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Janine Marie Gagnon

1 September 2019

I love this gym and the Zumba classes are great!


Dan Garien

4 August 2019

Clean gym and weight lifters of all caliber there. Great feel good vibe of a place.


James B Wingert

19 June 2019

I HIGHLY recommend Crunch Fitness Greenwood Village, CO. It's a FANTASTIC gym. Great equipment, great people, clean. Excellent personal training. Simply an awesome place to workout and be healthy. More...


Deanna Geary

15 June 2019

Crunch Fitness is a beautiful fitness facility that offers SO much to its members!! Awesome equipment, great selection of classes and even has a tanning booth and hydromassage bed!


Susan Johnson

4 May 2019

Good equipment and clean facility. Crunch offers many options for group and individual fitness programs. Been a member for several years.


Summer Grace Rens

1 March 2019

Great equipment, awesome classes and instructors. I’m a fan!


Olie Grahowskih

23 February 2019

Great music! Classic rock.


Karl Schlierf

18 February 2019

tons of free weights, turf with a sled, bumper plates. all the trainers and staff are awesome!!


Fonda Chilton Beasley

11 February 2019

Have been going since it opened. Very clean and great staff


Lanette Jaramillo

31 December 2018

Excellent facility, staff and clean!!


Kelly Krattenmaker

22 October 2018

Melodie is a terrific spinning instructor!! Loads of fun in her classes


Dora Dagnino

12 October 2018

Ms. Melody draws me to gym with her enthusiastic personality and solid training skills; hence, she's one amazing instructor! Crunch Fitness facility/equipment is state-of-the-art! I recommend the instructors! More...


Jackie Zavala

3 October 2018

Awesome!!!! place to go to.


Danielle Brady

28 September 2018

❤️ Melody!!!!! She makes cardio fun!


Emily Valentine

27 September 2018

Melody is amazing. Incredibly encouraging!!!


Jim Ettore

22 August 2018

Great facilities staff is good clean


Reginald H. Martin II

15 August 2018

Favorite gym by far. For those who actually go to the gym to workout lol.


Louie Jeavons

3 July 2018

Katie and Dave are amazing and knowledgeable trainers. They push me further than any other trainer has. They know what I'm capable of more than I do and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment after each workout. The gym itself is spotless, friendly and spacious. More...


Shelly Johnstone

25 May 2018

I love how everyone treats you like a friend!! No cliques just a good workout amongst and with friends.


Michele Huston

25 April 2018

I love going to Mindy’s classes! She’s easy to understand but not easy on us - we get a real workout! Thanks Mindy!


Irmiuxn Zaragoza

22 March 2018

Friendly environment, awesome instructors you get what you paid for and sooo important No Judgements!!


Jennifer Guerra

21 February 2018

We were the first people in the door (5 am) the day the Greenwood Village location opened. Love the staff and variety of equipment. Best part are classes with Melody! Only down side is that there isn't anyone who goes around and makes sure things are put back...oh yea maybe the members should that! More...


Lynn RW

2 February 2018

This Lady Rocks! Come to Crunch and see Melody for a great workout! Great facility and there is something for everyone! Download the app for class times!


Julie Vialpando

18 January 2018

❤️❤️❤️ this gym, clean, good staff, good instructors


David Sechler

12 January 2018

Clean and nice new equipment. The location is perfect for me. Everything is as I'd expect from a new facility.


Barbara Scriven

28 November 2017

Great workout with Melody!! Always! Love working out with her, she’s motivating and fun cos h!


Stefanie Deitrich

13 November 2017

Love this gym! It is so clean, the equipment is new and well maintained. The staff is helpful and responsive and the atmosphere is phenomenal. I am a fan of weight training and HIIT workouts and this gym hits the mark! Bonus points for the TWO tanning beds and a hydro massage bed. The only less than stellar thing is their weekend hours :/ ...but that's life! More...


Jerome Price

13 November 2017

I love this gym, it's the best gym in Centennial and the best prices. It's never crowded and always clean.


Debbie Reinis Grillo

15 August 2017

My husband and I are really enjoying this gym. It's nice and clean and has good music. The receptionist is a doll and Issac is an AWESOME trainer!!!


Jeff Fusaro

12 August 2017

Great gym...Very clean...great selection of equipment...and actually "affordable"...Thank You Crunch Fitness for coming to my neighborhood. Highly recommended!!! :)


Carlos Solorzano

5 August 2017

I'm definitely a fan of this gym. Great staff, tough classes, and clean facility! Shout out to Kori, Isaac, Amber, Melody and the other trainers for pushing me so hard! Only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 is not having enough boot camp classes. Nothing on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, or Friday afternoons, and weekends are sparse. More...


Maurice Becnel

3 August 2017

I love CRUNCH...the staff are fantastic and the gym is always clean.


Erin Catherine Yonkers

29 July 2017

Very clean. Awesome new equipment. Love the environment.


Lacresha Ffrench

27 July 2017

Took a cycling class last night and I LOVED it! The instructor LJ brought a lot of energy to the class and motivated me to not give up during the harder parts of the class! Will definitely be going again soon! More...


Jared Waldbaum

24 July 2017

Great Facility!!! The monkey bars and the various climbing rack is great!


Jessica F Vanni

22 June 2017

Amazing and soo big! Can't wait to start spin classes also! I enjoyed the pre opening also , yesterday was the first day for my husband and I to go and it is definitely motivational enough to see soo many ways to exercise!


Jeff Sailers

10 June 2017

I really love this place. The people are great, the facility and equipment are clean and current. Our personal trainer, Robert, is very easy to talk to and knowledgeable on nutrition and excercise. He listened to my needs and tailored a regimen to meet my needs and goals. Highly recommended and reasonable cost as well as low as $9.95 per month. More...


Krystal Schwartz

5 June 2017

I had a great time training with Amber today! The facilities are clean, the hydromassage bed and tanning is a plus! I love how they have specific machines and areas setup for all types of workouts by different types of athletes.


David Baccus-Primitivo

5 June 2017

Did my first workout here today (first day being open). Very clean!!! I have a couple of just small details that are a non-issue. The treadmills don't have a "fat loss" setting. There is interval and hill......but the speed slows the higher you go. I just did it manual. The shower was out of soap and the floor is sloped away from the drain, so water puddles. Once again.....minor details. Friendly staff. Will enjoy coming back! More...


Michael Moretsky

26 February 2017

It hasn't opened yet but I already feel healthier.

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