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I come to you and make you shine like superstars without all the uncomfortable posings. CowgirlVickie and her camera will be Loving You Naturally!

Let's get together and make you Shine.

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Wendi Wiese

10 August 2018

Excellent work, CowgirlVickie has an eye for great pictures.

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First off knowing your subject well and then Second knowing your camera just as well too. Knowing how to bend light to make your subject shine!

I love Natural photos -they capture the soul and bring out the essence of who they are and why they breathe! I love to include pets too.

I look forward to working with you.

What do you want to portray?
What do you love?
What do you hate?
What are you using these photos for?
Where do you plan on using them?
What do you want to attract?
What do you not want to attract?
Do you want prints or digitals or both?

I LOVE seeing their personality shine through a photo and when their excitement exudes the energy is overflowing and overwhelming. It makes me want to capture more and more.


I made memories with my Papa (Daddy) and didn't have a camera with me. I cannot share those memories now (he passed suddenly in 2013). I do not want that to ever happen to anyone.


Because I come to you and I do not make you pose. I encourage swift, easy, NATURAL movements or stances. I want to capture you the way you naturally are on a Daily basis instead of an uncomfortable pose that doesn't look like you at all..sure it makes you look fabulous...but someone looking at your photo will not know it is YOU at first glance. "Hey THAT'S Betty. I can tell by the way she's holding her hips or by the way she's laughing..etc."