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CreativeHaus Web Design

Hillcrest, California


CreativeHaus Web Design

Hillcrest, California


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Anthony B.

9 August 2019

BrightHaus has worked out great for me and my website!They came up with original ideas for my campaign and were always very communicative in their approach of what they were doing for me.


Bobby P.

8 August 2019

I've worked with these guys for years and have had a lot of success with our campaigns for different clients. Most notable gains have been in SEO in the cannabis business industry in addition to ad management and execution and lately we've been working on high level publication sites for one of my clients, which are really starting to ramp up. Recommend that you check them out!


Leslie W.

28 March 2019

We have worked with Brighthaus since 2015. Michael and his team have been great! It is hard to find a company that has a consistently qualified and knowledgeable marketing staff. We have collaborated on pay per click campaigns, social media, and Organic SEO. With one of our clients, they went the extra mile to reach out to a powerful influencer in their industry and landed an opportunity to be a featured product not just online but in their physical store! Thanks guys always a pleasure! More...


Steven B.

25 February 2019

They have been our SEO for numerous years and we are consistently on 1st page of searches. They are also proactive in getting blogs done and overall excellent value for the $$ spent, with leads generated on a daily basis to help us market our business and sell more product - thank you Brighthaus!


Krissy H.

20 January 2019

We have used Brighthaus for multiple years. They have twice now re-vamped our website providing fresh and current content.  They have also helped us move up on our Google listings and provide wonderfully written blogs to boost our internet awareness and traffic.  They work well with me and my multiple requests even suggesting ways to accomplish my goals in much simpler ways.  One of my favorite things this company does is assigns one rep for you to deal with so you don't have to deal with multiple people.  You get one person who knows your account and they deal with anyone else for you. In this marketing world of today, SEO marketing has become an important part of every business and many of us Business Owners have no idea how to do it ourselves or don't have the time.  Brighthaus give me a monthly report on how our business is doing with reports I can understand and compare to prior ones.  Overall, since they have helped us our internet leads have more than doubled.  I am currently working with Guy and have even had Michael (the co-founder) help on my account. More...


Austin C.

24 June 2018

I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with SEO. Since we decided to seek help, our organic traffic has improved and this enabled the company to grow our online market. Brighthaus proved dedicated to taking care of our needs in a timely fashion beyond my expectations. When it comes to maximizing potential, this is the place to go. Definitely recommend! Thanks! More...


Jason K.

5 April 2016

Can't say enough about these guys! Been using them for a couple of years now and they never seem to disappoint. Very efficient, they follow your direction well all while using their own spin and artistic touch. Added bonus, they host your site eliminating extra costs all for a fair price. Need I say more? More...


Kizzy C.

26 August 2015

I was in desperate need of a new web design/development agency to take over a project that I needed to be completed right away. After doing some research, I found CreativeHaus.  This agency is amazingly awesome! Since I've started working with them, I have been more than satisfied. Their fees are super affordable, their customer service is great, their work is meticulous, and their turn around time Is faster than I expected. A few things I appreciate most about them is that their design team follows direction precisely, and my account manager is always pleasant and responds to my questions/requests almost immediately. I came to them totally heart broken because of my previous developers incompetence, but their work has made things much better and I am truly happy for that. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone who's looking for top class web design/development. They are worth it! More...


Suzy T.

25 August 2015

I am a traditional artist that works in oils, and to say that I am digitally challenged is a huge understatement! At the urging of my cousin (who is in marketing), and several friends I realized that I really did need to have a website. Admittedly I was scared off to begin with because the prices I had been quoted 8 years ago (by students no less) were astronomical. Thankfully the same cousin put me in contact with Creativehaus. The development fees were nominal and any adjustments or changes were made until I was completely satisfied. I must add that I have been fairly critical of other websites. I dont care for overly wordy sites, and I really dont like art sites that are "vanilla" in appearance. Especially when I see an art site, I want it to "pop" and draw me in. Creativehaus created my site exactly how I envisioned it and truly, I am thrilled with the way it came out! Not to mention that they coordinated with the payment processing company to make sure everything was operational and running correctly. My site has only been up a couple of weeks but the reaction has been pretty fabulous! "Stunning," "beautiful," "easy to maneuver," are just some of the comments I have received. Im way beyond "satisfied." "Super stoked" is the only way to sum it up!! Mahalo nui loa Creativehaus!!!Suzy Thompsonmyopuart.com More...


Billy Canu

1 April 2015

Literally the best hands down.Unlimited Design: $99. Great looking website and cheapGreat SEO $99. Ranking on first page for keywords.$198 monthly and I'm flying high - up on the location maps with a great site and everything is cool.Thanks CreativeHaus! More...


Joel N.

9 January 2015

I was introduced to CreativeHaus by one of my best friends from college. I'm an Attorney with a small firm in Houston, TX. I was slightly hesitant to work with another small business that's so far away, but because of my friend's recommendation I decided to try it out. The way they sell their website services is unlike anything I've been able to find. Most places want a huge downpayment, $2.5k - $5k, and then you are responsible for hosting and maintenance. CreativeHaus just charges a small monthly fee, with no contract, and you get unlimited edits. They host the website and you retain ownership of the design. It's really a great model and I'm surprised more competitors haven't caught on. I've been a client for over a year, and plan on being one for sometime. They are really pleasant to work with, which is important to me. If you are a prospective client, you should at least talk with them and at least try them out. I doubt you will find a better value. Joel Norris, Esq. Norris & Golubovic, PLLCnorrisgolubovic.com More...


Lew H.

8 January 2015

CreativeHaus came to my rescue after another designer took my money and ran.  They reimagined my professional logo and then designed a great site around that logo.  They kept me informed during every step in the process and produced a site that I'm proud to direct my clients/potential clients to.  I would not hesitate to recommend this company for anyone needing a professional website.  Lew Humiston Humiston Investigations southkingcountypi.com More...


Matthew G.

17 July 2013

Great work for the price. The staff are very patient and professional. We had a large order with a lot of unique programming requirements which they were able to complete. Looking forward to using them again in the future for new projects. More...


Valerie B.

23 June 2013

I am so pleased with the website that CreativeHaus has created for me.  I initially chose them because they had reasonable monthly fees and no upfront costs.  I found other companies who would create a website with huge upfront costs and charged for updates.  I have been very pleased with the work that they have done in both creating and updating my site.  Brittany is my Account Manager and she has been terrific.  I loved the ideas that they came up with yet they were very open to my changes as well.  I am so happy that I found them.  theracourse.com More...


Michael F.

15 June 2013

I started my own personal training business and was in need of a website. A friend referred me to CreativeHaus and I'm so glad he did. I had some very specific things that I needed done, and I while my site probably took a little longer to design than most, it was well worth the wait. My site is exactly what I wanted! They helped me custom design a logo and built the site to my specifications exactly. The customer service has been extremely professional and the price can't be beat, by anyone, trust me I did extensive research on it.If you are in need of a professional, custom designed website, I highly recommend CreativeHaus! More...



7 May 2013

I thought this deal was too good to be true, but it was not. I got an amazing custom website exactly how I wanted it. I am very happy with the customer service and the product!


Michael Dobson

2 May 2013

It's amazing. And to be honest, I'm still wondering where the catch is.I called round 5 different web firms wanting a design done for my business, and they all quoted me random numbers. We dont do hosting, that costs extra, turnaround is 2 months etc.These guys called me back literally within minutes, which really freaked me out. But the next thing is just honestly, amazing. They sell all inclusive packages, so I now have a 5 page awesome design, including hosting and I get unlimited updates. It's only $50 a month, for all of it. No extra costs and I had my design back within a week.Im super happy and I have a great relationship with my web team :) More...