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Megan Niedenthal

15 July 2019

The coaches are knowledgable, attentive, and patient with those who are just getting the hang of it. The environment is really positive. Even though I had never done Crossfit when I first started working out here, I never felt intimidated. There are people at many different skill levels working out together, and everyone is supportive of each other. More...


Jill Murray

5 June 2019

Dropped in a few times here for class and open gym. The gym is one of the cleanest I’ve ever been to and the equipment is very well taken care of, the owner really cares for his members and anyone who enters the gym. Great coaching and good programming. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 8 years and would recommend to anyone and everyone, thanks for the workouts CrossFit kodiak! More...


Chris Peters

27 February 2019

Tim and his Crossfit community are excellent. I always enjoy dropping in while on island. The coaching and programming are fun and challenging.


F Klier

6 June 2018

Great coaching and atmosphere! Doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, they meet you right where you’re at and start there. They prioritize cleanliness and safety which I love, and it’s great group of people to work out with. We’re encouraging each other while competing with ourselves to meet our own unique fitness goals. More...


Jen Hulse

6 June 2018

CFKI is a great place to workout because the atmosphere is fun and encouraging and the coaching is great! The coaches do a great job programming workouts that can be modified for any level from novice to elite athlete. I love working out with other members and the workouts always push me to improve my level of fitness! More...


Heather Johnson

6 June 2018

This is Elan, I started going to CFKI over three years ago. Ever since the 'Kids Class' I've been having fun learning and making new friends. Now I have advanced to the teen/adult mixed class, and I'm really enjoying it. The great coaches at CFKI really care, and they do an amazing job! I can't say enough about this place. More...


Adrienne Amy

24 March 2018

You can find equipment in any gym, but you can’t find coaches and workout buddies as amazing as the folks at Crossfit Kodiak. Highly recommend. But now I have an addiction worse than coffee! Thanks Crossfit Kodiak! More...


Kate Anthony

13 December 2017

I have never been a group workout person but crossfit turned out to be the perfect fit for me. I enjoy the variety of exercises, the mix of weights and cardio, the coaches, and most importantly all the people I get to workout with every day. Everyone is always very encouraging and coaches know how to push you to meet your full potential. I am stronger every day. More...


Summer Ann Hanrahan Christiansen

22 July 2017

The coaches and members are so nice! Everyday I go I feel like I'm getting an excellent workout and getting pushed to my full potential. So lucky to have this place in Kodiak! More...


Eduardo Vitorino

14 March 2017

I've been hitting the gym literally everyday for the past 9 months and it's kept my back pain away! Other gyms don't give you the individual attention as the owners do when it comes to beginners. As an intermediate Crossfitter the service has not been lacking either. Improved my results both physically and mentally since my first weigh-in. More...


Roger Ouellette

12 March 2016

Awesome group of ppl. Always supporting you. they are very caring about the members they have. Make you feel like family. Very proud to be part of this group.


Lauren Ciccoli

11 February 2016

All ages, all experience levels, all welcome. A great community cheering each other on. I love this place.


Kelli Perry

8 January 2016

I am very impressed with the fact the coaches teach each person the correct way to preform each exercise before actually working out! The foundation classes are wonderful! More...


Rose Ouellette

24 December 2015

Great Coaches !! I was nervous about going but they made me feel welcomed and helped me feel comfortable with the equipment .


Susan Bruner Schmeisser

29 March 2015

Crossfit is like having a personal trainer (s). I love the diverse workouts and seeing improvement in my strengths and weaknesses! Great community of people!


Denise McMurry Duncan

10 January 2015

such a great workout given by two wonderful coaches and people. no matter your level of fitness you fit right in with this group


Teri Mahle Schneider

6 September 2014

I'm having a blast getting stronger, healthier, and more confident with a group of people who are supportive and flat out 'kick ass' to work out with!


Siobhan Reigle

11 July 2014

Loved crossfit. My first time doing it. Coaches are great! Am totally hooked. If you are in kodiak you have to join. Great addition to the community !


Jen Kinsey Hulse

7 June 2014

Awesome coaches and workout buddies! Great atmosphere and equipment!


Gidget Manucci Ashley

17 May 2014

Awesome TEAMWORK, Shanna & Tim! Excellent break down of the clean & jerk!! Can't wait to come BACK & HITT it with you all, this summer!


Celeste Mariscal Dorman

1 March 2014

Every WOD is different, every WOD is exciting and challenging but when I'm done with it I feel stronger n a great feeling of accomplishments! It's such of great feeling!


Stephanie Gaston

22 February 2014

This is an intense workout!! I loved it. Thank you Tim for the first tryout!! I'm going to enjoy working w/ you & Shanna!! See you on Monday!! Thank you for kicking my butt today!! More...


Tricia Krug

19 February 2014

CrossFit Kodiak Island is a great addition to our community! This has been my first experience with CrossFit and I really enjoy working with Tim and Shanna. Thank you for all your time a dedication!! More...


Candice Dicke

9 January 2014

Tim and Shanna were such an amazing support for me in crossfit. They would push me passed what I thought were my limits and showed me how strong I truely am. They never allowed me to sway from my workouts! If I was sandbagging Tim had no problems telling me and I appreciated it Everytime!! I recommend Kodiak Crossfit for anyone in Alaska who's interested!! Miss you guys:) More...


Janeen Maile Brayton

7 January 2014

Awesome trainers, great motivators and all around wonderful people. Tim and Shanna both know the benefits of hard work and determination.


Heidi Rockenbach Jongeling

7 January 2014

I was never into fitness/exercising until I started CrossFit with Tim and Shanna. They helped motivate me to make huge lifestyle changes leading to weight loss of about 30lbs, and a new found joy for fitness. I always felt supported, safe, and comfortable working out with their group. I recommend giving it a shot, and you'll love it too! More...


Danielle Melosh Milinovich

27 December 2013

Love you two as trainers! Shanna, I'm still using you for inspiration


Julie Chang Eubanks

27 December 2013

Tim and Shanna are always encouraging and supportive. There is never the pressure to be the best in the group...just to do my best and push myself when I was ready. My results are FAHBULOUS! And continue to be. I now run more and try to be physically active on the weekends. They both gave me a great opportunity to get a jumpstart on a new active healthy lifestyle. I do miss them both. More...


Dan Sargent

15 December 2013

Good luck, I know your going to do great, top of the line gym in a box( or container in your case) and two great trainers= success and happy customers, friends, and family!