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We offer services and solutions in the sphere of Cloud Computing, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications and Internet of Things (IoT). We understand the market and economic pressures that entrepreneurs face and use forward-looking technologies to build robust software for their businesses, that help them effectively tackle their most significant challenges.


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Rambo Rose

Corelynx is one of the enterprise software development company


Elizabeth Miller

Corelynx helped us improve critical business processes in an incredibly short amount of time. Thanks for the business. :)

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Ability to discuss with new businesses and defining ways to either optimize or offer better solution to their existing process flow or business needs.

Urge to offer the next best thing and have a happy customer.

We are very picky about choosing our clients. Similarly our clients can check our credentials for past 12+ years in business and the products/services we offered to our happy Customers in these many years. We have 100% referential customer list and have customers who have been with us since we started our business.



We specialize in Custom Application development for any industry. It can be a simple Insurance App to a complex HealthCare or Banking App.

We have been helping our customers since 2007 in developing customized SaaS Products for different horizontal and vertical markets. It can be specialized HealthCare, Real Estate, Insurance or Banking Product or can be a generic Customer Management (CRM). We have more than 6 successful SaaS product in the market which are developed for our customers.

We can provide software development for your native or responsive Mobile App development or for any of your Website development needs.

We offer full service Cloud implementation, management and migration services for your Application or Infrastructure support. Although, we are primer Amazon AWS cloud partners, we are however, totally agnostic to any Cloud Infrastructure i.e, Azure, Google, Hybrid or Private Cloud using Proxmox, Eucalyptus or OpenStack.

We constantly upgrade and imbibe new innovation and technologies lab. We are now working with few clients for their IoT related projects and implementing BlockChain to a HealthCare application.