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At couples Rehab we understand that treatment is not a one size fits all.
We have many treatment options available for you and your partner.
Let us help take the guess work out of finding
a treatment center that fits your needs.

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Austino Bain

WOW Broadway treatment center saved my life without a doubt !!! i dont know how i could ever repay them for all they have done for me, this place is a blessing through and through. they have taught me that i can recover and there is another way life i can live that is worth living, i have learned so much about my self and so many tools to succeed moving forward in my journey and recovery. i never thought i would be able to get clean or be someone else, however through Broadway treatment center has not just told me how to live but showed me as well.
All of the staff is on top of their game 100% always there with good advice and a helping hand , they have helped me so much in my recovery its mind blowing i couldn't have asked for a better support system. my case manager Brad Miley has been very helpful guiding me through this process and being there for me.
The groups are great i have learned so many tools and coping skills to stay sober and to deal with everyday problems so i can continue to be the true sober me and accomplish my goals dreams and be the best i can be. ill never forget this place and im going to keep in touch with everyone here highly recommend if your serious and want to change your life.


Cody Michael McNab

This is my first attempt at freeing myself from active addiction. From the very beginning I was skeptical, having no idea what to expect. From the first day I arrived at the detox, I was treated with kindness and respect. The staff was always supportive and willing to take the extra steps to help clients come to a better understanding of addiction, and also supply tools to continuously stay aware, and vigilant as to prevent relapse from occurring. The house managers were always respectful, and never overzealous. The therapists were empathetic, and knowledgeable of coping skills, and behaviors. The curriculum is intended to not just help you overcome active addiction, but become a better individual. I could never fully express the gratitude I have for this program. It has saved my life. I have been inspired from the very beginning, watching the change in my peers, and feeling the love, and genuine compassion from the staff. Broadway has not only freed me from active addiction, but they have also opened my eyes to fulfillment, better relationships, and opportunity. This has become my family, and support system. Something I have never had. More...


Lizz Kane

I came into Broadway completely broken. I completed 90 days of treatment here and it was the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. With the help of my case manager and other staff members here I was able to walk through my issues with them right by my side and get through the problems I thought i would never be able to face. Broadway truly saved my life and I will forever be grateful. More...


Martin Kalinowski

I would like to sincerely thank Broadway and its staff for their passion and devotion toward helping the next person. There's no place I've come across that is willing to go the extra step to help others the way Broadway does. I give a lot of credit to this program for opening up the doors to my sobriety and new way of life. My experience here has been unlike any other and I will forever be grateful for it as I embark on my journey in sobriety. This place has honestly changed my life and shown me things about myself I never knew existed. A+++++ More...


Cole Gordon

Broadway Treatment Center is the best place to go for drug addiction!
Its such a miracle I was able to go here, They helped save my life. The whole company is beyond excellent and they personally care that you succeed. I would recommend Broadway treatment Facility to anyone seeking recovery. More...


Arrianna Oliver

Throughout my recovery journey, Broadway was my 12th rehab center. Being desperate to get help my wife and started the calls all over looking for a facility that not only accepted couple but a gay couple. Within the very first phone call we were filled with insight to the program in detail, hope, and acceptance. We ended the phone call with so much hope and entered Broadway within 24 hours. From the pick up we were greeted with care. Detox was an amazing experience where knowledgeable staff took around the clock care for myself and my wife in which I watched other patients receive the same care as well. Going into the second stage of the program my wife and I learned more in the first 2 weeks than we had learned in years. Because of the care, groups, and therapy my wife and I have lived in a new confidence in sobriety and have been filled with all the tools needed to go to the next step in life outside of treatment. We are leaving with the facility with a strong exit plan and have not experience any fear or concern while being at the facility. I am grateful for the compassion and knowledge obtained at the stay here. More...


Anastassia Sorokina

This place is a hidden gem tucked away in the rehab world. If you want to honestly get right, this place will not only help you fly it will help you soar. I've been to 4 other inpatient treatment centers and this place has the right idea. It's very homey.

Pros: good relapse prevention program (out of the Staying Sober book- a must read for relapse prone clients and their families), nexalin therapy, sand tray, psychodynamic therapy, trauma resolution, comprehensive personality test results based on Myers-Briggs (amazing; I found out a lot about my strengths and weaknesses), always see the people in charge and talk to them face to face, very accomodating, comfortable enviornment, incredible staff (most in recovery and they always look like theyre having fun and enjoying life- Ryan, Brad, Tania, Kim, Marty, Jodi), balanced groups, variety of different meetings, they respect couples (I was here with my boyfriend and it was really cool), you can ask for the food you like to be ordered (Shalese, the woman behind the nutrition groups, works with you), vitamin drip (tells you what vitamins youre deficient in through a blood test and supplies them to you via IV), pet friendly, comfortable detox (the detox is a house, not a center), soft blankets, hulu/netflix.

Cons: staff can sometimes get a little busy (therapist still sees you at least once a week,)

They offer things like nexalin therapy (rare), which reduced my depression and negative outlook on life. They also do psychodynamic therapy, which includes sand tray therapy - recreating your views of life with thousands of figures, signs and emblems over a sand tray and processing what comes up. These are things most other treatments dont have.

The owners keep the house cohesive and positive.

They dont take bullshit or fighting.
They take recovery very serious. They strongly recommend a 12 step program, but the format varies.
For example, we went to a buddhist recovery (refuge recovery) and it was such an awesome experience. I'd never been to one. A mentor/sponsor is, for the most part, required. It was really inspiring and cool to see everyones sponsor come over and work with them.

They also have a great panel that comes in on the second and third wednesday of every month. Theyre service-oriented and I've seen them sit with clients for hours. Those are some good people with a good message. They helped me find my sponsor and it was a great fit.

While I was at this place our weekend outings consisted of things like roller skating, bowling, going to the beach (such a serene beach with a good vibe) and going to an NA convention. Theyll take your input too.

This place genuinely cares about you and thats really rare. If you go here take advantage of everything they have to offer. If you want to do more work than the groups give you, they give you more material. Theres a lot to do here, you just have to build your motivation and be patient with yourself!


Amy Lowery

When I came to BTC, I was in a bad space and didn’t think I was going to make it. I hung in there and here I am 103 days clean. BTC saved my life. Everyone at BTC is so supportive and helpful. I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. More...


Jesse Risinger

Through out my recovery journey Broadway treatment center was my 10th Inpatient treatment center. I have been trying to get & stay sober for almost a decade now. I've tried just about every way known to man to accomplish what I have at their facility. God has worked in my life in a way that is very difficult to put into words during my time here. They were extremely accommodating through out the time i spent at Broadway. If the staff see's your willingness to get and stay sober I have come to find they are just as willing to go to any length to help make that possible. I had the opportunity to work with a amazing individual while at Broadway, Dr. Richie Cole. I was able to gain something that I had been missing and searching for a very long time. Basically from the time my addiction started up until now. That was a relationship with God, because without a relationship with God none of this is possible. Dr Richie had a big part to play in that happening, for that I am forever grateful. I'm continuing to see small miracles happening in my life on a daily basis. The staff at Broadway are some of the most loving, caring, & compassionate individuals that I've come across throughout my journey in recovery. They allow you to gain all the tools & skills you may need to tackle the daily stresses of everyday life & more. I feel extremely blessed & grateful that I had the chance to come out here from Utah to find my one true self. I wouldn't change it for the world. If you are looking for somewhere that allows you to reach your full potential in all aspects of your life I would highly recommend getting in contact with Broadway. More...


Harry Graves

Broadway has had such an amazing impact on my recovery! The staff from the top down truly care about you as an individual, your life, and your recovery. I still remember the first day getting picked up, filled with anxiety and apprehension.. but they do everything the can to make you comfortable and healthy. from the house to the Iop program at the office, and everything in between. Such an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful. If you have any doubts, or concerns.. I challenge you to call the number and talk to them... they will change your life. thank you to all the staff for everything you have and will continue to do for me, my recovery and my peers. More...


Richie O'Gorman

i was running beach blvd. with a needle in my pocket and no hope for the future. i saw broad way treatment center on beach and ellis and said why not and i walked up and it just so happened that there was the owners out side asked if they could help me with anything and i said i needed help. after hearing my story they agreed to scollorship me to help me with addiction. i thought i was hopeless but this place gave me hope. the staff here have been threw the struggle and they relate to us. the groups we do here are amazing. matrix model,wtf,anger management, inner child, etc and by doing this repeated tasks they ask, plus going to the house they let us live in and take us to AA,NA,CWA meetings and guide us to success. this place is a miracle. If you want to get clean they will teach you the tools to success.and they provide a thearpist that works wonders. I just graduated today nov/17/17 with my life back i have a new job,happyness and 72 days clean. i want to stay clean and help the next person out. if i was a die hard dope feen running beach blvd to an success story with the will to stive and live happy you can to. please contact this place to help your self or a family memmeber i promise on everything i love it works if you work it. thank you and i want to shout out to the staff that made this possible and owner and thearipst

Ryan and brad and tayna,cody. jes ,destiney, shawn tony lisa monica tim joey denis .brandon christie dino they all have been a big part of my recovery and they can be to you, i love you all with all my heart much respect your success story richie


Janna Humphries

They treat you right... Take good care of you.. The staff is great... Over 2 yrs sober thanks to God and Broadway!! Forever grateful!!


Norah Castillo

I came into btc completely lost and nowhere to go, my boyfriend and i were both accepted and were greatful enough to get clean and stay clean together. It's not easy but the staff are very genuine about where you stand and will help guide you through your times in need. Thanks you guys! More...


Lee Solomon

This place is truly a blessing I never thought I would ever be able to actually finish a program Broadway has given me two other chances before and I never wanted to take it seriously but when I got to a very low point out of nowhere I get contacted by my old case manager and was given one last opportunity to give getting clean a shot they were very hesitant on letting me back because of my past but they had a change of heart and thankfully let me get another shot .they saved my life and I couldn't be more grateful. It was a long journey I did 3 months of treatment and it truly gave me a new outlook on life. they taught me how to be myself again and be able to get through the hard times. I feel like I can actually do something with my life now thanks to Broadway! I'm so excited to see what this new life has to offer me, and I can't thank all the staff enough for helping me through my struggles 10/10 I would recommend Broadway treatment center to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better I know it was my miracle, thank you again! More...


Justine Evans-Tolentino

I have been to many drug treatment centers through out my use. I have not been able to stay clean and sober even when I truly wanted to. My family was broken and lived in constant fear that I was going to die. the thing that is different about this place is the staff's passion to help addicts fight for their life. When I found BTC I had been living in a car with my boyfriend for weeks and we were miserable. Broken and defeated is how I walked in with no hope. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt important and safe. This place catered to our personal needs as individuals. BTC helped me find value in my life and walked through my recovery with me with every step I took. Today I stand a stronger woman with an inspired outlook on my future. My family no longer lives in fear and most importantly I have been freed from the bondage of drugs. I can look at my self in the mirror and like the person I see. Thank you Broadway for showing me how to fight for my life! More...


Kerry Kovar

Before coming into Broadway Treatment Center and it being my first go-around, I didn't know what to expect or how to feel. I was so nervous, scared, anxious, and even having second thoughts. From the moment I walked through the door, every single person here including staff and fellow peers, were so welcoming and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about BTC and more importantly, the lengths and measures they take to ensure their client's are comfortable and getting the most they can out of this program. I completed a 90 day program, and I'm so beyond grateful for having this amazing opportunity to work closely with the facilitators and also meeting with my case manager individually once a week. My case manager was amazing to say the least, and made sure that I was getting the right tools and skills needed to succeed and grow in my recovery upon discharge. Broadway has completely changed my life and can honestly say that I'm the happiest I've ever been.

We have tons of fun going on different outings every weekend, also attending IOP and going to meetings daily. The structure of this program is amazing and if you are honest, serious about your recovery, willing to put in your best effort and truly want to change in your life, this is the place to be. You will get out as much as you put in, so do it right! :)


Besim Jasarevic

Before coming to Broadway Treatment Center we had been through multiple treatment centers and have never been somewhere where the staff was loving, caring, knowledgeable, and so helpful with recovery. Not just the staff, but the clients as well. We were always engaged into the groups and always serious about their recovery. Not only have they helped us, but they have shown us how to live a life clean and sober. Just the right mixture of fun and putting recovery first. Every day we took something new from Broadway. We are leaving with a strong foundation that we found here. I would recommend This treatment center to anyone struggling. You will find what you are looking for and not be disappointed.

Thank you Broadway Treatment Center for everything you have provided for us. We look forward to becoming alumni!

Sincerely, Besim and Sarah.
We love you ALL.


Tyler Lovett

Before coming to Broadway, I had been to 7 treatment centers and nowhere compared to here. From day 1 it was obvious that staff would do anything to help the clients. Anything that I needed, I was provided. I was given tools and shown how to achieve sobriety. I was given all the help I needed to come up with a good aftercare plan. My time here has been a pleasure. I am forever grateful for Broadway, because i truly feel like they have saved my life. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to change their life, and is looking for a great, ethical, safe place to do it. More...


Bella Caputi

From the very beginning, it’s been clear that broadway truly cares about not only their clients, but helping anyone in any way possible. Nick was caring and compassionate before I even decided to come here- just checking in to see how I was doing, feeling, etc. Because of that I decided to come here for 90 days, which had evidently been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. They welcome and treat every single person that comes through the same way- like family and with love and compassion. I’ve seen them go above and beyond in ways that they don’t even need to for their clients.
The houses, detox and residential, are beautiful. They have everything anyone could ever need there and then some. They do a wonderful job at acclimating you to having a structured schedule and routine, but also make it so you can have some freedom, too. Every weekend they take the clients on outings, some of which have been the most amazing experiences in my life, and they welcome the clients input when planning them so it’s always something the clients enjoy and look forward to.
Broadway has shown me that not everyone is in this business for money. I’ve grown in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined just in the 90+ days I’ve been here. They care more than any treatment program or substance abuse professionals I’ve ever encountered in my life. I flew from all the way from New Jersey to come out here and I couldn’t have chosen a better option. I’m so incredibly grateful to have found them during my search for treatment centers. I don’t know where I’d be without them!


Josh Pribek

Broadway Treatment Center has the utmost exceptional care from start to finish. You can truly see in the way the staff carries themselves and interacts with the clients that they genuinely care about every single person that walks through their doors. If you really want to stay sober and are determined to change your life and turn it around for the better, then this is the place to be. They help with anything you could ever possibly need.

Whether this is going to be your first time in treatment or multiple times at one, this one will stand alone as one of the best. In the beginning from the first person you talk to, you feel a sense of belonging and love that makes you want to come here. Upon intake as soon as you walk through the door, you are welcomed with open arms no matter your situation. Then the transfer to the detox house was fantastic, the drivers are safe and friendly. The detox staff is outstanding, so welcoming and relatable, made it very easy to detox here. The transition to the next house was flawless for me, and the staff at that house was better than I could have ever imagined. The groups during the day were great as well, the therapists and case managers that run groups are very knowledgeable on the topics that are shared. It was very easy for me to talk to my case manager and therapist on a one on one level as well so that made for an outstanding basis to build relationships with everyone. Overall the day to day life here was very simple if you really put in the work and want to change yourself.

If you really are determined and ready for change are willing to go to any length to change your life then this is the place for you.

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