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JM T Moore

29 July 2019

Love the environment and the great people that push me to be better.


Emily Ann

12 June 2019

Great box! Great people! There is something here for everyone! I suggest you check it out.. tomorrow :)


Edward McCray

15 February 2019

Really tight community where EVERYONE actually cares about your journey and not just another number. You're treated the same whether you're in top shape or no shape...Lol!! I'm a fixture!!


Bryan Nass

30 July 2018

Jesus ran an excellent class this morning. Thankful for such an awesome gym near my in laws that I can visit when I’m in town.


Jestin Mounts

22 August 2017

Awesome box! I was in town for about a month due to work and would've gone insane without this place to get me away from the dumbbells at the hotel "gym". All the coaches were always providing individual constructive feedback, the programming was great, and everyone was welcoming. Learned a lot from my short time here and I will definitely be back if I ever find myself in the area again. More...


Adam Sims

9 August 2017

This place is amazing and very welcoming! Great people and awesome classes! Good for both experienced and beginner crossfit athletes! Coaches are really good as well, great at sorting out technique on basic and very technical movements! Thanks a lot guys for the time! Much appreciated! More...


Shirley Maurine Baker

8 August 2017

I dropped in while attending a week long class at Notre Dame in July. Great looking facility. Coach Jake led the class with clear instruction and all the regulars were welcoming and friendly. I'll definitely stop back in next time I'm in town. Thanks! More...


Christopher Buzby

26 May 2016

Great people and programming, one of those gyms where you go in and get to work. Coach modified based on ability and everyone was encouraging. I am planning to be in town for 3 weeks this year and hope to stop by every morning. I made a suggestion on Google maps for where the gym is as the pin was not accurate, it is located behind the strip mall, I will add a photo... More...


Casey Adam Maxwell

23 March 2016

Just started here a little bit ago. Absolutely amazing. Everyone there is great, and even though I'm over weight, they still push me and motivate me to keep going.


Rick Sumner

29 July 2015

Just finished a great drop-in WOD with Coach Shelly at Crossfit Creed. Sweet box with a great community. Thanks coach for a great lesson on proper use of the GHD. Kicking myself because I forgot to get one of those nice T-shirts More...


Cindy Everson

27 May 2015

I visited in December 2014. Everyone was SO friendly! I loved it. I value a coach who is strict on proper form. They went around the room to make sure everyone was doing things correctly or provided them with coaching or a substitution. I also love collecting T-shirts from the boxes I visit. The T-shirt did not disappoint. If you are in the area you should definitely go! Thank you so much for a great butt kicking. More...


Drake Sladky

1 May 2015

Awesome facility & awesome people! If you are in the area you have to check this place out!


Sam Martin

7 July 2014

Amazing place to workout. Coaches and facilities are top notch. It is also the closest gym to notre Dame which is great for students involved in crossfit. Real crossfit community with a commitment to excellence. Would recommend. More...


Tina Wilson

28 January 2014

Love the excellent coaches. And great community of people to workout with.


Matt Schrock

19 October 2013

CrossFit Creed was a great host for this event! Well done!


Brandon Ebert

16 August 2013

Place is awesome fantastic trainers nice box


Michael Miller

9 March 2013

I can not wait to come back


Michelle Delee-Hamilton

21 November 2012

Best workout you can get with the best instruction in the area. Shelly and Brian are amazing. You won't believe How good you feel and look.

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