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I offer personal coaching to individuals.to search with in there unconscious mind to find the false beliefs thats holding them back from there dreams and goals and maybe stopping them from building healthy relationships..I help them tap into there inner power.

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7 February 2019

Carolina has skillfully fielded many of my blocks to joy and success, and been a validating, yet challenging coach in complex circumstances with many dynamics at play. She also has a knack for seeing through my mental clutter and putting her finger on some of the trouble I was unable to see for myself. Her insights have been invaluable on my journey, and without her wisdom and compassion I would not have the clarity I have been able to achieve.

Over the last year, her encouragement has empowered parts of me that I could sense were there to strengthen and guide me, but I had trouble accessing and following. With her consistent support I have been able to move forward past my “stuck” places, in large part by “borrowing” her grounded, credible belief in abundant possibility and the levity of her gentle sense of humor.

Working with her has fast-tracked my growth as I consistently took concrete steps of faith that, “More will be revealed,” (one of her favorite phrases). And indeed much more than I could have foreseen HAS BEEN revealed and, more importantly, realized. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!


Kea Brown

7 February 2019

Carolina has worked closely assisting me with laying a foundation that has prepared me for life experiences. Carolina empowered me to find my inner strength and let it shine. I am now a successful business owner and can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without Carolina’s expert guidance and support. Carolina is a trustworthy, high performing and effective Life coach with strong integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others make their dreams a reality. Carolina consistently delivers exceptional value and exceeds her clients’ expectations by fully immersing herself in their individual needs and helping them to fully explore their own path forward without imposing her own opinions. I highly recommend Carolina to anyone looking for a highly qualified, motivational, and inspiring Life coach. 


Kea Brown 


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I Love watching people transform..through opening up by becoming vulnerable and looking at the blocks Thats holding them back.then taking the steps to chang..

I find passion as well as alive when i help people grow or should i say become aware..it all started with me doing my own inner work and finding my dreams to my life purpose.

I don't like to blow my own horn.however i suggest they check out my testimonys on my webpage..https://coachbutterfly.com it speaks for my work..