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Jonathan Jackson

23 May 2019

This place is worth the price, and the black card membership is even better.Great place


Crystal Cook

22 May 2019

They are quick to offer a smile whenever they see you, and happily answer any questions you may have


Forrest Morrisey

20 May 2019

Thank you Jessi for letting seek shelter from the rain!


Evelyn Medina

26 April 2019

Great group of motivating inspiring trainers. Great workouts which help you to achieve great results.


Walter Kim

26 April 2019

I recommend it 100%. Excellent full body workout.


Gloria Wood

27 March 2019

Very good atmosphere, lots of classes, helpful staff.


Max Merget

25 February 2019

Great community of like minded individuals focused on being healthy and active!


Olivia Webb

26 January 2019

I love this fitness center. Fantastic price and very very nice people.


katie rademacher

27 December 2018

Crossfit 100 classes are approachable, tough and fun! Coaches (especially Jessie) are knowledgeable, upbeat and push you to reach your full potential.


Jonathan Jones

28 October 2018

I found the customer service to be great, the trainers are very friendly and that workout is a total body workout.


Marisa White

28 June 2018

Talented coaching staff, creative and fun workouts, and challenging yet flexible for modifications-my home away from home.


James Lueken

30 March 2018

Great open space. I love the dedicated focus on strength.


Tobi Cawthra

27 November 2017

Attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable coaches help you get to your next fitness level, whatever that may be. Challenging and varied work-outs in a collegial and welcoming atmosphere.


SLAB Rules

22 November 2017

I worked out at Crossfit 100 several times while visiting from Oregon. It is a welcoming box, with nice equipment, hard workouts, and friendly people. I would definitely join this gym if I lived locally and plan to go to it whenever I am in the area. More...


Despina Stefanidis

20 November 2017

This gym is by far the best place to go for a serious workout. Great instructors that know their stuff!


Tina Howard

8 October 2017

I really loved coming to CrossFit100. I felt challenged and sweat more than any other exercise I've done before! The community of people is wonderful and supportive and the coaches really know their stuff! Everyone is helpful. Unfortunately, I had an injury that put me on hold, but Marcela was very accommodating and helped me with my situation so I didn't lose out on money. Highly recommended. More...


Mark Mendelson

10 July 2017

Crossfit 100 is one of those little jewels you find along your fitness path that you want to keep to your self but know that you must share. Want the best workout you've ever had? Want to be in the best shape you've ever been in? Want a place that is not just a place to sweat but become a part of an all inclusive community then CF 100 is the place to be. More...


Herbert Hinch

7 July 2017

I've been going to CrossFit 100 for the past 10 months. All the coaches are very professional. They take the time to explain every work out. It's like having your own personal trainer. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, it also gave me an opportunity to make many new friends! I would highly recommend crossFit 100 to anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their life. More...


Roger Carlton

27 June 2017

I've been at CrossFit 100 for a year and a half and I still look forward to coming to class everyday, especially conditioning day. All the coaches are very knowledgeable and I appreciate their helpful feedback. I like that the workouts are always different and challenging and designed to work all muscle groups throughout the week. I'm also motivated by the comraderie that I have with other CrossFit athletes. Great people, great workouts. If your trying to improve yourself this is the place to be. More...


Jessie Schaub

26 June 2017

I have been loyally working out at Crossfit 100 from its start. The workouts, coaches and community quickly turned my workout regime into a lifestyle. Now I am also a coach here and love watching people transform themselves. Anyone at any age or skill level can find a place here. Anyone can get stronger, healthier and more fit at 100. Let us show you! More...


Thomas Zuccaro

26 June 2017

I love this gym and everything about it. I go five times a week. The workouts are challenging and are suitable for teens and older folks like me (mid 50's). All the trainers/coaches are very safety minded and there is no pressure to exceed your limitations. Don't be intimidated by the barbell lifts. They are challenging and fun! Most of all they are incredibly good for you! More...


Jens Wohlbier

26 June 2017

Hello, I am a coach at CrossFit 100. I love seeing new and familiar faces in the gym everyday who come in to better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally by completing the tasks at hand. All fitness levels are welcomed here at CrossFit 100. We as coaches are here to modify and challenge individuals through all aspects of fitness. Sign up for a free trial class on the website! More...

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