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Daniel's skills lie in everything from cinematography and video editing, to graphic design and 3D printing!

Creator of over 400 films, commercials & web videos. Daniel spent three years as a videographer and content producer for The Black Eyed Peas & will.


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Chris Tkerid

23 December 2018

Amazing quality. Excellent execution. First class references. Not sure what else to say. Simply 5*!

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I've been a creator with digital media tools ever since I was very young. A teacher in the seventh grade noticed I had a talent for putting stories together and she had me teaching the class how to edit in two weeks. That was the spark that turned a hobby into a passion. I continue to bring that passion into my professional career because I love capturing and sharing stories for others to enjoy.

I've always wanted to work for myself and help others achieve the same success I have. I felt the best way to do that was through having my own business and bring together the most talented people inside and outside of my network. I've worked all around the globe and have creators in many countries ready and willing to work with me on any project.

When it comes to making a creative product its not the technology but rather the team. It's that experience and honesty that brings the story or product to a new level. Working within your boundaries but also seeing how to bend those boundaries into creative genius. I make sure to bring all of that to each project I work on.