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Selby Kaiser

28 August 2019

Kate is a very caring person and this shines through in the way she trained our dog, Max. She never raised her voice to him, was very kind and caring to him and the family. She helped us get our dog started toward being a wonderful member of our family! We recommend Comprehensive Canine Training if you want a loving canine member of your family! More...


terri wall

27 August 2019

I would absolutely recommend Kate to help with any dog training concern. She is very knowledgeable, promotes a positive approach to training, and engaged with our family immediately. I hired Kate to get me jump started on the road to training my new puppy, Fletcher, to be a therapy dog. She was able to work with me, my new puppy, and my older dog to find some peace in the village. She also quickly taught me and Fletcher the basic manner commands and helped me role play some particular challenges I was having in taking Fletcher to work. I get compliments whenever I take Fletcher out on how well-behaved he is, at only 3 months old. I also really appreciated that Kate only recommend the services we really needed and did not try to up sale us on unneeded services. As Fletcher and I progress through this journey I will call Kate whenever I hit a road block. She is a strong advocate for positive training, knows her stuff, and really wants to help dog and owner alike. It was such a pleasure working with her every step of the way. More...


AJ Alexander

25 August 2019

Kate has provided life changing services through her CCT work and our family will be forever changed because of her thoroughness and positive reinforcement training. She connected with our dog Bruno (an adopted gray nose pit-bull) right off the back and was able to teach us repeatable applications that brought the very best obedience out of our dog! Bruno is now living up to the potential we knew he was capable of from the first day we adopted him. Can't thank Kate and CCT enough for her services and highly recommend to anyone that is considering training for their dog no what matter stage in life they may be in. More...


Pam Vincent

27 July 2019

Kate is awesome! Our home, with two untrained daschunds, was chaotic! Kate came in and within the first day, the dogs had learned a few basic commands and potty training was finally making headway. Kate had to train me and my dogs to make this happen, and she did it with patience and compassion. Thank you, Kate, for bringing organization and peace back into our home. Stanley and Spot will forever benefit from your knowledge and training. More...


Paulette Adler

23 July 2019

Kate’s expertise, professionalism and training style was just what I needed with my new one year old beagle dachshund rescue, Henry. I was looking for 1:1 training on leash walking and manners so we could take a little vacation together. Her pawsitive training style and customized program helped me and my pup Henry immensely. At first he wouldn't even put a harness on or tolerate a leash and is now loose leash walking and obeys basic commands. It was just what we needed to get us through until our group classes start. I would highly recommend Kate. Paulette and Henry, the Beaschund. More...


Jennifer Irwin

30 June 2019

I am so happy I found Comprehensive Canine Training and Kate. Kate was incredible with my dynamic duo, Oscar and Olivia. They can be a handful, but Kate was so patient and tailored our training to what works best for our family and focused on the goals we wanted to achieve. It was exciting to see their progress and growth using force-free training techniques. Thank you again Kate! More...


Jen Stafford

5 June 2019

We can't say enough great things about Kate and Comprehensive Canine Training. We brought a 10-month old mini poodle home from the shelter who didn't know any basic commands and wasn't socialized. She was timid and a little scared of the clicker during the consultation. Fast forward to five sessions with CCT and Roz knows a ton of behaviors like sit, stay, wait, roll over, drop it, loose leash walking, etc and some really fun tricks like waving, high-fiving and jumping through a hula hoop! Roz really likes training and has excelled in so many ways with the help of CCT. The force-free, science-based methods of CCT have also helped us create a really strong bond with Roz. Highly recommend for dogs of any stages! More...


Malika Henderson

30 May 2019

I really am so grateful that I found Kate to help out my puppy troubles. This is my first dog and my first training experience, I didn't really know what to expect. What I did know, was my puppy was driving absolutely up a wall with how our walks with the leash were going! Kate was so nice to work with and took the time to understand our needs, my pup's allergies, where we wanted to go with training and where we were at. Kate was able to see what we were doing correctly and how we could improve other things so it made sense to our dog, what we wanted from him. I was able to check in with Kate when she wasn't there to make sure we were doing things correctly, and she is very willing to help when you are willing to put in the work. Dog training is not a magic spell that will transform your dog into the perfect robot, but it will help over time to create a great bond with your dog that understands what you want from him/her. I hope anyone that is on the fence of getting a dog trainer takes that leap and lets Kate save your sanity. More...


Sarah Webb

23 May 2019

Absolutely recommend CCT! Kate really takes the time to nail down your goals, gives great demos, step by step instructions, homework AND YOU GET RESULTS. Hands down the best choice for us and our pup!! More...


Elizabeth Fox

9 May 2019

Kate with Comprehensive Canine Training is amazing. My dog had terrible leash anxiety and aggression and I am now able to take my dog on very long walks without incident. Kate provided me with the tools and knowledge to understand my dogs "body language". We even learned a lot of tricks along the way :) More...


Sherri Kimes

6 May 2019

Kate has been awesome with teaching us how to train our puppy Goldendoodle. She made it super fun and gave excellent tips on helping us to raise a sweet and obedient puppy. I would recommend her without reservation!!!! More...


Rick Filippone

6 May 2019

We rescued a puppy from Puerto Rico and retained Kate to make sure our new one got off on the right foot. It had been a long time since either of us had a puppy. Kate was always punctual to our home and was incredible in her ability to get a puppy with a short attention span to perform. We are so very happy we chose professional training and even happier we found Kate! Barbara Hall and Rick Filippone, Atlantic Beach, FL More...


Amy S

6 February 2019

I called Kate out of desperation with my Yorkie who was having constant accidents. I was at my wits end and Kate was so patient and kind with both me and my little dog, Abby. She helped me identify health issues as well as severe anxiety issues that were contributing to her behavior. What I thought was just naughty behavior was actually fear and anxiety due to some past traumatic events and my getting upset was only making it worse! Kate was always so positive and optimistic that we could change her behavior and she was right! Abby is rarely having accidents now due to training and medication. She also comes when called rather than running to hide and she's much more social overall. I highly recommend Kate and her gentle, positive methods to help with anything your pet needs. More...


Danielle Chakhtoura

6 September 2018

I cannot thank Kate enough for the force free approach she takes on training dogs. I rescued my pup when he was abandoned in a back yard. He had fear agression and did not take instruction well at all. Within the first session of just learning a few cues Kilo was a totally different dog. I had looked around at different training facilities- but with my little guy coming from abused home I didn’t want to use punishments. Kate’s use of positive reinforcement and force free training was EXACTLY what Kilo needed. More...


Meaghan Smalley

6 August 2018

Kate is absolutely amazing when it comes to dog training! I have seen great results with my 7-month old German Shepherd (Loki) because of Kate's training. I contacted Kate after getting a very good recommendation from my doggy day care. Kate and I had an extensive phone conversation prior to her first visit at our home so she could really hone in on my needs and expectations for Loki's training. When Kate comes to your home, she instantly becomes your furbaby's friend, and makes not only your dog feel at ease, but also the owners. She even brings yummy, healthy treats for her training sessions...which Loki LOVES. Kate does stress that the training does not end when she leaves for the day, and that is SO true. Although we are not the best at training every day, when we do train, Loki clearly remembers most of his commands that Kate introduced him to...so her services were definitely worth the investment. Also, having Kate come to our home as opposed to taking Loki to an unfamiliar location to train was ideal, as we could use his familiar settings to instill the commands that we wanted him to learn. Kate clearly has a passion for dog training, and it is evident in her training style and technique. I also appreciate that Kate checks in with you throughout your training and offers advice, answers to questions, and anything else that you may not have thought that you needed via phone and/or email. I will definitely continue to use Kate's services as Loki grows and has the capacity to learn new things. More...


Susan Tiberio

6 June 2018

Kate has been working with our hound/Am. staff mix, Kevin for over a year now. He’s a rescue who was already 2.5 yrs old when we got him from the shelter. Kate helped us work with him to erase or at least drastically minimize some behaviors we wanted to change. For instance, Kevin was jumping all over guests at the door. Within a week of working with Kate, he wasn’t doing that anymore. Kate comes 2-3 times per week for dog walks and also works with myself and my husband so there’s consistency in how we deal with Kevin. Whenever he’s reverted to this negative behavior, it’s because my husband or I have dropped the ball and not done our part to elicit the proper behavior from him. There’s no yelling. It’s all very calm and it all makes sense. I would and I have recommended Kate to anyone looking for an excellent dog trainer. Kevin is still a work in progress mainly because his humans get lazy. We still want him to be better socialized so he’s comfortable on the beach around kids and other dogs. All I have to do is identify the problem with Kate and she’ll start working on a plan to correct it. He loves Kate and is eager to please her. As a bonus, she really tires him out (physically and mentally) so he’s ready for a long nap after she leaves. More...

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