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I design logos and graphic apparel – as well as create and maintain WordPress websites. I can provide maintenance for existing websites as well. I also design literature/business essentials (brochures, business card, corporate flyers, etc.). I can also help you out in retouching photos!


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Simplicity, easy user interface, and non-lengthy copy.

What is your business all about? What is your goal by the end of this project? What websites/logos/designs make you happy?

GATHER the Essentials - This is probably the most important part of the process in creating any type of design. Good communication between the client and the designer of what is needed will be key on the road to a successful project.

EXPLORE the Possibilities - This is the time at which the cool design gains it;s inspiration. Any idea is worth looking into. There is a variety of techniques Cool Designs uses to drum up ideas that cater to your specific needs.

FULFILL the Final Concept - At this point, we will have reviewed the possibilities and chosen the final concept to work with. The magic happens here, so sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for the sheer astonishment of the cool design you are about to receive.

LAUNCH the Finished Design - At last, we arrive to the final and most exciting part of the process where the final design is delivered and implemented however you see fit. Enjoy your cool design!