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HeyItsMe Sof

27 March 2019

Core fitness is a one of a kind fitness experience. My teenage daughter has been training there for the last few months. Not t only has she lost weight and built muscle, but she has gained so much confidence. This is all because of the kind, compassionate and caring staff at Core. Audra has been such a positive influence on my daughter. She now feels like she can accomplish her goals for the first time ever. I am so grateful to our Core family!! More...


Angela Caruso

28 October 2018

I love Core Fitness! The trainers are amazing and the atmosphere is so positive and friendly! I just started recently and I am already starting to see results and feeling better about myself! I can’t say enough good things about this place! Highly recommend! More...


Theresa Scarola

28 October 2018

As athletes, my brother and I receive top notch training to enhance and improve our performance in athletics. Trainer Mike Gonzalez teaches us how to target areas of the body important to our success in our particular sports, as well as teaching us how to be fit, safe and healthy. Core Fitness is a great facility with an awesome, friendly staff! More...


Karen Beluso

28 October 2018

Signing up for personal training sessions at Core Fitness a year and a half ago was one of the best decisions I have made. Audra and Lucas make you feel welcome. Brian Dunn is a great trainer He is knowledgeable, kind, dedicated, personable and knows how to challenge me to work hard at each session. More...


Barnett W

28 October 2018

Core Fitness in Glen Cove will exceed your expectations when it comes to personal training. The gym is well-equipped and spotless. I keep going back because of one of their trainers-Brian Dunn. His expert instruction includes taking into account my specific goals and occasional injuries. Brian ensures that every weight I lift, and every move that I make, is done safely and using the proper form. But most importantly, he motivates me and pushes me harder than I would myself. As a result, I am stronger and fitter than I have been in years. If you’re considering getting into better shape, I highly recommended them. More...


Evelyn Capodicasa

28 October 2018

Mike is the most committed personal trainer I've ever met. I consider myself a challenging client. Mike's professionalism and commitment to my results were like no other. I am forever grateful for your friendship, professionalism and passion for what you do! Thank you to Core for supporting the goals of so many of us! More...


Ryan Brunson

28 October 2018

I love being a member of Core Fitness! Brian Dunn has been my trainer for many years. He keeps our workouts innovative yet always focuses on proper form with whatever we do. I'm an early riser and Brian always accommodates my requests to train bright and early. Would highly recommend him to meet and exceed your training needs! More...


Natalie Scuderi

28 October 2018

I’ve been training with Brian for almost three years now and I believe he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. Brian is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and do I dare say it...fun. He ensures my technique is always correct while paying close attention to helping me with my arthritic knee. I highly recommend Core Fitness Studio for personal training. More...


Jeffrey Fugleberg

28 October 2018

I’m so grateful I was referred to Brian Dunn at Core Fitness Studios because he’s made such a difference to my overall fitness. I’ve injured myself in the past with other trainers, but Brian is very knowledgeable about physiology and he’s always switching up our routines to keep things interesting and always works around any issues I might be having at the time. That is so important! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I feel great. If you’re looking for an experienced trainer who really knows his stuff, then Brian is your guy! More...


Brandon Cossaro

28 October 2018

In training at Core Fitness you are surrounded by the best. An amazing crew that cares more about you and your progress than just observing you workout and telling you what to do. Your goals are their goals and when you reach them they are just as ecstatic as you! As an athlete my trainer Brian always has a program of lifts set and ready to go. You’re going to work as soon as you walk in the door, and they work around any minor injury you may have so you never further injure yourself. More...


Francesca Brancato

28 January 2017

The gym is immaculate and the trainers are the best. No two work outs are ever the same. I am constantly learning new things and even with just 30 minute sessions twice a week, I see big results! Definitely worth it to invest in yourself with trainers that genuinely care about your progress! The nutrition and lifestyle advice coupled with the excellent training have given me a new and healthy perspective on life. After two years at Core Fitness, I still look forward to my next session. So happy to have found such a great place to workout! More...


Vicki TSunis

27 January 2017

I am not one to usually write reviews, but I love this place so much that I feel I have to. After three babies in four years, I was ready to tackle the problem my weight had become. However, I was completely daunted by the task and had no idea where to begin. I needed help and a friend led me to Core Fitness Studios. The owners are amazing! From Day one Audra has helped give me the confidence I needed to begin this journey. I have been working with Mike, who pushes me to my limits, but makes each session fun too. The entire staff is awesome and friendly. Although I still have a long road ahead of me, I know I can do it because I came to the right place. I highly recommend Core Fitness to those who want to reclaim their health and change their lives. More...


meghan Barcellos

27 January 2017

I have been trying to better myself mentally and physically for years. Being born with a Club foot I always felt like I couldn't be balanced and strong. In my short time at Core Fitness, and training with Audra, Mike and just recently Brian, I am significantly stronger than I have ever been and can do things that I never thought I would. Their guidance and support in and out of sessions has been the best in helping to learn that balance. Overall, It is a fun and welcoming environment that makes you feel like family. More...


Angela Raimo

26 January 2017

The trainers at Core Fitness are exceptional. They make workouts challenging and fun. I always look forward to my training sessions. The facility is spotless with all the newest equipment. They help motivate and educate you with nutrition as well. I highly recommend them! More...


Christina Mortimer

26 January 2017

Core fitness has changed my life! I've had the pleasure of training with Audra, Christine and Mike. They are attentive and they always give unique and fun exercises. Audra always gives me amazing motivation during the workouts, Christine is great with TRX and has a handful of fun exercises with that... and Mikes workouts are just a plain killer! (In a good way) they all push me to the max, and because of them my health (physical and mental) has been the best it has been in a long time. The whole staff at core fitness makes me feel like a close friend every time I walk in the door. Thank you core fitness!! More...

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