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Dakini Engineering General Contracting

La Presa, California


Dakini Engineering General Contracting

La Presa, California


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Anna C.

25 June 2019

Dakini Engineering is the most knowledgeable person out there with regards to foundations and much more. Dana is a reputable expert, dependable, and really knows everything there is to know about whether or not you have foundation issues or not and gives you solid information on how to make any necessary corrections. Do not hesitate to contact him for an honest opinion or 2nd opinion! More...


Bill G.

8 December 2018

Great advice. Very trustworthy. His answers led to him not getting work out of this opportunity, which is very admirable. Will definitely hire again in the future.  Gave great referrals for lower priced contractors for smaller jobs he doesn't handle. More...


Liz P.

18 November 2018

Very responsive, willing to take the time to discuss and educate and professional! Nice guy!


Elaine K.

31 October 2017

Once again Dana was there to help me!  I had a problem with the door that was part of the fence he built for me 2 years ago, contacted him and he came over to fix it right away.  No fuss and no charge.  He's a top-quality contractor who keeps his customer's needs paramount. More...


Mande M.

28 January 2017

I called Dikini for help with an issue I thought was going to be very serious. Dana took his time inspecting it over and offered me solutions that I could do myself to correct the problem. Not only did he tell me what I could do to fix it, he also took his time telling me what to buy and how to use it. He also knew other contractors that can do work for some other issues I was having and he told me who I could contact to get it looked at. He offered me some other advice for maintenance down the road and I appreciate him spending his time to help me out at no benefit to him. He truly is in business to help people and not take advantage of customers. Honest, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks again Dana! More...


Tia K.

13 January 2017

Dana recently inspected and analyzed a situation at a property we were considering purchasing.  Without his expertise and detailed report, we may have been in for a lot more expense than we were prepared to take on.  We are financially and emotionally thankful that we hired Dakini Engineering to provide us with the information we needed to make a prudent decision.  We wouldn't hesitate to hire Dana again for any engineering project in the future. More...


Michelle K.

2 March 2016

We met with Dana and I was immediately impressed with his promptness.  His knowledge was even more impressive.  He took the time to explain all of the issues that we were having due to the lack of adequate water proofing.  He could have easily talked us into a very high priced solution to our water proof problem but instead, he gave us ideas to make our home "water resistant".  Thank you Dana for all of your information! More...


B B.

10 October 2015

I live in La Jolla where the soils are really bad and there is always concern  about soil instability and house movement. When removing the carpeting  to replace with hardwood floors, we noticed there was a half inch crack, known as cold joint separation. I called Dakini Engineering and left a message. Dana Ansell called me right back and was incredibly helpful with his advice. After describing the nature of the crack and geotechnical reports that I had received about this house, he put my mind at ease. He explained to me that this is not a structural problem, only a cosmetic. I asked him if his company can do the repair needed. He was very honest and stated that for the type of foundation issue I am having a general contractor or even a handyman can take care of it and that I would be financially better off utilizing their services. He was so helpful as to say that whoever I hire, he is happy to guide him over the phone as to how to do the repair.Thank you Dana for all your explanations and the sound advice you gave me. More...


David G.

17 September 2015

The world of building (engineering, new construction, remodeling, and repairs) is generally one where a bargain price means bargain quality. There's a reason why Dakini Engineering General Contracting is THE company that's brought in to repair construction defects and soils problems that were created by other contractors' carelessness, limited competence, or integrity deficits. Dakini is the company that experts in the field go to when they encounter construction or soils challenges that no one else knows how to address. So, think about it: How valuable would it be for you to hire a company with this level of expertise not merely for repairs, but, for design, engineering, and construction that you know will be done right the FIRST time? How valuable would it be it for you to hire a company that is not merely technically superb, but also so aesthetically outstanding that they've won a whole house remodel award? How wonderful would it be to hire a company that is so good at what they do that they have the long-term undying loyalty of real estate professionals? And how valuable would it be for you to work with an owner (Dana Ansell) whose integrity is so impeccable that you will trust his dedication to doing the right thing as much as you trust his top-of-field competence? Are you seeking a engineering report, a remodel, new construction, or a construction or soils defects repair? As someone who has been hailed by the media since 2008 as "America's Integrity Expert," I know of no company that I would recommend for these jobs as much as I would Dakini Engineering General Contracting. The least you owe to yourself is to seek Dana's input and get his bid. Your experience of him will tell you what you need to know to decide whether it's wise for you to engage Dakini for the work you need done. More...


Bryan L.

16 September 2015

Dakini did an award winning whole house remodel for us in 2009. 6 years later we had a small problem with the roof flashing. I sent them an email and they were on site the next day evaluating the issue and came up with a quick solution. Highly recommend these guys. No reservations. More...


Ginny O.

28 April 2015

Have known Dana Ansell for 20 years and know he has the highest ethic and greatest knowledge in his field.  He works for a living, but mostly he works to help people recognize the truth about their stability or other structural problems, and NEVER tries to sell something you don't need.  He has been a pillar of my real estate business for all those years. If he is a 10, everyone else may aspire to be a 6! More...


Gil K.

16 September 2014

Dana has been very helpful providing valuable information to my clients.  He's a great resource providing very detailed engineering reports including the scope of work and cost analysis.  Dana always suggested the most cost effective way to do the job  and not the most expensive.  I was also impressed with the quick turn around getting the engineering report and estimate back.  Dakini Engineering can do it all including foundation and drainage repairs.  Dana is highly recommended. More...


Ken M.

25 April 2013

Integrity, Trustworthy, Creativity in EngineeringDakini Engineering performed miracles on our hillside La Mesa home. Historically our lower level was prone to seepage and even flooding. Dakini Engineering excavated the front of our house with surgical precision. Waterproofing and drainage measures eliminated all water seepage problems; even during the wettest year on record! Dakini Engineering provided creative and insightful consultation that not only resulted in a cost-effective means of eliminating a long standing problem; but enhanced utility and property value as well. Through skillful efforts our front and side yards were transformed from unusable space into aesthetically attractive and functional patio and recreational spaces. In solving one problem, two areas of our yard were turned into functional and decorative spaces that provided considerable added value to our property. All work was completed in a timely and professional manner; and at a significantly lower cost than other competitors' bids. My wife and I were more than pleased with the work performed by Dakini Engineering and look forward to using them again for subsequent home improvement projects. We recommend Dakini Engineering as having incredibly high integrity, trustworthiness and creativity in engineering and construction. More...