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Just like any other florist, our local floral designers create floral arrangements just the way you want them. The difference? We use super high-end faux flowers that can be reused for more than one event.
With this approach we charge you half the price of a traditional florist, put glamorous arrangements within your budget, and make a much smaller impact on the environment compared to fresh flowers.


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Morgan Schuller

10 October 2019

I found Compass Rose at a bridal show in Denver, I thought the idea of reusable flowers were amazing! I booked a consultation and was sold right away!! So many beautiful floral options available - and they don't need to be in season!! Picking up my flowers a few days before the event I was so happy with how the flowers turned out they were even better than I expected!!! You truly couldn't tell they weren't real flowers!! I was so happy with my experience and outcome I would suggest Compass Rose to everyone!!!!! So IN LOVE with my flowers, and my wedding day!!! More...



5 October 2019

Our flowers turned out better than I could have ever expected! We saved money, more environmental and still so beautiful . The staff are all amazing.



23 September 2019

I went into the shop and was able to help put together my bouquet as well as the other little things we got that were centered around my bouquet. They look and feel very real, so it was unnoticeable that they were not real flowers. You rent the pieces and then return them, however you can buy them if you choose to. There is an option to have them delivered and picked up, however we picked them up ourselves. More...



30 August 2019

These flowers look and feel real. The arrangements made for my wedding were gorgeous and no one could tell there were faux flowers. Getting to meet Kim and pick out my flowers without worry of "what's in season" "how much will these flowers costs?" made this part of wedding planning much easier. I love that these arrangements were rentable and get reused. The quality is worth the cost and so much cheaper than real flowers and the color you see is the color that will keep without worry of having to preserve by drying them like real flowers. More...


Kelsi Tesone Mathews

16 July 2019

LOVE! As the owner of a funeral home, I am consistently impressed with Leah and her crew. My families are so very happy with her work, and I am happy to use them on a personal level, too!


Sarah MacDonald-Anderson

2 July 2019

This is such a better option than traditional wedding flowers! I love the fact that the flowers can be used over and over again! I also love the option that you can purchase if you would like. More...


Denise McCullough

26 June 2019

I loved working with Compass Rose Floral! I planned everything from out of state and Kim set up a FaceTime call with me to come up with all my floral designs! She did an exceptional job at listening to me and creating the most beautiful bouquets, garlands for our tables, and arch florals. Caitlin also was incredible with communicating with me via email and phone and answering all my questions in a timely manner. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and the end results were stunning! I am so happy I chose Compass Rose Floral! More...


Marney Ritacco

21 June 2019

These girls are amazing! It was simple and easy to pick out what we wanted, where and what flowers to put together to match. Such a selection to choose from as well! Thank you so much!! More...


Danielle Farris

17 June 2019

I got married two weeks ago and we are SO GLAD we found Compass Rose. They allowed me to have the flowers of my dreams without going extremely out of our budget. They worked closely with Painted Primrose to match my real flowers perfectly and listened to all of my thoughts and desires. I couldn't recommend them more! More...


Danie Satton

17 June 2019

I got married two weeks ago and we are SO GLAD we found Compass Rose. They allowed me to have the flowers of my dreams without going extremely out of our budget. They worked closely with Painted Primrose to match my real flowers perfectly and listened to all of my thoughts and desires. I couldn't recommend them more! More...



9 June 2019

The best price and picture perfect idea of flowers that I could have every imagined for my wedding. They were kind and helpful during my on-site visits to the studio.

The pick-up and drop-off were convenient for me to get around all the wedding festivities. I didn’t have to worry about refrigeration or wilting flowers during my mountain wedding weekend.

I thought their work was beautifully done and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

We did not have a wedding party, so my price was probably lower than typical- but they were extremely accommodating to the specifications I had for my bridal bouquet and the groom boutonnière.



25 March 2019

I have considered faux flowers for my wedding, but was especially pleased by what Compass Formal offers. I am in love with the fact that you can rent flowers so you don't have to worry about what to do with 15 centerpieces when the wedding is over! They will allow you to use their faux flowers for only part of your wedding too, like for centerpieces only while allowing the bridal party to have fresh flowers. Will definitely be looking into them helping out with my wedding. More...



9 March 2019

Everyone loved the flowers!!! I worked with the girls at compass floral to make the bouquets, floral crowns, boutineirs, and corsages and they were amazing. The flowers were faux but were absolutely beautiful and no one knew till they touched them. More...


Chealsea B

24 January 2019

Compass Rose Floral offers an amazing product at an affordable price. Throughout the planning process they were easy to work with, exceptionally responsive, and full of suggestions when I needed them.

My husband and I opted to go with CRF for two reasons. The first being that we wanted our wedding to be as green as possible - we aimed to reduce any and all waste. The second reason is that we got married in January and knew that obtaining real flowers was a gamble.

So, for a fraction of what we would have paid elsewhere, we were able to create the exact floral details we wanted. This included the boutonnières, corsages, my bridal bouquet, and 10 lanterns with flameless candles and floral accents. Everything was beautiful! (My husband was even sad when we had to send the bouquet back because he loved it so much! Don't worry though, if you're interested in keeping yours they offer an option to buy.)

Thank you, Leah, Caitlin, and all of those at Compass Rose Floral, for making our wedding so beautiful!


Jacqueline Blue

18 January 2019

I only needed a bouquet done for my wedding and I couldn’t be happier that I went with compas rose floral. The experience was fun, stress free, and easy. My bouquet was perfection and everyone at the wedding was shocked it wasn’t real flowers. Thanks for everything! More...



10 January 2019

While looking at florists in the area, I was shocked by the costs for a bridal bouquet. I then came across Compass Rose and was more impressed. Their costs are at the average of other florists, but you are able to rent at a lower cost, or purchase these flowers that last forever! The silk flowers look very realistic. I even caught a few guests trying to sniff them at our sweethearts table. Very impressed with the quality and I'm so happy that I get to keep such vivid flowers forever! More...



3 November 2018

I knew that flowers for a wedding were very expensive, however once looking into how much they actually cost, I was blown away. I am so happy to know that you can find faux flowers, for so much cheaper than real ones, rent them and still have the beautiful look. I am so happy Compass Formal was at the bridal show I recently attended. More...



15 September 2018

Whether you're looking for a unique style, budget friendly flowers, or an eco-friendly option, Compass Rose truly has it all! We are so happy we used them for our wedding floral arrangements and I guarantee you won't think twice either! Everyone at this company, major props to Leah and Kimberly, are incredibly communicative, responsive and creative! They treat your vision like any florist does by asking for inspiration photos, sending you mock-ups, making adjustments and new creations based on your liking. I absolutely loved working with Kimberly Green, or as I called her "Floral Kween," because she never made me feel bad for voicing what I wanted but rather boosted my style and gave me the wild, fall nature look of my dreams! These are NOT your typical faux flowers - they are high quality and so realistic that not even our wedding party knew. And the best part, you don't feel like you're just throwing money away because these arrangements get returned and reused for future events. Pick-up and drop-off was incredibly flexible and accommodating, which is so tricky with your schedule leading up and after the big day. I can't say enough great things about Compass Rose Floral, they are one of the rare finds that made our wedding day particularly special. More...



9 June 2018

I'm really excited to have discovered Compass Formal! I knew from the beginning I wanted to have faux flowers. It's been a headache trying to do it myself. I began looking up different online vendors but I could tell from photos the flowers weren't real (not what I'm going for). I was lucky enough to find Compass Formal at the bridal show I attended. The flowers are gorgeous and reasonable! I love the option to rent for my bridesmaids, but be able to keep my bouquet. Excited to be working with them! More...



27 May 2018

Leah was great! I had a florist for the wedding and they fell through and everyone at Compass Rose Floral was happy to help! I gave them so flower ideas and they made beautiful arrangements. We did three bouquets, four boutineers, a corsage, and 12 reception centerpieces. It was convenient that you could pick and choose what arrangements you wanted to keep and which ones you wanted to rent. Picking up the flowers was easy and convenient. And the office pup Mijo is adorable and sweet! More...



11 May 2018

I traveled with a bride as their photographer and the bride brought the most outstanding, beautiful and perfectly crafted floral bouquets with her! They truly were perfect! The bride raved about their experience with Compass Rose and I can't even tell you how much I loved the bouquets! Perfect for any wedding, destination or right at home! Table pieces and all were pristine and I am so honored to have their work included in my galleries! More...


Joanna Dorbin

31 March 2018

I couldn't be more grateful for the experience of using Compass Floral. They helped make my vision a reality and the quality of the flowers they use are spectacular. I still have my bouquet in my kitchen (and it looks flawless) More...



18 March 2018

My flowers were BEAUTIFUL. They were so easy to transport to the venue. I didn't have to worry about keeping them refrigerated, or keeping them in vases until the wedding. It was easy and affordable, but most of all, SO gorgeous. I received so many compliments!! Compass Rose Floral was so accommodating and helpful. Will recommend to all my bride friends in the future. :) More...



3 March 2018

I am so happy I stumbled upon Compass Formal while browsing florists! My fiancé and I were just starting to think about flowers because we thought we had all of our "big budget items" out of the way. Well...it turns out flowers are supposed to be one of those, and we didn't really know that or have it in our budget to spend a couple thousand dollars on flowers. I found compass formal online and their concept seemed so smart and their arrangements photos are beautiful! But I was worried that the arrangements might not look as good in person as on their website, and they would look used and fake. So my fiancé and I went to the Rocky Mtn Bridal show to check it out, and they are EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL than on the website!! We are so thrilled that we will be able to have beautiful bouquets and arrangements at our wedding for a fraction of the cost of real flowers, and an extra bonus...we don't have to kill any flowers! Thank you Compass, for making having a beautiful wedding more affordable, we are so excited to work with you! ~ Iris & Tanner More...

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