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You have a dream for your event and we are here to help that dream come to life because we truly love what we do. This event is something you will want to remember for a long time to come! With all of the experience, different equipment and software we use planning your event is going to be easy with our recommendations and you'll be able to customize it to exactly what you are wanting including the music selections.


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Carole Ann

21 February 2019

Jay was a professional from beginning to end. He made the reception fun for everybody in attendance. He helped my daughter build her playlist, and added many special songs. The wedding was outside, and even added a microphone so all could hear.
I would highly recommend him.


Lauren Stuhmer

20 February 2019

Fantastic experience from the planning through the whole event.

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Actively engaging with the guests is essential. You can't just be "the man behind the curtains".

When I setup I like to be as close to the dance floor as possible. Throughout the night I talk to the guests and encourage them to get on the dance floor and have fun. I make some jokes and do all I can to get them in a good mood and comfortable.

And one of the best ways I've found to get people dancing is to jump on the dance floor myself and encourage others to join me!

AND once I get the crowd on the dance floor I keep it going by playing songs I know they'll enjoy. And if one song isn't making it, I'll quickly blend in another song. I also vary the tempo because many husbands/boyfriends don't necessarily like to dance but they will do a slow dance. And once they get on the dance floor I do all I can to keep them there!

My style can be described as friendly and flexible. I don't let anything faze me too much and always stay positive.

There are always going to be some glitches but they all tend to work out so you can't let it bother you. I'm very friendly and engaging to the guests.

As far as my musical style I love all kinds of genres. But I utilize a song request playlist builder and encourage my clients to provide info on the kinds of music they enjoy.

The privilege of being able to share in the special moments of my customers' lives. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, Sweet 16, birthday, etc. this celebration is important and special. And I get so excited and happy when I see that they are having a wonderful time.

There is nothing better than to have the clients and their guests come up to me and tell me what a great time they had.

I often say that this job is a labor of love - and it is!!!

The ability to have the flexibility to control my income and the hours I work. And I like being my own boss and not having someone control me.

I'm very passionate about what I do and always strive to provide the best services possible.

I feel the role of a DJ is immensely important to the enjoyment and success of an event and I take this responsibility very seriously. I provide helpful planning tools as well as a song request playlist builder tool at no extra charge because I feel proper planning helps to make for a very successful event.

And as I said earlier I'm very friendly and easy to work with . I do all I can to make the process of working with me super easy and trouble free.

When you choose me you are working with someone who truly loves what he does. In my case it's much more than a job. It's an opportunity and a privilege to help to make their celebration a joyous and unforgettable experience!


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