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Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting – Creating High-Performing People and Teams

Wingra Park, Wisconsin


Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting – Creating High-Performing People and Teams

Wingra Park, Wisconsin


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Tara Ingalls

Darcy's tips on being mindful and present are life changing!


Krissa Hinzman

Thanks for all you offer to help everyone along their life journey. You are remarkable. Cheers to your stellar Thoughtfully Fit program!


Kari Temkin

Darcy so graciously donated her time and talents to speak to our Young Nonprofit Professional Network members about finding work/life balance. The event was inspiring, engaging, and very thought-provoking. Darcy did a great job of catering the content to our audience and responding to questions. Thanks again, Darcy!!!! More...


Bonny Wolter

Thank you for your Brava Thrive seminar on Wednesday! It was amazing and very eye opening. Thank you for everything!!


Murali Vedula

Darcy taught a fabulous course at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this week. Her strong Active Listening skills and ability to create awareness and new insights are Unique! I highly recommend her training. Thank you Coach! More...


Sarah Marty

Darcy is an incredible coach - able to distill things down to the basics and help you see a path to success and fulfillment. I can't recommend her highly enough. More...


Donna Farrer

Darcy is my friend and neighbor. I have had the opportunity to see her "in action" at various events @ DreamBank Madison as well as at a seasons of change women's leadership series that she facilitated with Shawn Preuss in 2013. I'm pleased that I have been able to register for all four of the 2014 leadership workshops through Brava Magazine. I'm really looking forward to what I'm sure will be a very fun, informative and enlightening experience. More...


Kelly Griego

I was lucky enough to hear Darcy speak on an especially favorite topic of mine - love languages. She lead an amazing talk about the languages uses and application; not just in the normal romantic relationship sense but how it applies to work, coworkers and managing.

I was also fortunate to schedule a session with one of her coaches at The Dream Bank when I was contemplating a job change. Darcy’s team member was a great extension of what I’ve come to know for her!


Zeb Metzler

Darcy is amazing!! I have had the opportunity to work with Darcy the last two years through the organization I work for. What we have learned from her has taken myself and others from our leadership team to another level. I have personally started the WCC program in which I want to carry through to the PLCC program to hopefully follow in her footsteps! I would highly recommend starting your journey with Darcy if you haven’t already, it truly is life changing! More...

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