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Club BNB

Uptown, California

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Club BNB

Uptown, California


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Jerald K Driver

16 October 2019

BNB Is A Great Place To Be.


Robin Bottoms

6 October 2019

went to BNB with friends and we all enjoyed the club's layout, friendly people, fun show and music, and I met new friends. I plan to go again.


Corey Hawkins

4 October 2019

My first Oakland gay club


johan cina

7 September 2019

Went a few times, good people, good drinks and atmosphere but my one complaint was people kept leaning on our table and someone spilled our drinks. Besides that I would say it's a good place to turn up! More...


Viva Commotion

1 August 2019

They offer a weekly Drag Show every Friday Night @ 9pm as well as Karoake and Pose Viewing Parties during the week and a grown and sexxy hip hop night every 1st and 3rd Saturdays. They have something for everyone


Princess Monet Sparkles

23 July 2019

Club BNB is a safe environment to hang out with friends, family and coworkers any day of the week. They offer something for EVERYONES taste from Karaoke and Viewing Parties to Drag Performances and HipHop Nights. Come make new acquaintance or business connections. Great place for Birthday and Anniversary Parties, Wedding Receptions. There’s Always A Seat With Your Name On It. More...


Lito Wilson

30 June 2019

This venue is very diverse. There's always something happening from Drag Show to viewing parties. They serve great inexpensive drinks and have friendly staff.


Kristofer C. Stachar

10 May 2019

It's a great place to hangout.


Jojo Williams

25 April 2019

all fun great people and great friends forever love


Dawna Knapp

29 March 2019

This is my favorite bar. I feel very welcome and comfortable here. Plus, I love the free food, and Andrea makes my drinks STROOOOONG, just the way I like 'em.


Bertha Prez

9 February 2019

My daughter loved it and I feel it’s a very safe place


Jelousy Jiggetts

4 January 2019

Great Drinks, Great people, and they have Jelousy Jiggetts.


Yasi Dehghanifard

27 November 2018

The food is YUM and music is awesome


Latreece Caldwell

14 October 2018

if you looking for a place to turn up without the drama..good people, good drinks and good music


Austin Eversole

30 July 2018

The staff was super friendly! This bar was so fun and he music was great!


Kenneth Martinson

30 June 2018

Great music, nice bartenders, if you love latins go here, dip me in honey and toss me to the Mexicans!


Donald Cooper

26 May 2018

Great happy hour, great bartender for happy hour. She really pays attention to her customers and she's really knowledgeable.
Going by during happy hour is a great way to just talk to folks and see what's up.


Kandy B

26 May 2018

5 stars for the music , but tbh thats about it ...the people that attend are stuck up af . Drive a couple of more hours to sac and deal with a friendly , we're all out here to have a good time type of vibe ... Faces...when you're lit enough the music doesnt matter much. More...


Jamaela Jennings

8 September 2017

The best spot to hang out and listen to good music � and great drinks.


Danyell Washington

29 July 2017

Great music & fun atmosphere. I recommend this place. :)


James Evans Jr.

13 June 2017

Great atmosphere for the most part. Great drinks! Great FUN!


Hope Brown-Hill

17 January 2017

Went a few times, good people, good drinks and atmosphere but my one complaint was people kept leaning on our table and someone spilled our drinks. Besides that I would say it's a good place to turn up! More...


Yvonne Evans

27 October 2015

Fun people there and I get to hear my daughters sing....


Tauleah Kelly

26 August 2015

All you gotta do is call me and I'm there tho have a blast because I always have a freaking blast!!!!


Valentino Presents

28 May 2015

Great Club and lots of Memories. The Staff is great. �


Lawrence Perry

1 September 2014

First time enjoying the gay scene here in the bay. This place was the highlight of my night!!


Dianna Harris

2 June 2014

I Got 2 visit this club ya heard


Antonio Gonzalez

25 April 2014

Lo maximo


Jiz Lee

11 April 2014

Looking forward to Séduction Féroce!


Jessie Daniels

25 February 2014

The place to be on a Saturday night


George González

3 January 2014

Nices place favorite for fans or good time for good friends o good memories this place good everthing good job? Good personal good services and nice cool staff


Joe Hawkins

17 November 2013



Ivan Lizarde

27 September 2013

es el mejor su trato su seguridad me encanta su limpieza y su personal


Anita Fixx

27 August 2013

My Home away from Home on California's Golden Coast.....


Warren Lyghts

5 December 2012

This is the shit, if you're ever in Oakland and you wanna enjoy your night life this is the place to go! The turn up is real


S Tyrone Ingram OonkaSymeon

1 November 2011

WATCH THiS MUSIC VIDEO GAY BASHING iN JAMAICA? http://www.youtube.com/watch…


Daniel W. Bates

3 October 2011

**** Plus - 1 Oakland's night - life move over! The B&B is back & better then ever! "Thank You" Joe, and don't worry about it. God Appreciate "YOU"! Many Blessing 2 U and Your Family! Rev D. More...

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