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Samira L.

23 August 2019

Highest quality bagels in town! Sandwich or plain bagels doesn't matter. Grilled cheese with tomato soup was super good. Great quality bagels!


Belinda B.

16 August 2019

The staff was very friendly and offered suggestions for the first time patrons of this quaint restaurant and the food was most excellent   Tasting the delicious cranberries and fresh ham just melted in your mouth.  We had the Hot Ham and Cheese and the Turkey Cranberry.  Yummy. We also of course had the brownie and cinnamon roll. More...


Carolyn M.

2 August 2019

There's finally another location in the downtown area!  Nice to have the location addition. Parking was a breeze here and it wasn't much of a wait for service. Ordered an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. They didn't have my favorite, salt bagel. The server got right to it and had it out to me in a jiffy. Unfortunately she wasn't very friendly which was a bummer. More...


Tsuji H.

3 July 2019



Rebecca R.

27 June 2019

Not really anything special just good bagels. Cinnamon crunch bagel was really boring I'd hoped for a cinnamon bagel with maybe a streusel type topping or something  but it seemed there was just cinnamon and crystal sugar sprinkled on top.


Sean C.

20 June 2019

I AM BEYOND EXCITED AND HAPPY TO HAVE DAILY BAGEL IN MY IMMEDIATE NEIGHBORHOOD!. Daily Bagel used to provide my previous employer with bagels for work events and breakfast hour at the cafeteria. The first time that I tasted their bagels, I knew that I was eating a genuine, Jewish style bagel, boiled, then baked for authentic quality. I love these bagels, I'm so excited that this new location is within a blocks walking distance from my new work office. The food is stunningly delicious, the coffee is bold and tasty. I ordered the Lox and egg breakfast sandwich (hell yes!) This really is Eugene's best bagel. Highly recommended, please check them out !. More...


Mike D.

16 June 2019

Best bagels in town, we always do the "bagel melt" on a variety of different bagels. Our daughter loves the smoothies too!


Morissa P.

5 June 2019

I was pleasantly surprised as the bagel with lox was very good. The only problem is that it did not have enough lox on it. Just two small slices. I did also get a dozen bagels to go (obviously to go!), and I must say that the Swiss cheese and the mushroom/spinach bagels are really good. I would go back for those alone when I find myself in Eugene next. More...


Jacoby J.

22 May 2019

This place has high quality small foods with reasonable prices.  The bagels taste and feel fresh, with lots of spreads and options to add on. Generally not too busy, but I assume it'll get more busy as people discover this new place. More...


Michelle V.

22 April 2019

Bagels are amazing!! Have such a variety to choose from, thought I've stuck with the jalapeño bagel, all look great!! Perfectly baked! Friendly staff and great chill environment to sit and eat in peace!!! More...


Tyler M.

12 February 2019

Best bagel place in town! Such a friendly environment with great staff and a great owner! I love coming in to get my egg, cheese and meat every morning. Wouldn't ever want to spend my breakfast time anywhere else! More...


Ashley M.

12 November 2018

Now THIS is a bagel shop! After a horrible experience downtown I drove over here to get myself a breakfast bagel. I was sad to see they were out of their Everything Bagels but I chose a mushroom and Swiss (I think?) bagel with egg and cheese. It was pretty tasty! I was surprised to see they have bagel burgers here too, they sounds pretty good. I liked the variety of options they have and the bagels are a decent size for the price. I will definitely be back when I have a craving for a breakfast bagel or bagel sandwich. More...


Marlena C.

10 November 2018

Good prices, yummy food, and outdoor seating available! They even have lunch sandwiches, and you don't have to have them on a bagel ;-)


Bill J.

4 September 2018

While our car was getting checked out across the road we walked here for breakfast and espresso drinks.  It is a nice place with good wifi that serves bagels, bagel sandwiches and coffee drinks.  My wife had the Bagel Melt along with her mocha and found it quite good.  I had an Eggs, Cheese and Bacon bagel hot breakfast along with my latte and also enjoyed it.  The little cookies that came with them were a nice touch. The people were nice and it was a good place to hang out waiting to hear about our car.  We would go back. More...


Kim K.

21 August 2018

Friendly staff, good food, good drinks.... chill environment.... Happy to eat here today :)


Jamie D.

13 July 2018

This place has the best tomato basil soup ever. The bagels aren't bad either. I love stopping in occasionally for the chunky monkey too which is ridiculously good. Highly recommended.


David D.

30 June 2018

Early morning treat! I had a chance to stop in at the Daily Bagel this morning which is conveniently next door to my cleaners. The place is modestly decorated with both indoor and patio seating. Large selection of freshly baked bagels, flavored cream cheeses, salads, specialty bagel sandwiches and coffees. I opted for lox on a toasted onion bagel. It was served properly with sliced red onions and capers. The mound of lox was worth it alone. All were served on a bed of bagel chips. I was there early on a Saturday where they hosted a regular stream of customers. Nice breakfast spot. Bon appetit! More...


Jessica A.

6 June 2018

Fresh and tasty bagels with generous amounts of cream cheese, what more could you ask for? We had the pesto bagel, which was delicious! The service was friendly to boot! It's tucked away and not in a location that I frequent, but if I'm in the area and need a snack, I would come back! More...


Andrea L.

29 April 2018

There's lots to love about the Daily Bagel. The location is on my way to work - especially helpful in an area where there's not much in the way of food. They've got solid everything bagels and tasty cream cheese and I love that they have canned yerba mate (which is my preferred way to caffeinate). The service is generally friendly and the prices are pretty reasonable. Love it! More...


Emily W.

15 April 2018

I love the food here, especially the smoothies with a shot of protein! All staff is super friendly and are so timely with orders. I go here so much and am never disappointed with the food or the service. :) More...


Kevin K.

13 April 2018

What a great place. Good wholesome food, friendly staff, good prices. I feel great after eating here. Definitely recommend.


Lorry W.

4 January 2018

love this place, if you get in early you can get a bag full of day-olds that you can take to the office and be everyone's best friend. They make their own blends of cream cheese too! I love the pesto cream cheese and the lox. All super good. I guess the only bagel I have ever been dissapointed in is the orange cranberry, I don't think it has any of those flavors in it , so other than that one little bagel this place is great! More...


Mark R.

27 December 2017

They have some of the best bagels in town, as well as some great breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee! The staff have always been friendly. My fiance and I love coming here for breakfast! More...


Ariel F.

4 December 2017

Great extensive menu and something for everyone. I really love the strawberry banana smoothie and their bagel chips.


Jennifer C.

27 November 2017

The bagels are amazing! The ruben bagel sandwich was just meh. I haven't tried any others bit the Ruben really just turned me off to their sandwiches. The bagel chips are awesome!  Service is awesome! More...


Laura H.

14 November 2017

I love this bagel place! I go there as often as I can. Bagels are fresh and delicious, sandwiches are good and I even had a tasty salad there once. My one complaint is that they run out of good flavors of bagels quickly. More...


Crystal M.

5 November 2017

The everything bagel is amazing I love this place they got me hooked so I'll be going back time and time again :)


Cat P.

24 October 2017

I like this bagel shop. Ordered a dozen bagels with two large cream cheeses for around $15. Not a bad price. Their chive cream cheese is really good! I will probably be a frequent buyer since I live so close and it's an easy and convenient breakfast. The atmosphere of this place is very relaxed as well. I stopped by around noon and there was a good amount of people talking, reading, working. I hope to come back and study there on the days I feel sick of studying at home. I also don't see why they have such average ratings-- their service was nice and friendly! More...


Andria A.

16 August 2017

This is right by my apartment , so I'm here A LOT . Well I'll just start and say that the customer service is ALWAYS top notch friendly and helpful . They are always smiling and have positive attitudes, great staff. My mom left her sunglasses on one of the tables inside , and they had kept them safe for the weekend . I was grateful they care about their customers .Their food is stellar . The sun-dried tomato cream cheese and their berry (name ) one is SO yummy ! Their bagels are always fresh and and not rubbery ! Their sandwiches are phenomenal - my favorite is the cranberry turkey ! Their smoothies are the best . Funky Monkey and Avalanche are my absolutely favorites!I would highly recommend this place . More...


Koe H.

12 August 2017

Such an easy place to be. The coffee is great, the bagels are yummy, the WiFi is free and the prices are good.


Meagan C.

21 July 2017

The Oregon Lox! So delicious all the favors go so well. An explosion of tastiness in your mouth. The bagel was perfect, nice a crispy because I got it toasted. Everyone was so nice! I will be back for more. More...


Kylie S.

12 June 2017

I love going here for breakfast or lunch! So many options and the staff is so nice. Delicious food!


Amber C.

8 June 2017

Been here a few times and it's been amazing every time! The staff is friendly and of course the bagels are delicious! I have dined in, ordered to go, and called ahead and it was a success:) definitely a place to get a great bagel/ sandwich


Katie J.

7 June 2017

The most delicious and affordable bagels. They make all sorts of bagel sandwiches. I like the classic bagel and cream cheese. But there are dozens of different types of bagels and cream cheese options. If your over in that part of town it's a must go to. They also have no problem make you custom bagel sandwich. I almost forgot to mention the coffee. They could be a stand alone coffee shop it's so yummy. I go back and forth between the milky way and snickers. Go go go try this place. More...


Louis H.

11 May 2017

Such a great place to go and grab a quick bite to eat! The staff is always friendly and the food is always delicious! Bagel sandwhiches are the best!


Leah H.

27 November 2016

I love this bagel shop. I live in California, but visit Eugene often to see family. Whenever I am there I go to this bagel shop almost every day. The Asiago and Swiss bagels are my personal favorite- but they are all good! The cream cheese is delicious as well. More...


Mike Y.

14 September 2016

I am not really understanding the negative reviews as I have been to this place 3 times now.  I generally do not do a review until I can get a well rounded feel for the place as I understand sometimes people just have bad days.  So lets review- I have ordered a bakers dozen of bagels and cream cheese, a toasted on site Apple Crunch Bagel with cream cheese and their egg and cheese bagel sandwich with the Everything bagel.  Service -  4/5 Service has been average to above average on all three visits.  The only issue I had is the blonde girl that was working at the prep station the first time I went in looked like she hated life and just looked miserable.  The second time I went in she was fine  (you see people can have bad days) and the person that helped me was very nice and helpful.  The  third time (today) I had a very pleasant experience.  I do not expect restaurant employees to be jumping for joy when they see a customer, I expect courteous and basic pleasantries with a side of helpfulness.   Sometimes I think people expect a sense of servant to master when they come into these places and that is just unreasonable.  Bagels - They are not as chewy and stiff as New York style bagels and that suits me just fine.  I like my teeth to remain in tact when I am eating my breakfast and when you are using the bagel as a vessel to put cheese, egg and ham on it, having a concrete slab to hold it all in would be very unpleasant.  So, yes, they are not as stiff and chewy as New York and Boston style bagels, but they are very good.  The egg /cheese/ ham sandwich I ate this morning was fantastic.  The star of the show is the Apple Crunch Bagel (nice light dusting of cinnamon and  thick sugar with a baked apple slice on top, sweet and delicious) , the Cinnamon Raisin, the Pumpernickel and the Blueberry.     The Orange Cranberry needs more Orange and Cranberry and the Everything bagel is a bit too salty for my taste.  For the Bagels I give them a 4/5.  Not perfect, I have had better but they are good.  Coffee -  2.5/5Okay, this is the bad part.  When it comes to coffee I am not expecting a grade A+ latte from a Bagel or Donut shop but I am expecting the basics.  The basics are -  Hot, tastes like coffee or the drink you ordered, mixed well and consistent.  I have ordered the Mocha Latte three times.  Here is the deal, they are just not mixing them well and they are not consistent whatsoever.  The three Mocha Lattes I have ordered have tasted different, different consistency and different temperature.   The first one I had was damned near perfect.  It was done by the thinner, shorter guy.  The second one was really hot and was not mixed well and the last one I ordered today was not hot enough and I could still taste the "mocha" goo that usually goes to the bottom nearly through the whole drink.  Almost a pasty consistency you get from not spending enough time under the mixer stick.  It also got cold very quickly.  Store - Cleanliness - 5/5.  Very clean, nicely decorated. More...


Jerry P.

6 June 2016

We were in Eugene for the week and discovered these fabulous bagels. The lox bagle was awesome. Great friendly service too!


Liz A.

17 April 2016

Love this place! The staff is fun and friendly, you get quick service, and the food is fresh, delicious, and inexpensive. I can get my Chai fix AND fresh squeezed orange juice. Try it!


Randy L.

13 April 2016

I LOVE these bagels (see previous review). And last weekend I finally found superb Norwegian lox at Oregon Lox Co., so I stopped in to buy some bagels for my lox. And - since I'd been fasting for a blood test since 6am - I couldn't wait, I ordered the lox sandwich. So glad! Turns out, their lox is from Oregon Lox Co. too (Though it's not the even-better Norwegian lox). With all the trimmings, my bagel was just right - capers, thin sliced onions and tomato. Meant to eat just half, instead I devoured the whole thing. It took me back to Brooklyn...BTW, my previous comment on ambiance was too stingy. I overlooked a spacious terrace with shade trees, and there's a library of books for customers. Really nice place, glad a friend brought me here, I'd never find this little gem on my own. Owner is super friendly too. More...


Eric S.

9 April 2016

A fresh bagel is great, but what if you could have a breakfast bagel, lox and bagel, or a great sam'ich on a bagel?Add fresh juices, a smoothy, or coffee. #HappyDay. Love this place.


Rachel M.

20 March 2016

Really enjoyed the food and they had wonderful customer service!The eggs and lox bagel is definitely a winner! I will say though, if you are going for the bagels alone and want variety, go before 11am because they sell out of some of the best choices fast.


Alberto L.

24 February 2016

of lately, me and the wife have tried a few bagel places around the Eugene area, as it seemed impossible to us that we hadn't found a "Bagel pusher" that we could trust yetvery very randomly (we were in the area to do other stuff), we stopped for breakfast in this little café off Greenpasture Island road. The surprise!Cheap and decent coffee, meaning one dollar espresso!!! In the USA? Come again? The bagels were also crisp to perfection, and the portion of lox was abundant and incredibly meaty and fresh. It all tasted so good, that we got a six-pack (plus one free) of bagels to go, and lox flavored cream cheese (yummy!) Compared to other places in Eugene there is no match at all!I saw that a lot of the bad reviews for this place have to do with bad service experiences. In our case service was very good, and they took our order before we paid, to speed up the process, since the place is small and there was quite a line.TIP : don't order the lox sandwich, it's expensive and comes with unnecessary stuff...just ask for cream cheese and a side of lox, much much better... More...


Marie F.

18 October 2015

Lox bagel, Chicago bagel dog, the quiche (quickie)...tried them All and they are quite delicious!  I'm not a hard core coffee drinker, but they have delicious sounding drinks have some non dairy options as well as Mexican hot chocolate (its real good!).  The staff is always nice and service is fast. More...


Tara D.

11 October 2015

Update: I received an email apologizing for the bad service from the owner, and she also had the staff prepare a gift card for me to use the next time we came in. We went there this morning and it was great. Everyone knew who I was and apologized for the last time, the food tasted great, and I was able to use my gift card. This is the kind of customer service that will keep me coming back here. How you treat your customers matters! It's the most important consideration for me when I think about where I am going to spend my money, and I'm happy to continue coming here in the future. Thanks Srithrip and The Daily Bagel :)Original Review: Wow. So we went in this morning to get breakfast for the family and it was super disappointing. They didn't toast our bagels, so our sandwiches were these limp, soggy things, and I don't know what was going on with the eggs but they looked and tasted like sponges. I couldn't even finish my sandwich. I've been in here many, many times, and my girls love to get bagels for breakfast as a treat. It's been really decent in the past, but they failed hard today. I don't know what's going on with the shops over here in this little shopping center. Maybe they have become complacent because they are the only things around and just figure people will come no matter what? I don't know, but they need to fix it or they will lose me as a customer for good. More...


Azadeh G.

27 May 2015

Their coffee is always on point!! I love their drinks!! I've been here at least 50 times and the coffee is super consistently good!! The food is also yummy and the staff is awesome. There's just one employee who's always ALWAYS pissy. She's plain, blond and seemingly in the late stages of puberty so I suppose emotions are in tumult. Still though 5/5 since small flaws can't be helped. More...


Jennifer H.

3 April 2015

I love this place. We went way out of our way to come try this place out. Very cute atmosphere. I will definitely be back. I would not hesitate to drive two and half hours again to come to this place again. More...


Thomas M.

23 December 2014

My family only comes on Sunday mornings and it's usually fairly quiet. Our service has been fine and reasonably quick(not freaky fast like jimmy johns!) but were talkin bagels not subs! The lox is always delicious and capers falling all over the place as I chase them down like runts candies only they taste better! What are capers anyway? other than delicious. My kids Love the berry cream cheese and beg us to take them there. And a sac of day olds usually follows me home(sometimes I even toss them at the dudes on the corners that don't yell at passers by) anyway it's a nice clean little place with news or sport news on the tv's a nice selection of tasty morsels and somewhere I'll keep coming back.I can't complain about the coffee like some others bc I don't  get any. Fin More...


Crystal R.

19 November 2014

Extensive menu, but I'm kinda short so it can be hard to see. Food is always delicious. Friendly staff. I've noticed at times some stations have been unmanned. It took us longer to get our Chai Lattes than our bagel sandwich order, which was okay because it probably wouldn't of tasted good together. Not bad price-wise... More...


Brian K.

16 July 2014

Great little place!!! Had the Lox Bagel sandwich with onion, super fresh tomatoes, capers and salmon from Oregon Lox Co!!! Perfection!!! Served with fresh bagel chips! Will definitely be back!!! More...


Ed S.

29 April 2014

I was contacted by the owner who inquired about my review. I was brutally honest and described my poor experiences. The owner was genuinely concerned and expressed my thanks for being honest. The owner expressed a desire to better the business and said that my concerns would be addressed. I returned today and was very pleased. The staff was very friendly and was very attentive to requests. Also, the product quality is back to it's outstanding status!  I am VERY pleased for the turn around & plan on coming back again & again. More...


Katie B.

22 March 2014

Basically bread in the shape of a bagel...I really wish I could get behind the bread bagel thing since the Daily Bagel is so convenient to where I live. But I'm not going to let my personal preference get in the way of the fact that they do make a really good (and reasonably priced) sandwich here. Also, a word to the wise, don't be a jerk and order a complicated coffee drink when there's a line and you only see one woman working the cash register/coffee and one woman making the bagels. You're holding up the line, go away. More...


Rachael W.

4 March 2014

This is place is great for a quick coffee, breakfast or lunch. I've never been let down by the food or service. The staff is friendly and will help you out if you don't know what to order (like choosing between all the different bagel options. There's a lot.)I am in love with the swiss bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. Mmm yumm.  If I'm feeling hungrier, the cashew chicken salad bagel sandwich is where it's at. The bagel sandwiches come with yummy bagel chips too, so it's a lot of food. If you're going for lunch though, try to get their a little earlier so they don't sell out of the bagel you want to try. I've had their house coffee and americano (which is only like $1.50), not sure what brand of coffee they use, but it's good. I heard they have other drinks like smoothies as well. Might have to try one next time I'm in. More...


Shae R.

2 March 2014

I go here for the Vanilla Bee Latte. So delicious! The Chai Lattes are a good price at $3.00; less expensive than Starbucks. I'm not a big coffee drinker. I do fancier drinks, so I can't speak for the Daily Bagel's coffee, but I do love that they have a punch card!I've also tried one of the bagel sandwiches, which was tasty and came with bagel chips. The cranberry orange bagel is next on my list of things to try! Go early on in the day because it is only open until 4 pm and sometimes the bagels sell out! The owner is super friendly and sweet. More...


Jennifer J.

29 December 2013

Okay, the service isn't sunshine and rainbows but they were nice and the bagel was delicious. I think that's about what I would want from a bagel shop.


S S.

25 June 2013

We stumbled upon this place whilst looking for breakfast - didnt want to go to *-sucks - and it was an excellent discovery. Plenty of veggie options, friendly staff and nice to-go-containers! Would definitely recommend. More...


Cindy Sinclair

13 December 2012

Good to Very Good Bagels, depending. Bagels are my roomie's passion and this place is a good 15 miles from our place, but if I am in the area, I swoop in and buy a dozen or so. Experience is that if they are really fresh they are very good, but if they are older, they are okay (standard). Staff is helpful and pleasant. Patrons can sometimes be a tad pushy, not sure why that is, but they have a tendency to reach right in front of you to grab bagels from the display. Very little parking (its in a mini mall) but usually you can find a space if you're patient. More...


Brian P.

20 August 2012

More than just bagels!  Great deli sandwiches in a nice quiet location, friendly staff too. I will be back!


Matthew P

29 May 2012

Veggie on Jalapeno = Yum! :). I still prefer Noah's Bagels (now named Einstein Bros Bagels), but Daily Bagel is quite delicious. I found The Veggie on a toasted Jalapeno Cheddar to be very tasty. More...


Matthew L.

28 May 2012

lol, I had no idea bagel snobs were a thing, haha. I still prefer Noah's Bagels (now named Einstein Bros Bagels), but Daily Bagel is quite delicious. I found The Veggie on a toasted Jalapeno Cheddar to be very tasty. More...



12 March 2012

I enjoy the variety of bagel flavors and cream cheeses. Also, as a coffee snob they always get my latte perfect. I can usually have a filling lunch and latte for under $6, and get back to work on time and satisfied. I love the Daily Bagel :)



20 February 2011

There now under new management and the service is mug better



11 January 2009

Bagel's to go.... Bagels are good. Service not so much.

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