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You will enter our office and find a unique “spa-like” atmosphere where lights are dim, the music is tranquil and the staff are pleasant and soft spoken. Our goals for this innovative center are to create a comforting, safe space that would accommodate a variety of different therapies and functions.


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Judy Perry

6 May 2019

I usually don't write reviews, however I must in this case! I believe Mental Health is very Important as well as how you are treated by your Dr. I was introduced to Dr. Debra Tantillo by a friend after losing my 4 month old grandson. Since my first appointment, Dr. Tantillo's therapy sessions with me have been amazing!!! She uses techniques that actually WORK! I look forward to her treatments and my family and friends actually see a difference in me after my appointments! If you have pain...whether it is physical, mental, anxiety or what ever is not making your world right. You really need to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Tantillo!!!!!! More...


Fran Chiodo

6 May 2019

I have to say this is the best counseling I have ever been to....owner Debra and staff are above average when it come insightful counseling and the compassion shown makes it so easy to talk with them...I wouldnt go any place other then Debra n her staff More...


Clients tell us they restored well organization thinking again , peaceful mind , hope , and trust in our therapists early on .This was followed by reaching positive results within 10 to 13 sessions . Making a difference in their life during the brief time they allow us into it is the cornerstone of what I love most about my job!

I wanted to fully provide services without the constraints of corporate limitations , while also providing the highest legal, ethical and standardized treatments treatment programs available today .

We are multi-certified and diversified , with 25 years combined experience- and a 98 % success rate for those clients who are serious and motivated .