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Chris Lantz

19 August 2019

Great food and great service! Hamburgers are fabulous


Dave Evans

29 July 2019

Drink... .... Enjoy....


Jeff Seignious

11 July 2019

Great place to have a drink and Chill.


Matt Chandler

18 June 2019

Gr8 people in a relaxing atmosphere! Food truck was splendid (Chicken Fats). Good drinks and a fun Monday night open jam (great musicians, anchored by Fancy Koolaid).


Vinh D.

15 June 2019

Great little spot right in wagener terrace. They offer a full bar with several local beers on draft.  There is a rotating food truck that comes by daily. With ample indoor and outdoor seating it is a great spot to meet large groups of friends.  My bartender was Maranda and service was gracious and prompt! More...


Jason K.

15 June 2019

This place is lit AF, great place to hang with friends. Cool bartenders, always giving great vibes.


Elise D.

6 June 2019

I was super excited when I heard Container Bar was opening right up the road from me. Their patio is dog-friendly and equipped with games like Jenga. I have been a couple of times and I get different vibes every time I go. One time it was basically a biker bar, another time it was mostly families from the neighborhood there, and lately it seems like there's been mostly young professionals. They have a great selection of beer and cocktails and they have specials on different nights. Monday is Industry night, Tuesday they have trivia, and Wednesday is "Working Womens' Wednesday" with $2 off wine (holla). They have rotating food trucks, but their resident one has a damn good burger! If you're looking for a chill place to soak up the sun on the patio and play some games, Container Bar is the move. More...


Ami A.

2 June 2019

This is a newish spot owned by Charleston native and local celebrity Bill Murray. It has a large bar, outdoor seating a few couches and rotating food trucks serving food each night. The beer specials were fabulous and the Vietnamese food truck hit the spot. I had dumplings and drunken rice noodles with chicken. Great addition to the Charleston food scene. More...


Adam Lawrence Twigg

2 June 2019

Great spot to hang and have a drink


Angela Washington

28 May 2019

Wonderful, chill lax atmosphere,good food and mood. The Cast Iron food truck is the bomb.


Pete DeBoer

19 May 2019

Stopped after dog park. Maggie was most welcomed with a nice bowl of water and a complimentary hot dog. I’ll be back.


Victor Aaron

23 April 2019

Great spot! Fun friendly bartenders, diverse crowd, and fantastic burgers. Will be back!


Cindy Russell

19 April 2019

Nice place to chill. Great draft beer options and food truck


Cheryl Steadman

15 April 2019

Great service!! Atmosphere, food and location is perfect!


Mike Matese

7 April 2019

Great vibes. Awesome oysters. Sweet tunes.


Stuart Mcmullen Simmonds Jr

6 April 2019

Great venue! Good music and the bartenders take care of you!


Rory D.

1 April 2019

How can you beat an industrial neighborhood bar on My. Pleasant Street that has seriously good drink specials, free warm caramel corn and peanuts, live trivia Monday evenings, several TVs, and lounge chairs set up in a converted shipping container? $2.50 Tecate, $3 well drinks, blood orange hard cider on tap, nice wooden tables with sturdy chairs outside, and good music on the radio. More...


Evan G.

30 March 2019

Container Bar is a cool place to hang out and have drinks. Like the location that is tucked away, but still convenient to get to and has parking. They have a nice open indoor and outdoor space with plenty of room to lounge and move around. Friendly staff that makes sure that everyone is happy and taken care of. Plenty of fun and good times available at Container Bar. More...


Chris Noli

29 March 2019

cool vibe, cool people, i like it.


Annamaria G.

27 March 2019

One of my new favorite bars near downtown. It's perfect to sit out with the weather getting nicer. They have a variety of cocktails along with food trucks on standby. The atmosphere is awesome.  Plenty of outdoor seating illuminated with palm trees adorned with lights. It makes for some good ambiance. The parking is decent. The service has always been good when I've visited. I can definitely see this being a go to when wanting to sit outside and relax on a downtown patio bar. More...


Dina W.

19 March 2019

Finally got around to trying this place. I saw they were having a St. Patrick's Day event so we decided to check it out.The parking lot is super small--maybe it works on regular days but it doesn't work for big events. We ended up parking in the neighborhood and walking. I absolutely love the freight container theme. The bar is bright orange and black so it's hard to miss. There's indoor seating with a combination of high top tables and booths. There's a patio with tables and couches. Some of the bartenders were nice and friendly--others, not so much. Hopefully it was only because of the stress of the event. There were three food trucks on site, Holy City Waffles, Immortal Lobster, and a burger truck--I don't remember the name. Overall, it was a good experience. I plan on going on a normal day to see what it's like. More...


Alexandra R.

19 March 2019

I went for St Patrick's day, which was my first time ever experiencing this bar. It's another hidden gem of Charleston that's for sure. The bar is literally made from containers. There's an indoor and outdoor seating area. The out door seating area has a ton of cool group games like corn hole, large connect four, and Jenga. The part that I think is even cooler is that they have various food trucks that come out every weekend and set up shop. This particular weekend they had a lobster truck and holy city waffles.  They also had a burger and hot dog truck, but we won't get into that. Lastly, the bar had several drinking options and Jell-O shots! My only complaint was that the music was to loud so you literally had to yell at your friends to talk, and that it was extremely difficult to find parking, which may have been in part with it being a major drinking holiday. More...


Shane Talley

19 March 2019

Great St Patrick’s Day Here 2019 Thanks!!


Ariel B.

22 February 2019

Stopped in for an employee party and I have to say the service was refreshing. I'm a retired Service Industry Vet and I know the feeling when you see a large group of people walking into your establishment... We walked up and the bartenders greeted us all with smiles and patience. I love the concept of this bar made from containers. It was spacious, open and inviting. AMPLE seating and games to play as you enjoy the snacks and libations available. Wide selection of beer and spirits to enjoy while a free oyster roast was happening... located close enough but far enough away from downtown... I will be back. More...


John R Cuenin

12 February 2019

It’s a great place with a cool atmosphere.


Frank Clarkin

11 February 2019

Great place! Go see Steve Carroll for the best oysters in Charleston!


David NavyDave Waller

24 January 2019

Very good beer selection. Great food truck rotation in addition to their excellent burgers


Felicia UniqueSweets Simon

3 January 2019

very nice staff and cool atmosphere


Jeannine Follis Miller

23 December 2018

Great food and atmosphere! Wonderful for fundraisers.


Matt Karro

22 December 2018

Cool concept, laid back atmosphere, with great drinks. Keep trying to make it back.


Rebel Jean

20 December 2018

We went for Pub Fare and were glad we did. Cool little place. Great atmosphere. We will be going back for sure.


Michael J. Werner

15 December 2018

Great space for an event.


Dominic Rosato

12 December 2018

Great staff that knows how to treat people right to keep customers coming back as well as helping out with charity events any chance they get great place highly recommend by me


Virginia C.

7 December 2018

Fun place, loved the food trucks and cocktails. Brought the kids and they had fun running around. Will definitely come back especially when Damiano's wood fired pizza is parked in the lot.


Nancy H.

30 November 2018

where do I start. The atmosphere, the FOOD!!! WOW every bit worth every bite  Alec (sp?!) thank you Trevor (sp?!) thank youAnd to the rest of you guys THANKS


Nathan B.

14 November 2018

The first thing I think of when I see this establishment is amazing & efficient use of surroundings and location. My favorite thing about this place is that they have a lot of food trucks that are allowed to come and they give them hookups so that the trucks don't use their generators and make a lot of noise. That goes a long ways towards the atmosphere, especially since this place is mostly outside. Even better, if you are waiting for a table at near-by Rutledge Cab Co. they are super close to grab a quick drink or two. Loved my time here and would be interested in trying it again when I am back in town... More...


Jennifer P.

12 November 2018

Great place to come and have a drink! We went here this weekend while visiting friends in Charleston. We decided Sunday morning to grab brunch at Rutledge Cab Co. Since the wait was an hour, my friends suggested going around the corner to Container Bar. Luckily, it was a beautiful morning, and I was able to really enjoy the atmosphere of Container Bar. We were one of the first people there, being that it was only 11:15am. There was a burger food truck setting up, but he wasn't going to open up until noon. Which is honestly a shame, because the burgers looked amazing, and were a lot cheaper than at Rutledge. Container bar has seating around the bar, outside tables, a covered couch area, and a seating area that is covered. There are also a few TV screens. I really enjoyed the laid-back feel of the place. They had several beers on draft, and even a cider, which is what I decided on. That cider was one of the best I'd had all weekend! We were able to sit outside and just enjoy the day while waiting for our table at Rutledge. When I visit Charleston again, I'd definitely come back here. More...


Ruth S.

28 October 2018

We really enjoyed the friendly, casual atmosphere of the CB! I especially enjoyed the strawberry drink made by the talented bartender, Juleon.  I will definitely return!


Kelly C.

26 October 2018

Hit up the Container Bar with a group of friends a few weeks ago and had a mixed, but positive, experience. First up: parking can be a bit confusing. There is a small lot for CB itself, a shared lot with Rutledge Cab, and street parking. Hopefully they have better signage in the future directing people where to park. Container Bar's venue is awesome. There is a large outdoor space with different sized tables, a good sized indoor space, and a bar dividing the two. The outside space has a cute like cabana spot with comfy seating, too. They have rotating food trucks for lunch and dinner each day, along with a Mexican food truck that apparently lives there. We had ordered from Sap Lai for dinner (YUM) but some friends got the Mexican food and said it was good. There were some mixups -- the bar wanted to keep our credit cards but we needed them in order to pay for our dinners, at least one friend didn't get their food and had trouble getting reimbursed, etc., but that is to be expected from a new place. Hopefully they learn from these issues so things can run more smoothly. The staff was super friendly and even brought out a bowl of ice water when they noticed my pup was with us! All in all -- parking meh, food YES, staff Double YES. I can't wait to go back. More...


Howard Davies

21 October 2018

Food trucks, beer, and good vibes, courtesy of Bill Murray :)


Kat T.

16 October 2018

A group of yelpers met up for happy hour within days of this place opening.  They had just received their liquor license, and in fact, they received their first shipment of liquors and were unloading them as we waited.  They have their own on-site food offerings, of which we were not aware and were not informed at first.  For now, the menu consists of tacos, queso, and the like.  Several people ordered from the Container Bar menu and although simple, it was very good.  Unfortunately, one of our table mates didn't get her order at all.  There was lots of confusion when it came time to pay, too.  They didn't comp her non-delivered meal, but rather asked her if she wanted another (free) drink.  We were leaving, so no, she didn't want to chug another beer right before going home.  ;-/ Seemed odd.  Part of the confusion seems to stem around the fact that they have multiple computer systems going at the same time and apparently they don't interface very well (or maybe not at all).  The servers also didn't seem very prepared for the overwhelming show of patrons that night.  Not sure why!  It was a Friday night and everyone who is anyone has been chomping at the bit to try this place out!  They plan to offer multiple food trucks on-site to provide additional items and to change things up a bit.  There was only one food truck the night we visited, but it was good.  There is still parking on-site, too, which is a huge bonus.  They share with the Rutledge Cab Company overflow parking lot next door.  There is an inside seating area that is much larger than expected, as well as many outdoor tables on a large patio area.  There is also a cozy little couch area outside but under cover.  I look forward to sitting outside again on cooler nights when hopefully they will have heaters set-up around for awesome mingling.  For large groups or private parties, the inside area is perfect.  I am curious about the acoustics though.This is a great spot and a welcome addition to this part of town.  As you probably know, Bill Murray is behind it, so it has to be good.  I look forward to returning soon!  I'm sure they will improve their service quickly. More...


Tamera Howell

14 October 2018

cool concept, love the vibe the Herd food truck food was awesome. best burger in town


Pam Emanuele

13 October 2018

Nice, fun place for the area!!


Vy D.

12 October 2018

Very cool space! I came with a group of 70+ runners and had excellent service. There was plenty of cozy seating and the place was very clean. I did not try the food truck as I wasn't in the mood for hot dogs at the time so I'd suggest taking a look at the food trucks before you go. I'll definitely be back! More...


Amy Lauren S.

12 October 2018

Container Bar is a great addition to Charleston's bar and food truck scene. I love food trucks, and the diversity they offer in a mobile kitchen fascinates me. Most food truck rodeos are packed with people and nowhere to sit, let alone alcohol.Container Bar lets us try out different food trucks and drink beer, wine, and cocktails in a comfortable environment. The food trucks vary, but the Container Bar's truck, which serves tacos and chips and salsa, is always there. Besides that, trucks rotate according to a calendar on their website.The bar service was great. I came with Charleston Beer Runners, and Container Bar welcomed us with a sign outside as well as extended happy hour specials. The staff members were attentive- they loved the idea of our group (running to a different bar each week). I'm not a beer person, so I had a cocktail. Container Bar is so new that they don't have an official cocktail menu yet, but their bartenders can make anything you ask for. Several beers and a wine are on tap. Container Bar has plenty of parking and seating (outdoor and indoor), and I'm looking forward to coming back to try other food trucks and drinks. More...


Bill Mote

12 October 2018

Great patio, delicious adult beverages, friendly staff.


Caty C.

9 October 2018

Really loved the look & feel of Container Bar. This place is fresh and trendy. But they have a little ways to go...Container Bar is a gorgeous open bar with 2 main areas - an indoor dining room featuring a cool shipping container graphic mural in the back and a large deck with bright orange furniture and a sofa "alcove." The concept was to be a food truck food court and bar, but unfortunately on our visit it was more of a bar and "bake sale." Our only options (on a Friday Night) were the Container Bar's 4 item taco menu, and Laotion option that was serving food from tupperware containers in their SUV.  We were all very confused and underwhelmed.I ordered chips & queso, a steak taco and a shrimp taco. Tacos were great, the chips and queso was okay, but hit the spot. The big gripe was having to order from a specific cash register - that was not connected to your tab.Their menu situation was very confusing. Lots of paper menus flying everywhere. Some with food, some for the food "truck", some for happy hour etc. And there were no clear times set for happy hour pricing so several people in my group were shocked by their final tabs.When I went to pay my tab & head home, the staff was completely slammed and took a long time to help everyone. My friends tab was incorrect - she was charged almost double for her drinks. My tab was correct, but I had not been charged for my food! In their frazzled state, they charged me $2 for queso and called it a day (not complaining, but I feel bad for them).As I said, the vibe and look here is incredible, and while half the staff was frazzled, they were NEVER rude. In fact, quite the opposite. Really great folks.I'm excited to come back once they've settled in :) More...


Frances T.

7 October 2018

10/5/18I love the concept of this place! We met up with a group of friends and a pup for a fun evening of libations and food. They have a full service bar. There is indoor dinning although we chose to sit outdoors on the spacious patio under the palms. They post every day at 10:30 a.m. the food truck schedule so you will know if your favorite truck will be there. I really like that they offer a space for food truck owners to sell their specialties! There is parking available which is primo in Charleston! The only thing that would make this venue even better is if they offered live music, karaoke, trivia and entertainment. Attract the people - attract the trucks! Although even without entertainment they were packed! I will definitely return for libations and eats! Thanks Bill Murray! More...


Barbara Helmer

1 October 2018

Great place to have a beer and grab some good grub!


Hillary Sumner Judnarine

30 September 2018

Friendly bartenders, great beer selection, and awesome food truck rotations!!! Definitely a place to check out in downtown Charleston!


Barbie Squires

30 September 2018

Great concept !! Love the friendly people and they are dog friendly !!!


Beth Stone-Broussard

25 September 2018

Very fun! The staff is amazing.


Kristen Nicole Murray

19 September 2018

Such an awesome concept! Rotating food trucks. Went for the soft opening and cant wait to go back again! Excited to try their cocktails and see what this place does!

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