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Crossfit Rutherford

Crossfit Rutherford locationRiverdale, Tennessee

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Crossfit Rutherford Reviews

Crossfit Rutherford Reviews

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by squad gaols
5 18/03/2018 squad gaols

Work out

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by Todd Sullivan
5 21/01/2018 Todd Sullivan

Best box around, great coaching, great programming, amazing people and athletes... you'll be hooked after one visit.

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by kris kirby
5 23/10/2017 kris kirby

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by mitch t
5 03/10/2017 mitch t

Amazing people

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by Adam McCook
5 04/01/2013 Adam McCook

I was in the military 20 years ago and considered myself in decent shape at the time. Here I am 20 years later. 100lbs heavier, totally inflexible, back problems, constantly tired and downright pitiful. Every time I saw a picture of myself I would cringe. Tried gyms, running, etc. Never knew what to do and hated the atmosphere. I started crossfit approximately 4 months ago. The person described above is fading. The enviironment is very supportive and Chis, Jennifer and the staff are pros. They did more than show how to perform the movements, they encourrage and push you. Your classmates encourage you at all levels. This works for any level of fitness. Everything is scaleable. Do yourself a favor and give Crossfit Rutherford it a shot. You will be glad you did.

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by A Google User
5 06/03/2012 A Google User

I just started my 4th week at Crossfit Rutherford and I am in love!! I did cheer and gymnastics in high school but was never very athletic after that. So, short of never being involved in a sport I was pretty inexperienced. I certainly hadn't been involved in anything in at least 5 years. I'd gone back and forth with short stints of "working out" at the gym, plugging away on a treadmill or elliptical hoping that I would one day really enjoy it like everyone said I would. That never happened and eventually I would get bored and frustrated at seeing no results and quit.

I was very nervous about getting started but Chris and Jennifer Haynes are two of the most motivating, welcoming, and genuine people I've ever met. They walk you through each movement and give you very specific direction on how to do the exercises so that you do them safely and effectively. I look forward to coming every single day, and on the weekends I am ready for the week to start so I can go back to crossfit! The atmosphere is incredibly motivating and encouraging and even as the new girl people have cheered me on and congratulated me. I would compare it much closer to personal training/coaching than your typical fitness class. It's FUN and I feel strong and proud of the work I accomplish there.

No more boring long treadmill workouts, no more seeing no results. In three weeks I've lost 3 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my bust by doing things the crossfit way and I have no intention on going back! I would recommend Crossfit Rutherford and the instruction of Chris and Jennifer to anyone at any fitness level! You won't be sorry.

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by A Google User
5 03/12/2009 A Google User

Crossfit Rutherford is the best workout I have ever done! Jennifer is always right there pushing me to do better. Unlike typical gyms, Crossfit is fast paced and intense. You don't have to spend 3 hours to see results. Each day is different so you are not doing the same old exercises. In just 1 month my body has started changing. I have cut some of my times in half. There is no better exercise plan out there. I strongly recommend Crossfit Rutherford!

Review of Crossfit Rutherford by A Google User
5 10/10/2009 A Google User

When I was first introduced to CrossFit back in the spring of 2009 I was working out at one of those "regular" gyms. For years I had been following the typical body building routine workouts; back and chest, arms, legs and shoulders. I tried to continually mix up my lifts so I didnt get too bored with things but never felt that I was really making any major progress. CrossFit Rutherford owners Chris and Jennifer Haynes, also longtime personal friends/family of mine, introduced me to CrossFit workouts. I immediately began enjoying the variety and the introduction of exercises that I had either never done before or never could do very well. It was difficult, sometimes, to get through a complete CrossFit workout at the "regular gym" because they didnt have the equipment necessary or it was way too crowded or everybody looked at you like you were crazy! Then CrossFit Rutherford was born!!! Not only have I continued to learn new and exciting workouts, but, I never get bored, am constantly challenged by myself and others around me and feel as though I am in the best shape I have been in since my early 20s, which was quite a few years ago. Alot of people get scared of CrossFit when they first see it. They think it is way too hard, or not what they are looking for. Well, I say to them, if you are not serious about being the best you can be and improving your level of fitness and overall health, then youre right, its probably not for you!! But, if you are looking for A Better You, then find your way to CrossFit Rutherford!!! Trust me, no matter what level of fitness you consider yourself, CrossFit Rutherford WILL make you Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster!! Once you get going, youll wonder why it took you so long to get going. What are you waiting for, GET YOU SOME!!!

Crossfit Rutherford

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