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DC Comedy Loft Productions

West End, Washington, D.C.


DC Comedy Loft Productions

West End, Washington, D.C.


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Jason Pepino

8 November 2019

The staff were really nice and helpful.


Scott Schnoor

5 November 2019

I had the sweet chili wings, they were really good. I had ordered the boneless and was disappointed they were out but the bone in were surprisingly good. Went for a Profs and Pints lecture now have to go to a comedy show. More...


Kristin Leigh Zeringue

3 November 2019

awesome place ! super unique


T'ia P Elle

18 October 2019

My First time last weekend and enjoyed it! The food was good and so was the beer. I’m going back again soon!


Malika Staar

9 October 2019

I had the Sweet Chilli chicken wings...they were so good I wanted another plate. Items are all ale carte...but worth. Some had the burger and I was jealous. It was huge and looked delicious! I would definitely go back! More...


Alyssa Adkins

16 September 2019

We came here for the first time ever on Saturday for the Trevor Wallace show. We got there early (around 5). We went downstairs and were not sure where to go or what to do while we waited. The bartender was extremely welcoming and helpful and gave us a little tour. He had us go to the dining room so we could get something to eat while we waited. Then our waiter Seth was fantastic. Seth is probably one of the best waiters we have ever had. Anywhere. He was so friendly and so attentive and made us feel so welcome. He gave us plenty of recommendations and made sure we knew when the show was going to start and where to go. The food and drinks were phenomenal. We absolutely loved this place and will definitely be stopping by the next time we’re in town! More...


Molly Culpepper

25 August 2019

Went to see Dave Landau last night and had a blast. Let’s be honest, it’s a dive bar that fully embraces being a dive bar. Once you accept that, enjoy the atmosphere. Chairs are rickety and uncomfortable. Tables have decades of people carving into them. It’s dimly lit and doesn’t smell great. Otherwise it was fine. Food was good. My boyfriend had the chicken pot pie and loved it. I had the quesadilla and it was fine. Drinks were decent and exactly what I would expect from the place. Our waitress was phenomenal! In addition to dealing with multiple tables, in the dark, and trying to be quiet during the comedy sets, she also chased me down to return my iphone to me that I left on the table. 3/4 comedians were pretty funny. The 4th is obviously just starting out and learning, but we paid $15 and the headliner was just as funny as people I’ve paid $100 to go see. Would definitely go again. There is public parking on the street and a public pay parking lot very close but it closes at 10 so only good for the early shows. More...


Mark Palchick

22 August 2019

Great Comedy, from rising stars to shooting stars. Great drinks and intimate venue


Ann Wheeler Bullock

5 July 2019

great service, without being overbearing...great laughs from Robert Mac on down the line...esp. the Arab from Sterling VA (Maher Matta?)


Eve Rn

18 May 2019

Small, but intimate comedy venue!! Bar-type food was surprisingly very good and staff was friendly and helpful!!


Greg Maxwell

18 May 2019

Lots of fun watching the Hodge Twins


Raymond Ess

25 April 2019

it was the spring of hope ...


Maddie Lynn Doe

23 April 2019

The food was good, drinks were good, audience was amazing. The comedians were pretty cool too!!


Antoinette Barber

14 April 2019

It’s a cozy atmosphere !!!


Shan Freeman

14 April 2019

Friendly staff and good food.


Kelley Bustamante Vigil

11 April 2019

Great atmosphere and beer!


Amy McNamara

26 March 2019

We loved it thanks y'all!


Adrian Rch

23 March 2019

Great place to spend good time with friends!


Bob Blackwell

14 March 2019

Interesting beers and great venue for learning different current events.


Lindsey Jeralds

11 March 2019

I really like the shows I've been to here, but I really wish there were some non-alcoholic options other than soda and juice. Food was pretty decent.


Myke Tarver

20 February 2019

Entertaining & educational!


Monica Hill

18 February 2019

I recommend the Profs and Pints events. The speaker was excellent! Just don't come hungry or thirsty. The service was very slow!


Carmen Danies

4 February 2019

Good beer and close proximity to stage.


Victor Rohret

30 January 2019

A great rustic beer cellar just three blocks from DuPont Circle. Hundreds of beers... draft, cans, bottles, kegs! Great appetizers as well! Comfortable dungeonesque atmosphere! More...


Rodney Bise

27 January 2019

place was amazing so much more then it looks


Blaire Postman

12 January 2019

Always fun and a great time - ps: like, every beer in the world.


Crystal Maria Coppedge

2 December 2018

We came to see Comedian Kevin Lee it was our first time there. The staff was very nice and made us feel very comfortable. We enjoyed ourselves and will come back.


Sigourney Frazier

10 November 2018

Cozy venue with a great food selection. Was expecting a more limited array of foods and drinks. Would definitely go back.


Kelly Schultz

8 November 2018

Hilarious comedy acts! Zoltan was amazing!!!


Kyle Raine

4 November 2018

Gigantic Beer Menu. Intimate comedy shows!


Heyday Cortes

4 November 2018

large beer selection, nice staff


Patricia O'connell

20 October 2018

Great Beer choices and very friendly staff


Ever Maldonado

13 October 2018

It was awesome.. I’m definitely coming back for other future shows.. great seats , great show, best bar food and drinks


Sfc Ellsworth

7 October 2018

Great people serving great spirits coupled with some comedy makes for a great evening...


Matheus Correia

23 September 2018

Ambiente aconchegante e acolhedor... Uma vasta quantidade de cervejas do mundo inteiro. O hamburger com carne de Angus é uma delícia!


Alicia B

9 September 2018

Good spot for comedy. Casual atmosphere, perfect for a date or hanging out with a group of friends. Menu has vegetarian options.


Aggie Chu

8 September 2018

wow, great shows! It's a great place to hangout with friends on Friday night!


Suriyun Whitehead

27 August 2018

Great range of beer on tap. Intimate and easy going venue. Good comedy.


Ron Herb

13 August 2018

We love going to the Bier Baron Tavern and Comedy Loft. It is a great atmosphere and setting. Staff is friendly and outgoing. The shows are great and have the vibe we look for in live entertainment. More...


Amy Aden Dunn

23 July 2018

The Bier Baron is so much like the Brickskeller of old... same decor, big beer list, fun folks on staff and the fries are the same. The comedy is new. I did not get to see an act this time. More...


Jonny Simpson

24 June 2018

I like this comedy venue a whole lot. Great helpful staff. Nice audio system. Awesome place to hear some jokes have some drinks and spend time with friends.


Lizbeth Pagan

11 June 2018

Great atmosphere! Good Beer!


Elizabeth Hale

15 April 2018

Yes way José! This is a Mecca for beer nerds. Awesome service to boot. If José is behind the bar tell him Liz and Andy say hi!!!


Lolita A Lloyd

25 February 2018

The place was nice it was an old building built in 1920 the hotel room reminds you of the 1900 era with old furniture and modern appliances the staff at the bar were wonderful the comedy event was good as in any comedy it had its funny moments and funny comedians but overall I recommend and 4 out of 5 the wings are great I got Buffalo spicy buffalo the hummus platter and the fried Oreo the bartender made requested drinks other than it was a good place


Mitzi Toney

22 January 2018

The beer selection is amazing! The staff is fantastic and there's a really good vibe.


Sarah Powell

26 November 2017

Their fries were good, and they gave me mustard with my burger. Not many places do that.


Olga Avagliano

12 November 2017

Posto bellissimo by Italy... birre ottime e staff gentile e sempre disponibile... .


Peter Worrell

12 November 2017

Had a great visit Saturday afternoon and the nachos were perfect! I particularly appreciated the friendly service at the bar.


Leisa Lemaster

27 August 2017

Personal service and attentive informative bartenders!


Reiner Zimmermann

30 June 2017

Fantastic place! great beer selection! must do if you love beer and visit D.C.


Jason Noelle

25 June 2017

Excellent dive bar with a huge beer selection from all over the world.


Gregorious Anderson

9 June 2017

Traditional wings were lit up and I am a critic of wings, plenty of choices on the beer and excellent service!! GO THERE!


Terric Higgins

13 May 2017

Great comedy show last night! I truly enjoyed myself. The food and drinks are amazing. The bathrooms could use some improvement but overall a pretty nice place.


Josue Miguel Rivera

2 April 2017

I enjoy the atmosphere and the music. Very relaxing and many friendly people to talk to.


Joseph Conrad Perkins

1 April 2017

Awesome pub wish the staff and the pub were back home!!


Michele Sometimes-Gray

16 March 2017

Had a great time. The Smash show went off without a hitch! Love Darius! He is such a fun and attentive bartender


Cheryl Coney

17 February 2017

SMASH! Comedy Tour was just what I needed to celebrate my birthday right! #smash happens every 3rd Wednesday. Door at 7, jokes at 8


Salvatore Paterno

16 February 2017

Took my family there and had great food and great service .. a casual place with very good service . We will be back ..��


JP Ngo

28 January 2017

Great Beer selections!! Loved checking out all the beer cans and history.


Shawn Fisher

24 January 2017

From an excellent menu to great beer selections to knowledgeable, caring staff, The Bier Baron Tavern is one of my favorite venues. Whether performing or a part of the audience, I know that The Bier Baron Tavern is invested in co-creating THE best experience for everyone. Kudos Team! More...


Marie Eugenia Melendez

16 January 2017

Great comedy performances ...u gotta b open to laugh at left wing comedians ( is double irrisory)�) great beer . Somebody offerred a shot of IDK what ( some licor frm north east?) I played safe: tequila pour moi si void plait... More...


Brent Dooley

15 January 2017

The food was really good and even though busy the service was very good. Our waitress was very attentive. The beer selection is a bit overwhelming at first but very good.


Mark Carter

11 January 2017

One of my favorite places to perform. A must go to place if you want to see great comedy


Baron Atomy

16 October 2016

My current favorite performance venue in DC. Excellent staff both upstairs and downstairs, good menu (highly recommend their poutine, pierogies, and bacon lollipops), rotating taps every week, and a wide variety of entertainment throughout the week and weekends. (Comedy, burlesque, sideshow, drag, if you follow their calendar you'll see lots of options) and varied seating options/levels so even in a crowded show you can usual get good views without having to stand. More...


Lawren Williams

16 October 2016

My son said that it was the best chicken pot pie that he has ever had. Food and service is good.


Nicole Anderson Weinberger

16 October 2016

Great food, awesome beer and wonderful service. Love to go again.


Matthew Curtis

13 October 2016

Could this be the best bar in America? 500+ beers can't be wrong. I forgot to ask her name, but the bartender had fantastic suggestions on IPAs.


Brett Roberts

7 October 2016

Awesome pub! Loved this place, made up for the average room!


Dillon Franks

19 July 2016

Unbelievable chicken pot pie! Great beer selection ( especially from central va)


Björn Penttinen

27 May 2016

Great selection of beers!


Brian Watson

18 May 2016

I've visited here a few times during my brief stays in DC for work. I enjoy researching their 24 page beer list before visiting and picking out an obscure beer to see if they actually have it! When you visit, be sure to check out their beer cooler....a guy could get lost for a week in there! Food is good. Be sure to ask the bartender what's good that night. None have steered me wrong yet! Enjoy! More...


Michaela Mansfeld LeMessurier

29 April 2016

Great food! Great beer! Just a comfortable neighborhood pub.


Doyle Tres McPoyle

4 March 2016

It's funny.. It's funny, well its funny. 50 characters!!!! It's funny.... Welll, it's funny... Count to 50


Justin Fellon

30 November 2015

Great atmosphere, great staff great beer selection!!!


Gail Linda Lewis

5 November 2015

Exotic eats, cold local beers and burlesque. Can't beat it with a stick.


Nathan Krusell

25 October 2015

Great place. Lots of beer and good food. Staff was friendly and helpful with any questions. Had a blast.


Ezequiel Medeiros

22 October 2015

Barzinho muito bom, várias cervejas diferentes, coleção de latinhas do mundo todo!


Antonio Mosquera

29 September 2015

Best selection of beer in D. C. the bar keeps are friendly and take their time to explain which beer will best suit your preference


Rafa Chelli MacLean

7 July 2015

Impeccable beer selection, relaxed environment and good menu items. Love it and shut up.


Mat Ji

20 February 2015

This place is what you wish you were doing while you're at work.


Tiffany Trapasso

8 January 2015

Good beer, knowledgeable bartender, perfect place to go unwind at the end of the day.


Angelia Moore

27 July 2014

Andy is taking very good care of us - we came in on the right day! Very knowledgable.


Alicia McCarthy

26 July 2014

Great service and GREAT Shepards pie!


Lee Richardson

25 July 2014

Best beer selection and atmosphere. No obvious tourists!


Marcus West

18 February 2014

Andy is easily the most educated bar tender in DC with an encyclopaedic knowledge of beer. A gem of a bar.


Peter T Pruitt III

13 January 2014

Great place to have great beer, great food and even better conversation highly recommend stopping by


Kevin Hammett

12 January 2014

If you like beer and great craic this is the place to stay.


Jelisaveta Cirilovic

27 January 2013

Best place in DC