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Davidson Hang

26 April 2019

Elizabeth and her staff are all very professional. They are friendly, personal, and always looking for the best interest of their clients. I respect Elizabeth for always adding value and being on the forefront of Psychotherapy. She's helped me through many thoughtful recommendations. More...


Zachary Shapiro

26 January 2019

I found a really great therapist at Cobb. I tried therapy before and I wasn’t comfortable but at Cobb the whole process of finding a therapist for me was really easy and the therapist I found has been so helpful in helping me Adress things I’d been avoiding for a long time.


Sandra Endo

30 July 2018

The rooms are so cozy and clean which made therapy sessions great. James Farrat helped me get through a very rough time in my life. He always had great energy which was contagious. He created such a safe place for me to release my thoughts and feelings. He was extremely compassionate and was a great listener. He was straight forward with his feedback. He made me dig deep and confront things I would otherwise never have done on my own. He taught me different ways to cope and handle situations in my daily life. He taught me that we all have a toolbox within ourselves which meant we all have choices and options of how to approach and handle situations. That always stayed with me when coming across any problem. I became very self aware and used the tools I learned I had to fix my problems the smart and healthy way. He was very uplifting and motivating. I highly recommend James if you are soul searching and trying to make positive changes in your life. Be ready to follow his guidance. He will not fail you. More...