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Yariv Kehati

12 May 2019

Great place! Nice peaple...dropped in for workout when visiting from Israel and was welcomed. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you!


Greg Montaño

26 May 2018

They put on a great team competition each year and the facility looks nice.


D. J. K.

23 January 2017

Great box with good instruction.  My son takes classes here and his increased fitness and love of exercise are testament to why this place works.   Keep it up ladies!


Sarah W.

21 October 2016

Great box. Knowledgeable coaches. Joe runs the show 99% of the time and he knows what he's doing. He won't sugar coat anything and he'll tell you like it is. There are rules, too. Make sure you follow the rules for how to add weight to the bar so it's a legal bar. And no dropping PVC sticks. You'll get hell. You and the class, too. It's a bare-bones box reminiscent of the early crossfit days. No technology logging in and tracking - i.e. Beyond The White Board, Wodify, or things of that sort. No posting of WODs  online. You show up and you find out. Every day is a surprise. Be ready for anything.Equipment is basic but it's enough to get the job done and do it right. Private parking lot in the rear for parking and for doing running drills. Beyond that is woodland where there's a great trail for running. The box is next to a facility called "Turf Time" which is utilized for indoor WODs occasionally as well. The only thing that I have never done at this box for the year plus I've been coming is the prowlers. I miss those.They cater to athletes (and non-athletes) of all levels, backgrounds, abilities and ages. When I first started attending here I was enamored with their senior population. That's always a great sign. The programing also allows you to focus on your training needs as you see fit: whether that be more strength or more conditioning. This allows you to decide what you want to focus on.Overall there's a great group of regulars who will welcome you into the fold in time. On the rare ocassion Joe isn't coaching, you'll love Julie, Erin, Andrew and Caitlin. I love when Erin teaches especially. And Andrew really knows how to run a solid Sunday class.For those who say it's expensive; do some price shopping. It really isn't compared to other boxes. I've belong to quite a few and Crossfit Rochester is very fair, in my opinion. Plus, I'd rather be putting my money to a mom-n-pop place that supports our local economy and actually cares about you, as opposed to shoveling it over to another big-name corporate brand gym that wouldn't bat an eyelash if you didn't show up. More...


Germain Jean-Charles

26 May 2016

Simply the best Crossfit box ever.... Joe and the other trainers are AMAZING


Brooklyn Hauge

26 May 2016

Everyone is so positive and very encouraging! It's a damn good work out as well. All the trainers are awesome!


James W

27 May 2015

I have been going primarily to the 5am class for over a year and I am in the best shape of my life.


Graham D.

18 December 2014

Hands down the best Crossfit box ever! They have a ton of space and great equipment but  the owners, coaches, and people are what make it great.Though it's always a hard workout, the workouts are scaled for your level. That being said, no matter where you are and how much you scale it, you'll be wishing you were dead half way through every workout. Yet somehow you always come back for more pain. It's great.The only reason I stopped going was the price; it's expensive. The owner did give me a discount for being a college student though which was really nice. More...


Chris B.

1 August 2014

I'm a level 1 coach at a box outside of Philly. I stopped by while in town visiting family. Joe (owner) was very personable and inviting. They know what they are doing at this box. Great box, great coaches, awesome people. Stop by if you're in town, you won't regret it! More...


A Google User

24 October 2011

why does rochester, ny, have more crossfit gyms than NYC? could it be most of the people who became motivated to start a crossfit gym here were trained and inspired by the original local crossfit trainer joe celso? joe and crossfit are not for everyone. yeah, crossfit is hard and joe is tough. if you want someone to hold your hand and refill your water bottle, joe is not the trainer for you. if you're looking for a juicebar and towel service, crossfit rochester is not the gym for you. but if you're looking for a hardcore workout that's scaled to your fitness level, that's never boring and that will get you in the best shape of your life, give crossfit rochester a try.

and if you're looking for a trainer who will push you outside your comfort zone while making sure your form and technique are correct...someone who can oversee a room full of people but still somehow manage to know exactly what YOU are doing...or not doing, give joe a try.

yeah, sometimes there are burpee consequences. but keep your back straight, stay focused on the workout and don't drop your stick and you'll do just fine.

before i originally joined the gym in the spring of 2009, i was coming off 8 months of rehabbing after surgery for a blown-out ACL. depressed, out of shape and 20 lbs heavier than before my injury, i was pretty much at my lowest fitness point.

at that time, joe was the only game in town. i called him up before i joined to ask if he had plans to open a location closer to me in the city. the egypt location was an over-20-minute commute. his response: "probably not in the near future. but if you really want to do it, you'll find a way to get here." i did and two and a half years later, i am 25 pounds lighter, fitter, stronger and more energetic than i've ever been. i've learned how to eat healthier, too. plus, i've met a great group of friends who support and cheer me on through nutrition challenges, fitness milestones, and the occasional happy hour. no matter how bad of a day i am having, i always walk out of a crossfit workout feeling totally spent...and yet energized and alive.

before crossfit rochester moved from the egypt location, i drove past five other crossfit gyms to get to joe's place. now the gym is located in pittsford--10 minutes closer to my home. but even if the gym had moved 10 miles further out, i'd still make the trip.

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