little place for breakfast.  Daughter got the strawberry pancakes and loved them.  Super fluffy and great fresh strawberries.Wife and I shared an omelette and potatoes.  They were great.   Super fresh.   Great seasoning.Outdoor patio was perfect.   Great shade super comfortable.  Would definitely recommend!!! More...


Jasmine W.

16 June 2017

Ok, so my husband and I were hankering for some good size portions and great food, after looking over the few breakfast selections in the area I chose to give this place a shot...to our dismay we were not greeted by any staff upon entry...we stood at the entry for several minutes before  finally asking if it was self seating....the server pointed to an open table in the corner which was filthy. We asked if it could be wiped down....after several more minutes we were Finally seated and ready to look over the menu. Needless to say we we're never approched afterwards. After 15 mins we decided to find another restaurant to patron. Very disappointing More...


Ronnie Daniel Yapo

14 June 2017

Great customer service, parking is tight, if you don't want a scratch or dent on your new car, park on the street. The food is great, but for their omelets they should add another egg.


Ron Y.

12 June 2017

Great food, great service. Parking is tight, had to park elsewhere. Linguisa and cheese omelet was good, it was 3 eggs, but maybe they are medium eggs, I felt it needed more eggs, the linguisa was plenty. O'Brien potatoes were great, great mix grilled onions and bell peppers. More...


Matt M.

2 June 2017

Interestingly enough on my last trip through SLO I hopped off the freeway and hit up the local Taco Bell because, well that's all I could see.  Had I driven a mile down the road I'd have found Del Monte Cafe instead.As you can see from the pic I had the Patty Melt.  I really liked the pepper in there as it was crunchy enough to give the sandwich a nice texture yet moist and full of flavor.  The fries were bomb too with a nice crisp to them.  Good is just as much texture as it is flavor, that said the burger in my melt was bomb.  I wanted to try a sundae but decided against being big since I had a long drive ahead but the one I saw the waitress carrying looked bomb.  Shoulda YOLO'd that one and went for it.  Service was all smiles.  The manager Travis took very good care of me and made sure my drink was full and my food was great.  The atmosphere here is pure SLO, chill and down to Earth.  Whether SLO is your destination or you're just passing through, do yourself a favor and check out a real food stop instead of settling for the usual suspects just off the freeway. More...


Joyce N.

2 June 2017

we decided to come back to Del Monte and have dinner because this was one of our favorite places and the food was great.  The taco salad was huge and the flap steak was cooked perfectly.  and it was so nice to see Travis at the front of the house.  The service and food was great and it felt like coming home More...


Thomas M.

25 May 2017

Waiter was a giant D bag. Served dishwater coffee and when I asked him politely if he could remake the coffee he said "coffee is what it is", when I protested he told me "there's nothing I can do about the coffee it is what it is", I then cancelled my order only to have him say "what you're not gonna eat because your coffee wasn't good"? I had to tell him that it was not very hard to make stronger coffee and that I didn't want to eat anymore. Once that was said he then made it even better by saying "my names Travis and I'm the owner if you wanna leave a negative review", just assuming I was on yelp. For the record my expectation of diner coffee was not high I just wanted something that resembled a basic cup. Never going back and I truly hope the owner can learn some manners. More...


Colin T.

24 May 2017

Del Monte Cafe is a great place for breakfast, brunch, or diner style lunch. The service was as good as the food and the patio is lovely and bathed in light. Definitely a locals place, but one that helps anyone feel welcomed in SLO. Good hot tea selection. More...


Amy Forman Swink

15 May 2017

love this local favorite!! my daughter loves the pancakes in the morning but don't forget the amazing pot roast for dinner!! make sure to call first because their hours are not always the to online! More...


Tom B.

15 May 2017

My wife and I were visiting SLO and wanted to try a different restaurant for breakfast and found Del Monte Cafe. To our pleasant surprise it turned out to be a gem. Wonderful, pleasant staff who said that we could sit anywhere we please. We chose a booth, but noticed that outdoor seating was also available. The server was very gracious and promptly took our order. Our order was ready very quickly and we enjoyed every bite. We will be back! More...


Paula N.

10 May 2017

I went there last night and it was great. Our server Amber was in top of it. Being in the service industry for years I am very critical. Ambers timing was excellent. We had the steamed artichoke which was delicious for an appetizer, crisp fresh green salads with an excellent Blue Cheese Dressing came out just before we finished the artichoke, which was great timing. By the time we finished that, our entrees were delivered. Doug had the Meatloaf which was 3 thick slices served with a heap of mashed potatoes and super fresh veggies, I had the Souther style pork chops (2 big ones!) with an apricot BBQ sauce which was sweet and spicy and perfect with the juicy chops. Can I say Yum? I had wine and she was very attentive by asking if I wanted another (that's a big deal not to have to ask for another) and dessert was the chocolate bread pudding. Yes, we took half our entrees home. This was reasonably priced, a comfortable,  with a homey diner feel. A great experience over all. I highly recommend this place. Look forward to going back. More...


Mike K.

6 May 2017

Always an awesome breakfast. This is one of those solid spots where consistency and flavor stay the same and it's a classic style of food. I always go for the 2 2 2 and I trade the pancakes for their stuffed French toast. Soooo good ! The outside deck is awesome and one of my favorite parts so I can bring my little dog bear. This is one of my favorite breakfast spot. More...


Timothy O.

3 May 2017

Del Monte Cafe is one of our favorite spots. The food is excellent with outstanding friendly service. When in SLO the Del Monte is a must visit.


Raul M.

13 April 2017

Rude Host and reluctant late breakfast service:  Came for a late breakfast (12:30pm) based on Yelp reviews. The host who sat us was very rude - dismissive and didn't make eye contact. Who knows - maybe he was having a really bad day. Service was slow. When he finally came for our order we asked about the stuffed French toast. He responded 'we don't do that.' I asked like you don't have it anymore and he just said it was lunch time. The menu had a full page labeled Breakfast so I asked him about the regular French toast and with a lot of hesitation he said 'I guess we could do that.' We paused and he said take a few minutes and left. We left after that not having any confidence in the cafe. More...


Jill Elaine Martin-Smythe

9 April 2017

Liver and onions to die for!! Never had a bad meal here and the staff is always friendly and amazing!!!


Eric T Stebbins

3 April 2017

Love this place. Good food, old-timey atmosphere, nice patio for warm days. Check it out.


Romeo A.

25 March 2017

Best chicken fried steak in the county! Service is amazing with a small town vibe. You have to check them out!


Gabriel Olmos

24 March 2017

Really good French Toast. And the Bacon was Awesome (Smokey flavor �)


Mary T.

20 February 2017

My husband and I ate breakfast here while visiting San Luis Obispo President's day weekend. We just stumbled upon it. Small diner but cozy. Really good service. Really friendly Servers (that makes such a world of difference!) I had a Western omelet that was packed full of meat and veggies. Delicious. My husband had Red, white and blue Stuffed French toast. Super delicious! And nice food presentation as well.It's the hustle and bustle of a small diner but the food & service will be worth your wait. More...


Marcia Hernandez

15 January 2017

Great service!!! The chicken fried steak was delicious!


Harry P.

28 November 2016

The food here has no flavor.  Trying to sum it up, the thought of hospital food came to mind.  Notwithstanding, the place is packed so you have to endure the 20-25 minute wait times.  I cannot fathom why anyone would go here and I won't be returning. More...


Romeo Manalang Jr.

24 November 2016

What top my experience is the friendly server that we had yesterday, good food and good atmosphere, it will definitely part of our regular stop when we go back to Morro Bay.


Mariah G.

13 November 2016

A cute old style cafe, cozy and a little small. I caught it at a slightly busy time so it was somewhat okay that my waitress, although kind, forgot  to give us more straws when we asked and little things like that; I asked for hot chocolate and she gave me a Coke but I decided to ignore it and be nice. Overall it was clean and the food was alright. I probably won't return but giving it a shot won't hurt. More...


D H.

12 November 2016

I just had the most unpleasant experience at the Del Monte Cafe.  It was a busy Saturday morning, so I didn't mind that we had to wait 15-20 minutes for our table.  We were given beverages by the host once seated, but she couldn't/wouldn't take our order.  We asked twice to see our server, but it was nearly 15 minutes before he even acknowledged us.  When I explained that we had waited a long time for him to acknowledge us, he said something to the effect of "we're all just cogs in the machine."  I told him that I do not go to a restaurant to feel like a cog in a machine and his response was,"Are you ready to order?"  I replied to him, modeling what he *should* have said, "I understand, Ma'am, how frustrating it is to have to wait.  I'm very sorry."  He responded with, "What?  Am I supposed to apologize to every customer "  I answered, "Yes, it's called empathy"  He just ignored me and said, "Can I get that order in now?"  We ordered and then were completely ignored by the entire wait staff for the next 30 minutes.  I finally took my empty tea pot to the counter to get more hot water.  Our server silently plunked our food down on our table and then dropped the bill by a few minutes later.  We were never asked how our food was or if we needed anything else.When we finished eating, I went to the counter and paid the bill.  I then asked for the manager.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that it was this same surly server!  He said his family owns the restaurant.  I asked, "And *this* is how they taught you to treat people "  He said he had been doing this for 30 years.  I told him that for doing it for 30 years, he sure wasn't doing a very good job.I'm sure that his family did not build their business on ignoring their customers and treating them in a surly manner.  I'm sad that this local institution has gone downhill under the lack-of-leadership by this individual.  I will not be returning to the Del Monte Cafe and will be warning others that it is not what it used to be. More...


Kristine G.

12 November 2016

The food is three stars the sevice is a negitive three stars. We just moved down here from San Franciso and r looking for a little breakfast/lunch place that we could call our own. Our first experience was great the food was really good and the service was fantastic. Its been down hill since then. Overdressed salads and mediocre food. And now lets talk service our son accidentally knocked over his milk the waitress walked up to our table looked at it said "bummer" then straight walked away.  Today, last time we will ever go, the waiter either forgot to put in our order or it got lost, no refills on water or coffee. The girls next to us ordered after us and received and finished their food before ours got there. Then for some reason he got an attitude. Ok lost or forgot happens apologize and move on. Nope only got attitude, the young girls next to us however got refills on coffee and told to take there time. Unbelievable.  We typically tip between 20 and 30 percent and my husband not wanting to justify the tude tipped 20 percent still. We figured the  server we had on our first visit quit due to the complete incompetent coworkers. More...


Jen B.

5 November 2016

No one told me they had pumpkin pecan pancakes  I would have ordered that. Was half way done when my English muffin finally arrived. It was 3/4 dry (only a swipe of butter on the edge). By the time I got the attention of the waitress it was too cold to melt the butter. Rather disappointing overall More...


Kim O.

26 September 2016

Cute place, great service and good food. I had the eggs Benedict and it was nicely done.  My boyfriend ordered the special which was salmon cakes and they were AMAZING! They could definitely improve on their homefried potatoes. They seemed to have been prepared in advance with some onions and green peppers warmed and thrown in.  That would be the only reason we didn't give them 5 stars. We are big on good hashbrowns/homefries! More...


AnnMarie Crane

23 September 2016

Adorable! Quaint! Clean, authentic! Fast courteous service! Five stars


Marie D.

23 September 2016

The food was mediocre!  We orders eggs with bacon, potato, and toast. We also tried their French Toast with cream cheese and strawberries.  It looked awesome, but it was kind of a disappoint.  There is inside and outside seating.  The inside has a pretty old feel, so we sat outside. Our server was kind, and we didn't wait long for our food.  However, I wouldn't make another visit here, it was just an average cafe. More...


Gee Tee

19 September 2016

Great service and the linguica is delicious and so yummy!!


Jeff Trice

19 September 2016

Love the quaint feel of this precious lil Cafe. They make you feel welcome � Blueberry pancakes and local Linguica sausage, Yum-yum approved� #vacationdays #hometownvibe


Eric W.

3 September 2016

Over promised at 4 stars. Standard breakfast, nothing really special. Got the chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy.Gravy was cold. Water down coffee. Frozen chicken fried steak?Friends got chili and they said it was good. More...


Katie R.

23 August 2016

This is a really great off beat gem of a place on the fringes of downtown SLO. The food is great, a wonderful atmosphere inside in the vintage booths or outside on the patio, there's plenty of parking at the train station across the street, and the wait staff is friendly. A great touch, they bring a small bowl of gold fish and a basket of toys to any table with kids. Definitely check this place out and try the stuffed French toast. More...


Maria-elena V.

15 August 2016

Cute, cozy little dinner... Good location, very well kept... an impeccable, organic retro feel. Coffee was fresh and the food was also good. I had amazingly fresh french toast with berries, 10/10. My family had a pancake combo) and they gave it 7/10 (apparently the pancakes were too doughy). Most of people there seemed to be satisfied with their meals. I hope they can fix the pancake batter!! More...


Elia B.

31 July 2016

Still after years and years it's a great little place. The food is great, it's cozy and a great patio. Nice and quiet on a Friday for dinner.


Mary N.

30 July 2016

This place was great. Had the scrambled eggs and they came with a side of salsa, which I love on my eggs. My husband had the chicken fried steak and it was delicious as was the biscuit and gravy. Others around us had pancakes, which looked very fluffy. The potatoes were so good and not greasy. We will definitely come back. The servers were all friendly and helped each other. They have a nice outdoor patio. More...


Charity S.

23 July 2016

This review is just for the service. We (3 of us) came here at around 10:30 am on a Saturday. The restaurant was full, with all tables seated but no others waiting. When we arrived, there was no host to greet us and no sign explaining how to get seated. We walked around and tried to catch someone,  but had no success.  We finally sat down at a table when a party left,  with dirty dishes and all,  but we sat there for almost 10 minutes and none of the staff members came by to talk with us or clear the dishes. While we were waiting, we noticed a number of groups seated without any food and that the wait staff was only taking names for these groups. Finally, we waved one staff member down when she visited an adjacent table. We explained that we had been wandering around and weren't clear on what to do to get seated and that we had seated ourselves. She was curt with us and said in a very annoyed tone that "umm..." she would clean our table for us and to, "in the future, come find us first" and let them know before we sit down. They then proceeded to wipe down our table and attempt to take our drink order. At that point we had a very clear sense of what experience we would get and decided to cut our losses and leave. We didn't try any of the food so we can't attest to the flavor of quality of the food but the service was terrible. More...


Sandra K.

8 July 2016

I loved the theme and the decor and I love supporting mom and pop businesses. The people waiting on us were nice. The location is very convenient to the train station.  The only drawbacks are it seemed a little dirty and the food was just okay. Not bad, but nothing special. It almost seemed like they lost their spark. With a little TLC I think this could easily be a 5 star establishment. More...


Luke W.

8 July 2016

I've had breakfast here once, and lunch a few times.This is a simple diner without the Denny's grease, or the IHOP service.It's turkey clubs, french toast, cobb salads, and tuna melts.It's in an old looking house, with a cool outdoor patio.The service is nice, though it can get swamped at lunch.  Don't be in a big rush, though I've never waited too long.Some simple booths, and a small sit down bar are available.I had the chicken salad sandwich the other day which fell apart as I ate it, the sourdough bread was too thin to hold everything together.  Though I must say the fries were quite good that it came with.I ordered to-go over the phone and my order was ready when I walked in, despite the place swarming with the lunch rush, so I appreciate that the kitchen can keep up while the dining room may feel busy. More...


Mona L.

7 July 2016

This place was cute. It wasn't anything special to make me return, but the location was a nice experience. We were seated right away which was nice, it was pretty busy. Waitress was nice but didn't listen to our order correctly and gave my son an adult French toast instead of a kids. The food was just okay, decent quality but didn't taste like anything special. Prices were fair. More...


Kevin O.

2 July 2016

I'm going three stars here. The place was cute. Nice outdoor patio. Food was ok. Liked the chorizo burrito alright. Wife dug her stuffed French toast. Service was questionable. Wife called it laid back...I call it questionable. No need to avoid this place... Just no need to search it out. More...


Mike G.

2 July 2016

Found this place on Yelp and I LOVE when the reviews match the actual meals. Pancakes are great and the flank steak and eggs special was excellent as well. You will not be sorry if you want a reasonably priced, yet delicious meal. More...


Alex W.

15 June 2016

I visited Del Monte Cafe as a single diner about a month ago at approximately 7:30-7:45am on a weekday. I'd read great things, heard positive word-of-mouth endorsements, etcetera. The setting I'd arrived to is as follows: -One table with two elderly persons eating their meal, no other tables present-One blonde server, female, indifferent disposition-One cook visable from the dining area, very friendlyI waited a couple of minutes for the waitress to acknowledge me, so that I could be seated (I wouldn't want to seat myself if I was not instructed to). She avoided contact with me, but the friendly cook told me to come on in and pick a table. Props to you, cook! You were the only part of my visit that I enjoyed.I sat down, the waitress slapped a menu down and decided that I was not worth the effort of constructing a coherent sentence. The lifeless words "To drink?" were not an impressive first impression. I ordered a coffee which matched the lack of enthusiasm she displayed. I ordered a standard breakfast: eggs over easy, sourdough, bacon, potatoes. At $12+/- (after tax, before tip) I'd expect a pretty stellar breakfast. I was met with a pretty standard quality breakfast - eggs that had brown on them from being fried too fast, bacon that was good, toast that was fine, and very sad and flavourless potatoes.The under-burdened waitress didn't stop to fill my coffee after I'd received my plate, nor did she extend any pleasantry of any kind to me. With par-quality food and inflated prices, the service is the determinate factor of the guest experience. I'm certain by now that anybody reading this would know that the waitress that served me is the solitary reason I will not return. If she's reading this, please make an effort to engage your guests - you represent your workplace.To the cook; you're awesome! Thanks for having a wonderful attitude! More...



11 June 2016

Del Monte used to be a lot better. It seems that they have started to slide downhill. The wait staff was short and seemed very overwhelmed. Our food was bland, even the salsa needed more flavor. The best thing on the plate was the bacon, but I could have used more than two strips. The toast was overdone as well. Their breakfast sandwich was alright, but I could have made it better at home. The bread wasn't toasted enough and there was too much lettuce. Their homefries are great as long as you like raw onion. I hope that they improve what used to be a great San Luis landmark. More...


S Keith

5 June 2016

Charming local place! Vintage style hip diner off the beaten chains. Interesting menu and traditional breakfast. Good pancakes and eggs. We will return.


Cherie D.

9 May 2016

Love the food and family atmosphere, love the basket of toys for my boys while waiting for our delicious food and loved the cleanliness of the busy restaurant.


Michael D.

6 May 2016

Waitress was very friendly, fast.  Best Ruben I ever had.  Also had the artichoke and aioli, which was tasty.


Trent T.

29 April 2016

Great breakfast and super helpful staff. Kid friendly and really accommodating of families (high chairs and toys available for kids). Worth the stop, and even a detour.


Michelle R.

17 April 2016

Very friendly staff. Great food! It reminds me of trips to great Nana's house during the summer. They know what they are doing here. Definitely coming back when we are in town! More...


Ashlee A.

17 April 2016

We came in town for a competition at Cal Poly and wanted to try some good rated local eatery spots. Loved the look of this "diner". The tables are neat and set up great for this smaller spot. They have outdoor seating too but we opted for inside this time around. I had the special, stuffed French toast. Delicious. Stuffed with cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries (not jelly compote junk). I'm rating this place only 4 stars because it seemed like it took forever to get our meal. Thankfully it was worth it. We will come back next time we're in town! More...


Karen P.

8 April 2016

Yummy brunch. My husband had the stuffed French toast and I had the bagel sandwich breakfast. The stuffed French toast was amazing. It is filled with a cream cheese mixture and topped with sweet, delicious strawberries. The bagel sandwich had eggs, cream cheese, ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. It was just perfect. The potatoes were a little disappointing. They were over cooked. The service was great. We have been here before and will back. More...


Fresno C.

28 February 2016

Worth the wait. Come early.  Outdoor seating available.  Hardworking busy ladies.  They cook old school,  and hopefully it stays that way. Everything was great.


Mama P.

21 February 2016

Sunday at 8a and I'm the only one on the lovely patio. Had one of the specials: chorizo scramble with spinach and mushrooms. Came with potatoes and corn tortillas. Great service with a smile and delicious breakfast. Will definitely return. More...


Alex M.

7 February 2016

This place just didn't do it for me.  They accidentally over charged (by almost double), a half of sandwich order, is literally, 1/2 a sandwich in the middle of a big plate, poor presentation, and just OK food for the price.  Sorry, I don't like writing bad reviews, but I guess I had higher expectations for an iconic place in SLO. : ( More...


Heidi H.

31 January 2016

I really like the Del Monte cafe. They endeavor to keep a friendly vibe, knowing the locals. There is Always a wait, Rarely a parking spot and still I love this breakfast spot. The food IS really good.  I'm a fan of the omelettes and that they embrace tweaks ( with sour cream, please). I do wish they understood tea better. Each tea ( green, black, etc. ) requires a different temperature to steep.  The water is never hot enough to truly steep the black tea. I love the fresh flowers on the tables. In proper weather sitting outside is preferred. The specials ( Benedictics, stuffed French toast are amazing). More...


Erika A.

27 January 2016

Awesome breakfast spot...Yelp did not disappoint us on this one!We were visiting the area for our anniversary. Had planned to spend eat breakfast on our way out at the hotel, but then I thought to see what else was in the area.The place was busy and the tables were full, but there were 2 seats left at the counter so we sat there with no mind. All the ladies working were very friendly and helpful. Our server, Megan, was great. It was nice chatting with her and I could've done it all day if we didn't have to head home. For how slammed they were the ladies working sure kept things covered. We had a firsthand view of all the bustle from where we were sitting.Our food was yummy. I had the bacon and eggs that came with potatoes and an English muffin. My other half had the chicken fried steak. Definitely coming back if ever in the area. More...


Beverly H.

20 January 2016

We've seen lines outside of this restaurant so we've been waiting to try it. We shared a delicious omelet.  We had a friendly staff person wait on us and made the visit special.


Hannah G.

28 December 2015

Great little cafe.. good prices and service. The waitress checked up on us a good amount and wasn't bothered by substitutions. I enjoyed the atmosphere because it was busy but not crowded. We didn't have to wait long for our food either! More...


Mark C. De Yulia

15 November 2015

Yummy breakfast at Del Monte, friendly waitress, & beautiful weather for eating on patio


Kent S.

4 November 2015

Had breakfast with my sisters here. The service was friendly, and the portions more than adequate. While the food was good, it was nothing to write home about (how do you improve upon or damage a pancake?). The atmosphere was quaint and homey. Location directly across from the Amtrak station makes it very easy to find. More...


Shy Smith

28 October 2015

Kinda over priced now. History is rich. Food could be better.


Taylor H.

25 October 2015

Let me start off with the food is great, definitely gives off the at home feel.The only reason I'm giving this place 3 stars is because our waitress was not even close to the best. Once we were seated we got our drinks from the host and then we were told our waitress would be right with us. 20 minutes later after having our menus down signaling we were ready to order our waitress still had not come out. After another 10 minutes she finally came out to take our order. Not only did it take her 30 minutes to take our order but she was extremely unpleasant. No even the slightest bit friendly. After getting our food we were not asked one time how we were doing or if we needed anything else. The next time we saw her was when she brought us the check and then once more when she came to take the check after we had to wave her down to even get her attention. All in all it was a cute place with a very friendly atmosphere, but from the looks of it every table who shared this waitress had the same problem we had. We were seated outside and maybe the waitress had more tables inside and it was too much for her to handle but really the service from this particular waitress was quite terrible. More...


Cindy B.

22 October 2015

Definitely a place that makes you feel like you are at home! We recently lost one of our favorite breakfast places in AG so we decided to try this place out. It was so delicious and very welcoming. When the owners son and waitress found out it was our first time there, they welcomed us to the Del Monte family. We well definitely be going back there, even if it means driving 15 minutes out of our way to get some delicious food and amazing service. More...


Matt Gonzales

12 October 2015

Great service nice location and friendly waiters and history


Michael V.

4 October 2015

I really enjoyed my first time at Del Monte. I had the chicken fried steak. My friend enjoyed her French toast. Overall it was great. Each item of my meal was cooked well. This place is quaint and old diner style. It features a neat-o outdoor patio. Good location across from the train station. Friendly quick service. I especially enjoyed listening to Fats Domino during my meal. I was pleased to find breakfast until 2 on Sunday's. I will be back to try their lunch and dinner items. More...


Zoe Ann Burtchaell

3 October 2015

One of my favorites in San Luis Obispo great food and always great service!


Gary M.

25 September 2015

OK I like the presentation, food, service, and the environment; except for the flies!  There are a few pesky flies in the area that need to be captured and transported back to their own natural environment. The only other complaints I have is Time and Cost. It just should not take 15-20 minutes to receive a breakfast order of sausage, eggs, and spuds, especially when the place isn't full. Secondly, said dish should not cost $13.77 with tax license and docking fees included. So, with a $3 tip, you're up to $17.00 for stated dish or let's say $34.00 for two.  Unless you are at a Chargers game, breakfast just should not cost that much!! More...


Doc I.

26 August 2015

Margie's Diner move over ! ! !We've been there for three lunches and a dinner. Haven't been able to get out of bed early enough for breakfast BUT today they had breakfast available till 3 PM, don't know it that is normal. I've tried their cheeseburger, tuna melt and the fresh fish sandwich while my wife has had their special feta, beet and chicken salad, and their chicken fried steak and eggs with the homemade biscuit with sausage gravy. We've also eaten dinner there and both had the liver and onions ............... DELICIOUS ALL THE WAY AROUND. The food is fresh, abundant, and cooked just right. The wait staff is friendly and attentive. Parking sucks but worth the walk if you have to park on the street. We've been a fan of Margie's Diner but now we've found this jewel in SLO and have jumped ship More...


Mike B.

24 August 2015

We arrived on a weekday at approximately 10:30 a.m.  One server was going on break, so that left one server to handle the interior & exterior tables.  It was just busy enough that service suffered.  (Coffee cup ran dry most of the meal.)Food was a mixed bag:  Eggs, potatoes, and french toast were solid.  Bacon was poor quality (fatty) and the sausage was only moderately tasty.Parking lot is small, so parking can be a challenge. More...


Teresa L.

4 August 2015

Top notch! This is one of my absolute fav places!! I have been known to have both breaky and dinner here on the same day. Ha! Super delicious- consistently. I love knowing the servers- Kristin, Katya, Megan, Kim and Daniel. They know my order even down to what drinks and substitutions I prefer AND they always visit a little bit. Super nice touch. The cooks are amaze- Travis, Ramon, Margarito, and Darrick know how to handle business in the kitchen. I recommend "The DMC" to anyone who is into delicious, BIG food and likes a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere. The Del Monte Cafe kills it- across the board. Debbie and Travis, your restaurant straight rocks!!! Boom! More...


Sarah C.

20 July 2015

Love love love this little diner! It's so cute and the staff is so helpful not to mention the great food!


Mercedes L.

15 July 2015

Update: Tried this place again only to be disappointed again.  My egg was runny, the pancakes were bland and the server never brought the syrup I asked for until halfway through my pancakes. Cute place but until they improve I'm not coming back. More...


Lynette C.

29 June 2015

Great place good food (flat grill hamburger and western sandwich were to die for ) and wonderful staff.  Gem of a find.....


Janice R.

27 June 2015

Food was alright. Nothing more special than an IHOP. Was attracted to how many stars this place has and the pictures of the food. The place is cute and nice. But god damn, the service was terrible. So slow, it's like all the waiters are just distracted. I guess it was a bad sign when a family asked about their order and just left instead of waiting. It's an alright place, I'm sure it would be really great and worth a four star rating when it's empty and the waiters have more time to pay attention. Took forever to get the check too. More...


Jennifer F.

12 June 2015

Yum! Came here for breakfast and loved the quaint cafe. Started off with some mimosas and enjoyed the awesome weather on the patio. Selection was good on their regular menu and their specials all sounded amazing. Tried the croissant French toast with fresh berries which was delicious. Would definitely suggest you try this place. Staff was friendly, helpful and timely with refills. More...


Laura P.

31 May 2015

Really good, simple fare, expertly executed. Clean. Friendly, helpful service. We had breakfast. The blueberry pancakes were a special and very good. Their chili, I would argue was not really chili, was delicious! More...


Esther K.

25 May 2015

A quaint little restaurant towards the train station. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich and my friend got the six, as opposed to four, wedges of French toast. The homemade fries are incredibly delicious and so was the French toast. Portions are on the smaller side and everything is a little bit pricey. I took a star off for the long wait and there seemed to be out of quite a few menu items,  and there also seemed to be some underlying waitlist, which was fine. Also my bread choice was incorrect when it was brought out, but I heard from another table they were out of wheat which would have been fine had I been told and offered the chance to pick something else. If you do order the chicken salad sandwich I would recommend having the bread toasted; mine started falling to pieces as the bread crust started breaking off.TLDR; pricey and longish wait, but worth for really good food. Ask for toasted bread for sandwiches. French fries bomb. More...


Nicolle Culbert

21 May 2015

Fun atmosphere! Great service!! Megan the waitress is the best ever and the food is always good!


Kimberly Griffin

1 April 2015

Amazing food! Amazing staff! Great atmosphere!! I will definitely be back for more!


Kimberly H.

1 April 2015

Great atmosphere. The wait staff was very friendly and very attentive.  You get a lot of food for your money and it is very tasty! I got the Taco salad. It was very good. If I order it again I will order the dressing on the side, it has a big vinegar taste to it and over stimulates your taste buds. (That's why i gave 4 stars). I will definitely be back to try more. My friend got the Chinese Chicken salad and said it was very tasty and well balanced.  Definitely come in and give it a try!! More...


Denise F.

17 February 2015

Best meal we've found in our quest for local delicious digs. This place jams! No frills, just fabulous food and amazing fast and courteous service. We ordered the soup of the day, a creamy chicken. OMG, divine! Everything we ordered was superb, hot, flavorful and well prepared. We had the pulled pork sandwich special and a cheeseburger. They came with fresh cut fries and a crisp cold salad. Our server brought goldfish and a basket of toys for our little one. Great find! Super corner setting across from the railroad station. Our son loved looking at the caboose. Del Monte,  thank YOU!  We look forward to a return trip. More...


Wendy R.

7 February 2015

This is the cutest cafe!! The staff was so nice.  Great recommendations... Nice comfort food and delicious bread pudding!!  Hit the spot


El Lorro

24 January 2015

Order the special! Always amazing. Friendly fast service. -----19 Jan, 2014----- Veggie Eggs Benedict! Yea! Perfect Sunday brunch. Service was great. All in all an A+ We ordered off of the specials menu More...


Chris M.

10 January 2015

Good food, great service. They brought our 2 kids two carts of toys. Food fresh, toasted buns, filtered water, hand cut fries!


Jay T.

2 December 2014

So I work in downtown SLO and for a while I have been wanting to visit this place.  On Sunday we had breakfast. It was fairly busy but the we were prompty seated. The coffee served was weak.  I had a mushroom Omelet which which seemed dry & bland, no seasoning, the potatoes were dry and almost over cooked, again lacked seasoning. The salsa tasted days old . My meal was $12.25 plus an extra 2 bucks for an english muffin, ru kidding me  I inquired to the waitress, she mention they recently changed their menu.  The service overall was good.   35 bucks for two including tip  is overpriced for a breakfast at this cafe , quite frankly not worth it! More...


Hilary P.

29 November 2014

What happened to Del Monte? Burnt bagel, super cheap tasting yogurt and granola...we are sad to see the old Del Monte standards gone.


Coffee C.

15 August 2014

Wonderful service and the price is great. You get a lot for your money and the outdoor seating is nice and comfortable. If your are looking for somewhere to eat that isn't in the immediate downtown area I would definitely choose this one. Thanks for the awesome service guys! Oh and by the way, this is coming from someone born and raised in slo. Happy hunting friends More...


Jessica H.

24 July 2014

Del Monte is a great place to go for a late breakfast on the weekend.  The Eggs Benedict is on point and the stuffed french toast is to die for.  Go early though because they sell out of the stuffed french toast early. More...


Central Coast F.

30 June 2014

A local place I've always wanted to try for breakfast.  Finally went and was very disappointed.  Dirty, slow and poor service, breakfast 'looked' great, but was bland.  Will not be returning.


Patricia A Casalou

17 June 2014

Great meatloaf !


Hannah H.

2 June 2014

Randomly had a Monday off work & was craving breakfast at noon! I'm a server at a breakfast place so I rarely like to spend the money on buying breakfast..but It's been a while since I've been here and I'm so glad I did! Ordered French toast topped w fresh strawberries, and poached egg & potatoes on the side. Food was cooked to perfection and my server was great! Super friendly & fast!Patio seating was the way to go! More...


Rafael R.

24 May 2014

The Del Monte Cafe is perhaps my single most favorite place in SLO.  I always make a point of stopping for dinner, or breakfast, on my way up or down the golden state.  At night, I love sitting at the counter, with the breeze coming through the windows and the curtails billowing just so.  It always reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode ... with light music playing in the background, a sprinkling of customers seated about and not being able to see outside in the darkness.  Of course, nothing ever happens, other than the guarantee of a tasty meal and friendly service.  Try the chocolate bread pudding, it is decadent. More...


Mem R.

28 March 2014

Del Monte Cafe is one of the best restaurants in SLO! My best friend and I usually go here for breakfast at least a few times a month. The waitresses are always very sweet, and helpful. There is one in particular who usually helps us. I can't remember her name right now, but i usually order the same thing every time, and she always remembers! it never ceases to amaze me. I always get the bacon and eggs (eggs over medium), with extra potatoes, in case she gets the chance to see this, you are the most awesome waitress ever!My food is always perfect, and if you think its hard to mess up eggs and bacon, guess again. The potatoes are the perfect firmness and not overly spiced, and the eggs are always exactly the way i love them. The pumpkin spice pancakes (seasonal, so when you can get them) are also very good, and HUGE! You only really need one. And the prices are so great. This place rocks! More...


Austin O.

18 March 2014

I had my birthday dinner on Saint Patricks Day at Del Monte. The corn beef and cabbage there and it was awesome the service was great and they served the Madonna cake my girlfriend brought.  Their menu is diverse. It one of those best kept secrets. Highly recommend. More...


Happy M.

18 March 2014

I absolutely love having breakfast here! Sitting outside on a nice day (which is always) is awesome! I never get served a bad plate. Coffee is always filled once it's empty and everyone is friendly. Highly recommend. More...


Charley C.

10 February 2014

Had lunch here a couple times in the last month and I like the club sandwich.  It has all the right ingredients. The staff is attentive, polite, and prompt, but not intrusive. That is nice. The breakfasts on the plates across the table looked properly prepared and presented. All in all there are a lot of happy people at this place. More...


Paige S.

20 January 2014

Loved it here! My first visit was a sunday which you'd think would be busy for sunday brunch, but it wasn't as terrible as you'd think!The waitress was adorable! And super friendly. They don't have veggie burgers but she was VERY accommodating and willing to substitute anything else that I wanted instead .Our party of four was checked on regularly by our waitress AND the hostess for water and coffee. The longest we waited was for our check, but as soon as we mentioned it, they brought it right out! Wish they had veggie burgers and/or  vegan options. Even just soymilk for the coffee would have been fabulous. But all four plates that we ordered were delicious. More...


Satori I.

10 January 2014

Tried this again recently for lunch. Server was very nice, and very quick. Ordered one of the salads as a half, and it was still huge. Nothing too exciting, but enjoyed sitting on the deck in the sun, and was happy to have a nice server. I ordered the Oriental Salad, and it had good dressing and chicken, but way too many onions and too much cabbage, making it rather bland. The iced tea was good. More...


Stacia K.

3 November 2013

The food wasn't unique or superb or horrible, but it was good. Also, the service was lacking. First, my friend and I got seated at a table in the corner where we could barely get into. Neither of us were sitting properly because it was too cramped. And I'm pretty sure I saw another table open. It didn't help that there was a large dog sitting at the table behind us. Our seating forced the dog to go under the table just so that we could sit. However, it was nice to know that dogs were allowed and were given a bowl of water. Second, the waitress never checked up on us until the end of our meal to pick up our plates. I was waiting to see how long it took until they would refill my water. They didn't refill till they picked up the check. What. Why. It shouldn't take that long! Third, they took our plates away and left the biscuit and gravy because I didn't eat it, but left me with no fork or option of a box. After our meal, my friend informed me that service is not usually that bad, but I don't think I'll be here for a next time to find out because there wasn't anything really special about this place. More...



30 September 2013

Sunday Breakfast.... It's been a while since I visited DMC. I have only had two meals previous from 1994 to present due to my busy life and relocations... I was always satisfied with how Awesome and Tasty their meals are...Yummy, delicious and satisfying! Although the wait was long, but well worth the time for a good meal. The service was also great!! Hey, you should just get up and go have a meal there and write your own review.....just saying...;-) More...


Jackie F.

30 September 2013

Pro: GOOD CLEAN BREAKFAST FOOD. This is not your Margie's slop (sorry, margie). Good price, quick service, and quint setting. Con: Parking could be a problem, mind the steps, ramp in the back.Came here twice in 2 weeks time span from San Diego. This is the ONLY place I want to eat at on my return. Buddy told us to come here by word of mouth on a whim, usually we hit up Margie's Diner when we are in the region, but decided to give this place a shot. Between the 5 of us, we gotFrench ToastBiscuit and GravySpanish OmeletPancakeChorizo BurritoCountry Fried ChickenSausage PlatterWe were short of just eating the plates - the food here got great praise from all of us. On the second visit, I got the biscuit and gravy / french toast, my date ate them promptly after taking a "sample" bite. Quite a powerful reaction from a chef, especially with the smile on her face.Come try this place out. More...



26 September 2013

I have eaten here a couple times and enjoyed it.  The only thing I ordered so far is the Oriental chicken salad.  It's basically a HUGE plate of cabbage with pieces of chicken, crispy noodles, almonds, green onions and sesame dressing.  They do offer a half order that is maybe $1 or so cheaper but still pretty large.  The salad is pretty good although I get pretty tired of cabbage part of the way through.  The French fries IMO are the best thing there.  They look odd and overcooked, but it has good taste and texture.  As others have previously noted, the place is small and the service is generally slow.  Still, I'm glad I tried it and will continue to do so whenever I am in town. More...


Lindsey B.

19 September 2013

Went here for lunch and ordered the 1/2 chicken salad sandwich and 1/2 crab sandwich, both with French fries. Both sandwiches were delicious and filled to the brim with filling. The fries looked as if they were made at the restaurant and were hot and delicious. The brewed iced tea was also made fresh. We ate in the outside seating area and the weather was perfect. Service was fast and friendly! Only downside was the sandwiches were priced on the higher side. More...


Jasmine M.

13 September 2013

Great breakfast food. Del Monte's is my go to brunch spot. Their veggie Benedict is one of the best I've had. The stuffed french toast is also a favorite of mine. I think Del Monte's is better slightly better than Louisa's food wise and definitely has a better atmosphere. More...


Ashley G.

5 September 2013

Great little spot. I was shocked to see the prices when we first got a menu - everything was over $10. I ordered the Tuna Melt and my boyfriend ordered the Seafood Salad. We were very surprised to see how large the salad was - it was a heaping large plate. While the food tasted great, it would have been even better for half the portion size at half the cost. We couldn't even finish it all and felt as though we wasted it. Overall great food and experience though. More...


Sasha S.

1 September 2013

I don't typically go to restaurants with nazi-style customer service, but when I do It's del monte! If not for the food, the rating should be negative 5 stars. Enjoy!


Alison P.

31 August 2013

Moving back to the area after a 6 year hiatus & my new place is 3 blocks away.  Was lucky enough to get a table on the patio before it got busy.  Breakfast was delicious & service was good.  Looking forward to walking over on the weekends for breakfast. More...


Mike L.

29 August 2013

My favorite place for breakfast and dinners are great too. Slice of Heaven.  I come for the food and feel refreshed when I leave.


D Jessup

18 August 2013

Pulled off in SLO on our way back from Monterey - 1st went by the higher rated Breakfast Buzz - for no reason other than it was empty on a Sunday AM - we trekked on to Del Monte.... WOW this place is perfect. MUST try the local-made Linguica sausage. Packed with locals, small, quaint place. Definitely recommend ---- Service, good too. More...


Patrick S.

14 August 2013

Great breakfast spot in SLO. Not as good as Louisa's, but usually easier to sit down quick. Standard american breakfast, awesome ambiance, and a friendly, efficient, and courteous staff. It's my go to spot when in town.


Bob T.

10 August 2013

I love Del Monte Cafe. The food is always very good. The service is too as are the prices. Dinners there are a pleasant surprise.


Vana C.

22 April 2013

Great place to have breakfast if you have time to kill. Expect a wait when you go. I've never had a bad experience here. My favorite is the stuffed french toast. Opt for patio seating if you don't mind waiting longer for it.  Very homey and family oriented More...


Lily P.

2 April 2013

It's a small cottage with a lot of old school diner style. Expect to wait a bit, even on a random Tuesday morning at 10:45. The food is so good, the staff so friendly, and the coffee hot and flavorful, you won't care. We had the French toast (awesome!) and the 2-2-2 with sunny-side-up eggs, pancakes and potatoes instead of meat. I'll be back next time I'm in SLO for sure. More...


Kristyn M.

31 March 2013

Excellent service& excellent food. We ate here for breakfast. Our food was brought out so fast. We had our toddler with us, which is almost impossible to keep him happy at a restaurant . As we walked in, the waitress said, "Oh I'll grab some toys", she brought a small bucket of toys to us, our son allowed us to spend almost an hour eating. It was awesome. More...


Kelsey F.

10 March 2013

A great spot to grab breakfast with the standard breakfast food. They have a small outdoor patio which is perfect on a nice day. Food is average as well as service, yet still a solid choice. More...


David T.

6 March 2013

What's cool about this place is that it is very historic. The building is about 100 years old and looks pretty much the same as early on, based on the pictures. The food is also decent, but nothing to brag about.What was not so cool was that the service pretty much sucked. On my first (and probably last) visit there, my friend and I were seated promptly and then ignored for at least 15 minutes. My friend went over to the restroom and while she was away, a server came by just to open a window near us. She did not ask anything about taking our order, and so I said that we were ready to order. Then that got the ball rolling.As for the wait time for the food, it was okay. And the food itself was fine, but it did not amaze me. One thing that was interesting was that the server brought over something to our table that i never asked for. It was just ranch dressing and while that is not bad for me, it sucked for the people at the table nearby who actually requested it. We were never checked on by the staff, either.Another observation was the fact that the kitchen itself looked like it should be featured on Kitchen Nightmares. There was only one cook there, and there was food all over the floor. That place needed a serious cleaning!I'm glad I checked this place out, and now I can cross it off my list and never return. It's not the worst experience I've ever had, but it can sure use a lot of improvement. More...


Christina I.

17 February 2013

I had the French toast with strawberries & bacon. THE best! The strawberries had flavor & the French toast was perfection! Breakfast on the patio is a great way to start the day... More...


Heather T.

21 January 2013

Love this place for breakfast. Yummy pancakes. Good service. Adore sitting outside, even if its a cool day. It's a pleasure to eat somewhere that really is family friendly. Coloring pages, crayons, and toys to keep the little people occupied while the folks relax. More...


Jannette H.

26 November 2012

Food was good.  The service was great.  Only complaint was that they were out of the item I orginally ordered so I had to make a second choice.


Frank K.

24 November 2012

Very historic establishment, I'm guessing named after the Southern Pacific's passenger train of the 1930's-1950's.Love it!


Des L.

6 November 2012

Friend and I  had brunch here on a Sunday at around 1:00. We were able to get a nice seat outside. There isn't a lot of space so you might have to sit close to a stranger.  And there was one bee that wouldn't leave us alone.The food was...a bit disappointing. I had the eggs benedict special and was not a fan. I only ate it because I'm not the kind of person to complain. My friend had the Bacon spinach omelette and though it was just okay. The one thing we both loved was the pumpkin pecan pancake that was a special. Yum.Service was a bit on the slow side but everyone was very nice.Might give it one more shot. More...


Chris H.

28 October 2012

I had the Bacon and Cheese Omelet with "potatoes O'Brien" and coffee.The omelet was average, nothing to write home about.  At least the bacon was fully cooked.  The salsa that comes with it is pretty bland, but at least it gives some flavor.The potatoes were bad.  Frozen deep fried potato pieces with a couple chunks of onion, and bell pepper.  The onions and peppers were definitely not cooked with the potatoes, and  really only seem to be there so they don't have to call the side "frozen potatoes". Service was the worst part of Del Monte.  The wait staff was very slow, and not friendly.  One of the things that makes or breaks a breakfast cafe is the coffee service.  Customers shouldn't have to wait without coffee, and at Del Monte be prepared to have an empty cup.  It is possible their lunch or dinner menu is why this restaurant has four stars on Yelp, but I have no plans to go back to try it based upon the poor service. More...


Ty G.

13 October 2012

I ordered my usual,but got a lil different variation ....no fruit and salsa instead , I guess we r in cali ..don't tell em crisp bacon if u don't want rock hard piggy ...service was a good


diana r.

4 September 2012

I was officially appointed as the "restaurant selector" for our trip.  We began our food journey as we drove by SLO.  While looking for a bunch place Del Monte was one of the first places that popped up.  We made our way to the place which is located in a small little old house looking place.Hidden in SLO this amazing breakfast place offers a variety of dishes, from nice fluffy blueberry pancakes to wonderful omelets.  Everything is freshly made and quickly served.The place is small and has very limited seating.  We managed to get seated quickly.The service is great and the prices are very reasonable.  I would recommend this place! More...


Rachel J.

16 August 2012

We love this cute little place.  Can get packed in  the morning on the weekends (which is when we've been) but the food is good and we love the character of the building.   We got married up in SLO and visited here each time we came up to work on wedding plans, and even ate here the morning after our wedding.  We brought home a mug that makes up happy when we see it since it reminds us of good times in one of our favorite cities! More...


Mike P.

17 July 2012

i went off a review because i wanted good old fashioned fried chicken, the chicken was overpriced and overcooked, come on now dry burnt thighs, and then because i wanted to exchange one of my sides  for extra chicken, my feeling is that i get a credit or even exchange, nope no credit and charge more, my wife asked for the wedge salad instead of the vegatables, no credit just full charge for the salad. 50.00 for two chicken dinners with two teas,  so there is no confusion that was two pieces of chicken for my wife that included potatoes and that wedge salad, and for me 4 pieces of chicken with just potatoes.  we will never go back and will tell the same to friends and relatives More...