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D3 Graphic Design

Pleasanton, CA

D3 Graphic Design logo

D3 Graphic Design

Pleasanton, CA


Professional design services for print, web and branding.


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A great website can grab attention and deliver a message within the first 5 seconds. I is easy to navigate and understand. It is simple yet effective.

Who is your target audience?
Is there a message you would like the piece to convey?
What is your budget?
By when do you need the project completed?
Any Branding guidelines that need to be followed?
What file formats do you need?

I start by listening to the client's ideas and vision for the project. I provide my feedback about how i will go about creating the design.
I then ask for any further details I need to start work on the design.
After the first draft is done, I review it with the client to make sure we are heading in the right direction.
We can go through a number of review cycles before we reach a point where the client is happy with the design.

I need the budget information, timeline as well as scope of the project.

I love creative problem solving and converting ideas into visually compelling and functional designs.

I wanted to have flexible work hours and have a job that I love. Being a freelance graphic designer allows me to do both.

I am fun to work with. I have excellent work ethic and positive personality. Most importantly, I am good at what I do.


Book layout for print books including fiction and non-fiction titles. Cover design for print books.

Creation of ebook files for various platforms including iTunes and Kindle.

Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Annual Reports, Invitations and more.