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Lisa Prince

11 December 2018

Shera is one of the most caring, empathetic people I've ever encountered. She is a wonderful listener and always made me feel valued. If you are going through a rough time or would like to better your relationships, definitely go see her! More...


Alyssa Esposito

11 December 2018

I highly recommend Shera as a counselor to anyone regardless of the need! She is skilled in different techniques and areas which allows for her to be a versatile counselor. She tailors each session to fit your need at that time rather than repetitive work. Shera is very approachable in sessions and allows you feel at ease. Her calm tone and friendly demeanor will allow for sessions to become natural rather than feel like work. She is easily accessible and great at scheduling. Shera is a wonderful person and a great therapist! I am very grateful for all her help!! More...


Jamie Percell Kulow

11 December 2018

Working with Shera has really been a breath of fresh air. Life gets hard, it gets really hard and last I checked there is no manual on how to do life. Shera has helped me in so many aspects of my life. She has helped me be a better me, a better wife, a better mother. She helps me see things from a different perspective and that really is enlightening. I have never once felt judged and I love being able to talk to her about whatever it is that is bothering me, big or small. She really does take the time to listen and really understand what is going on. She doesn't preach, one of the best things about working with Shera is the tools that she provides to help me work through my own issues, one session might be a marriage workbook, on might be a game to play with the kids to teach them a valuable life lesson, everything really has been amazing and really look forward continually connecting with her More...

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