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Crystalz ‘N Pistolz is your go-to metaphysical supplier. Owner and founder, Aniesha, also offers spiritual counseling, tarot and other divination and spiritual services. Check out the website www.crystalznpistolz.com for listing and pricing information.

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Elaina Williams

30 August 2018



Kee Kee Palmer

30 August 2018

She was very helpful and thorough even though I had no idea what I was asking for. She's awesome!


Tiffny Deandra

30 August 2018

Great vibes and on point with these readings


Nicole Jones Deloach

28 July 2018

Where do I begin? She is the truth, she is the truth, she is the TRUTH. You will not go wrong, she will take care of you, she knows her SHIZNIT!!!!


Arrianne Singleton-Celestine

25 July 2018

I was amazed at how she knew exactly what I was going through and I'm pleased to say that her reading assisted me in making my next life decisions.


AshSnazz Chavon Howard

11 December 2017

Very accurate! If you just need a little help with understanding things in your life.. She can help


Tamara Smith

10 December 2017

I came to her unclear and confused. She was able to give me the exact answers I needed and was very accurate with everything that happened in my past and what was going on in my life currently.

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I love seeing people on their own spiritual journey. Those who are passionate about their path and purpose. I want to help as many people as I can become who they were sent to be. We are all connected and when one succeeds, we all move just a little closer to a collective mind.

I was tired of hearing about scams and people claiming to be spiritual and taking advantage of others. These are not things to be toyed with. Spirit does not take kindly to those looking to exploit or take from others with malice and disregard.

I am as real as it gets. I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear unless what you want to hear is what you need to hear! I give my readings raw and uncut but with compassion and respect. Book with me if you are ready for the truth.