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Morganne Perez

9 July 2019

The staff are incredible, Katherine is super knowledgeable and welcoming. The space is clean and inviting. This is the best place to go if you are considering dance classes!


Hunter Christenson

23 May 2019

The instructors here are excellent teachers and wonderful people. Prices for classes are very reasonable. My fiance and I very much enjoyed learning to dance for our wedding.


Jennifer Jollie

6 May 2019

We came upon Dance Masters through groupon. We are getting married, and my FH wanted us to have a lovely dance. We are both working with left feet so we needed some help. The groupon was a great price for 6 couple classes. Katherine has been our instructor. They do get you some basic steps, box step, fox trot, but since we are there to have a dance routine for our wedding, that was in the forefront. That was the most stupendous thing about Katherine and Dance masters. We we extremely pleased that we began our wedding routine before our groupon classes ended. They could have kept us learning the basics and then said if you want to continue and create your wedding routine you will need to sign up for more classes, but they didn't.They enjoy what they do, they have taught us well, and because we enjoyed it, we did sign up for more classes. Our wedding is at the end of April and thanks to Dance masters we will be elegant on the dance floor.If you and your S.O. are looking for something new to try this is a great opportunity. You will learn and most importantly, you will have fun! More...


Addison Snidle

6 April 2019

Love this place. Everyone is very kind and helpful.


Bob Pararas

6 April 2019

The instructions at the Dance Masters (Al, Katherine and Mike) do a marvelous job of teaching all levels and types of ballroom dancing. The group and private lessons are very relaxed and through and provide a great experience for mastering ballroom dancing from beginners to expert. I would recommend this studio to anyone wishing to learn or enhance their dancing skills. More...


Alpha Love

6 March 2019

We did a 6 lesson package and it helped us tremendously! Highly recommend!


Michelle Roumillat

6 February 2019

Currently doing lessons with my fiance for our wedding. They are amazing. So patient with us and they are even working with us to have a great first dance!


Michael Hipsman

6 August 2018

All of the lessons were great. We had a Groupon for the first set of lessons and purchased another set of lessons which were very reasonably priced. They helped us cherograph our first dance and we also utilized their group lessons throghout the week! More...


Eric Boyle

6 June 2018

Catherine is a so nice and a great instructor!


Kelly Crisafulli

6 June 2018

Rock and Katherine are so wonderful and talented. They were so kind to us newbies and made it fun. We're looking forward to our next lesson!


Arun Prakash

6 June 2018

We got a great groupon deal with which we took dance lesson. It was damn cheap. We took dance lessons for our wedding. we danced for the song Potter Waltz from Harry Potter. The 5 day groupon deal gets you the basics like waltz, foxtrat. Later you can select a song and they will do choreography for that. If you want to practice more, you can pay for additional lessons. We didn't want to pay for additional lessons as we felt little comfortable by mastering the basics. Then, We saw some youtube videos and tweaked our choreography and it really came out well.Thanks to all the masters who gave us that strong basics which helped us to dance confidentally during our Wedding :) More...


Chelsea Haney

6 June 2018

We loved our lessobs with Dancemasters, and had a great time learning our wedding choreography. Scheduling was always flexible and easy and package pricing was reasonable. We worked with several instructors and also attended group classes (free with our private instruction packages), which covered everything from the basics of rhythm to turns and variations on several different steps. Dance masters is really a community and even other, more advanced, students were even willing to help while my husband and I practiced our form. We met a lot of great people over the course of a few months and truly had a fun time.Throughout the process, we worked with Katherine and Rock to select a few steps that fit our music but allowed us to remain natural and not seem “too choreographed.” I was taking father/daughter lessons out of town at another studio simultaneously with my lessons here in Richmond and not only were they twice as expensive, but they were much less fun. Dancemasters kept our lessons to 20-40 minutes a piece (with practice at the end), and I found that to be the sweet spot for leaning without becoming frustrated with yourself or your partner. The only con that comes to mind was that there were a few times when the studio was very crowded and we were completely unsure not of where we were supposed to be practicing/felt rushed out of our scheduled lesson time. However, I would still recommend Dance masters not only for their wedding choreography but also for a fun date night out! More...


Robin Brownhill

6 June 2017

Taking lessons at the Lakeside studio ... started out just wanting 2 lessons to get comfortable with song for a wedding mother-son dance, but it's addictive! Wonderful instruction and the atmosphere of group classes is warm and festive. More...


Tyler Claytor

6 June 2017

Enjoyed working with Dancemasters for the first time! Only have used part of our groupon and it is more than worth it. They really know their stuff!!


william briscoew

6 June 2016

We used our Groupon for dance lessons and chose the Colonial Heights location with Master Dancer Amy….WoW! She is Great and we have had such a fantastic time learning our dance moves. The atmosphere is superb and Amy couldn't be better; fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and truly a Professional in Dance. We have signed up for more lessons to truly enjoy an event we had forgotten was so much fun. We highly recommend Amy and her studio in Colonial Heights!! More...


Peter Zolas

6 June 2016

We bought a groupon for dance lessons for our wedding. We did the lessons at the Lakeside studio. The instructors did a great job choreographing our dance to the song we chose. We had to buy a few extra lessons to get more practice in, but it was worth it and our guests to our wedding were very impressed. Thank you Roc and Katherine! More...


Kristina Leeann

6 June 2016

Got a living social deal for general lessons. I had such an amazing time and all of the instructors are wonderful. I will definitely be continuing lessons once my paid for sessions are done. If you want to learn dance for a special occasion or just because this is the place to go! More...