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Daylight Training is a seminar and life coaching company. Our purpose is to bring a light to your path on the road to a happier, fulfilled and balanced life. Everyone experiences challenges sometimes. Life can be confusing and full of ups and downs with multiple paths from which to choose.


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Rick B.

15 November 2010

Actually, BaGuaZhang (or Pa Kua Chang) IS kung fu. So is Tai Chi Chuan, for that matter. They are both "internal" Chinese martial arts, well-regarded when practiced by a master of the art. But they are MARTIAL arts. Neither is a MARSHAL art, although U.S. Marshall's may train in them, for all I know.I haven't been to Wah Shing, so I can't comment any further, but wanted to set the record straight on BaGuaZhang, Tai Chi Chuan, and "kung fu." More...


Shawn F.

19 February 2006

The Wah Shing Kung Fu center in Chinatown offers various marshal arts classes. I had a certificate for a free class and decided to try it out. I ended up taking a Tai Chi class and had a blast. The instructors were knowledgeable in the art and the classmates were all friendly. I?d go back again but my schedule doesn?t permit me. If you have the time and a little money you should give this place a shot. More...


Jon R.

15 July 2005

Wah Shing Kung Fu actually no longer offers Kung Fu... they specialize in Tai Chi and Ba Kua (the Eight Fist martial art for taking on multiple opponents at once).
However, the people there are very friendly, and being right in Chinatown adds some authenticity to the whole experience.
Classes are 100 dollars a month.

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We offer a diverse range of coaching programs and services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality coaching. All of our coaches are certified professionals who are ready to serve you. We offer coaching in the following areas Life, Business, Relationships, Career, Peak Performance, and more. We coach individuals and groups both Nationally and Internationally. Our certifications currently include CBT Life Coach Practitioner, Career and Vocational Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Grief and Loss Coaching, Divorce Coaching.