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Mentoring women who want to leave their J-O-B to transition into Entraprenuership through group Coaching, One-on-One Coaching, Workshops, Self Studies, Webinars, and Speaking Engagements


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I don't have a job. I LOVE what I do and have dedicated my life to serving others. Never feels like a job when I am so blessed to give people RESULTS.

My inspiration was to offer a solution to working professionals who have lost their way, are stuck, settling, disgruntled, and passed on promotions. She used to be one of those people and decided to take her POWER back to be THE SOLUTION.

Because I am one of a kind and there is no one like me. My focus is not a sale, it's building a relationship that is meaningful to provide the RESULTS needed.



Teaching children from the ages of 8-15 what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and how to become one. We explore passions and aspirations, talents and skill sets, alignment with values, why they want to become an Entrepreneur, what is an Entrepreneur, what it takes to be successful, and then detailed steps on how to become one and establish a legit business and much more!