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Fat Loss Specialist. Glute camps. Strength and mobility programs. . Personal, semi-private, and tribe training. Our 8 Foundations. Move with purpose, eat real food, sleep, building community, spend time in nature, practice compassion, unplug to connect, proactive not reactive.

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Michael M.

20 April 2019

I've been going to Custom Fit for three years now and it still remains one of the highlights of my day. I've tried to workout by myself at home or at gyms, but I often get bored or end up hurting myself. With Eric, it's never boring and he is passionate about avoiding injury. The group workouts are full of fun people and the circuit is always different. I'm in the best shape of my life and I owe it in large part to Custom Fit. More...


William U.

2 April 2019

Custom fit is reponsible for turning my life around in an amazing way and I would love to share this with you all so it can help you make an incredible investment in your health and yourself. When I first arrived the first thing I noticed was the energy that Eric  the owner and operator has. Eric really took the time to discuss my training options my health background, my training goals and any injuries that I was dealing with at the time of consultation. Just having somebody be as motivated as I am to get in shape was enough to get me motivated to do something about changing my life. Eric does a great job of mixing up different workouts and created an intensity that allows your body to respond and positive ways. I enjoyed results within weeks of starting with him and have enjoyed continued results. If you dedicate your life and are making the commitment to changing your life for the better then Custom Fit is for you. Eric picks up on that energy to help take your  results to the next level. I can say with Eric keeping you accountable both in and out of the gym my result have exceeded my expectations and I am sure yours as well. I challenge all who look to make a change in their lives to come to Custom fit. The best decision I ever made. More...


Maria C.

12 September 2018

I have been a client of Eric's for about four years and have seen my body transform greatly.  From top to bottom his business is awesome.  Clean gym, inspirational, motivating, personalized to myself, professional and checks in on your strengths abilities every week.  Eric promotes a healthy overall life style as well, mind and physical health. Most importantly, treats clients like family and is always looking out for your best interests. More...


Mr. R.

31 July 2018

Eric is awesome. I came with a few latent chronic joint issues -especially knees - that would often flare up during strenuous activity. I have been training for about three weeks with Eric and have had no significant knee problems. It turns out he has been specially designing my workouts behind the scenes to be light on the knees. With Eric I train hard and stay healthy - an awesome combination. Also, he is a great mentor for outside the gym as well - as far as sharing resources and tips on starting my own business for example. He has a deep commitment to helping clients not only improve physically, but in all aspects of their lives. Lastly, he is super flexible on schedule. I had missed a flight back to town and wasn't able to get back until the next morning. He adjusted our workout - from the morning to the evening - so that I had time to get some rest beforehand. I am lucky to have found Eric; thank you. More...


Sam B.

4 June 2018

Been with Eric for a year now, down almost 30lbs. Eric knows his stuff and is great at crafting workouts to move you closer to your overall health goals. I came in looking to increase mobility, lock down my diet, and take my training to the next level: Eric has pushed me to reach higher in all three areas. His workouts are killer and he is a patient listener genuinely committed to the success of his clients. More...


Michael D.

26 June 2017

I have been with Eric for 6 months and his program has changed my life on many levels.  It truly is a custom approach to fitness. His fitness training is responsive to my needs and adaptive to avoid injury and improve strength. I have never felt so empowered by fitness.  I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Custom Fit! More...


Darin G.

19 May 2017

Eric is awesome. My girlfriend and I were looking for a small group fitness class or personal trainer that wasn't "crazy intense" and that we could also do together. We read about every gym in the area before we settled on customfit. We've been so happy with Eric and his gym. He tailors his workouts to the individual and truly cares about his members. He offers a very personal training regimen that you can customize to your needs. He also includes extracurricular group activities and builds a community amongst his members.He pushes us hard, but pays attention to our needs. I've been able to gain muscle and she has lost weight while enjoying our regular sessions. I highly recommend this gym. More...


Kelsey S.

6 November 2016

Absolutely love Custom Fit! Went looking for someone who could keep me accountable for my exercise routine and keep me consistent and ended up finding a great group of awesome people who are happy to be there every week working out together! Couldn't have asked for better. Love how every workout is tailored to each individual in the workout group. One of the girls just announced she is pregnant and without missing a beat the workout circuts were changed up to accommodate her needs but still push the rest of us! More...


Front D.

20 August 2016

Contacting Eric to be my personal trainer has been the best decision I've ever made. I had been searching different places before stumbling upon Custom Fit. I really wanted to find someone who would work with me one on one to help me achieve my weight loss goals but really paid attention to what my strength and weaknesses are so I grow in those areas. Eric has encouraged me to not only be excited to work out but to also change my eating habits In a way that I still enjoy what I'm eating. I would definitely recommend Eric to anyone who is looking for a trainer that really cares about his clients and will go above and beyond to help you get where you want to be. More...


Anna C.

2 June 2016

My favorite thing about Eric's approach to fitness is that it's holistic. Being healthy is not a 30-minute a day activity nor a necessary chore, but it's a proactive attitude and a life style involving body, soul, and spirit. Eric's goals are not just quantitative: a number on a scale for instance, or a body fat percentage, but rather they are to improve the overall well-being of the people he coaches and trains. Custom Fit involves an entire philosophy of activity, eating well, and sleeping for energy.It involves less traditional elements of fitness training, such as spending time in nature and building community. As a busy career woman myself, I sometimes neglect these basic tenants of happiness and Eric's coaching brings me into a more positive mental (and physical) state. Keep it up, Custom Fit Slo! More...


Megan S.

24 January 2016

Eric is a genuine trainer who values your personal fitness and will tailor your workouts to suit your individual goals. Each session will incorporate familiar exercises with a new twist to ensure that your muscles are continually being strengthened and developing. What stands out most about Eric is how comfortable he makes the experience. It's a quiet gym geared up with traditional and neo-classic equipment, is immaculately clean, and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town. In addition to the environment, Eric embraces basic concepts of wellness including time outside, time to play, and the importance of feeling well in mind and body into his lesson plans for you to practice at home. My partner and I have been going to Eric for years and the routine never gets old, only more satisfying, and we just love Custom Fit. Thanks Eric! More...


Michelle M.

20 January 2016

Eric is the BEST personal trainer in SLO! I attend a boot camp twice a week with a few other girls. He is quick to adjust workouts for me because of a back injury and pushes me to improve every week. He plans the workouts so you're training different muscle groups each week, it's never boring! Thanks Eric! More...


Greer K.

20 October 2015

Custom Fit is amazing! Eric is the best trainer, always able to push me even when I don't think I can keep going. Great motivation, great work out every time!


Tausha K.

20 October 2015

Having always been intimated by the idea of a personal trainer, I never thought to try it out. With a recommendation from a friend I headed over to Eric's gym and haven't looked back. I feel better then I have ever have. Eric is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and supportive of your bodies needs. He also coaches you on diet, and with the option to text him with questions at any time, this is extremely important to maintaining my goals. If you're thinking about trying him out, DO IT NOW! You won't regret it. More...


Kat A.

15 October 2015

In my original posting, I mention Wehe's 40 min. Fitness. As all wonderfully new things have a habit of doing, there has been a shift in name and a focusing of direction. These things are indicative of healthy growth and mirror the fantastic growth this endeavor has experienced. More...


By customizing each workout to the clients specific needs and goals.

discipline, dedication, and a well designed and executed plan.

the people and watching their bodies drastically change

A true passion for fitness and health. I love seeing peoples physical, mental, and emotional health increase through the power of fitness.

#1 ranked personal trainer on yelp
results, results, results
We take a full spectrum approach to fitness.
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